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    Friday, November 30, 2007

    In A Box

    Found this little suggestive gem in the newspaper yesterday.

    I can't decide whether its an intended take on the Emmy-Winning Christmas SNL song "Dick In Box" with Justin Timberlake or a sexual marketing ploy (both?). I don't have my finger on the pulse of advertising, couldn't tell you if this a nod or psychological trickery. I sincerely doubt whether its just an accident, right?

    SNL Dick in a box Justin Timberlake
    Uploaded by Liya695

    The social networking website Facebook created a virtual gift shop for Valentine's Day that included a box with a bow on top and a hole cut into one of its sides.[16][17] This box is now sold out. (Some Dick In A Box Wiki Info)

    Note the checker design.

    Another 'thing' in a box, ahem, comes to mind. This one from Barry Levinson's 1982 coming of age film 'Diner'.

    Mickey Rourke in "Diner " - The Popcorn Scene

    Interesting to note that 'Diner', like all these 'penis box' syncs, has a Christmas theme. Here we see alcoholic but secretly sensitive and intelligent misfit Kevin Bacon, the original synchro 6 degree of separation poster boy, as Jesus in the manger! The cross is sometimes esoterically shown as an unfolded cube. A mysterious Christ-Mas cube clue?

    Wiindigo left some great info about box syncs in the comments about classic Futurama episode "The Fransworth Parabox". Firstly its one of the best episodes of the series, secondly its a goldmine of sync gems. Here are just a few.
    The dummy box contains Christmas lights in keeping with the X-Mas theme being uncovered in this ever growing post.

    Hermes (thus Thoth rez) about to hurl the box/cube/ark into the sun! Remember that the Jesus Christ (Horus/Osiris/Hiram Abif) etc story and possible historical events entrain with the cycles of the sun and that Christmas falls practically on the Winter solstice. In a way you are looking at Thoth hurling the christ-cube (folded six sided cross-cube) into the source, very interesting stuff...
    The box held over the crotch area in keeping with the original theme that started this thread. There is much more in this episode but I feel it deserves the right time and place. I suggest you see it if you have the time and inclination.
    The octagon inside the cross hairs as the universes switch/invert... Heavy, fascinating stuff. Plus just simply a very funny episode.

    Wednesday, November 28, 2007

    All I Want For Christmas.

    Bear witness friends. The octagonal 1960's fortune telling or "talking board" game Ka-bala!

    (Glows in the dark...sweet!)

    If there was a contest for the weirdest talking board of all time, ka-bala the Mysterious Game that Foretells the Future, would win unequivocally. From the eerie green glow-in-the-dark board, to the smashed dragon impaled by the Eye of Zohar, ka-bala gives new meaning to the word "bizarre." You and a partner are instructed to start the game with the chant: "PAX, SAX, SARAX, HOLA, NOA., NOSTRA." From this point on, anything can happen as the two of you, with your hands on the "Solary Projectors," roll a black marble around the channel that circles the board and wait for it to come to rest at one of the many symbols. Depending on the "Astral Plane" chosen, the future is revealed by letters and numbers like a talking board, or by Tarot cards placed in specially designed "wells," or astrologically by the zodiac conveniently spelled out in bas-relief around the perimeter of the board. Care must be taken not to get too carried away as you play since the black marble has a tendency to leave the channel and fly across the room like a bullet. Did I mention that the Eye of Zohar follows your every move? The instruction sheet that comes with ka-bala is especially helpful. All the rules are presented in great detail along with the sage advice that the lights must be on in order to read the Tarot cards.
    Museum Of Talking Boards

    A few synchromystic observations if you will.

    If this were the case the secrets and legends surrounding the Benben stone - the Ka'ba - would have been known by the ruling elite of the Hyksos. They would be know by Abraham, Joseph, Akhenaton and Moses, and finally by Jesus himself, and so the secret of the sacred stone would have been clearly understood by the ancient Judiac priesthood in Jerusalem. In this case is it any coincidence that the mystical sect of Judaism is know as the Kabbalah, a word which combines Ka'ba and Allah, meaning 'cube' and 'god'. Ralph Ellis, "Jesus Last of the Pharaohs," p. 288

    Kabala according to Ellis then is 'Cube' 'God'.

