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    Monday, February 11, 2008

    Rant in Z-Minor (Amended)

    Aleister Crowley starts of this small ZO/OZ synchromystic collection as he wrote Liber OZ/77, 77 having the same numerical value as 'Goat Boy' Pan in Hebrew/Kabbalah. I personally dont dig Kabbalah as numbers do not resonate strongly with me at this point. Added to this the Sephirot feels particularly impenetrable as a valuable technology for understanding the present moment (all there is), unnecessarily complex and obscured under vast amounts of layered attributions it has accrued over time. You could compare the Kabbalah and Sephirot to the word 'God', both having been rendered potentially meaningless in most instances as it has so many possible interpretations (layers of belief systems added) when not used in very specific context. In the same fashion I have practically no understanding of what people mean when they say modernism or post-modernism, as almost everybody means something else when the use the those words (seriously what 'is' (is always truly being 'appears to be') post-modernism?) That said synchromystically all is valid, folks like Aferrismoon use numbers to great effect given his/her personal make up. Goro juggles current affairs and astrology with amazing result. I am less likely to find a number related sync because my attention is elsewhere (Tunney, KK who knows..) but once seen and integrated numbers like all else are fair game when looking for material. Synchromysticism seeks to unify all fields of investigation as possible source for knowledge, if one thing can be shown convincingly to be resonating with something else, disco... I have taken my previously useless (for understanding the present moment (consciousness/Being) at least) knowledge of media (movies, television, pop culture) plus very limited occult and conspiracy theory, put it into service of synchromysticism (the art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane) and hear I am. Take what you know (video games, celebrities, comics, Astronomy, plumbing) find the synchronicities and report back, it's that simple.
    This rambling is what happens when your video making software rebels. No problem, use any perceived limitation as an opportunity to practise surrender to the NOW. The OZ pattern was first discovered as connected to the Stargate and Mega Ritual ideas while researching occurrences of the World Trade Centre (a bigger task then ever imagined) in popular culture. In "The Wiz" Manhatum (Manhattan being understood currently as a symbolic mound of Atum from the Egyptian creation story) is the alternate reality Oz and fascinatingly the yellow brick rode ends right at the Wiz's (Richard Pryor) private pad, Ground Zero between the towers and pointing at the Kaaba symbolizing Sphere Sculpture. (See my most popular video as yet, "The 911 Stargate" for details)

    Synkronos23 brought up that Crowley's drawings of Holy Guardian Angels/Facets of Consciousness/Aliens contacted during altered states through magick looked much like 'The Wizard' (big craniums, like the Grey type alien) in the 1939 classic film. I feel Crowley played (sometimes in the grip of a fevered ego, sometimes with more reluctance and humility) the necessary role of key Stargate realizor (one who intimately works with (or is worked by) consciousness growing in humanity) or Messiah of his time. Unlike a Buddha, the Messiah has by virtue of his function in society need of an ego, to bridge the message of consciousness to the hypnotized (by mind and form) masses. The era of both roles of Buddha and Messiah are over as the 911 Mega Ritual has initiated the entire species into consciousness and the message of liberation from thought and form (ego) can now be heard by all.
    For the clearest description of the message of surrender and NOW (as understood by this synchromystic), read books or download lectures by Echart Tolle. Alan Watts is also great but like Gautama Buddha older words by nature have less relevance and associated context with the present. The newer consciously conscious use more relevant words, examples and metaphors, Echart is alive NOW. Plus as consciousness grows its message can be said with more ease and in simpler terms, which Tolle has mastered.

    The giant craniums and atrophied bodies of Crowley and Pharaoh Akhenaton's (the Moses resonating O.G. monotheist) 'gods' give us clues about the psychological make-up of these 'openers of the Stargate' themselves. The 'ego' (attachments to form and thoughts) gives shape to the Stargate opening experience, therefore the sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick's 'god' is a super intelligent computer from the future. Akhenaton and Crowley, who view beliefs (all beliefs are thoughts in your human head) themselves as a central (in Crowley's case as the last needed Messiah before 911, he was probably sometimes fully aware of his attachments and role playing) both starting there own massively influential systems of belief, monotheism (all Abrahamic faiths) and Thelema (O.T.O., A.:A.:, The Nine etc) respectively, both seeing there 'god' as a humanoid with a swollen head. "2001: Space Odyssey" being likely influenced by Crowley through Robert Temple and 'The Committee of Nine" meme (see Al-Noah) displays a similar distorted cranium humanoid (the Star Child accessed through the Star Gate) again displaying the unfounded idea that thoughts (thus form) and the brain is 'god'. These were sometimes beautiful stepping stones to enlightenment but consciousness is waking up and all attachment can be dropped, the incubation metaphor is redundant, we come hatched. The ZO seen once more on a "Zoolander" billboard (above) as the shadow of a 911 Mega Ritual plane hurtles towards its target in Oliver Stone's "World Trade Centre". Ben Stiller plays Zoolander, who was seen in a Manhatum zoo (ZO) as the Lion in "Madagascar" (See Z is for Zebra and image above).

