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    Wednesday, January 16, 2008

    'King' Kirby (KK)

    Jack Kirby a.k.a 'King' Kirby's (KK/K2) "2001: A Space Odyssey" comes under synchromystic scrutiny due to a referral by Christopher Knowles.

    Getting comics is something I take for granted as downloading them is generally no hassle. I have little objection to using technology to share information, artist get there material spread everywhere, while a new form of compensation (energy exchange) is evolving.

    For a workable model expandable into a new 'Internet economy' read Iain M. Banks' "The Algebraist". Great stargate stuff in that one, to boot...
    "The Dwellers, a hyper-advanced (and ancient) post-civilisation, lead an almost anarchic existence based on kudos, and inhabit the majority of gas-giant planets in the galaxy." wiki

    The "2001: A Space Odyssey" series by Jack Kirby has proved a stumper (in part to groovy download sites being attacked by the 'anti-cruise' i.e MPAA/CRIA). Well, no real bother as doing the retro, circa 2004 thing can always prove fun. That is, putting on your scarf and taking a walk around town 'to the comic book depository!' .

    As of yet I have only 3 issues, but already a golden sync nugget has been uncovered. What makes it even better is that I wouldn't have found it on a torrent download as they usually remove the advertisements. Thus the universe, in its infinite wisdom, bars me from an easy download only to reward me with a great sync.

    King Kong (note the similarity to 'King' Kirby and the K2/2K resonance) stands atop the the WTC pillarmids (pillar/pyramid resonators), right of the bat as you page over the cover of issue 4!
    King Kong has been synchromystically connected to non human super primates that resonate Thoth in "Non Human Primates as Thoth". The films use of The Sphere sculpture, "Starman" Jeff Bridges and helicopters flying above the pillarmids was also noted in "Itsy Bitsy Illuminati Propellerheads". In more recent efforts the focus has turned to K2 resonators as was noted along with the red Circle-K from "Bill and Ted's Excellent (yes, indeed it is..) Adventure" in "Why 2K: Part 1" and Steve Willner's "Tesla, The Black Cat, and Doors of Perception". We both found the double K of the Circle-K independently at the same time, Steve (who actually researched "Bogus Journey") was looking for phone booths, I was looking for Khan. So it goes...
    Worth mentioning here is the responsible studio, Paramount's logo, a synchromystic pyramount (pyramid resonating mountain).
    Take some time to examine the striking similarity (well, in my mind it is) of this stargate surrounded peak (even giving me a Noah rainbow arch feel) while comparing it with K2 below.
    Kubrick and Clarke's, possibly committee of 9 inspired (see Al-Noah), "2001: Space Odyssey" is the seminal stargate film. While entraining with the 2001 September 11th Mega Ritual's consciousness altering function, the film also bleeds into reality (or vice versa) as the flush with ground zero Millenium Hilton (intentionally designed to resemble the monolith from the movie) was present at this stargate event.
    Having such strong KK themes (King Kirby and King Kong) connected to Kirby's version of 2001, this recent exposure to the artists work looks to be potentially fruitful.

    Excellent comic book sync searcher Adam Star from "Inside the Cosmic Cube" left a comment highlighting this article "The Kirby/Kong Konnection?" The piece describes the theory that the artists John Berkey referenced and based his 'Thoth Kong' on Kirby's Captain America cover above (note the King Kirby/K2 sync wink). Considering both the coincident timing, seeing issuing of both pieces (+- December 1975) and the unique arrangement of elements (note the legs of Cap and Kong) adding the now 'on fire' synchromystical KK/911 flavour. I would place my bets on the affirmative. Having Kong also now possibly resonating Captain America is a fascinating issue in itself.
    Another time the advertisements on comics became relevant to the 911 Mega Ritual can be seen below.

    Lost In Manhattan - Comic Book Cycle Part 5 B


    JB said...

    Somehow, I can't imagine what the further adventures of HAL and the "Evil Black Monolith from Outer Space" would have been like.

    The Secret Sun said...
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    The Secret Sun said...

    ELECTRIFYING! I was just saying in my comments how happy I was to put this stuff out there in the Symbolsphere to help weave this parallel Web.

    Two Major Hits I need to Add

    Fist of all, if you look at the juxtaposition of the KK ad and the splash page, THE MONOLITH IS THE THIRD PILLAR. Notice the hill- THE MOUND- behind Marak.

    Second of all, King Kong premiered on December SEVENTEEN. If there is one thing I hope to do it's to turn you guys on to the power of this number, especially when used in connection with a three.

    Also notice on page 27 of that comic, Marak placed within the Eye of Horus and three columns pointing towards him.

