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    Tuesday, January 6, 2009


    Buffy S5 E6 "Family" with Hannigan and a poster that reads Celestial ZOdiac. We will see Hannigan and Celest again...

    Alyson Hannigan in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" plays Wiccan Witch Willow Rosenberg, the Scarlet WOMan a.k.a 'G8way to the City of Pyramids'. We witness her in shot with a poster of the Celestial ZOdiac wearing what appears to be stylized Peacock/Phoenix over her Grail.

    Hannigan was explored as resonator of The Scarlet Woman in Scarlet Dragon 2.
    The colors of Lust resonate Jumpiter being red, orange and yellow.

    Above is Khaled Khan's Thoth trump 11 for Babalon (Scarlet WOMan) "Lust". The Peacock tail type rays radiate from the grail echoing Hannigan's ZOdiac shot above. This is the highlighted and vivified subtle body StarG8 of the female/MOM human form, often called 'pussy'. We note that 2 major attributes of this card is the MOON and LEO/Pussy. In the Rider Waite deck this card is numbered 8 and is called Strength. It depicts a tamed Lion. 11 is a number that will play peekaboo, in resonance with these subjects, a few times yet, as we proceed..
    Buffy S5 E19 "Tough Love"

    When a God messes with her partner in "Tough Love", she doesn't fuck around. No, SHE whips out the big guns to fight that God, in the form of a book called "Darkest Magick". The spelling of Magick with the extra k was popularized by Khaled Khan, meaning we have his singular resonance synchromystically entraining with our Wiccan Willow.
    Zooey Deschanel as DG in Tin Man E2. We see her paintings of the vortex or wormhole to OZ.

    ZOdiac resonates OZ, the land of mystery and illusion accessed by the StarG8 as spinning Twister. OZ is the presently awakening state of conscious consciousness (KKonsciousness) . Knowing that you kNOw.
    It is the NOW or ZOE.

    N spins to become Z while the infinitely versatile E spins becoming W (or 3 and M)
    Zooey (ZOE) Deschanel's name right of the bat resonates both OZ and NOW. Then the girl doubles this by playing the Dorothy Gale part as DG in "Wizard of Oz" remake series, "Tin Man". Above we see this is all vivified by the network overlay boldly pronouncing NOW (OZ/ZOE) over double OZ resonating Zooey!

    WOW MOM, WE are rapidly entering the ZONE of NOW with ZOE!

    All is ONE

    Jupiter, like all else in existence, is a name for a state of KKonsciousness. There is a Jake state of KKonsciousness, a Mall, a dog, a ball and a beer state of KKonsciousness. These are temporary manifestation of Being, all with infinite depth and infinite connections to all else. We can explore the vast ocean of flavor in all these states of KKonsciousness with our minds and new technologies such as synchromysticism.
    Our awareness of Jumpiter and Beer is all part and parcel of KKonsciousness exploring facets of itself.
    As Jupiter is of more relevance, resonance and syncnificance to the current sync web, we will explore it in favor over investigating beer.

    This is an alchemical symbol for Jumpiter often explained as a Crescent with a Cross shape. The Crescent would be the cup, spirit or MOM while the cross would be the wand, force or POP.
    Jim notices and shares that the symbol resembles 2 and 4 combined..

    ME and Jim decided to both independently (sharing a few concepts and images) work with this Jovian them and then post what ever we come up with.
    Here then is this posts twin over at CentrePortal:
    The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge & The Gnosis of 42
    Jupiter is also called Jove (By Jove!) thus resonating all things joyous.
    A dictionary explanation reads:
    1. endowed with or characterized by a hearty, joyous humor or a spirit of good-fellowship: a wonderfully jovial host.
    2. (initial capital letter) of or pertaining to the god Jove, or Jupiter.

    Screengrab from the Wikipedia entry on Tin with the 24/42 symbol of Jupiter

    Jimbo further relates that Jupiter and Tin are resonators, synchromystically becoming interchangeable.
    ZOE discovers the Tin Man (Neal McDonough as Wyatt Cain) trapped inside a metal anthropomorphic prison.
    The human shaped container resonates the metal containers of the Pharaohs of Egypt, the sarcophagus. Upon releasing him they are reenacting the resurrection drama, the tale/tail of Phoenix/Horus/Peacock/Jesus/Hiram/Sun etc.
    ZOE and Glitch ("Tin Man's" Scarecrow version, played by Alan Cumming) meet the 'Tin Man' or Jumpiter, who is reborn once he finds a Heart.
    The quest for the Heart/Compassion/Humility is the journey of alignment, both spiritual and galactic. The movement of humanity beyond the mind made self attached to thought and form. The movement from past and future into NOW.
    Esoterically this is the Horus/Jupiter and Star/Moonchild being reborn.
    The Tin Man (Jupiter) becomes DG's (ZOE/NOW) guide to the Emerald City inspired Central City (KK/K2). The Jovial state of KKonsciousness is reached through alignment with NOW. NOW, alignment and Joy are inseparable...

