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    Monday, March 23, 2009

    C-ing Red

    I have been interested in this image, the poster for ChiCago, for many years. The DVD lies around my apartment and a stare at its big highlighted red neon light C wondering when that AHA! moment will come.

    In a manner I was devoting mySelf to this image. By returning to an object and reflecting, you dissolve the boundary between self and object. There is only ONE never ending witness or observer of all that is. WE/ME are that Being.

    This process of devoting yourself to a movie Star is similar in function and result to that of focusing attention on a religious icon.

    I just knew that something about the image of the Stars in the C meant more then I was cognizant of... (that kinda gives it away, ah well)
    WE notice a similar Red neon C in the title sequence of "30 Rock". As the repeat of an object, already marked by previous interest, in the perceptual field, highlights it for syncnificance, WE simply acknowledge the reappearance of this Red C and check the associated context for anything else that seems syncnificant.
    This comes usually in the form of previous subjects explored, this time the Red C has chosen to associate with current favorite, the rainbow.
    Doubly so as we see the Rainbow Room - an upscale restaurant at 30 Rock - and the rainbow plumed NBC Peacock logo.
    The Rainbow itself is a Red rimmed arch or C shape.
    Another way of interpreting the Red C is as Red Sea.
    This is the body of water that Moses parts with the help of God/Spirit/Being.

    We see Charlton Heston open the Aqua type StarG8 or waterdoor in "The Ten Commandments".
    Water themed StarG8's are amazingly recurrent sync patterns WE can connect to the dawning of Kosmic Konsciousness as marked by the Age of Aquarius.
    Israelite Boy: "The Wind Opens The C!"
    Isrealite Man: "God opens the C with a blast of his nostrils!"

    C The SpiriT of the Blue Bird for SpiriT and wind exploration.

    This dialogue opened the C Stargate for ME. The C is the opened O, the mandala that has been penetrated and parted.

    The C is an inviting portal or even bridge to the Divine.

    I was going to mention The Red Sea as a connect but only decided to re-watch the scene from "The Ten Commandments" - leading to the insight of C as parted O - after reading about this same cinematic moment in a story sent to me by Jennifer Palmer. The mention of Heston in her story and the connect between Red C and Red Sea in this post entrained with each other.

    This becomes more syncnificant if WE note the recent appearance of Jennifer Connelly at The Blob in videos like Jennifer Jupiter.

    In fact the AHA! moment for the solution to the ChiCago poster came because of another Jennifer (Jupiter).

    C Jumpiter for more on Jupiter
    I am starting to work on working on a Jennifer Aniston video and as a result watched "Office Space".
    Jennifer plays disgruntled waitress Joanna - adamantly wearing the bear minimum of flair buttons - being caught in frame with a Crescent and Red C.

    See All Buttoned Up for button syncs.
    The Crescent hugging a star is the symbol of Islam and also a Masonic standard, most iconically found on the Shriner Fez.

    The face over the C or Crescent is depicted as a Pharaoh on the Fez, yet as Isis in the Masonic example above.
    The pentagram is also a symbol often associated to Isis.
    The image and associated text is from David Ovason's "The Secret Zodiacs Of Washington DC".
    As Jennifer Aniston is a Movie Star/Goddess in the presence of a symbol associated to Isis the sync suggests Jennifer as a mother goddess resonator.
    The ChiCago StarG8

    AHA! the C of "ChiCago" movie poster is the exact symbolic equivalent of the Crescent centered with a Star.

    The parted C with the Star inside, Heavens Gate.
    Of course this Crescent is also the Moon, giving us another way of interpreting - as well as more context for attributing, to the humble C shape.

    While this photo was uploading I skipped over to my youtube page and checked my email there.

    I received one from Gary King, a Krop Kircle researcher who was expressing interest in the Mushroom Atlantis videos I made a few years ago (C the above youtube page for those videos).

    When I paged back here I noticed the ornamental Red Aminita Mushroom, caught in shot, with the photo of the Moon on my favorite water bottle.

    This felt like a Sign and I made me go back and take a closer look at Gary's email and youtube page.
    I jumped when I realized that Gary was the first person inside the giant "07/07/07 Aum" formation.

    east field 07/07/07 pt 1

    You can see a four part video about the incident - one of the most exciting in recent Krop Kircle history - on Gary's page.
    The 777 Krop Kircles major elements can be interpreted as 3 Crescents formed of circles, increasing then decreasing in size, in the shape of a Buddhist Aum or 3. The original WE3 Spinner as Jim pointed out in a recent post noting Shiva's trident as Aum.

    See SUMIRUNA - Master of the Water for Jim's Aum as WE3 mention
    Me and Ben Fairhall visited this awesome formation together...

