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    Saturday, February 2, 2008

    Z is for Zebra

    Syncstar Todd Campbell from Trough The Looking Glass passes on another tasty tidbit when highlighting that the Philip K. Dick "VALIS" encounter also involved "Zebra". Indeed it would seem that "Zebra" was Dick's initial name for VALIS, thus making anything zebra flavoured also VALIS resonating. The syncnificance (synchromystic significance) of the context seeing a Zebra sync will, as with any sync, increase depending on how many other significant associations (relevant actors, stargates etc) are attributed to said zebra spotting. If we look at the zebra above, as fine a looking beast as it may be (this photo is from a past trip to the Winnipeg Zoo), it certainly does nothing particularly syncnificant (how do I know, it might be chewing on some octagonal candy as we speak) but take a gander at the one below...
    Comedian Chris Rock plays the Zoo escaping Zebra on the Island of Manhatum (Manhattan itself being synchromystically considered as a real life Island/Mound/Benben of Atum, the setting for both a pivotal 2K millennium celebration in Time Square and the 911 Mega-Ritual) in "Madagascar".
    Inside the Zoo our Zebra inspects the Lion's, voiced by Ben Stiller (Zoolander!), Tooth. Teeth tampering evoking and entraining with Robin Tunney who inspects Dennis Leary's (Saber-Tooth from "Ice Age") Tooth/Thoth in "The Secret Lives of Dentists" (below). (See Sweet Thooth for more info on how Tooth resonate Thoth, as pointed out by Aferrismoon in Identity Chrysalis)
    ZO and Z syncs keep winking at us when investigating the Stargate (the ever growing doorway of consciousness or Being moving in and through humanity) themes synchromystically. ZO has been spotted in connection with Robin Tunney as, a 3 times Zoe actress and having all Crowley "Book of the Law" 'Grid Page' elements pointing at her name and the ZO on the 2005 "Zodiac" film poster (see the "Tunney Trilogy", "A robin feathering his nest" and image above).
    In "Paparazzi" (note the double Z) Robin Tunney (pictured being pictured, above) plays Abby, who is harassed into a serious car accident by sadistic celebrity chasing photographers. This tale is directly inspired by the alleged paparazzi connected death of Princess Diana. Making Tunney resonate the 'bloodline of Jesus or Holy Grail' (following the logic of the popular "The Da Vinci Code" and "The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail" themes).
    In a noteworthy scene Chris Rock our Zoo (ZO) escaping Zebra (VALIS) resonator delivers Pizza (double Z) to Tunney's (our 3 times Zoe and Zodiac actress) household.
    The Zebra came up before as mysteriously connected to Robin Tunney (see shot from Cherish below) and black and white animals (sphinx) seen on the "The Chariot" tarot cards (See Tunney Trilogy). Tunney, as a patient with an unknown disease of "House M.D" is again called a Zebra.

    Zebra, in medical terminology, refers to a rare condition or situation. It can refer to either the patient with the condition or the condition itself. (e.g.: "This guy has a real zebra" or"This guy's a zebra") (article link)

    The Stargate Queen Robin Tunney, having been connected to the Zebra with three sync winks is now clearly a VALIS resonator!

    This makes a whole whack of sense following the logic that VALIS is a manifestations of the Stargate (the doorway of consciousness/Being growing inside humanity). As Tunney is the most vivid example of the Stargates synchromystic web working through an actress (her only remote rival being Rachel Weisz) having her also resonating the famous Philip K. Dick consciousness altering "thingamagick" fits snug with the already way impressive collection of syncnificance attributed to her roles.
    I will highlight one more such fascinating and fitting Robin Tunney sync wink and then summarize the most vivid examples for emphasis.
    Her most recent gig was doing voice overs for the stop motion pop culture parody show "Robot Chicken". One of her roles sees Robin being Carole Demas (the doll on the right, I think) from the "The Magic Garden".

    A typical show included songs, games, jokes, stories (regularly acted out using costumes and props from "The Story Box"), and life lessons for their viewers. Wiki

    In the vivid imagination of the writers for this parody sketch, "The Story Box" opens and releases flesh melting spirits, lampooning the famous scene from the end of "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

    Meaning that in the image above you are seeing no less then 'The Stargate Queen' synchromystically interact with the Ark of The Covenant.
    Stargate Queen Robin Tunney as it stands synchromystically, thus far...

