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    Saturday, January 19, 2008

    Sweet Thooth (Amended)

    'King' Kirby (KK) a.k.a Jac(K K)irby reinterprets Kubrick and A.C Clarke's stargate (consciousness becoming aware of itself) masterpiece "2001:ASO" in a 10 issue Marvel comic book series of the same name. In issue 1, as pointed out by Christopher Knowles, we see school supplies being advertised by a 'flipped' (mystically attracting more attention to itself) Captain America on the inside cover page in the exact same pose investigate in the previous post ('King' Kirby (KK)). The theory was explored that this same pose drawn by Kirby was the reference used for the 'King Kong (1976)' poster, seeing our synchromystical "Thoth Kong" fight helicopters atop the World Trade Centre. We have thus the, WTC pillarmids (hence the 911 Mega Ritual), invoked, right of the bat.

    See The Secret Sun "Mindbomb, Part 1: Stargate in the Sky" for more recently developing amazing Captain America observations.

    Thoth is further invoked as, similar to the film, the comic series starts with ape-men (Thoth resonators) interacting with the "Stone-Spirit", the cuboid monolith. The monolith overtly symbolically resonates the Stargate and functionally accelerates the process of consciousness realization/Illumination (a quantum-leap of evolution).
    I reject the idea of 'alien' intelligence being responsible for said process as the "alien and U.F.O" in my B.S (belief system or bullshit) are beautiful metaphors for your true consciousness accessed through the Stargate metaphor. The idea of a truly separate cosmic intelligence seeding planets, seeming at this point, a fear inspired 'last ditch effort' made by human intelligence to avoid accepting its impending realization of NOW. In my memory I (this form) have spoken to "Aiwass/Valis" type entities and "ascended Illuminati masters" (or whatever) and I can state with confidence that all those permutations of existence are as much a part of the human condition as sports or gardening. Interesting, yes, but nothing to get fixated on as every moment and thing emanates from the unspeakable/unknowable. One can learn as much from being alone and quite with a flower (insert your personal yoga here) as communing with 'vast mysterious intelligences'. (read for example Echart Tolle or Alan Watts for clear and simple teachings unfettered by ego) Enough preaching, on with the show.

    "He who walks alone" a.k.a "Beast Killer" being influenced by the monolith, invents the Saber-Tooth inspired 'tooth weapon' or spear. Ever perceptive Aferrismoon points out the resonance between Thoth and Tooth in "Identity Chrysalis" (having been inspired by Micheal's "Tooth Fairy" (see also "Thoth's Blue Teeth" at A Kean Eye).
    So, if a Tooth resonates Thoth, how cool is it to have a cuboid monolith (pyramid/ark resonator, plus pyramids are sometimes accredited as having been built by Thoth!) inspiring a Thoth ape to evolve, using a tooth! My mind boggles...
    Confirming a pattern we see the Thooht (Tooth/Thoth) again connected to evolution in Simpson's "Treehouse of Horror 7" excellent segment "The Genesis Tub". Lisa Simpson accidentally creates life in the form of a tiny civilization with a Tooth (Thoth resonating), electricity and Cola (Candy has been very much synchromystically connected to K2. See K2 Candy 1, 2 and 3 and The K2/Giza Kandy Cane) inside a petri dish.
    There is a pattern here with Noah (as ark is pyramid and its associated symbolism) being a life saver (pun intended) and Thoth being an evolution influencer extraordinaire. As if the pyramids played a similar major consciousness altering role as the monolith and 911. 911 had its own monolith in the form the Millenium Hilton and the Towers being pillarmids (pillar and pyramids resonators themselves) an elegant confluence of history emerges 'showing up' a possible fractal repeat of history.

    Extremely speculatively thoughts in paragraph below:
    What happened in ancient 'Atlantis' (considering the pyramids as the pre-Egyptian 'Thoth pillars' of the 'lost continent' but not necessarily built by an ancient race nor aliens) repeated on 911 closing the circle of history in some way connected to life getting a dramatic kick start/influence on K2...
    A movie that gets me on my hands and knees, thanking god that I didn't go through puberty in the 80's, as well as adding more toothy intrigue to matters, witness Val Kilmer in "Real Genius".

    Andrija Puharich allegedly 'invented' (more like created, while cackling manically at the moon and lightning) the radio receiver tooth implant. Speculated by conspiraloons as possible government mind control device, it is perfectly illustrated by Val Kilmer and his gang of super nerds in "Real Genius". They surgically implant a radio device inside there nemesis's tooth. The victim hears these pranksters inside his head, thinking he is in sudden communication with his god, ready to do the bidding of his maker. Considering Puharich and his 'The Committee of 9' connections (bunch of well connected elites channeling Egyptian/Space Gods(Aliens)) this mind control 'smoke', one can't help but admit, seems reasonable cause for concern of fire... (read "The Stargate Conspiracy" by Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince as well as "Sinister Forces" by Peter Levenda for good (albeit unfortunately unnecessarily fear legitimising) accounts of these events.) Lastly to end of this post we see my beloved "Stargate Queen" Robin Tunney (see Tunney Trilogy) take on the now divine, Thoth resonating, activity of dentistry in 'The Secret Lives of Dentists"Adam Star points out a pivotal synchronicity in the comments section to this post. Dennis Leary, who is sitting in the dentist chair above, plays the Saber-Tooth in "Ice Age"! As the ape-man from 2001 learns from the monolith to emulate a Saber-Tooth, we have another brain twisting self reflective sync wink.
    A 2001 Saber-Tooth with the Stargate monolith above. Dennis Leary as a Saber-Tooth with the acorn Stargate symbol below, amazing. (more about "Nuts" as stargate symbols).

    Tricky Torso Triptych

    "Ghost in the Shell"
    "Star Trek: First Contact"

    " Terminator: The Sarah Conner Chronicles"