    Further I realized (pretty sure) I had briefly met Gary during the 2007 Krop Kircle season at the 4 August Pewsey White Horse formation (below), recognizing him from the video above.
    I talked about witnessing the circle in "Opening The Stargate Via Nicholas Cage", the presence of this particular actor being peculiar in itself, as we shall soon C..

    Synchromysticm is sometimes challenging as how does one keep expressing astonishment in a way that is novel, over and over, when documenting mind blowing syncs?
    In truth they rarely freak me out any more. I just smile and allow them joyfully as reminders to acknowledge KKonsciousness.

    I say that, as the freaking Crop Circle entering this post through the Gary King synchronicity discussed above contains a Crescent and Star!

    The reference to the Atlantis Mushroom material leads me to believe it is appropriate to include ye olde Red C/Atlantis syncs.
    Plato's account of the layout of Atlantis claims it was constructed by Poseidon in concentric circles of water and land with a large canal extending from the central land element through the circular zones. This “bull's eye” design, which is sometimes identified with a C (because of the canal cutting the circle), can be seen as a symbol for Atlantis.

    (I based the statement 'which is sometimes identified with a C' and the idea that it is red on something William Henry wrote, which I can't find anymore.. Still, it all resonates soundly.)
    Here we see one possible connection to the the red Atlantian C symbol, the outline of the cap forming the arch (perhaps connected to the Royal Arch).
    Can you see the C in the sea?

    C-shaped Atlantis hotel complex planned for completion end of 2008 in Dubai, including underwater hotels.

    These Atlantis/Red C observations were made in a 2006 post:
    The Mushroom and The Stargate
    The same evening of contact with Gary King and the C/Mushroom/Krop Kircle sync cluster I am woken from sleep as my one roommate is making noise.
    I decide to investigate and happen upon she and a friend watching a Krop Kircle DVD of the 2007 season. She had been out the whole day and no communication had transpired about my 2007 Krop Kircles syncs earlier that very day. The DVD is not indigenous to our apartment and had been obtained by her without my prior knowledge.
    Here I was watching a moving portfolio of that seasons circles including the East Field 7/7/7 and Pewsey Crescent Star, on the same day they had been highlighted through sync!

    A few more groovy spins on Red C wormed its way into KKonsciousness during the conception and development of this post.

    Two episodes of television shows I am following entrained with each other by sharing the same episode title, "Seeing Red".

    "Seeing Red" S6 E19 May 7, 2002 "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"
    "Seeing Red" S1 E7 November 18, 2008 "The Mentalist"
    I like how the CBS eye can be interpreted as two crescents hugging a dot..
    Same thing happens in Winnipeg, synCCity's, logo.. Embrace the SpiriT.

    Winnipeg has the Red dot Eye/I in this image, nested in Crescents, just like the Red eye of Hal-9000 and Jupiter (thanks to Winnipeg's Jim Sanders for the Red insight in the comments of this post).
    Willow's (actress Alyson Hannigan in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer") red eyes made me connect this new "Terminator Salvation" poster to the Seeing Red pattern.

    Decapitated heads are also symbolic of Kosmic Konsciousness.
    Kali holds a decapitated head.
    This is KKonsciousness freed from the belief as located in the brain and mind.

    We have then, an upside down 'hanged man', Kosmic Konsciousness, Tin Man head Seeing Red!
    This all sharing the title Salvation, sheesh, what a potent image.

    C Galactic Center Temple for more on decapitations.
    C Jim's On The Eve of Salvation for more fascinating "Terminator Salvation" sync winks.
    While over at The Paternist's cool Gnosis/Hypnosis/Hypocrisy/Heresy a few more movie posters fitting the Seeing Red idea jumped out.

    Above is Nicholas Cage (second hit in this sync web) and below Patricia Arquette both 'Seeing Red'.
    Jim just made a post - perfectly timed - helping us ad one more useful C resonance.
    The Spanish word for Yes is Si which sounds like C.
    Above: This is a picture of a recent referendum in Venezuala. Si, which is yes in spanish, when repeated seems to wink to ISIS quite clearly.
    From CentrePortal's GeyeA

    Just like we saw earlier when the Crescent and Star resonated Isis, we now find a Red Si complete with five rayed Star, spelling out the Goddess' name.

    The C, the receptive Cup of Goddess.

    Red C toothpaste kept this Synchromystic's teeth clean during the proceedings documented above.


    skrambo said...

    I also use Crest toothpaste, mine is colored red for "Cinnamon Rush!".

    Triple C's sometimes turn your eyes red (because they're bleeding, could be an "urban legend") as they open your third eye (not advised through popping pills, speaking hypocritically)

    Check out the Chicago Cubs logo... "See you, B.S."

    WV: Sagies (in green)

    Michael said...

    Cool. Doctor Who's Ood get "red eye syndrome". See Friends of the Ood.

