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    Thursday, May 8, 2008

    911 Hip Hop

    Confession time:
    I am loath to admit this folks but the truth in the end can only liberate, disentangle knots in consciousness, heal cognitive dissonance... Here we go, I only got around to watching "The Lone Gunmen Pilot Episode" last night. After 2 years of researching almost any vaguely interesting WTC pop culture reference the spirit moved me to view this classic 911 sync wink for myself only yesterday.
    In the Chris Carter (a 'dirty' KK) created series' first episode, aired March 2001 we see the 3 geeks, conspiraloons and computer hackers uncover a government (small faction) plot to hijack a plane, blame it on terrorists and remote fly the thing into the WTC (Pillarmids). This in an attempt to sell arms and justify attacks on rogue nations.
    The scenario basically reflects verbatim the standard conspiraloon* Alex Jones type interpretation of what happened a few months later on September 11Th 2001. I suppose if pressed a share this basic view. I suggest however through the 911 Mega Ritual concept that the symbolism of the Twin Towers/Pillars/Pyramids and Pentagon/Pentagram point towards occult significance behind the choice of targets as well. For the most part I subscribe the effects and intricate elegance of the 911 Mega Ritual to the conscious universe and non-local intelligence embedded in the fabric of space/time. The Masonic flavored pillars and pentagon (present in practically any lodge) decodeable from the major targets of 911 does justifiably raise a few eyebrows and suspicions, but there are many ways of interpreting these elements...

    *Conspiraloon in my mind is practically an affectionate title. I imagine in many peoples world view synchromystics are hard core conspiraloons. I would disagree as the more conspiracies I digest the less paranoid I become.
    The clarity of of this sync wink drives many to suspect the shows writers of somehow having foreknowledge of 911. The whole affair being explained as an elaborate government psy-op or going even further into paranoia, believing it to be a display of supernatural (what ever that word means!) occult power and intent.
    I certainly couldn't categorically rule out any of that stuff but see no reason not to attribute it far more pleasantly - while resounding with a lot less neurosis - to the very interconnectedness of all things, the very phenomena charted by synchromysticism.
    In this model, Being or the no-thing beyond from, animates and is all we perceive, making itself known through the language of synchonicity and our attention. As talented creative artists tap into the source of all, the source of creation and creativity being the same no-thing, by necessity they would access and manifest great mystery. The very act of creation depends on allowing the source (consciousness itself) to flow through oneself. I whimsically call this opening the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination.
    The really telling and fascinating dynamic at play in "The Lone Gunmen Pilot" is that the very creative narrative itself, accessed through the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination by the shows writers, is a foreshadowing of what I call the 911 Stargate Mega Ritual or the symbolic opening of humanities collective Stargate through the Pillarmid portals (WTC). It actually makes allot of sense that a key Stargate event (consciousness realization) of humanity would be picked up by our artists, openers of the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination. As frequent synchromystic readers/viewers would know our popular media is littered with pre-cognitive references to the destruction of the WTC. Could it even be otherwise? How would the 911 Mega Ritual be the massive consciousness altering force if it didn't interact with our consciousness in amazing ways? In fact it is only through the consciousness altering 911 Mega Ritual, speaking through these words and synchronicity, that your current awareness can even recognize what I am talking about! That is simply because you are the very force which moves/moved through the 911 Mega Ritual Stargate and animates my writing right now! How could YOU be here and now if you didn't already know this?

    The clarity of of this sync wink drives many to suspect the shows writers of somehow having foreknowledge of 911. Consciousness waking up inside me and you as we read/write this is all and knows all.

    Wow, that was fun. But its not all fun and games (yea right!) time to get to work.
    A pivotal plot point sees the introduction of the Octium 4 chip, which eventually helps our heroes save the day. Oct or 8 resonates octagon a polygon often found in connection with Stargate sync winks and 911. The oct also connects back to Giza and one of the original pillars, the Great Pyramid.