    My favourite Zo is located on the "Zodiac" poster where all major Crowley "Grid Page" symbols converge at fair Robin Tunney's name and the ZO of the title. The relevance being that Robin Tunney has been spotted in "The Craft" with a book titled Magick, the Crowley invented way of spelling the word and like our last Stargate Messiah, also a K2 mountaineer in 2000's (2K) "Vertical Limit". (See Tunney Trillogy and Z is for Zebra for Robin details.) If you are patient and follow the syncs, I assure you this will stop seeming like a Discordian put on or a silly ARG Conciousness plays through matter, already the most beautiful game imaginable, right NOW. Much valued inspiration came from those psychedelic master pranksters of awakening consciousness like Robert Anton Wilson, but I have long since dropped any attempt at tomfoolery (exception) as straight up reality itself is the greatest prankster ever and if well represented lampoons itself.
    Zombie (ZO) comedy "Fido" sees the ZO as the stylized Z inside a circle (reminiscent of the Circle-K Stargate syncs in Why 2K: Part 1, more Circle-K coming down the pipe), the logo of "Zomcon". Tim Blake Nelson (above) has appeared alongside Robin Tunney (a 3 times Zoe actress plus the already mentioned "Zodiac" Crowley 'Grid Page' sync) in "Cherish".
    Carrie-Anne Moss also interacts with the Stargate ZO/OZ in the same film (image below). Moss played in a 1993 television show titled "Matrix" before becoming a star in the planetary consciousness awakening film "The Matrix".
    The ever growing awareness of Being beyond thought (the constant repetitive dialogue of your 'mind made identity' that most people currently believe is who they are) is starting to reach critical mass, most likely finding external expression as the '2012 Escahton' theme. The most pivotal turning point, from identification with form (ego), that kick started this massive growth of awareness on all levels was obviously the 911 Mega Ritual.
    Leading up to September 11th a telling pattern can now be discerned in films dealing with the nature of 'reality'. Beginning with 1997's "The Game" then becoming increasingly vivid with 1998's "Truman Show" and "Dark City", the subject (characters, protagonists) and object (in this case extremely restrictive and manipulated environments and situations) relationship of reality (consciousness/Being) was put on display in the collective mind in our cinemas (temples that shape consensus paradigm). The fullest expression of this progression, that of the complete collapse of false identity (of subject as separate from object or identity being thought or form) was seen even closer to the 911 Mega Ritual, "The Matrix" in 1999 (the same year seeing the less elegantly expressed but similarly themed "The Thirteenth Floor"). In these paranoid films however the environment itself is shown to be the villain (a later expression of this theme was seen in 2001's "Vanilla Sky") a slight misinterpretation of the reality of the true villain, an unhealthy metaphor of reality as dream, hologram or illusion. The true bad guy or manipulator is not the environment or some non-local conspiracy, but the mind identified with thoughts and objects as its true self (thinking your thoughts (beliefs, opinions) and your material possessions are who you are). One can compare "The Matrix" and "Vanilla Sky" metaphors ('reality is illusion' or 'matter is a trap'), to the religious errors of Hermeticism and Gnosticism. It's not the material/physical aspects or reality itself that is 'bad', its is trying to derive your identity (the real you being the no-thing of Being, the source of pure consciousness beyond form) from 'stuff' (objects/things in space/time even thoughts in your mind).
    The environment isn't a hologram, dream or illusion, (it is a beautiful but relatively small facet of the 'real you') though these have been powerful and useful metaphors, the time has come to be more specific, less vague. Rather then the physicality not being there, it is simply that it is not seperate from who you really are beyond form, nor can you ever find your true identity in any'thing' that is part of form. You are the present moment itself within which form ebbs and flows, the very suchness of the NOW, no word or idea can encapsulate (as they are things and thoughts themselves, where as you are not a thing or a thought), merely point in the direction of Being. Being can however be experienced as the present moment but never understood with the mind, as using the mind always separates object (thinker) from subject (the experience or environment).
    I would go so far as to say "The Matrix" as a consciousness growing event (a Stargate opening) was a Mega-Ritual in its own right.
    Quick working definition of a Mega Ritual: "A massive public event with major consciousness focusing result."
    When I say consciousness I don't mean 'some thing' created by your thoughts or mind, I mean the 'real you' beyond form or things. As Echart wonderfully explains, Descartes illustrated the classic error perfectly when saying "I think, therefore I am." This is getting the cart in front of the horse as thinking and mind is a product of Being and consciousness, not the other way around. This used to trip me up to no end even my old Guru (the time of Guru is over, the present moment is the teacher), Robert Anton Wilson made this same mistake when saying "Worry less, think more". Quite hilarious as the 'thinker' (as that which separates and hypnotizes by drowning out the real you with mental noise) is the very cause of all worry in the world!