    Joy becomes the guide to kNOWing you are on the path.
    Winnipeg is the Heart Of North America, a perfect synchromystic Central City and thus also OZ.
    The Tin Man and ZOE gain access to Central City, hidden in a chariot fronted with the big blue head of Shiva.
    Shiva who is often depicted as sitting on a tiger skin - the Chinese ZOdiac (regulated by Jumpiters 12 year cycle!) for 2010 - is another clear Jupiter resonator.

    Some believe that the 24/42 symbol for Jupiter has evolved from the major elements at play in the Eye of Horus. A very elegant connection as the Eye/I/Self would tie back to the planet with its distinct red spot.
    Jumpiter as Horus, with its giant Scarlet Eye/I/Self as 'tornado', the doorway to OZ.
    Another symbol sighted as connected and possibly derived from that of Jupiter is the Rx, found in connection with medical prescription.
    Henry Thomas who makes First Contact as EllioT in E.T and Robin Tunney, a synchromystic Isis, in frame with the Rx in "Niagara Niagara". Jupiter is famed in Sci-Fi as a First Contact local in the novels/films "2001" and "2010". Jumpiter as the ever aligning Horus and Tin Man unveils its synchromystic ties to rebirth or realization of Kosmic Konsciousness.
    Kosmic Konsciousness - knowing who You really are - and the U.F.O/E.T/First Contact theme are inseparable and part of an elegant dance.
    Jupiter as resonator of First Contact and alien resonance furthers the Jovian connection to NOW/OZ.
    ZOE, 'Mistress of the NOW', plays Trillian in "The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy" (H2G2). She meets Arthur Dent (actor Martin Freeman) at a fancy dress party and the two hit it off swimmingly.
    She has come as Charles Darwin with a Beagle (the name of Darwin's famous boat) toy dog. A DOG/GOD companion echoes her role as Dorothy who has the faithful Toto in "Wizard of Oz". A K9 also resonates Sirius (often sighted KKontact (Konsciousness recognizing itself as 'alien other') point) and the hound on the edge of the abyss on the Fool Tarot.

    Arthur makes, seemingly, the biggest mistake of his life by giving in to fear. The girl of his dreams has just asked him to go to Madagascar with him, he would rather play it safe.

    "Well Tricia McMillan, I have a proposition for you.
    Why don't we go somewhere a little closer, first, say Cornwall and we'll see how it goes"
    The Aquarian waterdoor (StarG8) ripples over the MOON (the OM of OZ) during the Dreamworks studio intro.

    Madagascar was last seen in the penguin post where WE followed penguin syncs for a month, culminating in Penguins winking from the MOON in "Madagascar Escape 2 Africa".
    Penguins on the MOON in the Dreamworks studio intro for Madagascar 2.
    "Well done boys, looks like ice cold sushi for breakfast."
    There is an interesting connection here between William Burroughs' Lemur and Madagascar featuring "Ghost of a Chance" short story, but lets move on before that black sync hole catches up with us...

    The mention of Cornwall made me jump. I had KKontact with some 'alien other' at this exact location after researching Crop Circles in England in 2007. A friend explained Galactic Alignment to me while we looked up at the Milky Way - this being the first time I actually understood what that practically meant - I retired to my tent and was KKontacted.
    Further I was watching this very H2G2 scene on 24 (42/Jupiter) December 2008, the 10 year anniversary, to the day, of my personal StarG8 of 24 December 1998!
    This was the date, on a narrative level at least, where I died - after dropping 2 of what the dealer called "double dipped Gemini's" blotter acid - and was reborn on Christmas, entraining with the Birth of Jesus.

    All these events 'KKontact in Cornwall' (2007) and 'Personal StarG8' (1998) are briefly described in Personal StarG8 and Scarlet Dragon.

    The extreme susynct nature of the mention of Madagascar (resonating the penguin MOON) and Cornwall becomes more clear seconds later of H2G2 screentime...
    Arthur is 'cock blocked' by alien Zaphod Beeblebrox (actor Sam Rockwell), who sweeps the adventure hungry Trillian of her feet with the line:
    "Hey excuse me. Is this guy boring you. Why dontcha talk to me instead. I'm from a different planet."
    "It's true."
    "Want to see my space ship?"

    An Alien makes First Contact with ZOE while the MOON (Sphere of Babalon) sync winks in shot.

