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    Monday, March 8, 2010

    The Red Door: Jeffrey Combs Sync Video

    The Red Door from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

    This is the Jeffrey Combs video made for Radio8Ball.

    I called it The Red Door the title of an 'ancient' lost Sync Whole post that was never completed but posted below as some background to the ideas that helped form the video.

    Might update this post with stills and extra comments over the week.

    Peace In = Peace Out

    For more context: C-Ing Red, The Red I of the Blue One, Heal The World, Make It a Better Place, Pots and Pans.
    This is the wall hanging of a red door at the Yoga studio I practice in.
    "The Men Who Stare At Pan" (Pan/Whole/Totality). Another name for Illuminated/Enlightened/Self Realized.
    Red All Seeing I. Seeing All as I (Awareness of Pan/Totality). Goat and I emanate from he of Space/Cosmic Consciousness, the one who is Spacey...
    Ewam McGregor gets a red dot drilled into his forehead in "Shallow Grave". McGregor and Spacey merge with each other and the goat.

    The Red Eye or Bindi that highlights the Ajna StarG8, another red door..
    La Vie En Rose, seeing life through the rose colored glasses of Self Realized Being. Spacey C-Ing red in K-pax with another Goat man Bridges.
    The Christ Consciousness which arises from the dead/sleep and awakens is the flowering One Rose.
    The Red Door atop the pyramid.., as walkway in perspective recedes to make such a shape.

    The red theme being used all over American Beauty as roses, blood and the iconic red door.
    Haley Joel Osment (a Tin Man in A.I) meets Bruce Willis (a Tin Man in Surrogates) as Ghost or SpiriT for the first time inside this Church's red doors.
    Mel Gibson opens a red door atop his apartment building in Conspiracy Theory. The WTC pillars are seen directly above him and the Red Door..
    Most Neon Open signs WE/ME pass have the words Open in red, surrounded by blue.

    Spots are red and waves are blue
    If I am not I then you are not you...The idea that spots and dots of i's strange attract red, while floW and deities blue, was also explored briefly at the sync whole as The Red Eye of the Blue Star. That post kinda killed my interest in working on the above red door themes as it seemed 'done with', until the opportunity to make this Combs video arrived, that is.

    New stuff:
    The Red Door is the red spot/storm eye on Jupiter.

    From Twitter:

    Kevin Spacey. Awareness of Space or 'Space Consciousness' as opposed to form or object bias is symptomatic of Awakening.

    Spacey Consciousness, also Cosmic Consciousness or realization of the primary Essence of every moment.

    Here is the actual viewing of the video on Radio8Ball with Jeffrey Combs.

    Radio8Ball - Jeffrey Combs pt.1 from the archiver on Vimeo.

    He doesn't seem to resonate with it.
    It's a fascinating process of learning what the stars themselves think of these.

    Radio8Ball - Jeffrey Combs pt. 2 from the archiver on Vimeo.

    This was the second try at this kind of experiment, see Rae Dawn Chong's for the first.

    I think if we keep this up, the feedback, like on a microphone, will get very trippy.