    Robin Tunney (3 times Zoe and "Zodiac" poster girl) penetrates worlds in the Alice "Through the Looking Glass" Stargate in "The Craft" (below). She reaches out for her nemesis witch, Fairuza Balk, another ZO/OZ resonator as a child Dorothy Gale actress in "Return To Oz". A pretty amazing still. In one shot we see both a synchromystic 'Land of Oz Dorothy' (Balk) and 'Alice "Through The Looking Glass"' (Tunney) interacting with the Stargate.

    Having a soft spot for young audience fantasy films (err, "Harry Potter" excluded) I watched "Return To Oz" the other day, noting that "The Craft" mirror scene surfaced earlier in consciousness with elements just slightly rearranged. Young Dorothy (Balk) again on the left with Tunney (massively strong ZO resonator) being replaced by the OZ on Ozma's headband. This was witnessed just a few posts ago, again in direct connection with the Stargate Queen Robin Tunney (see "A Robin feathering his nest"). Robin was replaced by the ZO of Zomcon in Fido with Tim Blake Nelson (scroll back up and look at the stills from Cherish and Fido (ZO) with Time Blake Nelson).

    This doesn't have to be viewed through the old metaphors of occult weirdo magick or some peculiarly metaphysical crazy shit. The very moment you read this, if you can follow the syncs without becoming fearful or building some giant belief system, your and my consciousness is waking up to the NOW. The true non-local mind beyond our individual thought based identities is creating the synchronicities real time as we interact consciously with the universe, the universe that is our awareness itself! Where do synchronicities come from? From the real you beyond thought and form showing that its nature is simply infinitely inter-meshed with every thing else, underneath which is a unified (love) intelligence beyond mental understanding but accessible by all of us as the moment you are experiencing right NOW.

    Take a deep breath, smile and relax we are already where we keep trying to go. We already have everything we could ever want. We already are the entire universe experiencing itself subjectively, really... The only possible use of a "2012 Eschaton", considering we are already through the Stargate and in heaven right NOW, is as a powerful metaphor for global consciousness change (considering the majority still want to play the game of Maya). So, billions live in poverty and fear, well then lets continue focusing our consciousness through the net and Mega Rituals ever keeping our attention where everything is, the NOW and see what happens as we metaphorically head for the singularity, dig?

    Forget or forgive (as we forgive ourselves)"The New World Order" for their insanity (identification with thoughts and beliefs) and focus your attention on the present, you have nothing to fear as you are everything and everywhen there is. I have no real context for this ZO, maybe consciousness will grow some for us (through us) in the 'future'. Javier Bardem stars in master film makers the Coen Bros investigation of fate and coincidence in return to form picture "No Country for Old Men". I loved it, but my pain keeps healing and I feel less and less attracted to staring at violence in films.

    Namaste (I acknowledge the God inside of 'you')
    I have no real context for this ZO, maybe consciousness will grow some for us (through us) in the 'future'.

    Look again at Javier (playing Anton Chigurh (Aton Sugar?)) above, standing at the Mike Zoss pharmacy. ZOSS/ZOSO (Led Zeppelin 4/Jimmy (Boleskine House) Page's Sigil)
    Thanks Aferrismoon (see Synking Islands of Noys, Lo-st One) Piepan (comments) and Tom (email)

    Next up we "Look to La Luna"

    Dedicated to 'Goat Boy' Bill Hicks.

    Angry (attached to identity) and homophobic, but one of the most important modern Stargate openers and realizers of growing consciousness in humanity.

    We acknowledge our flawed Messiahs who had to endure heavy pain bodies to bridge the message of conciousness to our hypnotized minds.

    Peace be to you Akhenaton, Jesus, Aleister Crowley, Bill Hicks

    We forgive you