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    Thursday, October 2, 2008

    Musical Fruit

    I walk into my local corner store a few days ago, thinking about Jimmy Page. A few seconds later I realize Led Zeppelin is playing over the stores radio. As I am standing there trying to puzzle out the 'sequence of events' - "did I hear the song without fully realizing it?", "did hearing it on some unrealized level inspire the thoughts?" or more likely "is my mind and the universe one seamless continuum?" - I notice that I am looking at an avocado that bears a sticker reading "Emp 196 MR JIMMY 4046 Product of Mexico". I grabbed it, feeling it a sign.

    According to Wikipedia the Avocado is a fruit (technically a berry) also called an alligator pear.

    See Scarlet Dragon and Aferrismoon' Telis on the blink for Lacoste G8tor syncs

    Below on the left is a Copan Stela C of Mayan Solar King, Rabbit 18. His loincloth bears a crocodile, placing the solar king in the maw of the animal. This John Major Jenkins tells us symbolizes rebirth of the sun. Specifically the alligator mouth is associated with Galactic Center in exactly the same way Izapa Stela 11 (on the right) with its toad swallowing scene was in the previous post (see Galactic Center p41 for details). The example was used of Hugh Jackman, who is First Father and Xibalba in "The Fountain", having an oral encounter with 'The Toad' in "Flushed Away". Both reptilian themed swallowing representing Galactic Center.
    From Gemini

    Comparing the Monster Mouth and reptilian aspects of the croc or G8tor syncs to the Dragon feel a logical move.

    The appearance of four symbols on the jacket of Led Zeppelin's fourth album have been linked to Page's interest in the occult. It is generally accepted that the four symbols represented each member of the band. During tours and performances after the release of Led Zeppelin IV, Page often had zodiac symbols embroidered on his clothes (referred to as his "Dragon Suit", it included the signs for Capricorn, Scorpio and Cancer which are Page's Sun, Ascendant and Moon signs, respectively) along with the so-called "ZoSo" symbol.

    I love how Mr Jimmy's sigil combines the ZO (Pan/77) with SO. I have often felt OZ and OS should be interchanged at will because words that start or sound like Os - as in Oswald or Australia - are often shortened as just plain OZ. ZOSO in my mind is just PAN/PAN or 'totally totality'.
    Oswald Penitentiary becomes simply "OZ" in the show featuring Harold Perrineau - in a wheelchair Merkabah - from Matrix and Lost...

    See Following Hugh Jackman Through the Atlantean Stargate
    Terry O'Quinn as John Locke and wheelchair Merkabah in "Lost" with Australia or OZ sync winking.
    Stargate King Hugh Jackman and Nicole Kidman 'Down Under' or in the 'Land of OZ' in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming "Australia".
    Note how the red A or Alpha of Australia flips to become a V in V for Vendetta.
    The 'Circle N' covering the middle Pussycat Dolls' 'down under' synchromystically becoming OZ/NO etc (the N rotating, dig?). We even see the OS of Los Angeles on the tarmac. Their "Black Heart" resonates Galactic Center as both a black hole/star and the heart of the Milky Way (see StarMummy and A Few Shots to Shaman). The one Doll is wearing the VALIS/ZEBRA stripes while the freaking Great Pyramid of Giza frames nearly all the symbols discussed thus far! Then New York appears bottom left with a Circle K above it resonating.... That's it! I give up on this mind numbing thing, what gives? I had never even heard of them a week ago, moving on... (I'm being melodramatic. We will probably have to penetrate this mystery deeper some other time)
    Javier Bardem won the Oscar (The Golden Boy) for his role as Anton Chigurh (Aton Sugar) in "No (OZ) Country for Old Men". We see him interact with the ZO and SO above and below.
    How wacky then when we note that he has recently stared with Scarlett Johansson in Woody Allen's "Vicky Christina Barcelona".
    Scarlett interacts with a Scarlet Dragon in another Woody Allen film "Scoop".
    The one with Stargate King Hugh Jackman (now in Oz/Australia!) featuring Master Therion's Tarot Cards. It's just too much...
    But wait!
    Lets not forget that Jimmy owned Crowley's house overlooking Loch Ness, waters which many believe house a monster or dinosaur.