    I interpret this as a specific confirmation to ME that there was KKontact in Cornwall and a general message to WE that the MOON resonates First Contact.
    As ZOE is present in this sync web - indeed being the contactee - , ME/WE are reminded that KKontact with Aliens and Cosmic Consciousness is also the NOW.
    A 'future'* Sam Rockwell picture sees the universe chiming in harmony with itself. "Moon" featuring Zaphod inside the most often sighted StarG8 Mandala, the Octagon.

    A 'prediction' about the potential configuration of fluctuations in the eternal NOW based on observations of the play of patterns and themes.
    Scarlet Woman Hannigan and Scarlet Woman Basinger interacting with the Alien or KKonsciousness theme in 1988's "My Stepmother is an Alien".

    Alyson Hannigan furthers the First Contact theme as associated to realization of NOW in "My Stepmother Is an Alien". We see her framed by the Stars with a DOG/GOD companion above the Blue words "My Stepmother Is An" next to Kim Basinger as Scarlet Woman . The title reminds us of her current involvement in popular sitcom "How I met Your Mother", both being statements about MOM, the great Mother/Spirit/Galactic Center. The Blue in connection to Kosmic Konsciousness themes and Hannigan was briefly explored in Something Blue My Mind. Dan Aykroyd with Zebra striped shirt holds his hands apart in open anticipation of The Scarlet Woman or Alien. He stands above the red word Alien, the I of which is 'dotted' with the cross-quarter star, resonating the octagon.
    Dan Aykroyd has been inside the giant walking Statue of Liberty/Isis/Great Mother in "Ghostbusters 2" and WTC (the pyramids of the 911 Mega Ritual) with Black Star Eddie Murphy in "Trading Places"(!).

    Below we see the title sequence with the 8 rayed star above the word Alien. WE might ask ourselves why does this shape keep POPping up in contexts of both Illumination and Alien Contact?
    Alien Contact and realization of True Self are slightly different flavored roads that lead to the same NOthing. That which can not be spoken or thought of, yet WE are that same NOthing.
    Aykroyd (as Steven Miller) is experimenting with beaming signals, way far out into space, using a satellite dish and lighting. Lighting is commonly associated with Zeus and synchromystically associated with the energy/wave/water double line symbol of Aquarius. Zeus is the Greek Jupiter meaning we have the Jovian blue energy (image below) assisting the transmission of signals into deep space.
    Unknown to Dr. Steven Miller the device is receiving a crucial boost of power from the accidental contact of brass buttons to the mechanism...
    This sends the range of the signal far beyond the anticipated and causes, unbeknown to Aykroyd at this point, KKontact (First Contact interchangeable with Kosmic Konsciousness).
    The signal moves out of our galaxy reaching the clouds of Magellan (local irregular dwarf galaxies)

    We meet Jess (Hannigan) for the first time, shooting hoops and yelling "Why cant I dunk!"
    Basketball returns to the sync web.. See Scarlet Dragon 1 and 2 for more context.

    A preliminary quick take on this clearly manifesting sync ripple is that it is associated to the Mayan Ballgame, which in turn John Major Jenkins views as symbolizing Galactic Alignment (see his book of the same name for details).
    Simply the ball is the sun which has to move through the circular opening of the goal, or our solar system aligning with the 'dark road' of the galactic equator.
    In the simplest boiled down synchromystic view we could say the dot has to be placed in the middle of the circular mandala or StarG8. Basketball being then yet another fractal of the spiritual and galactic alignment 'drama'.
    The twined/rope/DNA/Ayahuasca/Dragon or Axis Mundi surrounded Ballgame Goal at Chichen Itza. A gorgeous and sucynct StarG8 portal.

    Jess' faithful dog, Dave, watches her play, 'Woofing' his support.
    POP comes home telling Jessie about sending a signal outside of the Galaxy. She wishes her deceased MOM had live to seen the this day.
    Aykroyd with a sync winking vine of plant KKconsciousness as he talks to his DOG about Sirius.

    POP looks up at the sky - the traditional place the dead is honored and remembered (the infinite) - and says:
    "What do you say Dave? Can we see Sirius tonight?"
    "You know, its also called the dog star"

    Sirius, the Dog Star, is the most often sighted heavenly body with Alien and Kosmic Konsciousness resonance.
    Alien and Scarlet Woman Basinger at the portal to Jessie's room. Of course the Wiccan Willow's - who uses Dark Magick - favorite Baskeball Star is "Magic" 32/23.