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    Red Eye Hal and the Dog in UP has a collar that helps it talk and has a Red Eye on it, that look's like HAL'S.
    They all make me think of the RED STORM EYE of Jupiter.

    wv: fiera (FireRA or FeyeRA)

    Jake Kotze said...

    Good red point Jim

    Hal and the Terminator have read eyes...

    A.I, another metaphor for Kosmic Konsciousness as that which was ignorant has Attained, perceiving through the StarG8 of the Red C.

    And the red unified eye/I of Jumpiter/Horus!

    Later G8ors

    Occult Mosaic said...

    nice. C = 3 CC = 33, however if taken as a crescent and half circle 33 then becomes an 8.

    the phoenix cardinals also have a big banner sayin C-Red.

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    Winnipeg was known as the CHI KA GO of the NOrth back in the day...

    "At the turn of the century, Winnipeg was one of the fastest growing cities in North America and was known as the Chicago of the North. Some of Chicago's architects came north to practice in Winnipeg and many local architects were strongly influenced by the Chicago style. What remains of their work today is The Exchange District -- one of the most historically intact turn-of-the-century commercial districts on the continent." HeritageWinnipeg

    I bought a Bottle of Dan Ackroyd RED wine today. He was in town signing bottles. I was too late to meet him.


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Dan Ackroyd kicks ass

    My favorite post in a while... And I mean the whole sync web not just the blog.... Exactly what i needed(isn't always)..... Thanks again Sync master.

    Anonymous said...

    A head
    B utters
    C horns

    in the mushoom Ey3 C D
    the Ey3-LAND Ey3 C OM3gA

    5troNg Ka5t735 R KoN53NtriK 5irK735 b33K7aw5 th3y hav3 gNo KorN3r5

    ".. an instant-fix red-eye button"

    nice reD croSS with niC Cage

    Reading Rainbow Theme has a dragon breathing fire down a spiral shape, butterflies, two pyra-mounds, Flying Saucers, a Dog (toto) faced Star, the Concentric rings of Saturn and rainbows

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks for adding the Dr and 28 Days Red Eye syncs Michael! I hadn't seen those.

    In the past, no less...

    Isn't it funny how all this works?


    Arrowsmith said...

    Jim Carrey: Yes Man: Si Man.

    Now I C. He also parts the Red C in Bruce Almighty.

    Stayed up way too late last night and most certainly have Red Eyes this morning :)

    Word Veri: idesSIon

    aferrismoon said...

    Brrr ,Red EyeC

    Red eye REd Breast C the connexion


    Michael said...

    Red C = Red Cross = Templers

    Jake Kotze said...

    Good one Mr Smith

    If we assume its John Conner/JC holding the decapitated Red C-ing Terminator head and we take into account your Yes/Si Man with Jim Carrey...

    We see a pattern of the Red C as connected to Khrist Konsciousness.


    astroniq said...

    made me think of the song by Chevelle
    "The Red"

    "The Red"

    They say freak,
    When you're singled out,
    The red, well it filters through.

    So lay down, the threat is real,
    When his sight goes red again.
    Seeing red again,
    Seeing red again.

    This change, he won't contain,
    Slip away, to clear your mind.
    When asked, who made it show,
    The truth, he gives in to most.

    So lay down, the threat is real,
    When his sight goes red again.

    So lay down, the threat is real,
    When his sight goes red again.
    So lay down, the threat is real,
    When his sight goes red again.

    Seeing red again,
    Seeing red again,
    Seeing red again,
    Seeing red again,
    Seeing red again,
    Seeing red again,
    Seeing red again,
    Seeing red....

    They say freak...
    When you're singled out.
    The red, it filters through...

    Anonymous said...

    screenshot from Knowing

    Editor said...

    The new episode of South Park features a Kaped Krusader sporting a Red C for Coon.

    Atareye said...

    Pac man eats red ghosts. The red ghost is nicknamed "Blinky"
    When a ghost is eaten, its eyes return to the ghost home where it is regenerated in its normal color.

    That Chicago C reminded me of this most famous open mouthed C. But hes Yellow...Red and yellow = Sunshine.

    "This dialogue opened the C Stargate for ME. The C is the opened O, the mandala that has been penetrated and parted.

    The C is an inviting portal or even bridge to the Divine."

    That reminds me of Richard Arrowsmith's mouth/eye investigation.

    Let's not forget the eye of Ra.

    Peace masterg8or

    wz 'raterw' in blue

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yes, totally JK.

    And Pac Man (2Pac) is the smiley face (like that of Watchmen) seen in profile.

    The C (Pac-Man) partaking of SpiriT.

    When Pac-Man eats (becomes one with) Ghost/Spirit he moves up a level.

    Later G8or

    Atareye said...

    One more... I think its fair to assume your a Star trek fan.

