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    Monday, January 21, 2008


    See the Saber-Tooth (Thoth resonating) pouncing on the ape-man (Thoth resonating) from 2001 with the tooth weapon (Thoth resonating) inspired by the monolith behind (Stargate resonating)?

    See the Saber-Tooth (Thoth resonating) voiced by Denis Leary (who has his tooth (Thoth Resonating) fixed by Stargate Queen Robin Tunney) on the poster of Ice Age with the nut above (Stargate resonating)?
    See the most iconic sci fi weapon of all time recently shot into space by NASA, the lightsaber (now Thoth Resonating)?
    See the Saber-Thoth with the Pyramid (Thoth resonating) behind? (Thanks 'Just Me' for the lead, see comments on previous post)
    See the pattern?