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    Friday, December 28, 2007

    Green with Syncnificance

    There are many incarnations of the Green Man, the O.G however as far as I know is the reincarnating sun metaphor (think Jesus/Horus and Hiram Abiff) Osiris.

    The Resurrection theme is present in many of the independent figures linked to the green man. Foliate heads, and masks have served as images for Rome's Bacchus, Egypt's Osiris, Greece's Dionysus, Britain's "The Green Knight" and Jack in the in all of these separate artistic representations of foliate heads, with similar death/rebirth themes spanning millennia of time in Europe, North Africa, and Asia. (Wiki)
    Jim Carrey has played the green man three times by my count. First as a modern magical Loki in 1994's "The Mask". (Thanks Violator and Soundlessdawn for Carrey leads, see comments of Armand Van Helden post)
    One year later he's dancing (with much prancing) around K2 mountaineer Chris O'Donnel ("Vertical Limit") in "Batman Forever". (See "Tunney Trillogy" for O'Donnel K2 syncs)
    The theme peaks in 2000's (K2) snowy mountain featuring Ron Howard film "The Grinch". See previous post (and Al-Noah) for more Carrey sync winks.
    This theme could heat up even further as we learn Carrey stars in another upcoming Dr. Seuss story "Horton Hears a Who".