    *Like Aleister Crowley she is a K2 mountaineer in 2000's (2K) "Vertical Limit" (the possible location pointed at by the decoded Great Pyramid according to Ralph Ellis)

    *A vessel for Arnold Schwarzenegger's (Christnegger) Millennial (2K) satanic moonchild in "End
    Of Days"

    *A Stargate jumper in the sci-fi film "Supernova" alongside James Spader (the O.G. Stargate veteran from the film "Stargate"). This film also contains multiple Crowley 'Grid Page' sync winks.

    *A rider of the 'Checkered Chariot of the Gods' or checker cab in "Prison Break".

    *Alice 'Through the Looking Glass' in "The Craft" (film also contains her, in the same frame, with a book titled "Magick". (See Island of Atum and Tunney Trilogy)

    *Bride to be of Superman (Ben Affleck as George Reeves) in "Hollywoodland". Superman is the most notable thinly veiled comic book deity (see Christopher Knowle's book "Our Gods Wear Spandex"), a modern solar Hercules and Horus.

    *A Thoth resonator when fixing Denis (Saber-Tooth from "Ice Age") Leary's Tooth in "The Secret Lives of Dentists".

    *Princess Diana, the carrier if the bloodline of Jesus and the Holy Grail itself (not that I personally dig that idea) in "Paparazzi".

    *VALIS resonator as connected to Zebra' in "Cherish", House M.D (Pilot Episode) and Chris Rock in "Paparazzi".

    *A witness to the opening of the holiest of holies, the Ark of the Covenant, itself in "Robot Chicken: Slaughterhouse on the Prairie". A sacred cuboid whose symbolism is directly evolved from the Giza Plateau.

    Will the Stargate Queen, fair Robin Tunney, ever live up to her name and one day grace us with the greatest '911 Pillarmid Time Travel Movie' of all time? We will see...


    The Secret Sun said...

    I wish I had seen Hollywoodland before I wrote Spandex, since I would have gladly adopted Ms. Tunney as my muse for the project. However, the lovely Lynda Carter filled the role quite nicely.

    Would it be crass if I publicly wished for RT to give us a bit of skin in a future role? Uncle AL would approve.

    Jake Kotze said...

    $heizer, forgot about her Hollywoodland role. Will ad it right away.

    The Secret Sun said...

    And Affleck played in a deep impact film and played a fallen angel in Dogma.

    FilmNoir23 said...

    I enjoyed this much Jake. I appreciated the summery style. It can often become hard to keep up with all the previous references as you have moved further along the path!

    Glad that my Zebra/P.K. Dick link bore fruit! I figured it would...pretty significant.

    Keep rolling!

    aferrismoon said...

    A fine idea, lightweight and easy to fold .
    I notice that the Pizza taxi number = 555 5151. With the calculator numbers 1515 = ISIS

    CLK , you want some skin, then TAKE OFF ZE BRA, BABY. Take off of course resonating with planes taking off, smashing into the Twins, the Pillarmountainbreastomids, removing the Bra or the actual physical structures , leaving the BABY, innocent and golden, as resonator for our rebirth. And Robin will play Nuit, maybe

    aferrismoon said...

    In the Zodiac poster pic an actor has the name William Mapother. A great name Map-other, almost a definition of synching, but its the last name of Thomas Cruise Mapother. Does anyone know if they're related.
    I got my wages today - 22023 Korun, funky income

    The Secret Sun said...

    William Mapother is Tom Cruise's brother. Not sure if he's a Selfologist.

    NotABlogger said...

    This is stuff that the wiki really wants:>

    FilmNoir23 said...

    aferrismoon: I am surprised at you...that is Ethan Rom from "Lost"

    Unknown said...

    I was just watching Robin Tunney movie - The Craft - and Robin rides in the mean-witch's red mustang (red horse of revelations?) past a movie theater playing "Die Hard: With a Vengence," the 3rd movie, in which terrorists blow up bombs in New York. The only other car she rides in during The Craft is a taxi, twice.

    During a flashback we learn that Robin's character drank a mixture of blood and water after she slit her wrists. In the movie NightWatch (see: cosmic cube) a witch gives a guy a mixure of blood and vodka to help with magic. Jesus also bled blood+water before experiencing the ultimate. Interestlingy, Robin has played at least 2 characters who slit their wrists (The Craft and Empire Records).