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    Thursday, May 28, 2009

    The Red I Of The Blue ONE

    Synchromystic video highlighting an intimate relationship between the Red I/Eye of Blue SpiriT and the highlighted palm.
    The Blue/Red play highlighting the palms of Laurence Fishburne as Morpheus.
    Morpheus is another name for the Lord of Dreams or The Sandman.
    The Sandman's glasses reflect the Blue/Red highlighted palms giving our Guru the most interesting Seeing Red (and Blue) I/Eye.

    If we plug what happens in this video back into Fishburne's charachter in "Event HoriZOn"...
    In "Logan's Run" Micheal York 'sees red' (above) just before revealing his flashing palm to the audience.
    He is called a Sandman as his job is to hunt people down who try and run away from "renewal" (which is basically getting zapped to death by a funky crystal), 'putting them to sleep'.
    Funny enough there is a 2010 remake coming down the pipes.
    Holy sheizer I didn't make the Morpheus/Sandman connect while making the video... Too perfect.
    Both Morpheus/Fishburne and Sandman/Logan with highlighted Red SpiriT palms!
    The Sandman is also an awesome comic book character I grew up on created by writer Neil Gaiman.
    Logan/Sandman interacts with the ankh allot in "Logan's Run" here seen around the neck of Jenny Agutter.
    Again extremely susynct as the comic Sandman's sister Death, bears the ankh as necklace.
    This is floWing nicely, perhaps I will pop back in here during the day and go through some more of the video adding stills and words.
    Charlton Heston as Moses (probably in reality an Egyptian Pharaoh/Priest) becomes the Red Spot/Eye/I amidst the Blue of Red Sea and Sky in "The Ten Commandments".

    The hand is highlighted as Moses says : "Behold His mighty hand!"

    Once SpiriT parts the RED C, a play in KKonsciousness on Seeing Red, we hear this dialogue.

    Israelite Boy: "The Wind Opens The C!"
    Isrealite Man: "God opens the C with a blast of his nostrils!"

    This reveals the relationship between SpiriT (God), wind and air (symbolized by T).
    Then WE/ME jump to the Artificial Intelligence Red Eye pattern. The term A.I helps unravel this mystery. A I/Eye or A Self.
    The computer or machine becoming human and intelligent is the symbolic drama of the human organism - or better yet, all life as DNA program - becoming conscious of consciousness (KKonsciousness or the "I-I" as Ramana Maharshi puts it).
    Still the idea of machines becoming self and even Self aware could very well be on the table. Further yet, WE acknowledge that all is a Union and already Self aware.

    The Tinman's quest for the Heart/Centre tells this same story.
    The SchwarZENEGGer displays his Christ resonance with his wounded arm. Some crucifixion depictions favor the wrist above the palm area as location of The Mark, leaning towards this depiction of the androids highlighted arm.
    His single Red Eye mimics HAL 9000 above from "2001" and the Third Eye/I of Shiva. He sees himself in a cracked mirror. The mirror reflects form self, the crack distorting the reflection and symbolically the braking up of limited identity.

    See Jennifer Jupiter for JC Jennifer Connelly, a Jesus Christ resonator, dramaticly displaying this same pattern as well as JC Jim Carrey (lobbing a saxophone into a mirror in "The Number 23") In Robin Sparrow.
    More JC (Keanu Reeves as the NEO/ONE) mirror syncs in Live From The Logosphere's ARTifacts of Millennial KKonsciousness Video Project
    Christ Consciousness (note the CC or KK) is the process of moving beyond the mirrored reflection and realizing the Self.
    Christneggers StarGlasses brand is "Gargoyles".

