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    Thursday, February 26, 2009

    Kate Winslet: Princess Arco Iris

    Iris, goddess of the rainbow (Arco Iris in Spanish)

    Movie Stars are as below resonators of the skies above. Their Earthly movements through the silver screen reflect the drama told by the heavens. It is therefore no surprise that Synchromysticism increasingly finds these Stars aligning with the Spiritual and Galactic StarG8 of Kosmic Konsciousness.

    That heavenly stars, planets, spheres and constellation share names with Gods and Goddesses is NO trifle. They are literally intimately interrelated in consciousness. Thus Being synchromystically interchangeable..

    Our current media stars share this awesome resonance, literally.

    Kate Winslet wins the Best Actress Oscar 2009 for "The Reader": Acceptance Speech

    "I want to acknowledge my fellow nominees, these Goddesses."
    After reading Mr Arrowsmith's latest groovy post, Things Are Coming Together, I had learned about the Goddess Iris as personification of the rainbow.
    I remembered vaguely that a film of the same name exists. Upon checking it out, finding both Kate Winslet and Judi Dench playing the titular Iris, something struck me instantly.
    What occurred to me was as obvious as Brad Pitt resonating Death. Pitt plays Death in "Meet Joe Black" and further is to be found as a fantastic resonator of this 'archetype'. See Jon Kidd's great video where Pitt talks about a sickle in "Kalifornia" (I think) and wields a scythe in "Interview With the Vampire" amongst numerous other Death resonances.

    As the films title plainly states, Kate Winslet resonates Iris, the rainbow goddess.
    I had just started looking into Johnny Depp's sync web and remembered a rainbow on the poster for "Finding Never Land". Recalling further that Winslet was also present, I had another astonished look.
    The rainbow literally touches her profile and can also be interpreted as emanating from her personage!
    Wow.. elegant, simple, direct and susynct.
    Weirdly, without braking a sweat, we can find another vivid example of this colorful theme.
    As Clementine in the awesome "Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind" Kate Winslet's hair changes color dramatically throughout.
    We have seen Winslet winning an Oscar for "The Reader", holding a book and sporting blue hair (few stills up), now books also exit her form facet (body). Are books and reading another Winslet pattern?

    Our Goddesses' many colored hair is easily related to the all color of the rainbow.

    In the film Joel and Clementine have their memories erased to forget about each other and there hurtful relationship.

    I see this film as a profound Zen tale. Even when all Joel's (Jim Carrey) memories are removed his love for Clementine still prevails.
    True love does not originate from form, it is the Eternal, accessed and shining through the forms of Life.
    The true non-local or Buddha mind and source of love or union is beyond the limited human identity.
    Infinitely beyond form and thought itself.
    "Pot Roast 40" reads one sign, "2 Eggs" proclaims another..

    In Princess Arco Iris' recent return to partnership with Leonardo DiCaprio, "Revolutionary Road", we catch her in frame with the number 42.
    She is taking a bow, centered in a lineup of stage performers.
    A rear view unveils the 42, the angle involved in light refraction forming a rainbow.
    Movie Stars are dynamic, containing many levels of interactive resonances. We find these Stars can stand on there own, becoming new templates for Gods and Goddesses.

    The rainbow NOW potentially shares as much an association with Kate Winslet as it used to with Iris. I feel more comfortable and can relate better with Kate then Iris.

    When I think of Jennifer Connelley's sync web I don't see her exclusively as a representation of ancient forces, I see her as a current embodiment of the sacred principles. Her Shattered Glass pattern is a characteristic of Star Jennifer Connelly, no primary need exists to find an older archetype to explain the theme. It is an attribute of Goddess 'JC' Jennifer Connelly in my consciousness.

    The origins of the ancients Gods and Goddesses are not evidently dissimilar from this very synchromystic process WE have just witnessed here with Kate Winslet.

    For examples of other Goddess resonances present in Star Kate Winslet read Christopher Knowles':
    John Cusack Superstar: The Ka of Hathor
    Montauk Is For Lovers: Eternal Sunshine of The Spotless Mind

    WE, the audience and viewer, are a key and inseparable part of the equation, interacting with these divine resonances emanating from the silver screen. We are noticing facets of our shared and indivisible Being through the story telling medium.
    In fact the purpose of noticing the divine in somebeing else, is to, at the very same time, realize the same Source present in your Self.

    This is Love or Union.