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    Saturday, December 1, 2007

    Non Human Primates As Thoth

    Thoth Baboon wall relief found over the head position of Pharoah Tutankhamun's sarcophagus. Tut is a possible son of Akhenaton.

    The idea came up in older videos like "Time Lords" (below) and newer ones like "Tunney 1" (belowerer) that fictional super and cryptozoological non-human primates are Thoth resonators.

    911 Time Lords Across the 4th Dimension (Comic Book Cycle 4)

    A Tribute To Robin Tunney 1

    A Perfect example of a Super, Thoth connected Gorilla is "Grodd". He is the Nemesis of the Flash (Mercury thus Hermes thus Thoth).

    In the pretty excellent television series about the Justice League, Grodd manipulates Lex Luthor to steal the Spear of Longinus. Cristopher Knowles says in his Red Ice Creations interview and book (way cool read, but I haven't gotten to Lex yet..) that he believes Lex is Aleister Crowley resonating. Which, if true, would totally make my day. Lex has his own Twin Towers and he's been the president of the USA. On and on it would go with brilliant syncnificance.

    Ralph Ellis writes in "Thoth Architect of the Universe" that Joseph of Arimathea might have brought the sacred measurement units/rod (what he speculates is the true nature of the Spear) encoded in the pyramids of Giza to Britain in the Roman era. I find this image of Thoth resonating Grodd to be somewhat confirming this idea.

    One more very relevant Christopher Knowles bite. Apparently in one old Tarzan (The Ape Man, dig?) story line the "Egyptian Saga" (anybody have some scans or a copy?) he is suspected by a priestess of Venus, to be an incarnation of Thoth. (Our Gods Wear Spandex P77)

    The ultimate non human primate, Thoth Kong atop the WTC. The KK is also K2 or 2K resonant. See the new videos Y2K? at BNWO. I forget where I read this, someone brought it up in a comments section on a blog. Let me know if I haven't given you a nod.

    Conan the Cimmerian

    Cimmeria is a fictional land of barbarians in antediluvian earth (cp. the Hyborian Age) and the homeland of Conan the Barbarian in the works of Robert E. Howard. Conan Wikipedia

    Conans fictional ancestry can be traced back to Atlantis as is made vivid in the testosterone driven "Conan The Adventurer" an early 90's animated series. I grew up on this show, it was the kind of thing I was slightly worried my mother would take a closer look at, as its content would easily be considered 'satanic'. Wizards, magick, upside down crosses and giant snake gods, in other words 'freaking brilliant', to an esoteric minded little kid in anyway.

    The underwater city of Atlantis, Conan quest for in the episode "Son Of Atlantis", the son being Conan himself of course.

    Inside Atlantis we see the checker floor. Fitting as my personal view is that the lost city of Atlantis is in large part simply the Giza plateau. The First Degree Tracing Board (following Ralph Ellis' work here, see "Eden in Egypt") in this view can be seen as a symbolic Giza layout, whether most Freemasons know it or not. The checkers possibly originating from the polished rock at the foot of the pyramids (black and white stone or the stars reflecting in its surface at night) and/or the geodetic (Earth grid) knowledge encoded in the structure.

    The three part series climax "A Serpent Coils The Earth" is the icing on the capstone as Conans' arch villain Wrath-Amon opens a stargate to another dimension to release his master the giant snake god Set. This is done with, get this, pyramids topped with 'star metal', meteoirites.. freaking Benbens!

    Getting back on track thematically here Conan's original Amon (note the Egyptian flavour) foe is Thoth-Amon, who in a comic version has an ape minion attacking the 'Atlantean Barbarian'.

    Alan Moore's "Promethea" has a recurring advertising mascot Weeping Gorilla. In one issue this character interacts with Promethea, again a Thoth Hermes resonator.

    The first mention of this entity happens from, of all places, inside the Checker Chariot of the Gods. See practicilly all videos from "Checker Chariots" to the present for more on this theme, the ones currently in production being no exception. I'm pretty fascinated by these cab syncs, obsessed might be more correct. Whoosh, this cab like the Fifth Element, Futurama and Blade Runner ones are extra cool as they freakin' fly!

    Prometheas' patron deities Thoth and Hermes sheperd thier future human host to safety.

