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    Friday, June 19, 2009

    Blue Worm

    Happy Birthday Robin Tunney!
    This past weekend I was sitting in my kitchen 'randomly' paging through "Design Motifs Of Ancient Mexico" which one of my roommates had acquired from the library.

    The motif called Blue Worm (Xonecuilli) caught my attention.
    Here is the text that accompanied the Blue Worm pattern, seen above, retyped below.

    "Flat stamps showing representations of the blue worm (Xonecuilli), symbol of a constellation or sceptre of Quetzalcoatl. I is from Guerrero. II is from Morelos. III is from Oaxaca."
    Some more variations of the Blue Worm 'squiggle', Scepter or constellation of Quetzalcoatl.

    It looks to me like a play on the S-shape. This S can be mirrored with the ends curling in on itself a little further then the stander S. Examples I and IV above have parts that are depicted as only swirls or half an S type shape.


    I closed the book and went about the rest of my day forgetting about the Blue Worm until later that evening.
    At night I had ended up watching a Jazz band at a local Italian Pizzeria/Bar/Lounge called "Bella Vista".

    The twin F-Hole's on a guitar, double bass and violin in the band I was watching awoke the memory of the Blue Worm I had seen earlier during the day.

    Above is a mural painted on the outside wall of "Bella Vista" also depicting the Blue Worm echoing F-Hole.

    They sound holes looked to me like an S-shape. The ends of this kind of S-shape are accentuated with a rounded fat end.
    The middle of the F-Hole is slightly different to the S as it has a slight diagonal bar like the lower right hand type F above. This kind of F also resembles two J's stuck together one on top of the other, the top one being upside down and flipped.

    I think the accentuated ends of the S-Shaped F-Hole was causing the Blue Worm 'Total Recall'.

    At this point I was getting more interested in the Xonecuilli but the whole thing had yet to reach boiling point. That was until a little later that very evening, minutes before I 'hit the hay', when I was presented with the following sight..
    Perched atop the toilet I am peeing into is a tiny rubber Blue Snake in the same S-shape of the Blue Worm.

    My one roommate had been to a fancy dress party as Medusa and this must be one of the decorations she had in her hair.

    I am tired at this point but after taking the photo above and all the great Blue Worm syncs - all in one day! - I go to bed, happy in the knowing that a new sync thread has wormed its way into consciousness.
    A few days later I am sitting in Osborne (Borne of OZ) Village across from Starbucks and Kustom Kulture..
    Kustom Kulture (K2/Kosmic Konsciousness) is a 'Kounter Kulture' book store where you will find books by Robert Anton Wilson, Crowley, David Icke etc.
    I was in this store a few years ago when a clerk told me to check out a documentary by Jim Sanders and also recommended Jeremy Narby's "The Cosmic Serpent".
    I see these events NOW as a vivid marker of a dramatic new phase of my life. The book and eventual meeting with Jim would ad great depth to my awareness.
    Narby's book profoundly compares the coiled Serpent Teachers/Gods of the Shaman and the DNA of scientists.

    So, sitting across from K2, I notice a wrist band with the Xonecuilli design being sold at a street vendor's stall.
    The Blue Worm design is even being 'sync kissed' by another Blue band, from my perspective.
    Trying to learn more online about the Xonecuilli proved both rewarding and confusing. Not much is said in a clearly referenced manner and allot of it is conflicting.

    Let's look at what little we know again.

    "Flat stamps showing representations of the blue worm (Xonecuilli), symbol of a constellation or sceptre of Quetzalcoatl."

    Here are some questions I have about this statement:

    Which stars comprise the constellation also represented by the S-shaped Xonecuilli?
    Is the Blue Worm also representing an actual living organism from South America?

    As far as the constellation goes there seem to be a few candidates:
    "Signs and Symbols of Primordial Man" by Albert Churchward gives us the Little Bear as identification of the 7 stars that make up the S-Shaped Citlalxonecuilli as opposed to another dude who believed it connected to the Southern Cross.