    Kim Basinger, an Alien in human disguise, is sent to investigate Earths new found technological prowess by infiltrating the Miller family and becoming the new MOM.
    She must learn the secret of how Earth has realized this unprecedented new stage of evolution and eventually by falling in love with US and Our ways, save the planet.
    Unfortunately because Aykroyd hasn't realized that the anomalous conducting power of the brass buttons boosted his signal he is unable to replicate the experiment, at first...
    Will Farrel (Elf/Pan/Green Man/Osiris/Snt Patrick etc) passes the spiraling red and white coiled candy cane forest during his travels. The spiraling Red Road resonating the Rose Line of DNA and Ayahuasca. These are also somewhat Scarlet Dragon axis of the Earth Pole, one of the parameters of the Heavenly Ark and Galactic Alignment.

    Will Farrel as Buddy the "Elf" travels from the Wonderland/OZ of the North Pole to the Wonderland/OZ of Manhattan. N and Y one letter ahead in the alphabet being O and Z.

    Elf is 11 in Afrikaans.
    He looks up to the Empire State Pillarmid (a building interpreted as pillar and pyramid) the light of our local Star shines ON. Both as Green Man (Osiris/Nature Man) and pointy eared Elf, WE find some Pan flavor in WiLL(77) FarreLL(77). Green Man is questing for his POP who resides in the famous N.Y. Tower.
    In the image below, in the right hand lower corner we see the 42 (Jupiter/Tin) with a Sagittarian arrow pointing at the the Pillarmid.
    Already the StarG8 is wide open, but there is still so much depth that can help ad lovely texture to Our experience...
    WE can for instance note the recurrence of 4 and 2, the numbers of Joy on James Caan's Empire State Building Office door.
    A direct result of being in alignment with the NOW is the natural Joy of Being. Existence and life unfettered by constant mind evaluation, resistance to what is or self seeking.
    Micheal Learner exiting Caan's office with the Jovial 24.

    Below is Green Man's POP's apartment, yet again 4 and 2...
    Wi77 Fare77 also in shot with a 4 and 2. We catch a sly little Mason and p(ARK) in this same frame.
    Our real golden goodies are yet to come as we encounter 'ZOE, Mistress of the NOW' (Zooey Decshanel) as Farre77's love interest. A person you truly love is someone in whom You recognize Your non-dual sElF.

    Below is Zoe with a lovely candy swirl halo. Her name is Jovie derived from Joyful/Happy or being Jovial. SHE is Jupiter.
    She stands in the presence of Osiris, Pan and Nature with the word MOM signifying her resonance with the Great Mother or Spirit.
    Tying Jovie our 'ZOE, Mistress of The NOW' doubly to Jupiter, we see her in the amazing still below, with a 4 and 2. Again the Jupiter State of KKonsciousness is connected synchromystically to ZOE or NOW.
    Other syncnificant things are happening here. We see a golden star and the word gold emitting from her crown, fitting as the NOW is also the Golden Dawning Age.
    We see a bunch of crescent moons and Black Stars, symbol of Galactic Center, radiating from her green shoulder. She interacts with living Black Stars, shortly..
    WOW MOM!

    Back in the O-Z DG and Tin Man near the final confrontation with the evil Azkadellia but must first find her father in the 'Realm of the Unwanted'. Once there they again interact with a Shiva resonator.
    The multiple arms and other numerous body parts often seen on Hindu deities point towards the reality of Organism. WE, as Life, are one unified body or Being. All Eyes and arms are Ours, quite literally meaning WE have multiples..
    Thus both depictions of one unified eye (Cyclops, Eye of Horus etc) and multiple eyes (third eye of the Buddha) are pointing towards the same silent truth.
    Zooey Deschanel seen below dressed in blue with the multiple limbs of the Alien Zaphod Beeblebrox back in H2G2. Quite susynct, Sam Rockwell our synchromystic Moon Man, with both Hindu God and E.T. resonance.
    Rapper and actor Mos Def (a black pop star) touching the profile of ZOE. Mos Def and fellow hip hop artist Talib Kwali perform together as rap unit "Black Star". Thus just like in "Elf" we see the Black Star emanate from Deschanel. Marvin is actor Warwick Davis who played Willow in 1988's (same year as "My Stepmother") "Willow" thus resonating Hannigan as Willow in "Buffy".
    Deschanel playing AllissON in "Yes Man" tying her synchromystically to Alyson Hannigan.

