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    Tuesday, November 13, 2007

    A Tribute To Robin Tunney 1

    The K2 Pyramount and Robin Tunney, the "Stargate Queen".

    Just some relevant images from Part 1 (the rest are up at the BNWO). Hope you folks know I think this (Vertical Limit) is a horrible film and I would never encourage anybody to watch most of the movies I use in this series. If your renting for quality don't bother following my ideas! Man sync rich movies can suck. I am sometimes in pain from all the crap I watch. There must be a lesson there, I'll think about it....

    Ice Age 1 with the Kecksburg UFO and Nazi Bell theme, frozen in an ice cube.
    Alien ship with hexagon over the acorn in "Chicken Little"

    For the right context and more info about the acorn sync see this video:
    Lost in Manhattan - B (Comic Book Cycle Part 5)

    Red Ice creations audio interview with Joseph P. Farrell where the Kecksburg acorn shaped UFO is compared to the sound of a beehive and the Nazi Bell.

    Ice Age 2 with the Noah deluge thus Giza/Atlantis (assuming the Atlantean pillars are the pyramids) resonance present in the Ice Age. Seemingly this synchromysticly suggests the Pyramids existed in the Ice Age?

    Aleister Crowley's "Grid Page" from the alleged inspired text "The Book of the Law" said to contain a secret cipher. I'm only interested here in the 3 major elements. The grid, diagonal and target or bulls eye.

    The Aleister Crowley "Grid Page" elements start to take shape around Tunney. Ice Age caveman and "Mummy"/Pyramid raider Brendan Fraser. The diagonal and target imposed over Robin's face. (Scene from Encino Man above)

    Tunney inside the magick circle or stargate in "The Craft"

    Tunney and the book of Magick inside the grid shelf.

    Can you identify this specific book or edition? Many books display "Magick" on the cover, I am not sure if this is specifically a Crowley title. Let me know if you can identify it... Either way this is the Crowley originated way of spelling the word in shot with Tunney. Both Crowley and Tunney have climbed K2.

    Please note: The octagonal cross-quarter references in this series stem directly from the research of Goro Adachi


    Michael said...

    Nice series and really wild/wonderful connections. I feel your pain with the movies. I rented the Chronicles of Riddick a few months ago because of the presentation of the tetramorph, etc. but it was so bad I couldn't finish it - synch or no synch.

    Jake Kotze said...

    I often end up shifting the place finder allot just skipping to what intuitively feels relevant. Even then after ten horrible, violent or unconscious films in a row I can feel a wreck. I do yoga everyday and eat a decent vegetarian diet (much coffee and sugar does still get in there) but still this kinda of "research" can get me un-hinged. It's either going to have to evolve to include much higher forms of art or I'm gonna stop one day as to save my soul from bad pop-culture hell.

    FilmNoir23 said...

    High art or not...if you want your messages to reach the MASSES you go for the least common denomenator. People watch and go see these horrible movies...they eat it up. Sadly, that will be your diet...

    Was just curious about the Crowley grid text...I realize that you are only interested in the anomalies but what is the content of the text? is it dealing with anything specific? I'd be curious to know.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Hi Todd
    Yes indeed that is how I feel as well. I want to show that the universe is alive and well even inside the crazy "kak" (a little of my native tounge there) going as entertainment lately. Some if it is just so soulless that sometimes I feel a little overwhelmed hence the probably over emphasized comment above. I will be investigating many a trash film for quite some time yet. I just hope the sync trail will head towards something with a little meat for a while, but i am a humble servant of the sync... Where she leads I follow. Wonder what Miss Tunney will do next? He, He, its gonna be fun to see.
    Here is a link to a page from Red Ice about the Grid Page. I haven't read "The Book of the Law". I have to admit I find the thing as many of Crowley's works impenetrable..
    I couldn't find it, will post it when I do...
    Here is Greg from "Occult of Personalities" very good interview with T Allen Greenfield

    ViølatoR said...

    In "Cherish," Robin wears a t-shirt with the word Washington and a pyramid/mountain shape underneath. The word "washington" can be traced to "wessington" which means "holy hill," like the primordial mound or axis munde which is represented by the pyramount under the word Washington on her shirt.

    The Pyramid at Giza represents the actual polar radius (from the center of the earth to the top) and the 'perfect' polar radius (pyramid with capstone) if our planet wasn't oblong shaped. The pyramid with capstone would have the ratio of 7:11 (height:base). The point of the capstone would touch the center of a small circle (of 3 units) used to "square the circle" of a larger circle with a diameter of 11 units. (The same ratio of our Moon to Earth) And on Crowley's grid page the words "circle squared" appear to the left of the "target" symbol.

    Washington, Axis Munde:
    Great Pyramid squaring the circle:
    Crowley's grid page:

    And since I always read too much into things...

    In "Cherish" the GPS tracking screen in the police cruiser shows Robin's cross-hair/sun-cross on 25th street moving towards 24th. (North of Church street) Might this represent the sun coming back from the summer solstice? According to Crowley, The Chariot tarot card relates to the sign of Cancer which is where the sun moves into at the summer solstice.

    stillwalking82 said...

    I just finished watching Disney's "Meet the Robinsons" where the acorn was used depicted representing a time-machine. The whole movie was filled with syncs about time travel, interdimensional time-warping, and the ability to instantly effect future realities by making conscious decisions in the present. Definitely worth watching.

    Jake Kotze said...

    "I just finished watching Disney's "Meet the Robinsons" where the acorn was used depicted representing a time-machine."

    Pull the other one... O.K I'm gonna have a look, but that sounds to good to be true!
    No, I believe you, sounds awesome. Will report back asap.