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    Friday, November 30, 2007

    In A Box

    Found this little suggestive gem in the newspaper yesterday.

    I can't decide whether its an intended take on the Emmy-Winning Christmas SNL song "Dick In Box" with Justin Timberlake or a sexual marketing ploy (both?). I don't have my finger on the pulse of advertising, couldn't tell you if this a nod or psychological trickery. I sincerely doubt whether its just an accident, right?

    SNL Dick in a box Justin Timberlake
    Uploaded by Liya695

    The social networking website Facebook created a virtual gift shop for Valentine's Day that included a box with a bow on top and a hole cut into one of its sides.[16][17] This box is now sold out. (Some Dick In A Box Wiki Info)

    Note the checker design.

    Another 'thing' in a box, ahem, comes to mind. This one from Barry Levinson's 1982 coming of age film 'Diner'.

    Mickey Rourke in "Diner " - The Popcorn Scene

    Interesting to note that 'Diner', like all these 'penis box' syncs, has a Christmas theme. Here we see alcoholic but secretly sensitive and intelligent misfit Kevin Bacon, the original synchro 6 degree of separation poster boy, as Jesus in the manger! The cross is sometimes esoterically shown as an unfolded cube. A mysterious Christ-Mas cube clue?

    Wiindigo left some great info about box syncs in the comments about classic Futurama episode "The Fransworth Parabox". Firstly its one of the best episodes of the series, secondly its a goldmine of sync gems. Here are just a few.
    The dummy box contains Christmas lights in keeping with the X-Mas theme being uncovered in this ever growing post.

    Hermes (thus Thoth rez) about to hurl the box/cube/ark into the sun! Remember that the Jesus Christ (Horus/Osiris/Hiram Abif) etc story and possible historical events entrain with the cycles of the sun and that Christmas falls practically on the Winter solstice. In a way you are looking at Thoth hurling the christ-cube (folded six sided cross-cube) into the source, very interesting stuff...
    The box held over the crotch area in keeping with the original theme that started this thread. There is much more in this episode but I feel it deserves the right time and place. I suggest you see it if you have the time and inclination.
    The octagon inside the cross hairs as the universes switch/invert... Heavy, fascinating stuff. Plus just simply a very funny episode.


    Michael said...

    So um... this little sketch represents the cube? Let's not tell anyone. Shhh.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Magick wand in a X-mas grail cube, or some such.

    JB said...

    I never expected any sort of synchro-mystic depth to a dick joke lol

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yo JB!
    What that points to, that is my entire point.
    I could say it in words (why bother when dudes like Echart Tolle already do it so well..) but having poeple discover it as an insight is the only way for many. Especially us conspiraloons..

    JB said...

    Check out my latest article, "SPARTANS!", I'm on a synchro-mystic sugar high today, making connections between the New Trojan War, Atlantis, Tom Cruise, Salman Rushdie...

    Wiindigoo said...

    I just “happened” to watch a Futurama episode from Season 4 on this snowy morning, “The Farnsworth Parabox.” Low and behold, it is a dick in a box (d.i.a.b.) jackpot…
    I don’t have the technology for the video captures (I’ll leave that to you, the D.i.a.b. High Priest…), so please bear with some obsessive pop cultural documentation:

    The episode features Professor Farnsworth, after invoking various gods and devils, creating a parallel universe, that is contained in a box. In one scene, none other than “Hermes” attempts to destroy the box by sending it into the sun. En route, Hermes’ spaceship is shown crossing the sun as a black dot, mimicking a Venus, or a Mercury transit (Chapter 4 – 0:34). The episode is rife with characters in the, for lack of a better term, “D.i.a.b. Position”:
    Leela: Chapter 2 – 3:41
    Hermes: Chapter 3 – 8:16
    Zoidberg “B”: Chapter 3 - 0:17
    Hermes “B”/Zoidberg “A”: Chapter 4 – 2:20
    Fry: Chapter 4 - 1:42
    Professor: Chapter 4 – 1:46 (says he has now helped create the apocalypse)
    “Silver” and “Gold” Bender hug in an alchemical marriage after this…
    Zoidberg “A”: Chapter 4 – 4:01 (within “Universe 420”)

    However, the “D.i.a.b. money shot,” if you will, occurs in Chapter 4 ~ 4:45 when the professor ushers *all* the characters from universe “A” and “B” into the box, while he assumes the D.i.a.b Position. Immediately afterwards, Hermes is about to eject the original box into the sun, when all of the characters exit out of the box while he assumes the D.i.a.b Position (Chapter 4 ~ 5:21).

    Finally, to confirm that you have identified a phenomenon of high strangeness, there is a shot of Fry in front of an image of an octagon in a crosshairs as he suggests that Leela go on a date with him to an “ape fight” (Chapter 4 – 5:50). The same octagon in a crosshair target is visible as the Professor pulls one box out of the other, containing the parallel universe, in an act of “eversion,” allowing “our own” universe to exist within the box.

    Confirming your Christmas theory, there is a scene in the episode where Fry is kept busy untangling Christmas lights. I don’t know what you are onto here, but it’s very very weird, and funny. The question is, would a wiidigoo d.i.a.b. make a good Christmas present for the wiindigoo’s girlfriend? Probably not a good idea…too cold.

    Merry December,

    Wiindigoo said...

    Cool - the images are perfect! "One, cut a hole in the box..."
    Also noticed that in the commentary track for the Parabox episode, the creators of the show reveal that in the scene where Hermes nearly "ejects" everyone into the sun, the original animation did not include Hermes "B" shooting out from the parallel universe. Thus, only 13 characters were in the original animation, further highlighting the theme of the Christ and the twelve disciples. The fact that Hermes "B" had to be hastily added in post-production also highlights the trickster nature of Hermes/Mercury: even the creators of the show were surprised by this "mistake." It is reminiscent of the scene in Promethea 15 where Hermes stares directly out into the "fourth wall" of the comic after saying, "How could humans perceive gods... abstract essences...without clothing them in imagery, stories, pictures...or picture-stories for that matter?"
    Hermes/Raven/Loki, the trickster(s) are definitely putting their junk in a box...

    FilmNoir23 said...

    This is just TOO good...very enjoyable Jake.

    Chris said...

    I just reencountered this old gem. :)

    Anonymous said...

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