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    Saturday, October 4, 2008

    Stormy Weather Podcast

    I got an email request from Aeolus Kephas to do a podcast. My general criteria for doing these is "Would I listen to this Podcast/Show?".
    After reading a bit of Aeolus' work and listening to the show I imagined talking to him could only be interesting.
    I did not know what I was letting myself in for but even that seemed potentially fascinating.
    It ended up being a great talk about the nuts and bolts of our belief systems making for a challenging but important dialogue about consciousness, conspiracy and synchronicity.

    Aeolus chats with synchromystic Jake Kotze on postmodern animism, the hidden archetypal patterns behind pop culture, the secret designs of the "influencing elite," the global awakening to cosmic consciousness, 9/11 & mass initiation through catastrophes, etc, etc.
    Stormy Weather Podcast Page

    Aeolus has also written about the talk on his blog Stormy Weather, making some keen observations and highlighting what he interprets as contradictions in synchromysticism.

    Jake Kotze and Synchromysticism

    Aeolus in my view is a Self aware facet of the totality with an attachment to fear. The awareness he has attained through paranoia is due to the inherent Joy of Self discovery and truth it allowed. I feel strong kinship with this as I have shared that journey.

    Thanks Aeolus!


    Jasun said...

    Hi Jake

    glad we crossed paths. "Attachment to fear"? Maybe, but don't we all? You are missing a fundamental factor, i think: the dark conspiracies don't SCARE me! I enjoy all that stuff, even the darkest of the dark, not i trust in a morbid way but because the sahdow lets us know which way the light is coming from, and the shape of our own "blockage."

    Is it possible it's your own fear of these things that causes you to assume fear, or attachment to same, on my part?

    As i said on the show, moving away from fear doesn't mean moving away from the things that give rise to fear - on the contrary, only by moving towards them can we embrace them. Moving away from them - as you claim to be doing - suggests there is still fear of these things.

    do you see what i mean?

    Jake Kotze said...

    It's not the fear of the conspiracy you want to keep as your identity.
    It's the loss of the identity itself.

    Yes, you spot all the contradictions implied by even having this dialogue and detect my form facets own set of ever healing attachments.

    You sir are a fantastic! I love it. You are teaching me and the open reader/listener so much by this engagement.

    Everything, our 'disagreement' and 'personas' reveal so much.

    The only point I want to make is the one I can never put in words.

    I want us to realize and be that same point.

    Jasun said...

    it's happening, Jake - with the world (or a tiny autistic fragment) as our witness to our ever inadequate word games

    (see the flowering merry debate at RI - - and maybe at SW too)

    Yes, the Great Terror is loss of identity, no more but also no less than this

    i have been there and found only Eternal Bliss, and yet "I" fled back into the damned little self with my tail between my legs, before i even knew what i was doing.

    This is the danger of using psychotropic substances for a taste of the Truth: since the self is not ready to be erased, it experiences a disproportionate degree of terror, which can then translate into the sort of morbidity (or paranoia) you referred to when talking about Crowley, Dick, et al. Castaneda is a prime example of this pitfall, as is Strieber - premature enlightenment through power plants and/or alien beings make for very off-kilter worldviews!

    It sounds from your own disclosures that you have had a taste of this also? We bear the burden of the blue pill masses.

    Ben Fairhall said...
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    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Sounds like Stormy Weather......

    Dog reference in between the tail....

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    By far Jake's best interview yet.... You need the confrontation of plow, and field, and the compost of shit, if you expect to have fertile ground.

    Particleion said...

    That was just awesome stuff jake... I want to continue the conversation,but theres just soo much in there to touch up on..So im going to focus on the loop you both seemed to be going through near the end. The loop of what is really in control, the all seeing eye vs the "illuminati" elite

    Steve said it best
    "Who's watching the watchers"
    That statement alone prompted me to make this.