    ZOE as multiple eyed GOD in "Yes Man". In this scene she is meeting Jim Carrey our JC or Jesus Christ resonator. Surrounding and further vivifying the subtle body is a strip of Scarlet checkers. One aspect of the checker symbolism is the patterned and unified duality. This is the same idea Being expressed by the Yin-Yang.
    We have another Tin Man type companion in depressed android Marvin and Black Star Mos Def as Ford Prefect interacting with 'ZOE, Mistress of the NOW' in H2G2. All this action is happening in space (the infinite or heavens) on the spaceship 'The Heart of Gold'...
    NOW might be a good time to reflect on the fact that 42 plays a central role in the H2G2 universe as the answer to "Life, The Universe and Everything"!
    If WE interpret 42 as Joy beyond concept, this is spot ON.
    NOW (Zooey Deschanel as Trillian), Moon Man (Sam Rockwell as Zaphod) and Black Star (Mos Def as Ford) show up at the super computer purpose built to figure out the answer to "Life The Universe and Everything". Earlier in the narrative WE had already learned the answer as being 42. Unfortunately the exact question that would potentially allow the answer to make more sense needs to be derived through the creation of an even vaster super computer, our very planet Earth. Synchromystically the Earth can be interpreted as is its anagram, Heart.
    The Heart or Joy is needed to realize Jumpiter.
    Interestingly the computer called Deep Thought is depicted as being overgrown with vines during the 10 billion years the 'Earth Computer' has been running, time needed to process 'Ultimate Question'.
    It seems the 2005 version of this A.I. (a realized Self) has kept itself busy for all this time watching cartoons with its single unified Jupiter Eye/I/Self. The cartoons depict lightning which perfectly fits the comparison of Deep Thoughts red Eye with Jumpiter. Jupiter being the lighting wielding Zeus.
    Above and slightly to the right of the Hal-9000 type Eye we see the Apple logo. Symbol of Eve and the Garden of Eden, the state of KKonscoiunsess NOW returning as the human, machine and plant KKonscoiusness merge as ONE.

    Its eye is surrounded by the coiling vines which in this sync web resonates plant KKonsciousness and Ayahuasca in particular.
    Most susynct as Ayahuasca is indeed playing a key role in the Earth's realization of Joy.
    This lovely image sees ZOE/NOW/ONE backed by a staircase, symbol of ascension, while vines sprout from her crown. The symbol of the Hunab Ku, in its human Black Star variant, is also present with the vine sprouting from the Hip Hop (HH) artists melon.
    Alyson Hannigan as Willow Rosenberg a synchromystic Scarlet Woman in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer"

    The Scarlet Woman wears her color (red) and number (11 the "Lust" Thoth Tarot number) in S6 E1 "Bargaining" of "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".

    The Black Star of Galactic Center moves in to crown position signifying wacky shit to come..
    And come it does, hard and heavy as Buffy is dead - having died during the cliffhanger ending of Season 5 - and we need big time magick to resurrect the slayer.

    Major McGuffin Babalon needs to resurrect Sarah Michelle Gellar - our synchromystic Krysta "Now" Kapowski - is the freakin' 'Urn of Osiris'!
    "You found the last know urn of Osiris on eBay?"
    "Osiris keeper of the gate. Master of all fate. Here us."

    All set then as the Scoobies are off to resurrect the Saviour/phoenix/Sun (Buffy Summers (the sunny time of year)) from the tomb/coffin in the local graveyard with the help of Osiris (!!!(once more !!?!!?)).
    Of course Buffy dies and is reborn - like KKonsciousness itself - during the year of the 911 Mega Ritual and Space Odyssey of 2001...
    Note how the massively plant resonating Willow Rosenberg, is wearing a flower design dress as Osiris opens the scarlet StarG8. Plant KKonsciousness' role in the awaking of the Jovial awareness of NOW is ever present in the sync web that opens the G8way to the City Of Pyramids.

    Perhaps in the future we can go into just how intelligently and clearly her death and resurrection reflects the 911 event, but we must press on with Babalon and ZOE for NOW.
    One of the side effects of Hannigan calling on Osiris to open the Stargate sees her vomiting a coiled rattlesnake.
    In Scarlet Dragon 2 it is explained how Ayahuasca played a role in leading my attention to Hannigan. How susynct then that she can be found in such an amazingly Ayahuasca resonating sequence. The plant abounds with coiled serpentine type resonance and vomiting is frequently experienced by those who consume the AmoZOnian brew. I have myself experienced this and found it a rather profound event with great depth of meaning.
    We even saw the plant resonating Willow (who plays Lily the kindergarten teacher in "How I met Your Mother") get a special sync kiss from rattlesnake in S5 E18 "Earshot". The resonance chimes along soundly as Rosenberg is covered in plant KKonsciousness greenery.
    As a serpent the rattlesnake already resonates Zigzags, as does all these legless animals, through there singular motion. This particular type of snake does so doubly through its distinctive patterning.
    My mind connects these 'up and down' steps to the indented tessel design of the Tracing Boards and the symbol of Aquarius.
    We have already connected the serpentine twin zigzags to Zeus/Jupiter's energy bolts.
    The waves of water, electricity, the ebb and flow of energy etc.
    Ayahuasca is a wave resonating Twin, a brew made of 2 plants. Aquarius' double wave lines suite it well.