    See Midnight On The I(Eye)sland of Atum and StarMummy for groovy Disney "Gargoyles" syncs.
    The Red Ball resonating the Red Eye becoming a synchromystic 'Red I/Eye Ball' signifies a future murder in "Minority Report".
    Tom Cruise as a "Pre-Crime" officer handles the Red Eye Ball, having them even in the palms of his hands resonating the "Logan's Run" and "Matrix" highlighted palms.
    This is followed very shortly by another exciting highlighted palm as he manipulates a futuristic computer screen with his hands.
    This unveils the recurring pattern of finding the Red Eye/Dot/Spot/Ball in close association with the highlighted palm as traditionally depicted on Lord Shiva.
    The blueness of Cruise's highlighted palm and the scene (hell, this entire film is blue..) in general also evokes the flavour of the blue SpiriT/God/Being.
    This didn't make the cut as it takes us a little off focus but above we see Neal McDonough handle the Red Eye Ball in the presence of Colin Farrell.
    Farrel relates back to the Third Eye (the red spot on Shiva) as character Bullseye (with target over his Ajna Chakra) in film "Daredevil".
    McDonough plays the Tin Man - Tin Being interchangeable with Jupiter, the location of the solar systems own Red Eye - character in Mini Series "Tin Man".
    Tin Man/Jupiter's roles the red eye ball right over the balls of his palm!

    Strangely this is not the only Philip K. DicK based film that would be featured in this video. I didn't realize this until after making the video and consider it to be another example of 'sync strange attraction'.

    Things are associated in Consciousness far beyond the scope of the mind. When my mind makes a connection you can bet there are infinitely more associations in Consciousness.
    This was already seen with the Sandman connect between "The Matrix" and "Logun's Run". Two movies I placed directly sequentially in the video only to discover they sync up through Morpheus/Sandman. This is an entirely natural function of Life just a little invisible to the conditioned mind until NOW.

    When I start to put syncs together I am picking media that resonates each other closely. Without exception more association jump out and others go unnoticed.
    That I would make a video about red spots, third eyes and blue spirit, only to entrain with Philip K. Dick means Dick is strongly associated to these themes in Consciousness.
    No doubt if we decided to find these themes in his works we would be flooded by connections with all the other material covered in this video.
    Next up we see the blue light radiate from behind Spocks' famous Vulcan Salute.
    A pop culture highlighted palm already found to resonate the blue color of Lord Shiva. Does it then associate with the red spot/ball, to complete the pattern being investigated?
    Indeed, dramatically so, as this big red blob is the material used to open Black Holes and cause the characters in the film to Time Travel.
    In Consciousness all time/space distorting phenomena - time travel, warp speed, teleportation (jumping), psychic phenomena, inter dimensional travel etc - are closely associated. I call them StarG8's.
    They are symbolic of the realization of Cosmic Consciousness.
    The realization of Cosmic Consciousness can be no more dramatic then sitting calmly, right where you are and just reflecting on the fact that you are Conscious of your own Consciousness.
    There is a misconception that being enlightened means being in some super human state all the time. This is a limitation as every state you are (or were) ever in is already this Cosmic Consciousness, we are just aligning with this insight right NOW.
    Of course the intensity of Cosmic Consciousness waxes and wanes due to context of Life situation. Sitting in a coffee shop, movie theater or doing the dishes in the state of Cosmic Consciousness can be very calm and low key, while jumping out of an airplane or taking ayahuasca can be extremely exhilarating.
    The point of becoming aware of awareness, of realizing the already realized 'I-I', is that It Is always present, regardless of your state of mind or context of environment.
    2010 The year of the Tiger (an orange and black striped animal (kinda mashed Zebra)) in Chines Astrology, a system derived from the 12 year orbit of Jupiter.
    Note the play here between the numbers 012 comprising the syncnificant dates of 2001, 2010 and 2012 (not forgetting 2011 (the year of the rabbit)).
    Out of the gate we catch up with the events of 2001 and are told about the discovery of the black monolith on the moon.
    Its location is the Sea/C of Tranquility. The C shape resonates the act of Seeing or becoming aware, awareness or Consciousness implies joy and tranquility.
    A quantum leap of C-Ing is taking place on Earth which is leading to Tranquility. Is 2010 to be a key year in this realization of Peace On Earth?, the syncs are suggesting just that!
    The film 2001 already entrained with the Consciousness manifesting events of 911 through the Milleneum Hilton Hotel at Ground Zero.
    The building intentionally designed to visually mimic the black monolith from "2001 a Space Odyssey" was flush with the Twin Towers that fell on September 11th 2001.
    That a real life monolith oversaw the 911 StarG8 silences the mind in awe.