    I agree with you in the sense that even the so called puppet masters are puppets themselves to the all seeing eye. This is also why there is no real chaos at lease not in our universe.

    Dang i don't want to post links to things that ive made on your blog because im not trying to self promote but i made a video that deals with "Layers of reality" so for this post its relevant.

    Realmz of existence

    See my perception of the universe is somewhat different only because I incorporate and draw in lots of science and technology yet again I still agree that we are returning to the source of creation and not just going back to the singularity. No we are becoming the singularity ourselves.

    So again I state mind and universe are becoming one!

    Jasun said...

    don't know if you have followed the RI thread but it's pretty illuminating so far as how hard it is for your average paranoid to embrace the holographic view of reality or open to the idea of catastrophe as mass-initiation

    i wonder if these ideas themselves haven't somehow been shaped by those discarnate creators of syntax (AI) to ensure that we remain divided, both in ourselves and as a community, and so easy to conquer?

    if the internet chat spaces are aimed towards anything, I'd say it is reconciliation of these opposites, the creation of a new consensus beyond "right" and "wrong"?

    Richard Arrowsmith said...

    Hi Jake
    Glad to see you've attracted an adversary to help fire things up a little. Teachers often come in the form we least expect. I never thought 'synchromysticism' could be attacked, due to the self evident nature of it, but it's obviously been ruffling a few feathers with readers whose belief systems don't have the flexibility to bend and evolve. I suppose some snakes will always want to hold onto their old skin, even if it limits their growth.

    Aelophus Kephas (and many others like him who are still trying to fight a battle with an invisible opponent - one they can never win) cannot 'get' the magic that Sychromysticism can bring into their lives while holding onto the fear and negative emotions inside. By attacking your work they attack your message: that we are all one. If they allowed this belief to filter into their lives, then they would have to let go of their anger, fear, paranoia and all the rest. They would have to stop fighting the world, and for some people this would mean loss of identity. For some people 'misery' is a drug that they never try to overcome. They believe it's part of them, and a natural part of living. When they see someone, like yourself, who has managed to overcome that drug, it shakes them up. For the first time they see the weakness in themselves and lash out at the person who dared to be different.

    Aeolus Kephas will continue his assault of words to try and bring you back down to his level - into the lower levels of the ego/mind. Your blog is a threat to all those people out there who are stuck in the ego (which is why I believe your festival gig was cancelled). They don't like to see or hear about someone (like yourself) who has managed to escape the confines of the ego. You're a virus, Jake, one that infects people with 'something' I have no name for. People will always try to stamp out the virus, but the very nature/essence of a virus is to spread. I'm happily contaminated with it, and I feel all the better for having come in contact with it/you. If I were to label the virus I'd call it 'Consciousness'. Some peoples resistance to 'Consciousness' is stronger than others, depending on the baggage their holding onto inside. However, prolonged exposure to it can break down the strongest defence (ego) systems. Give Aelous time. If he has the balls to keep reading your blog then you may find he becomes more receptive to your ideas, and more receptive to life in general. Resistance to 'Consciousness' is futile!

    Aeolus Kephas has obviously attracted you into his life for good reason. Maybe it's time for him to start shedding some layers off his ego, to lighten up a little, and I can't think of a better place for him to do this than your blog. Keep up the good work Jake and continue speaking your truth.

    Jasun said...

    Jake old buddy, if these are the sort of followers you are attracting, the SM movement is in worse shape than i feared

    with friends like these, who needs psi-op agents...?

    ; )

    Papa Kephas

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Editor said...

    Jake, I was loading the new south park episode and while it loaded I clicked over to synchromysticblogspotter to check for new blob posts. "Stormy Weather" caught my eye and I clicked in. Then immediately back to South Park to watch the episode, and a few minutes in there was this screen shot:

    Are you beginning to become a resonator?

    Unknown said...

    shake that hater off your shoulder jake, you are a prophet to me, and i love your work, you have discovered so many syncs that perplexed so many minds...