    James Ratte has been helping me understand and look into many themes discussed here and on other blogs. A synchromistic tutor of sorts. He brought Reading Rainbow to my attention in light or my RR post.

    Reading Rainbow host is of course Geordi LaForge. Please allow me a Wiki minute...

    "In the series, we learn that Geordi was born blind and wears a VISOR (Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement), a half-moon-shaped prosthetic attached at the temples that provides him with vision. Interfacing directly with his brain, the device enables him to "see" much of the electromagnetic spectrum – radio waves, infraRED, ultraviolet, but not normal light perception, though it does allow Geordi to see the visible light section of the EM spectrum." So he mostly see red.

    He also says it was like HELL having to wear the visor.

    So any red visor wearing character ties in nicely. Think Robocop, Cyclops, Ra, etc.


    Indras Net said...

    awsome post as always, were in the Red sign of the zodiac as well, Aires. The Terminator A.I. resonates with the Tin Man who is mind without heart, in the egyptian underworld one is reborn after satisfying 42 principles in the weighing of the heart by maat. AI also resonating HAL and Jupitar and Tin Man as you noted. Amazing interfaces of contexts, anywhoo stay divine brotha

    Editor said...

    See on

    See also the $300 million button and Cynical-C's new series on one-star reviews of classic books, movies, and music: To Kill a Mockingbird and Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.

    Which also led to the 1015 Button Project

    E. T. Hansen said...

    COsmiC C-ing! Marvelleous, all due sync-art to perfection. I-ve pondered Red (and it's connection to hell) for a good while now, and got stuck, so really awsome to read your go at the connection between C-ing ..and perhaps B-ing? Red sybmolizing colour of warmth, hot water.

    In that passion-rabbithole also red-dancing shoes (Dorothy in OZ), red light districts, the woman in the red dress(!), red haired fairies, scarlett dragons, the eye of horu, HAL's eye etc. And to my still dorminating ability this colour is far the hardest of them all to get beneath. Probably the most significant?! Looking forward to reading more on your C-ing abilities!

    ericswan said...

    When the moon enters the 7th house, I'm assuming that that would be a new moon and the stars caught up in it's crescent is the Cup on the Cusp of the blood red moon in the precession through the stargate. There will be 7 stars in the cup. My cup is overflowing.

    Chris said...

    Colorado's state flag:

    The Secret Sun said...

    Killing Joke have a song called Seeing Red too- great video, all in red

    aferrismoon said...

    C-Red-IT where Kredo - it = due
    Word veri = Jake you owe me 50 million Euro


    Indras Net said...

    minor threat also has a clasic called Seein Red.

    Indras Net said...

    3/27 FARGO, North Dakota (CNN) -- The Red River rose to 40.2 feet early Friday, breaking a 112-year-old record and creating a quandary for emergency officials who can no longer rely on historical data to guide their response.

    The Red C rising and a 40.2


    Unknown said...

    Red eyes are common to albino stricken animals. A recent albino dolphin made headlines, not as white, but as a pink dolphin.

    Red Cervex/yoni of the Mother Goddess is the grail/chalice full of birth waters which are parted by the "staff" of Moses, or the sun-phallis. The Potential children of future Israel (or sperm) flow into the Seabed/(See: marriage bed), and spend 40 years wandering (or 40 weeks of pregnancy) before reaching the Promised Land of Mother's Milk and Honey.

    I added a link to this post at the Synchro Wiki on the CC page.

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    I just realized that when a flood reaches its height it is called a Crest. Just like the Red C Crest toothpaste you use, and here in Manitoba our Red Sea/C should Crest soon.

    Indras Net said...

    hah Jupiters RED SPOT is shrinking, perfect Crescent

    Anonymous said...

    Red Sea/Biblical Story/Commandments/A rule/Law roots to sea law, e.g. ship's dock/law=precedent of word's meaning="begins with the word"/Representation of C may root to law/just-ice, pol-ice, etc/blue-ice vrs red hot/ Cing Red may be a constructual program for how we tell ourselves there is a level of change we are writing, as we read it in the movies. Cing Red may be a means of our connectivity becoming active for a specific purpose/As a thing, "i think, therefore i am"/Perhaps in thought phonetically Red=has been "read"=visually to read/Cing red, we are highlighting to ourselves a message to read something, for what is the means we read? With red cells in our eyes. Perhaps the process of building this construct and our eyes's as a constructual program is developed here, as it is being written far in time, and thus used by us now to read what is in the making now. One time on a loop. Cing Red a figurative of our own eye sight as a thing being built. Imagine we have a bank slate and we asked ourselves to set up a life to live in, may be this is as good as we can make it, and tell our selves this through in many different aspects, like Cing Red? again thanks for the posts Jake.

    Anonymous said...

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    Anonymous said...

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