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    Wednesday, November 21, 2007

    A Tribute To Robin Tunney 3

    Celestial signs portent big things over at the Vatican in End Of Days.
    The Pope is told and he sends out his ``Knights``(!) to save the day

    Arnold Christnegger catches a rogue priest while hanging from a heli flying towards the WTC Pillarmids.
    The 2K or K2 Millennium banner and the heli aimed at the pillarmids with Christnegger suspended bellow.

    Uncle Scrooge`s time traveling helicopter The Millennium Shortcut (in S2 E1 Marking Time). Complete with ISIS or caduceus $ symbol.

    Learn all about pillarmids and time traveling helicopters in the video below.

    The Itsy Bitsy Illuminati Propeller Heads (Comic Cycle 3)

    This image basically started the Scrooge McDuck theme, Scrooges cuboid money bin smashes through the holiest of holies and collapses the Twin Pillarmids. (See the entire comic book cycle if your feeling like a dog being shown a card trick.) Note that if this were the original English version (does such a thing exist, I wonder) the money bin would have the ISIS or caduceus $ symbol.

    Angela Bassett in Strange Days (above) during the last minutes of the Millennium and as part of a dimensional jumping medical crew in space with Robin Tunney in Supernova (below). The 2K or K2 resonant Millennium shorthand unveiling the secret semiotic connection between the ushering in of the new Aeon (or whatever) and the Holy Mountain.
    The K2 logo from the movie with Micheal Biehn about the Pyramount below and 2K new years celebration scene in Strange Days. Remember that 2001 is also a Millennium date and the 911 mega-ritual also invokes Giza thus K2. Try not to let your head explode while keeping in mind that Crowley was part of the first serious attempt to climb K2, the second tallest peak on Earth!

    The Buckminster geodesic imposes a hexagon over Saturn in "Silent Running". One of my top 3 favourite syncs ever... thus far. Mr. Fuller himself believed in possible telepathic communication with E.T's, a variety of which you are looking at in the image above, no joke! Remember however that contact with higher intelligence can also very simply and elegantly, be understood as the new space consciousness evolving on earth and E.T's (like any form in space/time) are only a metaphor, dig? We have been hypnotised by form in the previous age, welcome to space.

    Freeman Lowell's botanical gardens, mushrooms?
    His yellow and black (bee rez) check patch.
    The sun and Christnegger under the octagonal dome back in "End of Days"
    Miss Tunney about to be ravaged on the altar and checker floor. The Millennium is moments away.Millennium/2K/K2

    Christnegger crucified in "End of Days", not the first time mind you. Compare with "Conan: The Barbarian" below. The Schwarzennegger as 'Sun King' theme and octagons as stargate symbols all stem from the work of Goro Adachi.

    K2 Mountaineer and brother of Robin Tunney in 'Vertical Limit' Chris O'Donnell as Robin in "Batman and Robin". Uma Thurman as Poison Ivy steals Bruce Wayne's bling the 'Heart of Isis', only to have it re-stolen a fem moments later by Thoth Yeti rez Christnegger as Mr. Freeze.

    Warning: This movie may cause severe third eye blackening to the untrained!

    Ivy springs Freeze from Arkham Asylum wearing his bee-stripes.

    Saturn dances across the geometric dome, you can see hexagons in there if you choose...

    Christnegger crowned, by Jupiter!
    More Saturn Hexagons from the first She-Ra episode featuring the character Sweet Bee. The bee aliens' (technically everybody on He-Man and She-Ra are aliens..) planet explodes and the inhabitants flee in their hexagonal honeycombed beehive space ship. It is seen passing directly past a ringed Saturn flavoured planet.

    This was explored in the video below.

    Thoth-Duck and the Pillarmid Gate (Comic Book Cycle Part 2)

    We end at base camp at the failed attempt (just like Crowley) to scale K2. Robin and Robin meet under a geodesic dome moments after a helicopter has flown overhead.


    aferrismoon said...

    and crowlet did it without Oxygen tanks and in tweed jacket etc.!
    The J&A = 10th and 1st letters thus = 11
    its a good idea to put the vidz into stills and point things out
    Fun On

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks Mr Moon.

    aferrismoon said...

    Well the Futurama episode proves Synchro-overload, checker cabs, stargates to Egypt , time-loops, Star Wars Hassidic fighter pilot with the classic little fighter decorated with Stars of David, intorduction with an Owl . I entertain some ideas at my pictureless blog

    aferrismoon said...

    In Futurama - Bender;s Big Score, there's 2 Taxi companies I can make out
    Chinese Checker Cab Co. with its rooftop-sign number87539319
    and HYBRAXI , its number's a bit blurred but may be 543885.
    The Firefox got rid of one of the probs but there's still one left so still no pix. A problem they also know about and are endeavoring to fix
    The Firefox is a good addition , cheers
    The word verification = eggblux, sometimes they're wierder

    Jake Kotze said...

    I will watch that Futurama epsisode shortly. I still haven't seen South Park's Imagination Land... Futurama is a far more pleasent show in my opinion. It's that whole 'rather laugh with folks, then at them' thing. Not that I haven't enjoyed the odd Towelie or Tugboat, mind.

    Anonymous said...

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