    Perhaps this suggests the 2001 and 2010 dates and films as uniquely syncnificant and relevant to realization of Cosmic Consciousness.

    The future and playful ideas about it are perfectly harmless if you live in the NOW, the location of the future to begin with...

    See Jim's the Inside Job video for more on the Milleneum Hilton 911 StarG8
    Bob Balaban as Dr. Chandra puts his hand on a Red identity scanner. His radiating palm appears in Blue above this. The play of Red and Blue, repeating also as we see what this identity scanning device is protecting.
    SAL 9000 the new improved female HAL with Blue Eye. We could suggest that progress has been made from the 2001 angry Red Eye of fire to the calm Blue Eye of Water/SpiriT/Tranquility in 2010.

    This Blue Eye also resonates the look of the exploding Second Sun/Jupiter and the Super Nova/Black Hole explosions in "Star Trek". "Angels & Demons" also had the Blue Sun explosion as key plot device.
    I interpret this Second Blue Sun as Being aligned with SpiriT or Cosmic Consciousness. That the Second Sun pattern might also have some kind of 'external' reality seems entirely likely.
    We could suggest Sirius/Jupiter/Galactic Center as potential Second Suns.

    The Sun/RA/RE is also a big Red Eye/I. Thus the awareness of a second Sun/Eye/I becomes the symbolic realization of "I-I".
    The Red Spot on Jupiter becomes associated to the Red Eye/I of the Blue ONE. This is extremely fitting as Jupiter is sometimes associated to Shiva (with his red third eye) and Horus (with his single all seeing eye).
    Spock uses his Red Ball of matter to open a black hole in an exploding star or super nova.
    This is then compared with the events of the film 2010.
    In 2010 Jupiter forms a giant Black Hole on its surface. It shrinks, explodes, goes nova, becoming a Star and Second Sun.
    The Red Eye/storm on Jupiter and of HAL 9000 syncs with Spock's Red Ball, both films entraining with the themes of black holes and exploding stars...


    Thursday, May 7, 2009

    Chain of Events

    Robin Tunney's (as ZOE/NOW) LEG as highlighted on the poster for "Cherish" then associated to Italy and its recent L'Aquila/Eagle earthquake by Richard Arrowsmith in his post The Robin Has Hatched.

    O.K..., if you're new here the above sentence must sound a little confusing. No worries, as things are always repeated and re-explained. Plus, the true nature of what we investigate through synchromysticism is not in its essence for the mind, it's for the intuitive Heart.
    I don't personally believe this is an intellectual activity that requires mountains of knowledge. In a subtle yet very true way, the less you know the better.
    If you are reading this here and NOW you are already as prepared as ever you need be.
    The Foot is one of three key astrological features that surround and point towards Galactic Center (GC). The three markers are the Arrow of Sagittarius, the Stinger of Scorpio and the Foot of Ophiuchus.
    These symbols then suggest resonance associated to both the physical Heart of GC and the spiritual Heart of the eternal and infinite present moment.

    Why is both the physical GC and spiritual Heart of all that is interchangeable?
    That external phenomena are indeed directly and inseparably related to spiritual truth are self evident to Self.
    Be the Self you already are and Know this instead of trying to figure out with your mind what this means.

    We found lots of entrainment with the association of Robin's LEG with Italy including Tunney in shot with an Eagle in the episode of "The Mentalist S1 E19 A Dozen Red Roses" in post What's all this aboot, eh? Strange Things Afoot At The Circle-M.
    During this short scene overseen by the Golden Eagle actor Simon Baker as Patrick Jane a.k.a 'The Mentalist' tells Tunney as Teresa Lisbon:
    "A great man once said: All the world's a stage,
    And all the men and women merely players"

    Lisbon is making herself a little black pool or coffee. The Back Pool resonates the Black Hole or Dark Star of GC.