    The Octagon Maat website suggests a very interesting octagonal layout for Giza fitting all three major pyramids, snug. Could the octagon be the basis for the Giza layout?
    The great pyramids '4' sides are also in actual fact concave, in reality making it 8 faced and sided. This all being echoed suc'sync'tly by the esoterically intimately related Dome of The Rock, the site connected to Solomons Temple, a structure possibly evolved from Giza.
    Squaring the circle is the Freedom Tower, growing like the phoenix out the ashes of the the Twin Pillarmids on the island of Atum (Manhattan). This thing, as seen from above, is octagonal....
    The Lone Gunmen uncover the exact government operation about to be implemented, involving airline hijacking, Scenario 12D.
    O.K. deep breath, I'm going to flip that to D12 instead, now don't panic. Being, unlike the human mind, doesn't place things in strict categories and rigid prisons, 12D/D12 is as closely resonating of each other as can be imagined. We are investigating the meta-mind of our own consciousness itself through following synchronicity. Our noisy minds with their beliefs and opinions is not synchromysticism's concern.
    Hip Hop (HH) band D12 entrain with the 911 Mega Ritual and Stargate themes in general. There debut album "Devils Night" was released in June of 2001, the Mega Ritual year, and most famous member Eminem has been sighted before in post AHA, MM is also K2! Marshal Mathers "Eninem" or MM is 2000 in roman numerals, thus resonating 2K.
    D12 is known as the "Dirty Dozen" which is a classic 1967 war film directed by Robert Aldrich. Now it gets really interesting as we note that Aldrich also directed the original 1974 "The Longest Yard" with Burt Reynolds.
    Look at the image of the the film above with Reynolds' fingers gripping the ball with 3 fingers per hand showing. This is the same setup as the 2004 "D12 World" album cover above.
    We see a similar thing happen with the remake poster as Adam Sandler's fingers grip the football, left side 3 showing. Linking back to D12, the band itself, minus Eminem, act in the 2005 "The Longest Yard" along with Sandler.
    The group (without Eminem) appear in 2005's The Longest Yard credited as "Basketball Convicts". D12 Appearances in film Wiki

    Adam Sandler was much discussed and associated with the 911 Stargate in Opening the Stargate via Adam Sandler.
    In "Click" Sandler uses a remote control to open a Stargate.
    It whisks him away teleporting him through time and space (a visual Stargate metaphor as time and space are purely mind made) only to arrive at Twin Freedom Towers/Pillarmids resonating the 911 Mega Ritual.
    Another film based on Robert Aldrich's "The Longest Yard" is 2001's (Mega Ritual year) Mean Machine.
    Mean Machine gives us another MM/2000/2K. (Why am I going on about K2? See videos like Why 2K?)
    I remember Goro Adachi highlighting this Steven Spielberg 2005 "War of the Worlds" poster and its 3 alien fingers as, in his view, associated with World War 3.

    I see World War 3 or WW3 being likely the World Wide Web and its implied massive battle for the shape of our consensus reality (see WW3 Stargate Mega Ritual).
    Without knowing it we are engaging in a opinion 'tug of war' for what constitutes the parameters of reality through the new media and communications technology provided by the massively interconnected emerging online meta-mind.

    The "WE3" spinner gives away this potential as W rotated can become M or 3. Again, we need not imagine Being having any barriers when it comes to sync winks.

    I would interpret the Martian alien hand as any anthropomorphic 'other' - such as Deity or Ancient Astronaut - simply cosmic consciousness or awareness of awareness beyond form.


    JB said...

    Hey Jake, its been a while seen we've talked.

    First of all, great article as always, you might want to check out my latest as well ("Horns of Power"), with particular interest to the comments section, where Michael, Mark LeClair and I have been tossing around a wide range of ideas.

    Second, your link to Thuther's Thoughts in the link section doesn't link to Thuther's actual site, but rather to a single article. He's posted many more articles since then, you might want to fix it.