    It feels logical then to connect the 'double sign wave' type design to the coils of DNA and Ayahuasca as well.
    A telling 'Coiling Zigzag' theme helping Jumpiter, DNA, Aquarius, Snakes and Ayahuasca resonate with more harmony.

    More Zig Zags explored in the shapes of Twin Castles Barbury (a recent Crop Circle) and El Castillo (The Mayan Pyramid of Kukulcan at Chichen Itza) as both connected to the rattlesnake in Scarlet Dragon 2.
    We meet up again with ZOE as Jovie (little Jupiter) in front of the "30 Rock" pillarmid and its ZOdiac banded and K2 resonating golden pyramount (pyramid/mountain) in "Elf". Atop this Mound of Atum is a giant Golden Boy as Prometheus.
    This resonates soundly with Winnipeg's (Center City) Hermes topped K2 resonating Galactic Center Temple.
    Will Farrell leans in for the sync kiss as he and Little Jupiter Ice Skate past the ZOdiac.
    We see the specific signs behind the Mistress of the NOW as Being Scorpio and Sagittarius. Her crown entrains sublimely with the very signs that frame Galactic Center!

    (After reading Jim's Jumpiter post I keep slapping my forehead and have to add a few of his associations. First off Dechanel or Jovie interacts with Shiva in "Tin Man" and "H2G2" a variation of Jupiter. Here we just saw her head get sync kissed by Sagittarius, a sign which is ruled by the same planet...)

    The young Scarlet Woman Hannigan's street address, NOW also the dwelling of her Alien StepMOM, displays the 42 resonance of Jumpiter.
    Inside Aykroyd, Willow's POP, passes the gas giants, including our Tin resonating planet of the NOW, Jupiter.
    Jessie wears the 'Heart of Gold' backed by scarlet as she learns of MOM's secret identity as being KKosmic. We saw the 'Heart of Gold' as Zooey Deschanel's spaceship 'chariot of the gods' in "Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy".
    Syncnificantly she is the first Earthling to discover Alien life. We could say the Scarlet Woman as 'G8way to The City Of Pyramids' leads humanity into Kosmic Konsciousness.
    The phallic handbag inhabiting Alien accomplice of MOM displays the unified Eye/I/Self of KKonsciousness just like Jupiter.
    The Kosmic Konsciousness becomes the evil vilified other or monster. Often in movies the unified Self is portrayed as a villain to be feared. We are attempting to cloth the Self as Alien bad guy in order to hide from our unified self.

    Joy is what WE fear.

    WE fear that there is NOthing to fear.
    The 'all seeing eye' of the Alien emits StarG8 shapes at Hannigan and her DOG/GOD.
    Alyson Hannigan trapped inside the E.T's vortex or StarG8 rays. A classic case of negative depiction of the StarG8.

    Why do WE climb inside the roller coaster or jump from a plane, even when WE are afraid?
    The exhilaration and fear of union and alignment with SELF is a flirtatious dance WE secretly enjoy. We love to be terrified by the monster in the movie.

    Scarlet Woman's POP finally realizes how to replicate the signal boost and save the day, he just frantically needs one last thing...
    "Grady a conductor! We need a conductor!"
    Grady, Dr. Millers lab assistant, takes off his bracelet and triumphantly displays the solution. Not just to the experiment but indeed the instrument to saving the entire planet from impending doom!
    "Solid Tin!"
    After saving the planet MOM has one more trick up her sleeve. Having just enough power left to grant Jessie her wish. Hannigan jumps and slam dunks.

    The credits role.


    skrambo said...

    Leo = grail, Aries = ov(ine)aries, while Sagittarius rules over the thighs pointing towards the grail.

    Elf is also eleven in German. It also stands for Extremely Low Frequency, allowing sounds previously unheard to be heard.

    I posted a blog called Tin Omen yesterday, synchronistic-like.

    I honestly haven't watched any Buffy but I have sat through Charmed enough times to know it's full of syncs (the character Leo is a "White Light-er" who is in kONtakt with Elder white lighters who are trying to make things more peaceful for humans through odd means, the main characters are 3 demigods, the symbol which pops up throughout the show most often is a pagan symbol for 666)

    The Secret Sun said...

    Zooey Des Chanel also resonates the conjoined 33 cosmic eye Chanel logo as well.

    PS Robin Tunney is in the Jauary 12 National Enquirer.

    Dedroidify said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Dedroidify said...

    Elf is also eleven in Dutch and Flemish ;)

    Anonymous said...

    From the basket a women set on the steps of a temple grew the vines which are the impetus for ornamentation in Western Architecture. The Columns themselves arise from accumulating water droplet patterns in a vertical stacked fashion. The stargate like concecentric circle grid which the drops create form a wave pattern at the outermost edges which frame the boundary. The amplitude varies with distance the drop falls. This measurement governs the fluting of columns. The overall shape is governed by binary paraplax or entasis, the correction for the illusion which our visual system produces. The Basicalla and Pyramids form are also based upon the display of gravity. The spiral when reproduced is often framed from the folding of a two dimensional "L" shape, synchin with ELected, Electricity, Elder.