    That the Blue Worm is connected to the number 7 (L/EL/correct mark etc.) is syncnificant in itself, that it resonates Ursa Minor (Little Bear) and the Southern Cross is also very cool.

    Here is "Skywatchers" (p 36 and 37) By Anthony F. Aveni putting in his vote forward for the Southern Cross..
    Or suggesting the Big Dipper (Great Bear)...
    Page 33 (CC/KK/K2) of the same book makes this awesome connect for us.
    The relevant text here reads:

    "The dotted patterns pecked into the edge of the Aztec calender stone may represent constellations. The identification of Xonecuilli at the top is suggestive, that of the others is far less certain".

    "Skywatchers" is telling us that it is likely the Blue Worm is found on the most iconic South American Calender, associated popularly with 2012.

    Pretty neat finding this all out after following up on a S-shaped squiggle, resembling a violins F-Hole, a blue rubber snake and an arm band!

    Just to make things even more confusing, concerning the identity of the specific constellation being referenced by the Xonecuilli, here is a Wiki article in a foreign language..
    Its clearly suggesting the Xonecuilli constellation is what we know as Canis Major.
    The Great Dog constellation containing Sirius the Dog Star, the brightest star in the night sky.
    The above is certainly not expected to be viewed as good thorough research or clear evidence of anything about the actuality of the celestial Xonecuilli.

    For the synchromystic however, who's main concern is with resonance, this is plenty to work with, knowing that ultimate truth is in anyway beyond the realm of form.

    More certain then what constellation the Aztec had in mind with Xonecuilli is the fact that it also represented a bolt of lightning.

    the xonecuilli, an S-curved staff associated with lightning and agricultural fertility
    Florida Museum
    Snagged the above shot from an artist, Federico Garcia's, blog he describes his sculpture:
    Ollin-Ehecatl depicts the wind in eternal movement, it is in fact Federico's threedimensional interpretation of the Aztec's Blue worm, the Xonecuilli, which is believed to represent the thunder falling to the ground in order to bring life with the rain. In other words it is also believed to be the representation of the Mother of Fertility.

    Very exciting as the lightning wielding Jupiter/Zeus is a mighty sync strange attractor who's resonance we can now plug into the Blue Worm curly-S.

    Jumping a few days, I would return to the very spot, sitting down for a smoke while meditating on the same armband.
    A girl, dressed in striking blue, walks up to me and starts a conversation about smoking, Brian ENO (ONE/ZOE/NOW) etc.
    She ends up inviting me to see her perform music that upcoming Saturday.
    Considering her friendly demeanor and the Blue Worm presence, I decided to go.

    It's interesting to 'note' how the Blue Worm associates VIA sync to music as we have seen it as the F-Hole and NOW find it also attracting itself to this musician lady and Brian ENO.
    The poster for the event, "Hallucinatory Delusions", further confirmed to me the continuing harmonious resonance of attending.
    The 'froth of psychedelic mystery' being depicted containing the Xonecuilli type designs.
    An Eye/I with three different colored iris's including a Red Eye is also present amidst this foam. The Red Eye or Seeing Red theme is a powerful symbol. The third eye is often Red while Moses parts the Red See, connections unveiling the Red Eye/I as a StarG8 symbol.

    See C-Ing Red post for details.
    Jim Sanders shows up on Friday for a visit.
    We decide to go catch "Land Of The Lost" with WiLL FarreLL and I check the movie listings.
    I see a Blue advertisement pop-up for "Intel Xeon", tag line "Powerful. Intelligent" and take the above screen shot for later consideration.

    I had pondered the Xonecuilli's XONE part earlier that week, making connections such as X-ONE, X-EON, X-NOW etc. X is a signifier of Christ, think the Cross, X-Mas etc. The word XONE then having interpretations like Christ NOW, Christ ONE or Christ EON.
    Happening upon a Blue XEON felt a powerful sync, especially as connected to the 1:42 minute in length Time/Space distorting film "Land Of The Lost".
    Further amazement follows when I returned to this screen shot and realized I had been reading The Cleaver's Article about and encounter with Quetzalcoatl before Jim's arrival, the page still being open and present during the blue "Intel Xeon" sync.
    In my mind this is clearly saying the Blue Worm, scepter of Quetzalcoatl, is "Powerful. Intelligent."
    Spotted Xonecuilli again later that day (Friday one week ago as of this writing) during the 'pre-trailers' (the local theaters ads that play while the lights are on as opposed to those that are bundled with the film when lights dim..) while waiting for "The Hangover".