    From the early 1970s to well into the 1980s, Jimmy Page owned the Boleskine House, the former residence of occultist Aleister Crowley.
    Wikipedia Jimmy Page Personal Life
    This Nessie thing, yet again, gives me that Dragon and Galactic Center as 'ego beast' feeling.
    Nessie, Crowley resonating Beast of Galactic Center? You decide..

    It feels like a deep sync hole, lets just skip along again and leave that for later or some other brave StarG8tor.
    Hang on.., wasn't Jimmy Page playing with Puff Daddy in that video for "Godzilla"? A giant dinosaur and Milky Way type Dragon monster!

    Puff Daddy feat. Jimmy Page - Come with me

    OMG! its starts with the words "Not since the World Trade Center Bombing"

    See Scarlet Dragon for dinosaurs as beasts of the Milky Way.
    See What A Big Fucking Lizard, Lord! The 911 Dinosaur Mystery for multiple dino WTC syncs.
    Pearl Jam's self titled 8th studio album, nickname "Avocado".

    Interesting enough its last track is titled "Inside Job", what many believe 911 was.


    When I was interviewed for Nosis the clip that resulted was called "Inside Job". Jim was putting a spin on its usual meaning in the 911 context. Instead of referring to a the government orchestrating 911, this 'Inside Job' means the spiritual transformation and global ascension process marked by the 911 Mega-Ritual.

    I plan to eat "Mr Jimmy" 2morrow.

    Wish me well



    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    This post turned me into a giggling mess...

    A Figure Eight said...
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    A Figure Eight said...

    I also find it to be a seamless continuum. I think its the Process we are all involved in, the trinity in One, the writer, actor, and audience all are One. Moving with synchronicity shows us that. It guides us thru decoding the cosmic matrix.

    Also, interesting note on V for Vendetta actor Hugo Weaving and the stars of Australia. All three of them hail from the Land down under. Australia - The inverted America of the Southern Hemisphere?

    What's with all the place names that begin and end in A?

    Alaska, arizona, alabama, america, artica, and antartica..
    AA. Is that an Aquarius resonator?

    (Also, did you hear what might happen on Oct 15 in Alabama?)

    The Merkaba Star of two interlocked triangle/tetrahedrons is supposed to balance the Earth Grid. And the 19.5 degree at which each point intersects is an energy center, like Hawaii here, or the red spot on Jupiter.

    Also, I noticed the teardrop under the OZ tattoo as I found this:

    The Sun’s heliopsphere is a magnetic field in the shape of a teardrop(raindrop) that extends to the outer space of our Solar System. The tail of this drop is pointing in the opposite direction that our Solar System is travelling. It is like the blazing trail of a comet. The leading edge of the heliosphere is showing glowing plasma energy. This plasma energy in 1990 used to be 4 to 40 astronomical units deep (an astronomical unit is the distance from the Earth to the Sun, 93 million miles). The heliosphere now has a layer of plasma energy that is a 100 astronomical units deep. This enormous increase cannot be explained by western science.

    - from Professor of Geology Dr. Alexey Dmitriev of the Siberian Department of Russian Academy of Sciences

    Also, in the trailer for Australia, Nicole Kidman tells a child the story of the Wizard of Oz.

    Weaving after all, no?

    A Figure Eight said...

    Also... : )

    Godzilla means God of the Island. Illa means island. With an extra Z in there for kicks. And as far as I know, Godzilla only came to islands, Manhattan and Japan...right?

    Also, is Godzilla a King Kong, thus K2 resonator?

    So, who are these Reptile 'Gods' who like to create destruction?

    Also, speaking of AA, As, or Angels, as in the baseball team. They were just defeated by the Sox, or the SO/ZO X, the OZ merkaba.

