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    Saturday, October 4, 2008

    "Ridiculous Lucky Captain Rabbit King, Lucky Captain Rabbit King Nuggets are for the Youth!" (Amended)

    Bird spotting: Encountered the Robin literally Sync winking knowingly. Robin was over the moon on a standee in a music store (Oct 2).

    One gets used to living with syncs. The are becoming the very texture of my world. I note the dramatic ones on my blog and simply acknowledge the less so as little winks and bread crumbs, highlighting that I am walking my path.
    Robin is my synchromystic familiar. When I see the Robin it reminds me I am One with my environment and swimming with the ever aligning syncs.

    I feel that because the event horizon of your Konsciousness sphere can be infinitely expanded it means we are all equal. If there is an infinite up and down to Konsciousness you are always in the middle, no? Meaning a God, Archetype, E.T or Buddha is no more integral then a human, amoeba insect or atom. All are the same in the I of God.
    Robin in the street on a trashed advertisement (Oct 3)

    In the same fashion syncs - in actuality all space time phenomena - have no hierarchy of importance, one connection is as profound as the other, yet context and point of view highlight some for total 'awesomeness'.
    Thats how I feel about this sync. It's just totally awesome!
    Eating Torus shaped - thus Being resonating - Robin's Donuts on South Osbourne (OZ Born) with Jim (Oct 3).

    With some trepidation I stepped out on Friday (Oct 3) evening to do the socializing thing. Now, believe it or not, a blogger who sits around finding Kosmic Konscious design and 'auras' in "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" might be a teensy clumsy at 'boogieing down'.
    Yet my personal spiritual work requires being comfortable in all spaces and well rounded. As the small me still fears interacting with strangers and lovely ladies the BIG I sends me out to make a fool of itself.
    The Black Hole in the Center of the Stargate Mandala resonates the Dark Star and Heart Of The Milky Way. Also note the donut poster for new film Sex Drive.

    I had very little idea of what I had been invited to by my roommate but went along surrendering to the flow.
    I am sitting in the "The Graffiti Gallery" when the pieces of the puzzle start to coalesce slowly around me.
    This is a CD release party for "DJ Brace" from the album "The Electric Nosehair Orchestra in Nostomania"


    It's the very artist who's music Jim (Nosis) chose for StarMummy, the video we made together. At this point StarMummy is my favorite synchromystic 'fruit'.

    As the same song on StarMummy starts playing it dawns on me that I am looking at Graffiti that is alive.

    DJ Brace StarMummy Grafiti Sync

    I see a goddess, pentagram Stars are emanating from her Crown and Third Eye with Robins entering playfully through the Stargate of Kosmic Konsciousness. Of course this doesn't discomfort or alarm anybody in the room as this is only happening from my perspective.
    The pentagram is the symbol of Isis, the Heart of The Milky Way.

    Isis has appeared and sync winked alignment with the Center through the very fabric of space time. From another perspective I am simply sitting calmly listening to live music in Winnipeg, enjoying the art on display. Both are equally real and beautiful.

    Konsciousness has grown inside of us to the point where we can NOW share these perspectives.


    Addition: DJ Brace's Shirt...

    "A Few Shots to Shaman" correctly picks up on possible mystery on DJ Braces T, inquiring about it in the comments attached to this post. Here's the scoop.
    One of the beers at the bar was the Canadian Kokanee brand. An ice capped mountain with Double-K present and accounted for.
    DJ Braces shirt was two snow topped mountains with a McDonald's type 'We3Spinner M' hovering above. Jachin and Boaz/K2 Pillarmount resonators in my mind...

    Be well


    aferrismoon said...

    The rope-swinging Robin winks as it swings , a swync!

    Unknown said...

    I had a sync moment yesterday. I was speaking to a friend in a bar about his car accident, his heart had stopped and his had this radical procedure to restart his heart which involved his rib cage being cut into and his heart being started with a hand. A horrible image to imagine. He had an out of body experience where he met the conscious sprit that we refer to as God, and his gatekeepers.

    That evening I went home and on the TV was The Core. Here we have a group of people being lead into the centre of the Earth by Aaron (Moses, Aknaton) Eck-heart. His character is called Josh-ua, the man who took over from Moses.

    The core of the earth is described as The Heart and they need to restart this heart, otherwise the magnetic field around the planet will collapse and everyone will die. A scientist describes the Core as being made of Iron (syncing with your work on us being in the Iron age, and Iron man and his heart).

    The ship they use is also very much like a sperm, and the core appears to be a female egg. The process of restarting this Earth heart is very much like the process of birth itself.