    WoW nice work, it's coalescing.

    Timor said...

    This post has remembered me the song
    Aquarius from the band fifth dimension

    When the moon is in the Seventh House
    And Jupiter aligns with Mars
    Then peace will guide the planets
    And love will steer the stars
    This is the dawning of the age of Aquarius
    Age of Aquarius

    Harmony and understanding
    Sympathy and trust abounding
    No more falsehoods or derisions
    Golden living dreams of visions
    Mystic crystal revelation
    And the mind's true liberation


    Indras Net said...

    Loved the post.
    42 has been a form attracted to me mysteriously for a while, i couldnt understand why i was seeing it everywhere till i looked into it.

    42 is gematrially connected to ain soph aur, the infinite black light space above the trees crown Kether.

    The beast in the bible is said to have 42 months to rule over the earth.

    A Rainbow is created when light is reflected at a 42 degree angle.

    In order to be resurected as Oziris in egypt a soul must meet the 42 principlies of Maat. Fox moulder who secret sun has found to be Osiris also lives in appt 42.

    In sphenic MAaThematics 42 is the 2nd sphenic number and 230 is the first.

    There are 42 levels to the Star Trek Voyager. And it takes place in the 23rd century.

    Im really glad this post came up, check out my post the 42 enigma for more.

    be well jake

    Nightghost said...

    Good article Mr. Kotze. Solid Tin, interesting. Anyone remember when, here in the states most, if not all, pop/soda cans were tin. Then switched to aluminium. Tin is also magnetic, or I should say, a normal magnet will stick to it, whereas aluminum will not. When recycling they would check your cans by using a magnet (Tin also heavier than aluminum), because they paid by weight, here anyway. Just thought that was interesting.

    A Figure Eight said...

    Well, Jake, I really like where this post is going. It synchs pretty nicely with my own world in many ways, mostly as I have just returned from the Mayalands. I walked thru a ball court at Uxmal, and felt the energy of it lift me unexpectedly. I even um, had a NOWness meditation at this one site. Um, yea, the Now is real. I'm starting to wake up to the fact that its the only thing that is. And it is a matter of Konsciousness.

    Also, back in the game, this post REALLY synchs with me also because of a dream I had months ago with Dan Akyroyd. It was quite lucid. I was visiting some kind of secret location, a meeting room. Dan Akyroyd was there with some politicians, generals, and such. (All I knew about Akyroyd was that he was trying to bring awareness to the UFO issue) They were all really concerned about Nibiru. They had every book possible on it. This is the only dream I have ever had like this ever. My presence was somehow recognized, and I left.

    I wonder...if Jupiter and Nibiru are connected somehow. I wonder if one could signify the other, at least as far as Kontact goes... but Nibiru is a big question mark in my mind...

    One other thing. I met this really 'bright' young couple when I was in Mex. They noted that I was traveling alone, and they asked me something like, "How do you get around?" And I replied, "A Heart of Gold." Now, I was wierded out a bit when I heard myself say this. I thought it sounded smug. And I had No idea of its reference in that movie. I had never seen it or read the book. So your post really brought that synch to light for me. Makes sense.

    Thanks for all your dedication to your blog. It continues to inspire. : )

    Unknown said...

    'Fly me to the moon
    Let me sing among those stars
    Let me see what spring is like
    On jupiter and mars'

    Many random thoughts after reading your post yesterday. I saw Iggy POP on TV here in the UK, he was selling car insurance! With the tagline 'get a life', and having purple eyes at the end. I'm going out on a limb here and saying p can also be b and d (lower case), which takes me from pOp to bOb. Bob being the father of Thunder/Zeus/Jupiter resonating eLLe in Heroes. What power did bob have? The Midas touch, turning things into Gold, a Golden age you might say for Saturn/ Kronos? And if we go with the Egyptian method of interchangeable vowels, we can also get dad! A step too far?

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    Jupiter is Nibiru I would think. I know it was connected
    in the past. The return of Nibiru is probably the cyclical return of souls from Jupiter to earth. Just a hunch...

    bob is pop - of course!


    Jake Kotze said...

    To much to say about all these lovely comments.

    I will celebrate them by going down to the temple (cinema) today.

    Be awesome friends


    Newspaceman said...

    Jake, the 4X27 taxi number to me reads 4 times 27, equals 108. 108 is an important.

    If you have time, ,look it up, there is a lot more information than that link.