    And third, you say that "CC" is another form of "KK"? I knew there was something up with that. You see, I have recently fallen in love head over heels for a young man whose initials just happen to be CC, so I had his initials made into a heart (both Cs facing each other, over a "tribal art" finishing touch) and tattooed on my left shoulder. But I've noticed that the tattoo also looks like PAN, like a simplistic goat's skull topped by gigantic Hellboy-esque horns. Also, CC is 33.

    I find it strange, fascinating and exhilarating how the fabric of reality itself seems to talk to us directly on a personal level, as long as we're willing to listen.

    Anonymous said...

    Remember when you did the article on HH in relation to the movie Hutch. You know what HH also stands for is "Hail Hitler", which is commonly represented with the number 88. Not that I'm a Hitler fan or anything, it's just of note.

    Anonymous said...

    oh and there it is again.

    911 Hip Hop

    The Secret Sun said...

    To me what we see with TLG is the same thing you see with some of the Jack Kirby syncs- when you spend that much time absolutely drowning in the symbols, the force behind them is going to eventually use you as a prophet. It goes from using the symbols to the symbols using you.

    The Gunmen themselves are so brilliantly cast and written that they've become archetypes unto themselves. Only problem is that archetypes can't carry a TV show on their own necessarily!

    tony damico said...

    How bout the infamous The Coup album cover, also entraining with 9-11 BEFORE the event.

    Eugene said...

    In digesting conspiracies to down the paranoia don’t you get heartburn?

    I do. The ‘in-time’ I, the one who puts his flesh on in the morning.
    Have been sitting on the fence between…

    “let’s kill them right now, do not go to jail, go directly to the nearest potentate, and hand out ‘uninteded consequences’”


    …let the dagger in, aka “no man may take my life, I lay it down and pick it up again”. In quoting this the man lived it to the nenth with speaking the words “do what you do quickly” and allowed his own command to come right on home to his breast, via spear point of Longinus.

    Is it merely choosing to allow it to happen, knowing it will be okay in the morning?

    The dead bodies, the screams, the tears of children, the smell of blood don’t come through in cartoons, re-runs, pilot episodes or Simpson episodes.

    If you had women, infants, young and old depending on you…would you merely revert to cartoons in your mind to ease the pain…until its your turn to be bones?

    Do the words of Krishna to Arjuna ‘fight anyway’ inspite of the insurmountability, the ridiculous nature of it, mean anything? Does touching the external sword at any point make a lick of difference in this game of every mans a wolf?

    What do you think?

    Human Being, one time Etemenakian, found that the Nephilim Football League football has a diameter of 6.66 inches.

    Burt Reynolds mates ‘broken leg’ patriot vs the “squeal like a pig for me boy” crowd aka Deliverance. His ‘22’ makes for Tav, a tabernacle for aleph, the fool in his own prison.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Hi JB

    "I find it strange, fascinating and exhilarating how the fabric of reality itself seems to talk to us directly on a personal level, as long as we're willing to listen."


    "when you spend that much time absolutely drowning in the symbols, the force behind them is going to eventually use you as a prophet. It goes from using the symbols to the symbols using you."
    Yes, the symbols as pointers to the Stargate (behind which lies the true self) will entrain with and through the artist realize itself. Using symbols or being used by symbols... same thing! That which uses the symbols and that which is being symbolized is one and the same... (Whoops.. major woo-woo, psychedelic Zen alert!)

    Only the mind which makes opinion sees contradiction and error in the affairs of Being/universe.
    How does rape, torture, ignorance, disease, poverty, sickness, Bush, nukes, disasters, AIDS fit into Being.
    Limited perspective sees the individual human drama as a totality.
    All is in its right place.
    Growing awareness inside us liberates illusion and attachment to form.

