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    Sunday, February 10, 2008


    The Secret Sun did a post (So) a short while ago highlighting an advertisement inside a 1977 (Elvis's Death, New York blackouts, Summer of Sam) Playboy. The 'So' forms the synchromystic Stargate symbol (O) atop the 911 Mega Ritual's Pillarmids (towering pillar and pyramid symbols). Perfect symbolism of the consciousness focusing force unleashed on September 11th 2001.
    The 'Lost' island has been synchromystically shown to be a symbolic Island of Manhatum (Manhattan as symbolic mound of Atum (See Island of Atum)). This was explored in depth (see Comic Book Cycle 5 A and B) and will probably feature again as the new season gets into full swing.
    The last thing we see of the intro title before the show officially starts every episode is OS. Synchromytically anything goes (if you can sell it well, we will buy it, no problem) and OS very easily being SO...
    "Lost" also saw an episode titled "Enter 77" (see Comic Book Cycle 5).
    Big, rambling post out soon.


    Christopher Loring Knowles said...

    Inverse codes seem to have particular meaning, for reasons I don't understand. Maybe it's because you sound crazy when you bring them up- makes them more useful!

    Jake Kotze said...

    The Playboy white and black SO is a also a negetive of the black and white "L(OS)t".

    I had to think twice the first time I fliped K2 for 2K (thinking I might be reaching).. Tunney convinced me to go for it. Now I feel it was an important barrier to brake.

    Flip it folks, flip it real good!

    Peggy Carter said...

    While studying the Zagros Mountains, I realized "Z" is nothing but a backwards "S."

    Saw a movie yesterday called, "Bab ' Aziz" filmed near those mountains. And the day before a movie called "White Sun of the Desert" which is a movie all the cosmonauts watch before being shot off in the Soviet space rockets. That was shot in those same mountains. The movie is the Soviet's "Ostern" or Eastern - which is parallel to the West's "Westerns." It also features what appears to me the Russian version of a "007" character.

    The child hero (female) in the "Bab'Aziz" movie is "Ishtar." It featured twin brothers - one evil and one good and a fool named "Osman." I remembered from that .... patsy "bin Laden"'s name while living in England was "Osman."

    Relating "Peggy Carter" to Lynda. I was told by the school girl friend of mine, Ellen (sister of my first crush, Sol), that Lynda Carter had ordered the same style handwritten wedding invitations I had ordered. IRL "Oh you asked for the exact same invitations as Lynda Carter." At the time I didn't know who she was, since I'd renounced popular culture. "Peggy" is my nickname and "Carter" is my middle name. Though I *did* notice the cartoon "Peggy Carter" too, has a similar first name to my own. ;)

    Peggy Carter said...

    (I wasn't clear enough in the above post: My friend Ellen (and her mother) made invitations and other party stuff, as a business, in "high rent district" in Southern CA.)

    aferrismoon said...

    Flipping - I will have to see if we can do that in the EU, could have someone's eye out.
    Anyhow OS = Bone in French, so I have now an imagining of the 2001Space Odyssey Ape flinging a bone in the air and it turns into a spaceship which parks itself in the middle of Manhattum - oooh oooh oooh - S = Space, O= Odyssey
    Also also but also ESSO and the 'breviation for Osmium the 76th element.
    The 2K/K2 works as 2 + K = 2000 while K2 is the name.

    aferrismoon said...

    And a bone = the phallus upraised and if this RITUAL has Egyptian elemnts then -
    Osiris got ripped into 14 pieces by Set [ probably so Isis could claim on the insurance] and then ISIS went out and found 13. The one missing/lost had been gulped down by the OXYRHYNCUS , a fair-sized fish [tunney?] found in the Nile. Isis had to claim for a new phallus for the rez-erection.

    FilmNoir23 said...

    Interesting stuff...OS is also Operating System for computers...similar to the "bones" of a computer. Or "the plan"??

    Z for S is good indeed.
    OZ=77 SS=88 as I recall. or so says many that have insight into Nazi SS history.

    aferrismoon said...

    MAC OS X - Mac- the son of in celtic lingo, Os for bone and/or Osiris which has a neat little IRIS or eye at the top. X = a ten

    Just Me said...

    Also also but also ESSO and the 'breviation for Osmium the 76th element.

    Perhaps this is the origin of the "Union 76" brand.

    Here are some more relevant and interesting logo signs from the pages of gasoline brand history:

    Southland Oil
    Sovereign Service
    Super Stop
    Socony Oil
    Exxel and Kwik King

    From other industries:

    Sosoliso Airlines
    Peter Gabriel's album "So"

    Take another look, too, at the 2012 Olympics logo, which, because it is split onto two lines, emphasizes the "20".