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    Thursday, January 31, 2008

    Wedding Weirdness

    This film poster sees yet another current disembodied sexless (somewhat mermaid resonating) torso out in the global mind. Confirming an as jet un-understood pattern (see Tricky Torso for more (its probably some Freudian sex thing, any psych students out there? What gives here? It feels kinda creepy)). Anyway, this film "27 Dresses" is about 'tying the knot'. Ralph Ellis speculates in "Eden in Egypt" (p162) that both symbolism of the Christian marriage, where the priest ties the hands of the couple with a decorative ribbon and the Greek Gordian knot, find their origin in the ancient Egyptian symbolism of the Semai Taui.
    The Semai Taui (below), a symbol that just like the combined Red Crown of Lower Egypt and White Crown of Upper Egypt into the United Crown, represents the unity of the two nations, which Ellis believes is a symbol depicting the binding of a trachea extending from a pair of lungs. The symbolism is said to be evoking the idea that the shared language of both nations ties them together. This forms part of the book's later discussion of the confounding of languages involving Giza later becoming the biblical narrative of the Babel Tower (or The Great Pyramid).
    The trailer for the film informs us that 'the wedding is all Set'. Confirming synchromystically the Egyptian resonance of 'tying the knot'.
    The font even becoming black when invoking the similarly black skinned aardvark/jackal and Horus enemy, Set.The films production company is Fox 2000 (or 2K) Pictures (image below). Ralph Ellis believes the Great Pyramid is a map pointing towards the mountain K2 (I think he is on to something (Did Crowley or Alexander know something consciously or otherwise when questing in the Himalayas?)).
    A pivotal enough scene to make the trailer and Wikipedia entry involves the synchromystic favourite, the Taxi. As near as I can figure the taxi is closely associated to 'The Chariot'. More on that subject, maybe a little later, I have a cold...We see Edward Burns in the trailer with a screen displaying a pyramidal shape with white capstone and the letters UE (thanks for the lead rsz33). I am told this is the logo for a company in the movie called Urban Everest (our tallest Himalayan Peak second only to K2).
    Dodgy films are often the most sync rich of all. I think consciousness (the Being or no-thing in and beyond all form and thought) likes to move in mysterious ways through the unconscious mind...

    27 Dresses Movie Trailer

    More on things that really matter, like Tunney, soon...