    I was chatting to my friends but noted this as some strange new "Coldplay" video with puppets for later investigation online.
    Some quick YouTubeing unveiled this as the song "Life in Technicolor II" from an album called "Prospekt's March".

    Hopping over to the Wikipedia article about the song revealed that Brian ENO is also singing somewhere in here!

    Hang on.. I saw the Blue Worm on an arm band, then being approached by a young lady dressed in blue who chatted about Brian ENO, remember? Now I learn that ENO is in a song I saw days later only being attracted to investigate the matter as result of the Xonecuilli S-shape. Pretty awesome.

    Are the syncs suggesting I start listening to ambient music instead of Black Stars like T.I. and Jay-Z? God I hope not.

    Syncs have practical application but ultimately they lead one towards ONE, the unified state of Being aligned with Consciousness. This is my take on the ENO/NOW/ONE/N.W.O./ZOE/EON syncs.
    One sync, of many, that also stood out about this video, featuring "Coldplay's" live act as a puppet show, was the C of "Coldplay" showing up in Red on the tiny drum kit, thus a Red C. The drummers little Puppet Palm has the drumstick rotating like a propeller giving him the highlighted hand seen on Shiva, Buddha and Christ.

    See SpiriT of The Blue Bird for highlighted palm investigation.

    The next day, Saturday, I made it over to the "Hallucinatory Delusions" party that the Blue Worm and Blue Lady had lead me to attend.
    While watching her perform her ENO influenced songs I take note of this incredible site, photograph above. Her roommate is holding an Earth Sphere upon which someone has taken the time to carefully re-paint all the Blue water Red. The Blue Sea of Earth has been painted red thus being a Red C.

    The Heart is Red, the Earth is an anagram for Heart.

    I Heart Red Earth.

    This entrains with all the Red I/Eye and Seeing/C-ing Red patterns investigated recently in the sync web.

    See C-Ing Red for the start of the C-Ing Red pattern.
    The Earth is at the Red boiling point of its alchemical transformation, Self realization of Consciousness.
    2009 is the "Ultimate Fighting Championship" which seems like a loosing battle from a limited perspective.

    Hold ON! Joy, healing and hope is here.

    See the video The Red I of The Blue ONE for musings on the relationship between Red Balls, Spheres and Eyes as connected to Blue Deities and Highlighted Palms.

    That evening I drank alcohol - Red wine being served at the party - for the first time in many years.
    I had stopped after tremendous substance abuse ending in rehab.

    I believe my propensity towards extreme imbalance has been healed as I have aligned physically and spiritually since.
    Reintegrating this substance in respectful manner as opposed to completely rejecting it is an important part of a lengthy personal healing process.

    I feel the Blue Worm played a vital role in guiding me to the right time and place for this jump.
    The days pass with many spottings of the Blue Worm...
    Saw somebody carry a six pack of beer with the distinctly extra curled S-shape of "Sol" brand, again at the Xonecuilli arm band in OZborne.
    Remembered seeing this in the first "Matrix" film during ONE of NEO's battles with Mr Smith.
    Actually the Subway setting is very relevant but lets leave that for NOW.

    (See "The Taking of Pelham 123" and consult your pineal gland for further instruction (mind the Discordian humor).)

