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    Sunday, September 6, 2009

    Merry Men Podcast

    Here Merry Men Podcast Part 1 here.

    William Morgan or A Few Shots To Shaman has started making podcasts and asked me and Jim Sanders to participate in the first installment of The Merry Men Podcast.

    Talking with William, who is himself a skilled man of sync and thoroughly versed in all the lovely minutia of the syncrosphere, was both stimulating and also a rare treat for me.
    In most interviews I find myself merely trying to to explain the concept of synchromysticism and its implications for the nature of the universe WE/ME are a part of, rarely getting into actual synchronicity and the mechanics of sync. A conversation with Jim and William, however, is like standing at the virtual watercooler shooting the breeze and talking shop.

    Hope it makes for interesting listening and that we see more of these featuring many of the great sync bloggers out there!

    Peace In