    (Note: The Masjid al-Haram Mosque has octagonal towers)

    The reason for these pyramids being physically visible during the first exodus is given in the book Tempest, where it was explained that some of this exodus story, especially the wanderings in the wilderness, represented rituals at Giza. The 'wanderings' were actually the origins of the processional rituals that are still performed at Mecca during the Hajj. "Eden in Egypt," Ralph Ellis, p. 166

    The Kaaba at mecca can be viewed as a place of worship likely directly evolved from the Pyramids of Giza. Not to mention that the black stone mounted on the cube could be the original Benben of Heliopolis! Octagon Maat Giza Layout

    The pyramids of Giza themselves are part of a giant octagon and the Masjid al-Haram mosque, the location of the Kaaba, has octagonal towers. Is the Kaaba (cube) and the mosque still betraying its Giza origins through the octagonal resonance at play here?

    The game Ka-bala has a rotating black spherical element at the centre of an octagon.

    The WTC pillarmids had a giant rotating spherical sculpture intended by the architect Yamasaki to represent the Kaaba.
    The new Illuminati founding date sized (1776 feet) Tower that is replacing the Twin Pillarmids, The Freedom Tower is, like Giza, the Kaaba mosque towers and this Ka-bala game also octagonal. It seems they have intertwined the two towers into one, the sacred onion of the double square or some such esoteric reasoning?

    A side view of the major element of the tower. To tell the truth, it's even weirder as this "Square Antiprism" part sits atop a cubic element! Not to mention that it has a giant Buckminster Fuller (he believed in E.T. telepathy) inspired mast that's gonna beam a giant f'n light/torch beam into night sky. Think about it, carefully...

    The Kaaba resonant Freedom Towers base, a cube (above). The aerial profile of a Square Antiprism (below). Yip, that there's an octagon alright...
    The 'nothing to see here please move along' pyramid with black square capstone logo of the dudes responsible for the new 'sacred hermaphrodite' Pillarmids' development.

    Creepy Corporate Logo giving away conscious knowledge of this synchromystically determined occult pyramid resonance? You decide.

    Thanks to Tom for sending me an email about this game.

    Well, one more thing I want for Christmas is a copy of Robert Shea's " The Saracen: The Holy War". I have never been able to find a copy. If you have one and want to trade me for one of my drawings, send me an email.

    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    A Tribute To Robin Tunney 3

    Celestial signs portent big things over at the Vatican in End Of Days.
    The Pope is told and he sends out his ``Knights``(!) to save the day

    Arnold Christnegger catches a rogue priest while hanging from a heli flying towards the WTC Pillarmids.
    The 2K or K2 Millennium banner and the heli aimed at the pillarmids with Christnegger suspended bellow.

    Uncle Scrooge`s time traveling helicopter The Millennium Shortcut (in S2 E1 Marking Time). Complete with ISIS or caduceus $ symbol.

    Learn all about pillarmids and time traveling helicopters in the video below.

    The Itsy Bitsy Illuminati Propeller Heads (Comic Cycle 3)

    This image basically started the Scrooge McDuck theme, Scrooges cuboid money bin smashes through the holiest of holies and collapses the Twin Pillarmids. (See the entire comic book cycle if your feeling like a dog being shown a card trick.) Note that if this were the original English version (does such a thing exist, I wonder) the money bin would have the ISIS or caduceus $ symbol.

    Angela Bassett in Strange Days (above) during the last minutes of the Millennium and as part of a dimensional jumping medical crew in space with Robin Tunney in Supernova (below). The 2K or K2 resonant Millennium shorthand unveiling the secret semiotic connection between the ushering in of the new Aeon (or whatever) and the Holy Mountain.
    The K2 logo from the movie with Micheal Biehn about the Pyramount below and 2K new years celebration scene in Strange Days. Remember that 2001 is also a Millennium date and the 911 mega-ritual also invokes Giza thus K2. Try not to let your head explode while keeping in mind that Crowley was part of the first serious attempt to climb K2, the second tallest peak on Earth!

    The Buckminster geodesic imposes a hexagon over Saturn in "Silent Running". One of my top 3 favourite syncs ever... thus far. Mr. Fuller himself believed in possible telepathic communication with E.T's, a variety of which you are looking at in the image above, no joke! Remember however that contact with higher intelligence can also very simply and elegantly, be understood as the new space consciousness evolving on earth and E.T's (like any form in space/time) are only a metaphor, dig? We have been hypnotised by form in the previous age, welcome to space.