    Of course this great man is William Shakespeare and the line is from his play "As You Like It". The shake in his name resonates the quake of the Eagle/Zeus in Italy.
    "All The World's A Stage" is a live album by Canadian band "Rush". We see there logo called the "Starman" which first appeared on the back of there album "2112" on this same live album cover. This "Starman" logo is a Black Star which resonates Black Pool and Dark Star, like Tunney's coffee. The songs on the live album "All The World's A Stage" are also from Rush's "2112".
    The cover sees a Black Star in a Pool with Stars shining above along with the numbers 2112 written in purple.
    This Black Star resonates with both key physical and spiritual aspects.
    In the physical is resonates with the Canadian Solomon's Temple in Winnipeg or The Legislative (often LEG for short) Building, which also contains a Pool with a Black Star.

    The Black Arrow above points at the Merkaba resonating Wheelchair Access symbol and the location of the 8 rayed Black Star of the LEG.
    In a recent post at the syncsperemental mashup blog The Sync Whole WE learn that The Black Arrow is a pointer of Heavenly Galactic Center. How amazingly susynct then that WE find it again in a building interpreted as Earthly GC pointing at the very Heart of the structure.

    Richard notes:
    LEG (as in Temple and Foot)=EGL (Eagle)
    As a spiritual truth the Black Star/Hole/Whole says the eternal void of NO-thing, Being beyond form and thought, is at the Heart of all that is.

    The 2112 number also resonates well with the date associated to the physical alignment, 21/12/2012.

    "The Mentalist" quotes a Shakespeare line that resonates the alignment of the Black Star as a Golden Eagle looks on..
    In the latest "The Mentalist S1 E21 Miss Red" the CBI team investigates the disappearance of the CEO of "Gaia Matrix", last seen aboard his private yacht "Victoria".
    Gaia is the Earth Goddess, while the Matrix (MOM/MaTrix) is the Veil of Illusion or MAya. Goddess will help us look beyond this MAtrix (the Trix of MA) or Veil which we ourselves have erected..
    The Manitoba Legislative Building Guide illuminates:
    "The most prominent statue on the Legislative Grounds is that of Queen Victoria (1819-1901), seated on a bronze throne, wearing her crown and holding the orb and scepter. The central place at the front entrance accorded to this figure is due in part to the fact that Manitoba become a province in 1870, in the 33rd year of Queen Victoria's reign."
    Viki holds the bronze Black Orb which Jim calls the Bowling Ball or sometimes the Black Pearl. As Black Orb it resonates the Dark Star and Black Hole of GC. It rests on her palm and also becomes a highlighted SpiriT palm, like the nailed hand of Christ or marked palm of Buddha.
    A halo of floWers, as well as the crown atop her head, continue the theme of making vivid the subtle body. It is telling that our past leaders would be depicted with subtle bodies accentuated, WE might NOW realize that the Earthly office was never in command by the local rep, indeed the Power still came from Being beyond form.
    However unconscious the actions of the former elites, governors and royalty might seem from current perspective the mark of Being is present - as It is in Everything - and WE/ME acknowledge the Great Mysterious movements of SpiriT which have brought us here and NOW.

    Tunney walks down the dock towards "Victoria" the boat, resonating the Queen in front of the LEG, in "The Mentalist S1 E21 Miss Red".
    On deck we learn the missing CEO of Gaia Matrix is 33 years old, the number used in The LEG Guide in association with Queen Victoria.

    33 can become CC, C being the third letter of the alphabet. CC can in its turn become KK or K2. Robin Tunney climbs K2 in the film "Vertical Limit". The short and sweet interpretation of K2, at its core, is that it stands for Kosmic Konsciousness.
    Teresa's LEG, striding on "Victoria", moves into shot above a Red Spot of blood. The Red Spot resonates the Seeing Red theme as an Eye or Nipple while the blood brings DNA into play.

    See C-Ing Red and TT for the Seeing/C-Ing Red, Eyes and Nipple connects.
    The links of the Chain stretching from Tunney's "Cherish" LEG also resonates the "DNA Chain" and echo the Yacht blood/DNA scene from "The Mentalist".