    The Sox were the ones involved in a scandal that would curse them to this day, the 1919 (9/11?) game they allegedly threw or faked, when they turned from White to Black, ala Black Sox Scandal. Shoeless Joe Jackson was the famous player who was the source for the movie Field of Dreams and the important phrase, "If you build it, they will come."

    Earlier today on my facebook status, I threatened to throw my shoe at Palin on my tv if she was too rediculous. Throw. Shoe. Shoeless Joe, Joe being Biden. The book Shoeless Joe was written by W. Kinsella, who kept his last name for the novel's character, bringing us back to 'ella' or 'illa' meaning island of family or kin. Also, with the S or Z in the middle.

    Maybe these gods are family? Hard to imagine...

    The whole time I was typing this, I had Rihanna's lyrics in my head.."under my umberella, A, A, ella, illa, A, A..." guiding me along. Nothing happens without reason..

    'Now it's raining more than ever,
    but when the sun shines we'll shine together,
    tell you I'll be here forever.'

    or something...

    Particleion said...

    While the dragon has many attributes I have come to learn that the dragon also represent the primordial cosmic force that created our local universe. We are extremely fortunate to be living in galaxy that is currently dormant. When I say our galaxy is dormant what is meant is that the galactic center is not currently feeding on any matter. I strongly believe that the awakening of gOdZilla galactic center is the shifting from dormant to feeding. Also its only appropriate that galactic center is attributed to a powerful mystical creature, for theres nothing in our galaxy bigger than galactic center or Sagittarius A.

    ON a not so off topic if we view each galaxy as a fractal representation of the universe Sagittarius A is our parent Singularity. Our universal hub to the source of creation. Our alignment with Sagittarius A much like a cosmic clock synchronization is where your in the greatest sync to the "source" as you can. The Source of the universe is the same "source" of consciousness. Mind and existence ie universe are merging as we speak.

    Mini me and cosmic I united to co-create existence!

    So with such an interface we must watch what we say, do, and let into our consciousness. Acknowledge the infinity inside yourself and let all of existence be your own doing.


    Jake Kotze said...


    Lovely comments, thanks.

    All three folks on Australia and V for Vendetta are from OZ!

    Godzilla as K2, see post:
    What a Big Fucking Lizard Lord! from April 22. I will link it up in the post.

    gOdZilla (nice)

    Great stuff

    be well

    A Figure Eight said...

    Also, not to hog the commenting here...but your ideas keep fueling my own observations... we have mOZilla, as the preeminent Noosphere browser. Mozilla which replaced Mosaic, the first browser to popularize the WWW (world wide web), according to wiki. The web and the mosaic being expressions of the pieces joining together to reflect the Whole. Each piece being necessary for the Whole's existence.

    Newspaceman said...

    Yeah Jake, Jimmy Page/Oz, you are a bit late again, no ?

    cheers though

    Michael said...

    Not to be always focused below the belt - but avocado comes from ahuacatl, the Nahuatl word for "testicle".

    Enjoy your meal.

    Michael (who gets a double h handshake with the word verification).

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    How complex this mystery is!

    aferrismoon said...

    196 = 14x14, and 14 = the pieces of rent Osiris. It's a LYCHREL number.
    106 + 601 = 707 which = a palindromic number.
    196 hasn't palindromed for some 700,000 iterations.
    Via Hebrew/Letter numbers there's the word QVTz which Crowley [ in 777] = The Crown, High Point.
    I looked in a modern Hebrew-English dictionary and it has the meanings -thorn , prickle, spike. It got me thinking of the prickly pear

    Imagining the Blob meeting an alligator - the Blob consumes the Alligator [ as Blobs are apt to do] but it cant digest the alligator's teeth which turn into a pearl of great value. The Blob then excretes this pearl from which hatches a dragon of some enormity which consumes the quivering Blob that in turn permeates the entire dragon turning it into a bouncy beast that boings through time and space wending its strangeling way until it meets..........