    Freeman Lowell's botanical gardens, mushrooms?
    His yellow and black (bee rez) check patch.
    The sun and Christnegger under the octagonal dome back in "End of Days"
    Miss Tunney about to be ravaged on the altar and checker floor. The Millennium is moments away.Millennium/2K/K2

    Christnegger crucified in "End of Days", not the first time mind you. Compare with "Conan: The Barbarian" below. The Schwarzennegger as 'Sun King' theme and octagons as stargate symbols all stem from the work of Goro Adachi.

    K2 Mountaineer and brother of Robin Tunney in 'Vertical Limit' Chris O'Donnell as Robin in "Batman and Robin". Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy steals Bruce Wayne's bling the 'Heart of Isis', only to have it re-stolen a fem moments later by Thoth Yeti rez Christnegger as Mr. Freeze.

    Warning: This movie may cause severe third eye blackening to the untrained!

    Ivy springs Freeze from Arkham Asylum wearing his bee-stripes.

    Saturn dances across the geometric dome, you can see hexagons in there if you choose...

    Christnegger crowned, by Jupiter!
    More Saturn Hexagons from the first She-Ra episode featuring the character Sweet Bee. The bee aliens' (technically everybody on He-Man and She-Ra are aliens..) planet explodes and the inhabitants flee in their hexagonal honeycombed beehive space ship. It is seen passing directly past a ringed Saturn flavoured planet.

    This was explored in the video below.

    Thoth-Duck and the Pillarmid Gate (Comic Book Cycle Part 2)

    We end at base camp at the failed attempt (just like Crowley) to scale K2. Robin and Robin meet under a geodesic dome moments after a helicopter has flown overhead.

    Thursday, November 15, 2007

    A Tribute To Robin Tunney 2

    Tunney as Photographer in the Twilight Zone.

    She takes photos of targets through her camera bulls eye..

    Tunney becomes Princess Dianna resonant as a crash victim of the Paparazzi. They take photos of her with the crosshair of their cameras trained on her. She is also centred in the target on the poster (below).

    The Zodiac killers symbol is also the rose cross or target like the Aleister Crowley "Grid Page" element.
    The grid on the poster emanating from the killers third eye.

    The diagonal passing by the target and ending on Robin Tunney.

    The diagonal can also be seen as separating the ZO or OZ of Zodiac. Tunney has played characters called Zoe 3 times thus far in her career. For example...

    Tunney as Zoe in Cherish with the bulls eye on her leg.

    This crosshair is the location of Robin from a scene in the film.

    In House MD's pilot (first image above) we see Robin with the Philips logo on heard head. Directly above we see the target of the Philips Head screw.

    Again a target as x-ray crosshair on Tunneys leg in House MD.

    Tunney through the globe toped portal in Prison Break (Episode 22)

    On the Checkerfloor above (E2) and inside the Checker Cab (E21) below

    The Earth bound chariot of the gods.

    To follow this context see the videos below.

    Checker Chariots of the Gods

    The Contact? Check! (Trilogy)

    The heavenly chariot, the spaceship.

    Spaceship interdimensional gateway jumping in "Supernova".

    The Tricky Tunney Target. As part of a medical crew the target is seen on all member uniforms.

    Wow! All Crowley "Grid Page" elements over James Spader ("Stargate" film Protagonist!) in this same film.

    "The Stargate Queens'" latest Hollywood role in "Hollywoodland" (above) can be connected back to the Himalayas. She becomes engaged to the original Superman actor George Reeves (Ben Affleck) in the movie. This lets her synchromistically resonate Lois Lane.

    Lois Lanes' (Tunney resonator) 1996 Himalayan adventure leads her on a quest up a holy mountain where she decides to marry Superman!

    We learn of Supermans' travels seeing Giza and the Himalayas side by side.

    This pattern we quickly learn is firmly synchromystically confirmable as Superman and Flash race (1967) each other passing Giza (above) and the Himalayas (below)

    Please note: The octagonal cross-quarter references in this series stem directly from the research of Goro Adachi

    Superman has made many memorable synchromystic appearances in the past including this gem from the musical "Godspell". Jesus Christ in a Superman T-Shirt dancing atop the unfinished World Trade Centre! Many more super-syncs in the video below.

    (More mind bending Superman super-syncs in this video)
    911 Time Lords Across the 4th Dimension (Comic Book Cycle 4)