    In the latest videos the Himalayas have become important pop culture reference points as K2 comes under scrutiny. Specific K2 mentions are very rare indeed but the Himalayas as a whole are often referenced. The Himalayas are of occult interest apart from the Crowley and Ralph Ellis K2 connections. Variations of the 9 and ascended master story threads converge on these peaks.
    The first serious attempt to climb K2 was organized and undertaken in 1902 by Oscar Eckenstein and Aleister Crowley, but after five serious and costly attempts, no member of the team actually reached the summit, possibly due to a combination of questionable physical training, personality conflicts, and poor weather conditions

    However, K2 is notable for its local relief as well as its total height. It stands over 3,000 m (9,840 ft) above much of the glacial valley bottoms at its base. More extraordinary is the fact that it is a consistently steep pyramid, dropping quickly in almost all directions.

    Herges "Tintin in Tibet" above and Carl Barks' original Uncle Scrooge Hindu Kush (same area 'explored' by Alexander the Great) snowman below.

    Tintin and Uncle Scrooge are good pop examples of Himalayan adventurers who both encounter Abominable Snowmen or the cryptozoological Yeti. Can we extend the Thoth non-human primate theme to these creatures?
    Some synchromystic pyramid resonance can be added to both duck and reporter. Helping our Yeti's gain extra Thoth resonance as they are associating with folks (and ducks) who have been in and around Giza and pyramids. Its funny to note that Scrooge's female snowwoman in the Ducktales T.V version is called Snowy. Snowy is Tintin's ever faithful dog.
    Whoops, looks like I spoke to soon as Tintin is about to be trapped inside a coffin/sarcophagus by an Anubis version of Snowy! Tintin is hallucinating after getting a dose of bad gas in "The Pharaohs Cigars". The very next episode and part 2 of this story is "The Blue Lotus". The Egyptian Blue Lotus or Lilly (yes, it's confusing) is lately been sighted controversially as possible psychedelic substance used by ancient Egyptian royalty and priests in magick ceremonies. Certainly their artworks depicting the flower can be interpreted as leaning in that direction.

    The Poster below is from some research I did for the recently completed video, again featuring the K2 Pyramount theme. This didn't make the cut, as it seems a little to random, even for me. Still its worth noting as distinct K2 references are rare. District 13 is a film about dystopian 2010 French ghetto life, or something resembling that.. The French answer to Vin Diesels "XXX". Unwatchable, in other words.
    "An acrobatic urban avenger and a kickboxing supercop team up to save an infamous ghetto from a gang lord armed with a nuclear weapon." The priceless synopsis from Wikpedia
    The stargate target and the helicopter (not that I could find any scenes with Helicopters in my hasty skipping through the film)
    The gang lords henchman K2 arrives in his car with personalized K2 plates.
    Yes, your seeing correctly he has shaved his nick into the back of his head. This I have only once seen done correctly. "People call me TNT!" Joaquin Phoenix as Toby N. Tucker a.k.a TNT in Oliver Stones' "U-Turn".

    This is actauly a very interesting sync as the gang lord's other key henchmen is the 'so dangerous hes locked up' Yeti! Dissapointingly, it turns out to be only a big fat bald dude.

    Well, you know what they say, "What's good for the Yeti, is good for the Sasquatch".

    This image lead to this post. I simply wanted to create some context to say that the new Sasquatch mascot for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics Games can be viewed as a non human Thoth resonant primate. Have I convinced a few of you? I'm not sure if I have convinced myself. Strange, I believe the activity of making connections vivid far more important then the result. So, on with the show.

    While making this post I got into the X-Mas Box theme, see "In A Box". Some really interesting syncs came out of it, but I wasnt expecting to find this. Leela reeds this magazine (below) while gaurding the sacred cuboid in "The Fransworth Parabox"

    On a personal note I wanted to do some unrelated reading to give my mind a break from looking at media synchromysticly. This is basically almost always doomed to failure as the syncs are everywhere, it's a natural phenomena, like gravity. But still sometimes I just want to ignore them and try and find something unrelated to my blogging. Well, the universe went all out when I picked up this copy of Iain Banks' "The Business". I am not done yet but, see those mountains in primary black and white? Turns out those twin peaks are Himalayan and see the litlle red eyed monkey. Thoth, again?