    Ending pain and suffering, lifting the veil of Maya, overcoming ridiculous paranoia and fear. This is exactly what charting the interconnectedness of the totality and that which it implies, Being and no-thing, allows. I use cartoons, movies and pop as it is what surrounds us, it is how I was raised. I accept the mediated and embrace the pop. Why deny what we are and what the totality has brought about. I can see God hiding in the 'Smurfs' and Justin Timberlake. They (our ego) cant hide our true self from our attention inside consumer culture any more. "The sleeper shall awaken".
    Thank God for the television and trash on it. Where would I be without you 'oh Superman'? Apotheosis of pop.

    Excuse the melodrama and self righteousness.
    My ego is its own enemy and provides just the right amount of pain for me to transcend it.


    Anonymous said...

    If i remember correctly the video/single for D12`s "Fight music" was pulled off from rotation because of 9/11.

    The video is based on the movie "Warriors" and the song samples Led Zeppelin song "Kashmir".

    The song " Kashmir" was also used by Puff Daddy & Jimmy Page for "Come with me" which was used for Godzilla soundtrack.

    Now look at the poster of that one:)

    "can you count?"

    Anonymous said...

    On a little sidenote for upcoming posts for fellow synchromystics:

    Tree of life movie by Terrence Malick. Mainrole played by Brad Pitt . Replaced the late great Heath Ledger.
    Should be interesting.


    Just Me said...

    Here's another three-fingered monster movie poster (for Scary Movie).

    aferrismoon said...

    3 fingers = the Scouts salute
    DibDibDib - DobDobDob

    Atlantean Times said...

    Every time I have ever written my address it starts with D12 which is the shortened postcode for Dublin 12..

    When talking about the lone gunman it is important to mention that one of those characters ends up in stargate and in stargate atlantis.

    he is deeply involved in plots revolving around time travel and multiple dimensions specifically with the ancient device left by merlin in order to hide his secrets in another dimension. he is also deeply involved in the episodes which include the crystal skulls which with the new indie flick resonates well.

    in stargate the crystal skulls are also a portal to another dimension where giants live in huge pyramids. only humans can use the crystal skulls.

    Anonymous said...

    It's just that most people aren't aware of what the nature of their existance and reality is, so they're easy to manipulate. They're even easier to manipulate when they are joining anything like a cult and seeking power-over, and engaged in various tasks and rituals so they can "get ahead" up the ladder, 'progress' and so forth.

    They're prepared to go along with doing all kinds of things, even though they have no real idea why (in a bigger picture sense) they seek such things.

    Something like the staged 9-11 event is obviously of course intended to plunge the world into the lowest consciousness possible, make the populace even stupider and use it to prolong and encourage wars; anything to prevent real-seeing.
    It has other resonances, with media, fiction, archetypes, mainly because all of those things come from that same thing that needs those kinds of consciousness' to exist - the kinds that unthinkingly will perform for it.

    You're talking about something that can see what futures can occur; of course it knows where to make whoever do what, so that it seems to be co-incidental. It's bigger than all its little toytown drama.
    I just mean that it's nothing special to be able to control many people over a vast amount of human lifetimes; all you need to do is lose the plot completely and go right up your own ass, and you too can have and misuse that kind of control-over.

    It's no more a benevolent thing or a pointer to anything worthwhile, than if you sneaked into the really young kids classroom and placed certain toys prominently, because you read the TV papers for the next week and knew what shows they'd likely watch.

    But for some reason people often seem to miss that. I'm not implying there's no truth behind anything, but it is the case that there's no truth that requires it be revealed by puzzles, and illogically matched events; truth & spirit is never anything contrived.
    But with anything relating to 9-11; it's all extremely contrived, the 'event' itself is contrived to begin with.

    The no-brains that use the planets resources for their wargames, are tools in a larger wargame (just as pointless and imbecilic) that encompasses them, and employs tactics that we'd think of as psychic and magical.

    =if you had an adversary of some kind, how would you shake them off, or get rid of them in some way, if they were always looking ahead at your future to plan their life around what you were going to be doing?=

    Unknown said...

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