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    Friday, July 24, 2009

    Heal The World. Make It A Better Place

    My friend Jim Sanders invited me to join him at the Windy Hills Retreat Center where we would partake in two Ayhuasca ceremonies back to back on consecutive nights.

    This is part of the month long visit of Shaman Maestro Juan Flores from the Peruvian Amazon during which numerous ceremonies are taking place around Winnipeg.

    The visit is between June 11 and August 11 giving us the 11:11 or KK/K2, a signifier of Kosmic Konsciousness.

    See K2 and The 2012 Maya Mega Ritual for more about K2
    Jim eating Kellogg's cornflakes, who's mascot is 'Tony the Tiger', at the retreat.
    2010 is the year of the tiger in Chinese astrology which is regulated by the orbit of Jupiter. 2010 is also a film who's full title is "2010: The Year We Make Contact" set at Jupiter.

    Seeing as the "2001: A Space Odyssey" film entrained perfectly with the 911 StarG8 event, its sequel "2010" is logically suggestive of further global evolutionary impact in this year.
    2010/Tiger, the year We/Me make contact with Kosmic Konsciousness.

    That this might manifest on the physical level as actual honest to Bob E.T's is also possible.

    I don't believe synchromysticism needs predict anything, yet patterns arise like the sunrise and sunset. That the sun will set today is not a definite but it can be reliably suggested by the repeating pattern.

    See 911 Inside Job for more about 911 as StarG8 and the film "2001: A Space Odyssey's" amazing entrainment with the event.
    Jim is earning his Tiger Stripes/Sprites studying under Juan Flores following a path that leads to him becoming a Master himself.

    "Go For Gr-r-reat"

    Numerous Jim/Tiger syncs at Sync Whole Post Out Of The Blue

    The first night I had about half a cup of the healing Jungle Juice. This was one of perhaps 6 such experiences with Jim up to this date. This evening, the first of 2, proved to be the most intense yet. I was thoroughly washed and rinsed, yet there was still to be a repeat...

    The second night he asked me to give the first synchromystic live talk to the attendants.
    I documented to about 10 onlookers the following key syncs which had taken place recently in my sync web.
    The evening before leaving for the retreat I passed this penguin tag, with its red eye, on my way home to watch Tim Burton's "Big Fish".

    The Red Eye can become 'See Red' or even a Red C.

    See C-Ing Red and One By One The Penguins Steal My Sanity!
    In "Big Fish" we see Danny DeVito, the Penguin in Burton's "Batman Returns", dressed in red, standing inside a Red C shaped circus ring.
    The Seeing Red penguin tag I noticed earlier has re-arisen in Consciousness, elements just slightly rearranged, an hour later.
    Just to hit it home, seconds later, this cart pulls into the Red C circus ring with a Red C of Colossus.
    The penguin syncs above were put together in my mind only the next morning while lying in bed. I suddenly jumped up and checked my boxers, penguins!

    We also note that the "Big Fish" title is stylized as a tree connecting with Plant Consciousness and themes that circle Ayahuasca.
    Once arriving at the center I was blown away to see the Maestro/Master was wearing red sunglasses.
    Jim explained that Juan's wife Sandra had an eye infection, making her eyes red. Juan healed her and took on the infection himself. He was wearing these red rimmed glasses as he had red eyes.
    The Master is seeing red during this key healing phase!
    Above is Jim and Juan with his Seeing Red sunglasses. The reflection behind Juan contains three radiating lines or stripes/sprites.

    The framed birds with there simple outlined style reminded me of the Seeing Red penguin that started these syncs.
    Three stripes that echo the three feathers Juan wares on his crown during ceremony.
    The photo with the reflection behind Juan is an example of the visible aura of human being.

    Seeing Auras doesn't mean becoming aware of some mysterious field surrounding the person. It is seeing what is already present in a new light.
    From my perspective during the first ceremony Juan's three stripes kept bobbing in and out of Jim's crown profile.
    I believe this signifies Jim's process of becoming a Maestro/Master himself.

    15 minutes into the second session a handful of Aliens (the black serpentine creatures from the film franchise of the same name) were floating in the air above me, sniffing me out.
    This was the easy part of the journey.

    While reading Jennifer Palmer's Numbers Aren't Really Real I learned this about the same evening of this second Ayhuasca healing.