    See A Few Shots To Shaman's Holiday Spirit for more chain thoughts.

    As Tunney crouches down to ponder the blood clue, WE/ME are reminded that this new and evolving tool of 'dream and poetic consciousness' called synchromysticism is totally legit.
    She has just stood above a splotch of blood interpreted as a Seeing/C-Ing Red resonator. Seconds later the background moves as to reveal a distant fridge displaying distinctly the Red letters I and C of ICE.
    Both The Red I and C were associated to C-Ing Red in the Circle-M post.
    We see Tunney C-ing Red both above (the Red I and C on the background fridge) and below (the DNA resonating blotch of blood under her LEG), powerful syncs have come together atop the deck of "Victoria" as the CBI quest for the head of Gaia Matrix.
    Tunney moves across the bow (resonating the C shape and rainbow) and leans over the prow noting the anomalous occurrence of a docked boat being anchored.
    The chain of the anchor reaches for the water, in shot, from below Tunney's LEG. This again echoes the DNA ladder resonating chain on the poster for "Cherish".
    The CBI detectives NOW quest for the button that will raise the anchor.

    Symbolically this is the weight - attachment to thought and form - that is lifted as WE align physically and spiritually with the Heart of Being.
    It is also the Stairway to Heaven we ascend on our journey to the Stars.
    Finally Patrick Jane and Teresa Lisbon spot the Anchor Winch, pointing in a fashion that in sacred moments like these remind us of religious paintings, finger pointing towards the Divine.
    "Feet" proclaims the Anchor Winch, reminding us of the LEG, a pointer of the physical Heart of GC and the spiritual Heart of NOW.
    The Chain/Ladder/Stairway raises.
    Disco, the puzzle is solved as the CEO of Gaia Matrix is found to be dead and attached to the anomalous anchor.
    The dead physical form is found to be the weight that is keeping us 'in chains'.

    The body and physicality are gorgeous treasures for us to cherish. It is when we become hypnotized into believing the physical is the totality of our existence that things become heavy and we seemingly carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.
    Our essence is the infinite and eternal Being that allows any form to exist, to begin with. When we are aligned with this Being we are free to enjoy the physicality, always knowing WE are much vaster then the limited identity.

    This elegantly expresses the duality and eventual transcendence of all symbolism. This 'anchor body' expresses both the heavy attachment and decay of form and the possibility of liberation when moving beyond the limitation of identity.
    Depending on temperament people lean towards negative or positive interpretations of symbols. 911 can be seen as emergency or a doorway. C-Ing/Seeing Red as anger or a portal, etc.

    All symbols, at their core, point beyond all duality to the formless essence of Being.

    How do WE/ME align with Being?
    This is the silly Zen aspect that we can do naught but state as simply as it is.
    You are and have always been fully aligned and ONE with Being.
    Any questions that follow this statement are the mind (and in its deepest essence Being itSelf) trying to keep itself tied up in knots.
    Tunney shares the screen with the Arnold Schwarzenegger, in "End Of Days".
    We catch her and the 'Terminator' as real life Governor of California in shot in "The Mentalist S1 E5 Redwood". Tunney, as a high ranking Californian officer of the law, in this televisions series, often hangs out in government type offices, meaning we see this eventuality, her appearing in shot with a framed Schwarzenegger, happen more then once (well, twice thus far by my count..).
    This is a particular loaded scene as WE also see a pot of coffee (Black Pool) and Golden Eagle (EGL/LEG) atop a flag pole.
    That this Tunney/Schwarzenegger/EGL sync happens in an episode titled "Redwood" is especially zany.
    I remember when frequenting conspiracy sites, years ago, that a thread of theorizing had the N.W.O. hatching plans for world domination at the exclusive elite men's camp ground Bohemian Grove, located in the Californian Redwood forests.
    Arnold Schwarzenegger's becoming governor of California and eventual (perhaps 2012) President of The United States was included in this talk. I don't follow the news or conspiracy theory any more but it seems notable that a pattern of Schwarzenegger as connected to Kosmic Konsciousness persists.