    The fact that only Aaron Eckhart and the androngenous Hilary Swank return has some importance, as is the role of Aaron Eckhart as Harvey two-face in the latest Batman films. The other strange things are the places to be affected first are London, and then Rome, the two places which house our masters (City of London, Vatican), with Washington DC being the third seat of power and in control of the DESTINY project.

    Timor said...

    Awesome Jaspal!!!!

    You have to read this site of italian astrophysicis Giuliana Conforto
    Today in a conference she has spoken about the same arguments

    Jake see nuclear weak force and
    W(w+,w-) and Z bosons

    and H=Hydrogen because the vibration is increasing and changing the nuclear Hydrogen spin.

    You can see in Crop Circles too
    See the image in this italian link

    Heart=Kristos=Krystal=Stargate in you
    You also have stargate in the center(heart) of the earth as in the galaxies center

    Do you know jakob bohme?
    You have to see his paintings

    I love so much your work and many others in Italy

    Thanks and love from italy

    In the name of the Father

    A Figure Eight said...

    Right on Jaspal! I really resonated with your comments...

    Perhaps as we are the micro versions of the Earth body, we need to restart our own hearts to keep the planet Alive!

    Aaron Eckart,EkHeart, also reminds me of Eckart Tolle.

    Indras Net said...

    nice one Jake!, Great podcast on stormy weather btw, and starmummy is a freakin masterpeice, when you speak the totality seems nearer and clearer and thanks for that my man! Keep up the great work and never be discouraged,natural rhythms in the universe cannot be "patented" as some folks might hope. your work is greatly appreciated abroad, keep on synching in the free world brother!

    Ed said...

    Hi Jake. I don't know if youve seen this yet, but feel free to use it if you want, Robin and BEAST boy trying to stop the Amazon/Oz's invisible plane that has just plowed through A building that looks like WTC7!

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    I agree the Robin fits you well Jake.
    I found this on the Web:

    " We know that robins are one of the first species to begin singing every morning. In late May, they normally begin singing over an hour before sunrise."

    Your work is singing the song to bring forth the dawn while it is still dark. Morning is coming very soon, the first sun rays are peering through the forest canopy.

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Hey, guys.... What was on DJ Brace's shirt?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Love The Core analysis!
    The Aaron Eckhart as Tolle thing is smashing.

    Sneaky Shaman! I was going to save that but thought I would include it now as you seem to be sniffing something.

    I included a grainy but still decipherable shot of his T-shirt on the post.

    It's ridiculous!


    Ben said...

    I saw a beetle car parked next to mine at the gas station.....directly behind it was a stopped semi truck with a peace sign "sync kissing" the bug

    aferrismoon said...

    A BRACE - a pair of something [ pheasants quite often]

    Unknown said...

    Thanks for your amazing blog Jake. The information you present really strikes a cord with the journey I am on and what I am seeing. As the Robin is your sync, mine seems to be the number 222. For the longest time I searched for what it could mean; what could the cosmos be telling me by constantly repeating this number to me? I recently came upon a book by Drunvalo Melchizedek while at Chapters and on the first page I flipped to was the answer I have been looking for so long. According to Drunvalo, 222 represents the process of ascension or resurrection. HA! Just noticed another sync right now. As I right this comment, their are 11 (K) previous ones and this is the 12th. 11: The number of light or as Pythagoras said, "Eleven is the number of a cycle of new beginnings". Bring it on!!!

    aferrismoon said...

    M for MONS? SNOWMONS , haven't met I Yet

    Ben said...

    that ET sync....
    did this inspire the WOW/MOM realization or was it just discovered jake?


    A Figure Eight said...

    see Jake:

    beat ya to it, again!
    : p

    Jake Kotze said...

    I will tell you in the next big post where I first made the mom/wow connect. Allow me some melodrama, good sir.


    Timor said...

    A sweet and tasty present for you my friends;-)

    Nik Kershaw - Human Racing (Promo Clip)

    Jasun said...

    "There is trouble till the robins come."

    Sandy Williams, Blue Velvet

    "I don't how it could eat a BUG!" Barbara Beaumont, BV

    aferrismoon said...

    Synchromaddenlingly enough if u haul yer ass over to K2CANDY3 there's afilm credit opening with Johnny WOW and the final 'w' = an 'm' reversed.

    The post also features the 'sleeping' scene from the KUPAR comic which JB commented had the Z in a speech bubble 3 times

    77 x 3 = 231 and this u posted this post at 2:31. 231 also = Factorial 22 [ I think]