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    Friday, November 2, 2007

    Black or White

    I am interested in seeing American Gangster this weekend. Firstly I love gangster movies, Miller's Crossing could be my favourite film and love the Jay-Z song playing during the commercial. Synchromysticly its interesting because of the primary white vs black poster campaign. Been speaking much about the checkerboard and am attracted to this theme, I've also been looking into Spy Vs. Spy for an upcoming video...

    Is it just me or is everybody outside my apartment (I do go out, I swear) wearing houndstooth? Well, they are in Winnipeg...

    I could just ad here that Michael (who's doing some really groovy work!) at Gosporn wrote some fascinating stuff about the Pillarmids and the H. The Double H Ranch

    I would just like to ad the H in Woody Allen's Manhattan to his syncs about this subject.

    Didn't Paul Laffoley get fired for suggesting connecting the towers with a bridge?

    A news piece I found over at Red Ice today.

    Jesus, no wonder I stopped blogging loading pictures takes forever!
    Michael Jackson- Black or White

    In addition it occurs to me that Henrik and Fredrik Palmgren's (The Red Ice Bros) cool new subscriber video went into some interesting black and white symbolism connected to genetics and cloning. So if you have a subscription check it out, get one if you have been toying with the idea...

    The Blob

    These comic panels are from Marvels The End series featured somewhere in the Comic Book Cycle videos.

    The Blob, my blog with no point or purpose. I just want to put some screenshots and ideas out there. Many things I never get around to saying in the videos. So many photos and stills that only exist in the crappy youtube quality videos I make. I enjoy reading the frequently updated blogs in the syncrosphere, thought I would try ad my two cents as videos by nature are few and far between. Maybe this idea wont work and I will kill it.
    Run! Do not walk from "The Blob"!