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    Monday, January 7, 2008


    I was originally struck by the synchronous occurrence of the acorn as connected to stargates, thusly..

    While viewing "Chicken Little" because of the presence octagons (which turned out to be mostly hexagons, see "The Comic Book Cycle") I noticed the acorns all over this typically sync rich Disney affair. I had recently listened to the Red Ice interview with Joseph P. Farrel "Reich of the Black Sun & the Nazi Bell" where Henrik and Farrel discuss the rumored weirdo Nazi technological device "The Bell" comparing its shape to the acorn, and Kecksberg UFO (image above). The Bell is speculated as being many things (or its development leading to other applications), a weapon perhaps, but more interesting to me a possible teleportation/time travel (stargate) device. I don't really like the idea of a physical material stargate machine existing (I like it being a metaphor for space/cosmic consciousness), intuitively, but lets run with these syncs and let the chips fall where they may..

    In "Chicken Little" the acorn is seen atop a building (above) as a flying saucer UFO is about to transport the two chickens and an alien. Teleportation is stargate resonant. We have the acorn resonating the Kecksberg UFO and Nazi Bell in a situation involving stargate technology and interstellar mystery. I view both E.T's and Stargates as symbols for the realization of primacy of consciousness (as apposed to thought) and NOW (as apposed to past and future).

    The second time I encountered the acorn synchromystically was when researching the age of the Pyramids of Giza. Believing Noah's cuboid (and cubit measurement specific) ark and its mountain theme to be veiled and obfuscated Giza/K2 references, film "Ice Age 2" placed said sacred pyramounts construction back in that period due to ark deluge themes (see Al-Noah). The space consciousness metaphor, the UFO, is frozen in "Ice Age 1" (shades of "The Thing"). Having the acorn (stargate) present with Giza resonant sync winks ads very sci:fi/Phillip K. Dickian interpretations into play as possible realities being expressed synchromystically. We could view the pyramids as having been constructed by time travelers from the future for example. I reject the idea of UFOs as physical travellers from other worlds as material existences seems a shadow/shell a species looses (comes into balance with) during evolution, way before becoming intergalactic citizens. The Pyramids currently believed to be either from the future or have been grown organically like a nautilus shell or beehive, maybe in some elegant fashion both.

    The acorn makes another Disney (Mickey Mouse MM/K2) appearance in "Meet the Robinson's" (thanks to stillwalking82, see comments here) amazingly as a representation of a time machine! One character uses the figures and an acorn (below) as models for explanation to another, using the acorn (completely unrelated to anything else in the story!), of any possible tiny space/time objects in existence, as the time machine. One more time, just so as I can sleep comfortably, I don't believe in physical time travel. Time travel like all stargate themes are actually devices/metaphors (technologies such as science or magick i.e gimmicks) that focus attention of the mind on the NOW, bringing mind into resonance with primary consciousness. All thoughts of future or past are only constructs of the mind emanating from the Now. (Read Echart Tolle/Alan Watts/Buddha)
    Aferrismoon, having figured out how to take screen captures, treats us all to his Simpson's "Eternal Moonshine of The Simpson Mind" analysis. A fortunate turn of events unveiling an acorn sync wink as the edible space bending stargate symbols shows up mind meltingly again in connection with space/time high weirdness (yip, stargate) in this fantastically sync rich episode.

    In true synchromystic fashion Steve Willner concurrently but unintentionally entrains with Aferismoon by using mind (consciousness focusing and stargate resonating) bending themes and "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" in his new "The Montauk Project, Osiris, and Rendezvous with Rama" video.
    One more nut worth mentioning is the Walnut and Death Star shaped mystery moon of hexagonal poled superstar planet Saturn's Iapetus.
    Trying to figure out a workable theory for how this batshit crazy sync wink interacts with the Stargate themed acorn is beyond the scope of this post and my current mood. One sync worth mentioning is that Joseph P. Farrel's, who in a fashion started all this, other notable book is called "The Giza Death Star"! I can hardly describe my unanimous aversion to the idea of the Pyramids as a weapon (although, I do like listening to Farrell talk), but their you go...