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    Wednesday, July 16, 2008

    "We ain't ready, 2 see a black President, uhh"

    "I see no changes"

    First line from one of Tupac Shakur's most recognized songs "Changes"
    The Monster Mouth of Galactic Center, or the Sweat Lodge.

    Headed out to a Sweat Lodge session 1 hour north of Winnipeg (Selkirk) today. I was invited by Jim Sanders, a local film maker, to experience some indigenous Canadian culture. Being South African and very 'uninitiated' in this area (culturally, and geographically) I jumped at the opportunity to experience a Sweat Lodge.

    Above we see the fire where the stones or "Grandfathers" are heated that end up being placed inside 'the lodge' (note the Masonic resonance here). Ceremony participants or 'Initiates' (my term here) sit inside the pitch black dome for a few hours while songs, smoke, heat and drumming generate a profound atmosphere.
    The lodge is the symbolic womb, black hole or Galactic Center.

    The whole affair feels related to experiencing rebirth or, on a galactic level, panspermia perhaps..
    At one point, inside 'Galactic Center', during the fascinating ceremony, this octagonal drum was aimed at the heat emitting stones in the middle of the gathering and the leaders of 'the sweat'.
    A little light 'small talk' had entered inside the lodge, during a brake in chanting, and brief opening of the womb to the refreshing outside air. The folks the drum was aimed at spoke these enigmatic words: "Osama bin Laden dancing. Ha! Ha!"
    Later Jim explained the context as simply a joke, involving a bin Laden resembling gentlemen (large beard), dancing during a ceremony. No 'intentionally' occult innuendos here.
    Yet, here I am, sitting in the symbolic heart of the Milky Way, seeing an octagonal Stargate shape pointed at individuals having a humorous conversation about the current consensus opinion 911 instigator. As the 911 Mega Ritual idea intimately involves octagons this all seems profoundly suc'sync't to this synchromsytic.

    For 911 and Octagons see "Opening The Stargate Via Nicholas Cage"
    In the image above we can see one of the participants has a towel featuring a crocodile with wide open mouth. The crocodile mouth is a Mayan symbol for Galactic Center, confirming all the above resonance. Well, you know, to me at least..

    Below is a picture from "Galactic Center" by John Major Jenkins.
    In it we see Sun King, 18 Rabbit, in the maw of an alligator, which Jenkins tells us symbolizes Galactic Center.

    I currently view 911 as the start of a rapid phase of ascension entraining with Galactic Alignment.

    See the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual for general overview.

    I come home from a lovely spiritually uplifting day and decide to play some Hip Hop (HH) on youtube.

    Tupac Shakur probably the most influential rapper in history is soon heard saying : "We ain't ready, 2 see a black President, uhh"

    Tupac - Changes

    But that isn't true anymore as Obama seems pretty popular, if what I feel through 'osmosis' is correct. I don't follow the news, it seems unhealthy for me personally at this particular point.

    So perhaps we are finally ready for changes 2Pac, my mans...
    Try not to interpret this as a stance for or against Obama, I'm just noting a sync.
    The sync wink seems doubly interesting considering both 2Pac and Obama are black personalities with savior themes attached to their 'meme cloud'.

    I have been wanting to write about 2Pac for a while, so I just sat down after dancing to "Changes" to read his Wikipedia entry.

    I soon noted the fact that Tupac was named after Tupac Amaru 2.
    Túpac Amaru II (José Gabriel Túpac Amaru b. March 19, 1742 in Tinta, Cusco, Peru – executed in Cusco May 18, 1781) was the leader of an indigenous uprising in 1780 against the Spanish conquest of the Inca Empire. Although unsuccessful, he later became a mythical figure in the Peruvian struggle for independence and indigenous rights movement and an inspiration to a myriad of causes in Peru.

    Having just exited the symbolic Galactic Center - complete with octagonal 911 flavor - the very idea that the song I was just marveling at, on some level resonates with South American indigenous cultural intrigue, made my jaw drop. The very symbols, like the alligator mouth, I had just interacted with in 'the sweat' seemed to be echoing through my slice of the 'organism environment field'.
    Further occultoid things swarming around this area of the sync web is the album title The Don Killuminati: The 7-Day Theory and the little fact that Shakur was dying (opening the most common final personal Stargate of Cosmic Illumination) from 7 to 13 September 1996 after being gunned down in Las Vegas. Meaning he was, in a manner of speaking, 'passing over' during the key 9/11 time slot.

    I was so impressed with this mystery cluster that I further decided to put on the Chevy Chase cult film "Nothing But Trouble". I have been procrastinating with this lead for ages. I knew that it features Manhattan and Tupac Shakur when he was still a member of "Digital Underground". It seems the Tupac 'sync gin and juice' had finally fermented to the point of readiness for consumption.

    I hit play, after the Warner Bothers logo faded I was greeted by this all 2 familiar, but given the context, awesome visage.
    Candy imposed over the 911 Stargate's Pillarmid's. Interesting enough, John Candy appears in the new Hudson Hawk post, out asap.

    For more on Stargate Candy see The JFK Stragate Mega Ritual
    Then 'lo and behold' friends, the NO of NO-THING, smack over a Tower! The N rotated can become Z making NO also ZO or Pan/77/Oz.

    See Rant in Z-Minor for more ZO.

    Yes, the title "Nothing But Trouble" has a little seemingly negative flavor emanating from it, similar to the fact that 911 is the emergency telephone number. Penetrating the mystery a little deeper let me suggest we are looking at a Zen Koan where NOTHING is the sacred ground of all Being.

    I'm not going to search for 2Pac's scene or watch any more of the film at this point. The new 'bigger type' "Hudson Hawk" (HH) post is practically ready and I should focus on that and the Winnipeg Wormhole.

    Just wanted to share my wonderful and mysteriously syncnificant day.

    Be well.

    "I see NO Changes"
    Tupac Shakur R.I.P


    Notorious B.I.G, another fallen hero, references the WTC in one of his most recognized songs.

    Notorious B.I.G - Juicy

    More 911 Hip-Hop
    See also The Coup Inside The Pyramid

    Steve Willner has a thought provoking video duo about Obama's sync web try it here and here.