    The breakdown of the aforementioned 108 is worth reflection: 2 to the power 2 multiplied by 3 to the power 3.


    Unknown said...

    I wasn't going to post this one but after I saw the Cow on the Blob/Bob I felt I had to.

    I had a real urge to watch The Adventures of Baron Munchausen having spent a Xmas break in Munich (wonderful city). Very interesting film, full of syncs and the age old battle between logic and conciseness (the two snakes on the caduceus). It was the Baron's horse that stayed in my mind, then while doing some audio reading into Greece history, I find that the name of the Baron’s horse was taken after the horse of Alexander, Bucephalus!

    'Bucephalus is described as having a black coat with a large white star on his brow'

    And then today on TV was The Horse Whisperer, directed by and starring Robert Redford. RR, Robin, Red (the colour of doing, thank you afewshotstoshaman!) So we follow the Robin and see where he leads, and he is sent to tame a horse which has:

    'a black coat with a large white star on his brow'

    Bucephalus! (Called Pilgrim here). Pilgrim was involved in an accident which injured a very young Scarlett (more Red, The Spirit) Johansson, she had to have her right leg amputated. So the mother, Kristin Scott Thomas, seeks out Robin REDford out in the wilderness (where else would you expect to find Puck?)

    She of course is another Scarlet Woman, with her daughter being Scarlett Johansson! I've been seeing lots of Scarlet women on screen, Willow, Cate Blanchett and Tilda "Gaberial" Swinton in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button and now KST.

    Also the taming of Bucephalus is a metaphor. Alexander conquered Persia, where do horses originate from? Arabia/Persia. The horse is the untamed beast, Alexander being the bringer of civilisation/light, being another reincarnation of the Sun of course. This is what Order Out of Chaos means, light overcomes darkness, Horus defeats Set,
    Alexander tames Bucephalus, the Sun behind the head of all those religious prophets, it all sort of makes sense now. Each year a new “Sun” is born, the sun directly affects us through sunspot activity, trying to tame all that "full moon" chaos.

    Sorry for the long winded and disjointed post, but now I'll get to the Cows. There was a lot of interplay between Robert Redford and a rainbow (42 degree refraction), he seemed to be the Sun that the rainbow came out of, with the next scene having the rainbow going into Scarlett Johansson's head. So maybe he is Apollo? She is Artemis? Reflected light of the Moon? Then cut to another scene where he is seen marking his cattle with a DD, and there we have our link to Apollo and Cows!

    Also the next Chinese New Year is upon it, it is the Year of the Cow.....

    “Don’t have a cow man”.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Today is the 2nd anniversary of Robert 'bob'(POP) Anton Wilson's reverse birth.
    I was comparing Robert Redford directed films with Clint Eastwood yesterday while reviewing "Gran Torino" for my chums at the bar.

    Unknown said...

    When The Red, Red, Robin
    Comes bob, bob, bobbin'
    Along, along,
    There'll be no more sobbin'
    When he starts throbbin'
    His old sweet song.

    Wake up, wake up you sleepy head,
    Get up, get up, get out of bed,
    Cheer up, cheer up, the sun is red,
    Live, love, laugh and be happy.

    A Figure Eight said...

    Regarding your "LOST" cover picture today. (American perspective)

    I find it very interesting that the plane crashed into the Hudson Harbor on the evening of Bush's farewell address. Apparently, the network tv stations were more interested in the floating water bird than the speech of the president.

    The opening and close of this past presidency was plane crashes, resonating the TV show, as you correlated the Island to Manhattan Island (the site of both these crashes). Also, as the season begins, we know they are to return to the island, perhaps in another "crash"?

    Too, the series itself will debut its 5th season on the first day of Obama's new presidency. As they begin their journey together again, so do we.

    And everyone worries over the possible stock market "crash" as well. Yet, here we have a synchromystic event that seems to diffuse the fear hoopla of the preceding 8 years. Everyone survives, and in the end, we float.

    This side show event perhaps can lend relief to our malaise, just as you noted in your post about BB, the defeat of death, the buoyancy of life.

    The syncrhomystic plane crash of our culture is nothing to fear.
    : )

    to0 many secrets said...

    My Stepmother Is An Alien

    MS= Mason or energy code?

    I=middle pillar

    A A= 2 pyramids activated?

    Christopher Myers said...

    Another one skimmed through. Good stuff again. Was cool cause all the basketball syncs. Only thing I will have to disagree on bigtime and I got into this once on my private blog is that the Mayan ball game is nothing like Basketball at all.

    Might use a few things from this [with links and credit to your site]. The Magic Johnson poster was great. He was my first "basketball god" when I was a kid. Funny thing is I think Zack Morris from "Saved by the Bell" has/had that same exact poster in his room on the show.

    Peace TQO

    Anonymous said...

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