    I would interpret this as discovering the N.W.O. is being used by Being to realize the NOW. Jim calls the N.O.W. the Newly Ordered World.

    Our KKonsciousness is positioning all its pieces, mostly unfathomably to the human mind, at key places and times.
    These pieces are also the links in the chain of events that lead to Realization.

    God works in mysterious ways.
    In "Terminator 2" (T2/TT) the same tale told in "The Mentalist" repeats in a very similar fashion.

    The mercurial Tin Man/Robot or menacing 'T-1000' is frozen with liquid nitrogen.

    All robots resonate the Tin Man and thus Jupiter the jovial planet. This particular amorphous vilified monster type also has the qualities of Mercury, he is indeed a collection of many facets which WE will only touch upon very briefly here.
    It is common for facets of higher consciousness to be depicted as 'bad guys' during this phase of disentanglement from ego. WE/ME are dealing with becoming whole and find that certain unaccepted facets still appear, from a limited perspective, as separate and threatening. This is a process that is undergoing great healing right NOW.

    See the SpiriT of The Blue Bird for Tin Men musings.

    As the rapidly freezing T-1000 continues his 'unstoppable' advances during the climatic last battle his legs shatter off resonating the highlighted LEG/Feet syncs just explored in connection with Tunney.
    Schwarzenegger as the Terminator, flesh/form decays during the final fight.
    Symbolically he is undergoing the transition from form into SpiriT, the process WE/ME are also experiencing right NOW.
    The layers of identity are falling away and WE/ME start C-Ing Red. This is reavealed as symbol of the burning alchemical fire and blood/DNA pumping, fueling the Kosmic Heart.

    Schwarzenegger has been called Christnegger in the sync web and this is found to still be an appropriate moniker.
    After overcoming the T-1000 the Khrist - ONE who realizes Khrist (Kosmic) Konsciousness - shakes hands with Sarah Connor. Her palm is covered in blood, the mark of Khrist. She is our Mary and mother of another Jesus Christ (JC) and savior resonator John Conner (JC).
    Here we see the chain - both symbol of attachment or weight and the ladder/stairway to Heaven - passing through both messiahs profiles of Christnegger and John Conner (JC). The chain plays the exact role of the cross upon which O.G, savior Jesus was confined. By yielding to being 'chained', tortured and restricted to the cross he transcends the limitation of form and the StarG8 is opened.
    Christnegger hangs from the chain, Seeing Red and is NOW ready for the final stage of his transformation.
    He is about to face death, the reverse process of birth. During Birth KKonsciousness moves from Being limitless, into taking limited form and identity. When WE/ME die, the form dissolves and KKonsciousness returns to being limitless.
    Upon becoming a Khrist or Buddha the limitless essence sees past the form, while still incarnated as a form, in sense dying.
    This is Being reborn.
    What is the response of Christnegger to the process of offering his limited form identity to the alchemical furnace of transformation?
    He gives it the 'Thumbs-Up'.
    Mother and child embrace as the Terminator (T-101 (1pillar0portal1pillar) resonating the Tau cross of SpiriT) reverse births.
    The entire drama plays out with the powerful image of mother and child joined in tenderness. This resonates iconic images such as 'Isis suckling Horus' and 'Madonna and Child'.
    Stripped to its essence this is MOM nurturing the growing new United State of KKonsciousness.

    Further potentiating this already mind melting imagery Mother and Child slowly dissolve into the Black Road.
    The Black Road being an awesome resonator of alignment with the Heart of the Great Mother.
    StarMummy, the key that unlocks the chain of events.

    About 2 weeks ago I buy myself 2 Kiwi fruit. This was impulsive, I can't remember the last time I did this, certainly more then a year ago...
    I go do my laundry, later that very day and mosey next door for coffee at "Stella's".