    NEO/ONE again resonates the xONE part of Xonecuilli, being a vivid Christ or X resonator himself.
    Above the word Sol/Sun with the Blue Worm type S emanates from his head giving him the equivalent of a saintly solar halo.
    A 3 is seen on a pillar behind Smith. A number we could susynctly associate to the Holy Trinity of which Jesus is a member.
    The Religion of No-thing has been doing lots of Matrix blogging including putting this incredible shot of NEO up as his banner. This blog also made clear the relationship of X as Christ.
    The bullets highlight Keanu Reeves' palm echoing the nails that penetrate Christ's hands on the cross/X. The background wall piece gives our sync Christ a radiating halo as already seen with the Sol subway image.
    Another exciting spotting of the Blue Worm happened at "The Neighborhood Cafe".
    I noticed the tables and chairs decorated with the distinct S-curve of Xonecuilli. The little blue snake from my roomies Medusa outfit had been gifted to me after expressing interest in this creature. It has been placed over its symbol in the picture above for dramatic effect.
    I had noticed this on many occasions upon visiting this lovely patio but had never had any reason to highlight the fact...
    Directly across the street, the apartment building in alignment with Xonecuilli is numbered 911.
    911, the emergency C-section of September 11th. Humanity hypnotized by thought and form NO more!
    The PlanET Heart (Earth) dialed 911, a contact number of Galactic Center, for immediate rescue from madness.
    This past Friday (12 June) I was reading Vol 1 Issue 13 of Grant Morrison's "The Invisibles" in my washroom. Sitting on the same toilet the rubber Blue Snake (from the Medusa costume) was draped over.
    The Blue Worm was about to enter consciousness with 'a vengeance'...
    A chrysalis is shown braking open, hatching a beautiful Blue Butterfly.
    The Staff/Scepter of Quetzalcoatl - which we NOW kNOW as the Blue Worm - is referenced in the text, when the obvious hits me.
    The Blue Worm is a caterpillar, part of a cycle that will lead to total transformation.
    The comic sees Boy 'braking open the head' during an entheogenic vision quest atop a pyramid in Teotihuacan, City of Quetzalcoatl.
    His experience is marked by a Blue Butterfly and God perched on his forehead. The spread wings of the insect God mimic the opened Crown and Third Eye chakras.

    The thought occurs upon noting the resonance of Blue Butterfly and Blue Bird: The Blue Worm is the early stage of the Blue Bird.

    Consciousness 'moving' from ignorance into Self Awareness or consciousness becoming conscious of Consciousness Itself is perfectly represented by the cycle of Worm turning into Butterfly.
    This whole insight was confirmed when minutes later, still in the same washroom, I am taking a shower and a tiny worm is hanging right in front of me just above the spray of the water.

    POP Sync also reaffirms this metamorphosis attribution to Xonecuilli, if we go back to the XONE part and consider it as XENO.
    It feels like the ENO syncs have prepared us and maybe even 'want' this further progression to be noted...
    An impressive XENO (a combining form meaning “alien”) is H.R Giger's design known as the Xenomorph that became famous as the antagonist entity of the "Alien" film franchise.
    This sci-fi legend has a pronounced life cycle during which the creature moves in distinct stages from egg to adult.
    Xenocuilli, apart from abiding in the transformation resonance of this cineMA creature, also becomes Alien or E.T flavored. Perhaps this suggests Quetzalcoatl Scepter as somehow interstellar in origin, there is the possible Sirius - the suggested home of E.T in many esoteric speculation - Canis Major connection mentioned earlier.
    Be that as it may the E.T/Cosmic Consciousness always eventually leads back to the here and NOW, what and when WE/ME already are.

    If all goes well this is posted on Robin Tunney's birthday, 19 June, in honor of the StarMummy.
    Tunney was the first powerful example of how we can be Illuminated when removing the boundaries of a Star as limited to an individual role and considering there body of work as a composite of ONE 'Mega-Character'.
    She is MOM, Muse and Goddess of "The Blob's" synchromysticism.
    Robin's June birthday suggests resonance with Juno, Wife/Sister Goddess of Jupiter.
    Above Tunney can be seen in frame with such syncnificant spheres as the MOON (NOW/ENO etc) and Jupiter, this is "The Craft" (still is from DVD extras not 100% on whether this is in the film itself?).