    I mentioned that Dino De Laurentiis' Conan was inspired by these stories and in this issue and the issue before you can get that inspiration, made all the more compelling by the KK ad.

    Lastly, this issue is very much an unconscious nod to the Shemsu Hor, the chariot-riding Mesopotamians who came down to Egypt and instituted the reign of the Horus Kings. The Eye shot mentioned before squares that.

    The Secret Sun said...

    One more thing, Jake- that Madbomb Cap pose (which is a story about a ruling class/mind control conspiracy)
    is pictured IN REVERSE on the inside cover of 2001:ASO #1. That's the one with the astronaut named "Mason" and the Chthulu type monster in it.

    The Secret Sun said...

    Holy hell- one MORE thing

    Look at the masthead- you see the price, the issue number and the month


    Underneath we see 5 numbers

    02672 add them together we have 17

    March 17

    Three-Seventeen again

    It never ends.

    Wiindigoo said...

    After watching your Lost in Manhattan 5B video again, I had to add:
    In the 1982 Konami video game, Tutankham, (the comic book ad you linked with the Thing and Ben Grimm 1983 issue) the 4th and final level (which I was never able to beat as a ten year old…rats!) includes the creatures: “Monkies…spirits of the moon god, Thoth” and the Swastika-shaped “Mystery weapon…high speed terror…their invention is a secret known only to the ancient Egyptians. If you see it, can you name it?”

    In this map of the level, note 1) the swastika-shaped “mystery weapon” 2) the swirling stargate Parker Brothers logo 3) the map’s visual resonance with the Aricebo message and crop circle:

    Also, I was struck by what you are onto with the Nazi bell UFO and Flight 93, both in Pennsylvania. 2001’s Donnie Darko is set in Middlesex, Virginia in 1988 (88=HH), but its time travel themes, portals, and jet engine falling from the sky (complete with a Fibonacci spiral) seem in tune with Flight 93 and 911.

    I dig how the industrial suppression of "demonoid" lead you to the cosmic comic book store trip!

    Unknown said...

    Thanks for the link and the compliment. Probably for comic book readers the most pertinent product of Kirby's "2001" series was the introduction of Machine Man in issue #8 (an MM like Kirby's Mr. Miracle). Machine Man went on to become a regular character in the Marvel Universe (a great thing as the Marvel Universe, through licensing, becomes a world sharing elements from sources as diverse as Dr. Who, Godzilla, and 2001).

    In Alex Ross and Jim Kreuger's fascinating but messy Earth X series of series Machine Man is made into the new Watcher, an angel/alien observer from Kirby's days on Fantastic Four, a "Man in the Moon" and in the process relate the Watcher to the Monolith.

    The Secret Sun said...

    "In Alex Ross and Jim Kreuger's fascinating but messy Earth X series of series Machine Man is made into the new Watcher, an angel/alien observer from Kirby's days on Fantastic Four, a "Man in the Moon" and in the process relate the Watcher to the Monolith."

    Ross and Krueger also rewrote Kirby's Captain America:Bicentennial Battles and called it "US: Uncle Sam."

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks for those fascinating comments folks, many interesting threads. I am following... Already reading Machine Man. Hell, I'm reading 2001 and MM at work right now, hehe..

    The Secret Sun said...

    Jake, don't forget the Horus stand-in, the Falcon, in Captain America.

    Not to be a 17 bore, but The Falcom first appeared in Captain America #117 and got his wings in issue #171. His last appearance as a regular with Captain America was in issue #217. The Falcon was transformed by the Cosmic Cube.

    The Secret Sun said...

    Holy crap- Jake, you'll be happy to know that the Madbomb saga in Captain America was immediately followed by a story about an interdimensional Stargate opening up in the middle of New York City.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks CK I will look into that A.S.A.P!

    aferrismoon said...

    The ViacoM underline knocks the tops off 3 Pillarmountainmids. Perhaps the Arch-Dentists intend to cap them with gold . Certainly I feel the artists have used a lot from K2.
    JacKKirby certainly revels in double letters . In Mr.Miracle , the only one I've read complete, due to the anti-linear early 70s European delivery status of US Comics. In fact the only reason 2000 AD was started was the insanity of reading 3 Spiderman followed by a Flash from a year earlier then 2 Hulks but in reverse order.
    Just got the first series of HEROES and it ends in KIRBY Plaza, a fact which AdamStar has probably iterated. Anyhow it reresonates .
    Dentistry = Stoma-tology, the study of the mouth. I guess the word Stoma-ch indicates an inner mouth , but its also called a TUMMY [ not to far from Tunney] but also the Island Of ATUM-MY.
    It makes me think of what Ralph Wigham might make of it
    ' My MuMMy is a TuMMy and I'm hungry'

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