    "Stella's" has appeared in my 'sync web' - my collection of syncs on these blogs and videos over the years - a few times. Most notably I met Jim for the first time at a "Stella's" (different location) and had my first chance encounter with Frank Albo (this very location).
    Frank is the author of the "Hermetic Code", a book which first unveiled The Winnipeg LEGislature as a replica of Solomon's Temple.

    I describe this chance encounter with Frank, as well as compare The LEG to Giza, WTC and the K2 Mountain in Galactic Centre Temple.
    Inside "Stella's", now seated, aimed ahead of me, I see a chalk board with 'Facts' about Kiwi's, both the green fruit and the odd New Zealand bird. The same fruit I had curiously purchased earlier that day and a weird bird from New Z-Land (neighbor Island of OZ-tralia).
    I read the 'Facts' and watch my brain do the 'loop-d-loop' trying to 'protect' itself from extreme levels of weirdness.

    This Mexican nut grows mostly on the Eastern slopes of K2. Its most noteworthy appearance was on the hit TV show Everybody Loves Raymond as a blood orange. The hair skin of this carbohydrate can be used for shoe polish and as a topical cream.

    The facts about the Kiwi fruit are clearly erroneous and have probably been altered by a customer or such. The content of the mysterious words could however not be more personally syncnificant.
    As already mentioned I have compared The Winnipeg LEG to Giza, WTC and K2 believing these to be Earthly Holy of Holies, intimately resonant of Solomon's Temple.
    That K2 would appear in "Stella's", connected to synchronicity ViA the Kiwi I had bought that morning, a restaurant where I chance met Frank Albo, the man who unveiled The LEG as Solomon's Temple, feels most susynct and syncnifcant.
    Jim also notes "Stella's" as the establishment that serves the mysterious brew called "T42".
    T is the Tau cross of SpiriT and 42 the number of Tin and Jupiter. Yet another cluster of syncs intimately associated to recent sync posts and in my mind simply pointing towards the currently emerging state of Joy (NOW/KKonsciousness etc).

    See Jim's The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge and the Gnosis of 42
    See my Jumpiter and The SpiriT of the Blue Bird
    ONE last "Stella's" sync wink...

    The staff exit door displays the message above.
    "Walk""Do Not Run", the direct opposite of "The Blob" film's and this blog's tagline "Run_ Do Not Walk. From "THE BLOB!""

    This lot eventuated me typing the following key words into Google... "K2 Kiwi".

    A link popped up ridiculously resonating the whole affair documented in both "The Mentalist" and "T2" NOW with "K2 Kiwi" flavor.

    In New Z-land there is a place called Heritage Park near the city of Whangarei. In this park is a Museum and Kiwi House. The Kiwi House appears to be a refuge, sanctuary and educational facility centering on the bird in question.

    They run a blog and one particular entry is titled K2, it reads:
    K2 was hatched at the Bird Recovery Centre in approximately 1995, and suffered a splayed leg; this is a common problem with ratites in captivity (ostrich, emu & kiwi), and can occur in other birds.
    These images are of K2 the Kiwi with the highlighted LEG. SpiriT LEG...

    In 2002 he was sent to Auckland Zoo.

    There were then discussions about what to do with him:

    1. Leave him as he was
    2. Euthanize him
    3. Operate to turn his foot around so that he could be used in the breeding program.

    Option 3 was chosen and the operation was carried out by a vets’ practice in Auckland (not the zoo vets). His leg bone was cut, rotated and plated with a plate normally used for dogs, but the screws worked loose, so they operated again and used a different sort of plate.

    Curious, hilarious.. lovely.

    The universe is an amazing symphony when you allow its music to floW through.

    One more look at the "Cherish" poster and a personally potent poignant sync.
    Me, my roommate and Jim are participating in a series of Indigenous North American ceremonies, culminating in a 'SunDance' during the first week of August.

    Later this week we fast for four days as part of this traditional ritual.

    Preparation for these upcoming events and activities have been dominating my consciousness and it is with a degree of astonishment that I NOW acknowledge the word 'SunDance' present on this much pondered Robin Tunney image.

    The Robin is my animal familiar, perhaps beckoning me to Cherish the opportunity to Dance in the Sun.