    Juno is the female form of Jupiter.
    The 'Red Lady Bird' shows up at the Bluejay Ranch in "The Mentalist S1 E17 Carnelian, Inc". Lovely Blue Bird flavor being strange attracted to the following syncnificant Red Robin event in the proceeding moments of this show.

    Just a second, let's change gears and get a little into the Blue Bird, before we move ahead with "The Mentalist"...
    The Blue Bird has arisen powerfully in the collective consciousness in the form of Twitter, seen above on last weeks (15 June) Time Magazine cover. I like that the hand of God/SpiriT/Being /Self is present during this awesome sync, in the form of Michelangelo's "The Creation Of Adam" (MDMA/Ecstacy/E/XTC) on the top left.

    I tapped into a Blue Bird pattern via dream and synchronicity as detailed in The SpiriT of The Blue Bird NOW realizing how much depth Twitter ads to this sync.

    In short the Blue Bird is emerging Consciousness - freshly hatched from its Blue Worm chrysalis - NOW taking flight as humanity realize Being beyond thought and form.
    Technologies like Blogs, Facebook and Twitter are symptomatic of the emergence of boundary dissolving Consciousness in the species.
    They are powerful tools for laying the groundwork and facilitating the mass dawning of I-I. When Being more intimately connected and sharing WE/ME implicitly expand the limitless 'bubble' of Awareness and Identity.

    Here is an old sync piece about Facebook and how it resonates Cosmic Consciousness.

    That these communications technologies resonate powerfully through there associated context - logos, corporate identity, names etc - with SpiriT speaks of their source and ultimate purpose.
    The arise from Being, via human hearts, minds and hands in order to facilitate the spreading of Consciousness.

    See Jennifer Palmer's Radical Interdependence and Online Telepathy: How Twitter Helps Us Find One Another at Reality Sandwich. Recently also 'Getting' Twitter at the 140 Characters Conference.
    'Jennifer Jupiter highlighted Palmer' knows the score about the power and underlying Nosis of communications tech.

    Back to "The Mentalist"...
    Robin as Teresa Lisbon opens the door in the Bluejay Ranch to save the day as per usual.
    A most fascinating and revealing network overlay pops up at the bottom of our screen.
    The Red C of CTV fades in before the rest of the letters, giving us, for one glorious freeze frame instant, the word JUNO and the Red I/Eye C-Ing Red, in shot with Tunney.
    Above the camera has moved in closer and MOM has the silver word, JUNO, literally inside of her. More vivid conformation of Tunney's Goddess resonance could not be asked for, yet much more is bestowed upon us, none the less.

    J is the 10th letter of the alphabet, 10 being the Roman numeral X, thus J=X. UNO is ONE in Italian and Spanish.
    JUNO=XONE the short form of Blue Worm.

    Revisiting the earlier part of this text it is NOW possible to see the twin J's (placed mirrored atop each other) that form the F-Hole type design, as a variation of Xonecuilli as XX.

    XX is a sync that suggests the New Aeon of Christ Consciousness or rather X-EON see What's This All Aboot, eh? Strange Things Afoot At The Circle-M

    What is being advertised with this network overlay is the 'Juno Awards', a prestigious ('the' prestigious?) Canadian music awards ceremony.

    Last year me and Jim collaborated to make the short film "StarMummy" starring Robin Tunney. It was released sometime in September.


    Jim chose local music from friends at "Balanced Records" for the soundtrack. "DJ Brace" from the album "The Electric Nosehair Orchestra in Nostomania" to be exact.
    In October I went to a "Balanced Records" CD release party finding "DJ Brace", performing the music on StarMummy (StarRing Robin Tunney), backed by a giant mural of Robins!

    Rest assured that Brace and the event organizers didn't know the connection WE are making here.

    See Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King, Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets Are For The Youth! for details about the above incident.

    Earlier this year I heard that Brace was nominated for a JUNO. The very award ceremony being advertised during Robin Tunney's Goddess sync at the Bluejay ranch.

    Jim recounts the tale of doing the music for "StarMummy" and its eventual entrainment with the Juno awards in Juniper floW over at Centre Portal.
    'Lo and behold' the man goes and wins the dam thing!

    JUNO/XENO coming through loud and clear.

    Baked my noodle...
    We see Robin, third from left, on "The Craft" poster highlighted by lightning which we have shown as resonant of the Blue Worm.
    During the creation of this post I got a copy of her latest cinematic outing "The Burning Plain" starring South Africa's Oscar (Golden Boy) winning Charlize Theron.
    The first thing we see when hitting play is twin golden filmstrips coiling and morphing through space into the serpentine hair of a C-Ing Red Medusa.
    The Blue Worm as a rubber Blue Snake Medusa costume piece gave us an earlier gorgon wink and its worth briefly noting here that there is a giant decapitated Medusa head above the grand staircase in the WinniPEG LEGislature.
    The building is a masonic RE-imagining of Solomon's Temple at the heart center of the North American continent.
    I believe it is a externalized emergence from Being marking the area of Manitoba as vital in realization of I-I.

    See Scarlet Dragon for more about The Peg Leg and Medusa's disembodied head, as well as Galactic Center Temple.
    Charlize and Robin show up at "The Palms Motor Hotel" looking for Theron's estranged daughter.
    Bear in mind we NOW kNOW Tunney as a resonator of JUNO/XENO herself.
    The highlighted SpiriT Palm of Cosmic Consciousness is then present along with the arrow. The arrow is a symbol always associated with the direction, route or location of what you seek.
    As what we seek is always at its essence the Self, the arrow fundamentally points towards the true reality of I Am.
    The railing of the "Palms Hotel" contains the Blue Worm or Xonecuilli.
    JUNO/XENO's silhouette passes the window as Charlize steps inside their room. The Scepter Of Quetzalcoatl sync winks with both Stars in frame if we look carefully through the bottom half of the open door.
    That I was sitting with Jim when I first saw this Robin sync - having met ViA causal chain overseen by the snake/worm of Jeremy Narby's "Cosmic Serpent" - at "Bar Italia" (common shorthand, Bar I/Eye) the day after an Ayahuasca ceremony on the Strawberry Full Moon, which took place at Mondragon (dragon/worm), was just perfect.

    Jim talks about the Strawberry Full Moon ceremony at Mondragon (MON/NOW/ENO etc) in Meye Now Dragon.
    The Red I/Eye logo of "Bar I".

    Thanks for reading.

    Peace In


    I pulled out "The Craft" DVD to check out the "House of snakes" scene, chapter 24 of course.
    My roomie said something like : "Isn't there a scene in "The Craft" where she (Tunney) has snakes in her hair?"
    This would sync Tunney with Medusa, which would be mad...

    Tunney stands atop a staircase, the entire scene and snakes/worms are bathed in blue light.
    No snakes in her hair I'm afraid, but hang on, something even better!
    We see the following 3 shots, in this exact order, during the "House of snakes" scene.
    1. Rats/Stars (thanks to Richard Arrowsmith for noting this anagram) crawling over the Blue Worm or Xonecuilli (above), fitting as this is also a Star constellation. Rats end up in her hair a few shots later which was probably what my roomie was thinking about.
    2. Robin's (JUNO/XENO) face displaying a distinctly blue hue.
    3. Worms, blue, squirming out of a flowerpot(?).

    The S-Shape Xonecuilli followed by Robin and worms in blue, very nice.

    The Robin is the early bird that heralds the Spring and gets the worm.
    Seconds later she is inside and we see these same Blue Worm resonators wriggling in the toilet bowl. We saw a pair of toilet Xonecuilli encounters in the text above.

    Charming way to end this lot, the amazing 'toilet/worm' sync pattern...

    "New shit has come to light!"
    Jim mentions the Peacock as related to Juno in a very relevant post over at "The Sync Whole" Juno Temple. Considering the Peacock/Blue Bird is associated to Juno in myth this ads much depth to the Robin Tunney "The Mentalist" sync where the word JUNO appears over her person while inside the "Bluejay Ranch".