    We can see this historical reality of numbers playing itself out in numerology, astrology and synchronicity. For example the significance of an individual seeing the numbers 911 appear everywhere is attached to the historical story of the 9/11 terror attacks, which is itself tied to the historical situation whereby the numbers 911 are used for emergency calls in the U.S. This week the NYT ran a piece on the cultural significance of the number 40, and Reality Sandwich did a piece on the 7/22 lunar eclipse—the longest to occur this century. This once in a lifetime event was made all the more powerful because of the date on which it occurred—22/7 being “the authentic fractional number appointed to Pi - the Golden number of harmony”, and 7/22 being the ancient feast day of Mary Magdalens.

    This evening (of the longest solar eclipse this century and resonating Pi) the Meastro decided the whole room gets a full cup. Something Jim noted as unprecedented.

    I now realize my understanding of Ayahuasca's role on Earth was an intellectual one. I had a concept and idea, not a Knowing. I believed that the plant could heal and teach but felt it unnecessary and inelegant.
    I favored the gradual realization of God over the bombardment of Divinity on entheogens.

    After feeling Consciousness wake up inside me and the entire room I was humbled to death. I realized the planET is literally in need of divine intervention and Ayahuasca is just that.

    While my perception of myself was dying I crawled over to Jim and Juan. Jim cradled me in his arms as I underwent massive transformation.

    As I process this Jim and Juan have headed out to the sacred site called Tie Creek to do more ceremony with the people of Winnipeg (today Saturday 25 June at 10:30 pm).
    Tie Creek, 2 hours drive from Winnipeg, sees a collection of protected ancient indigenous petroglyphs some believe are situated on the oldest rock face on the planet. The original Tip of Pangea, Mound Of Atum or the Great Turtle's Back.

    Winnipeg's Legislature or Galactic Center Temple is the colonizers marker of the Heart of eartH, while Tie Creek is the O.G native equivalent.
    Above is Jim Sanders, Frank Albo and Art Ladd viewing the "Two Roads" pertoglyphs of the White Shell during our visit a few weeks ago.

    Frank is the author of The Hermetic Code, the book which unveils Winnipeg's Legislature as a Masonic representation Solomon's Temple.

    The formation above shows two paths becoming one and turning in on itself.

    This is Consciousness realizing its split between self and other and returning to its unified state in the Heart.

    Winnipeg Manitoba is in the Heart of the North American continent.

    A fractal of the Body and Galaxy, the centering process of Earth spreads from the Heart.

    God is waking up inside and through WE/ME.

    Peace Of Mind = Peace On Earth

    Peace In = Peace Out


    aferrismoon said...

    Your post time coincides with the enumeration of Genesis 1 , 3 -
    VYAMR ALHYM YHY AVR VYHY AVR which adds up to 813.


    Atareye said...

    I hope I get attend one of the ceremonies next year.

    Hope the stomach is a settled.

    Life is like a box of chocolates...

    Christopher Myers said...

    Wow that tiger thing really ties into what is happening at my blog again, the post titled "Spirit Syncs & The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off". Oh and thanks for the response to you last post. I post on some peoples site and it seems to me or at least the vibe I get is an arrogant one, cause they never respond.

    PS The post is about a documentary I watched the other night.

    On Sept. 11 2002 Johnny Kennedy was told he would be leading to a final fight against skin cancer and had about a year to live. Jonny decided to document his life and death, and the result was a film.

    There is a tiger (aka BIG CAT) sync with this story for me, but seems to be tied to your 911/tony the tiger sync also?
    "Spirit Syncs" & The Boy Whose Skin Fell Off"

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    I grew up in the town that Big Fish was filmed... The church in the ending was right next to my bus stop on mile marker 23 about a mile from my house on mile marker 22. It was at the junction of 111 and 143, not far from the junction 23. My wife thought I was about ready to claw my eyes out when I went home and noticed all these things.

    I happy for your experience.

    Word to "C".... Don't fret my friend, give it time. Sometimes the things people pay no attention to inspire them the most latter.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Sure you will get your opportunity Jon.

    Thanks for stopping by to read this one and all.

    Adding your awareness to these matters helps energize the events mentioned at The Blob.

    Seriously, I believe your reading of these syncs helps fuel the mystery that deepens the sync whole.

    Of course this also feeds back on all our personal sync lives and stories.

    Peace In

    Floyd Anderson said...

    Graham Hancock has talked about encountering aliens when under the influence of Ayahuasca. Specifically grey alien type creatures.

    Floyd Anderson said...

    Oh speaking of red eyes, I've come across the mention of red eyes recently. I've been checking out stuff about John Keel since his recent death and people who've reported sighting the Mothman have stated that it has big red eyes.

    E. T. Hansen said...

    .. banner image most interesting theme, but in the same way Self feel a similar antagonism to approaching it.

    In any case its all about ego loss. It's the central theme, all other strings tie into knot.

    The aliens are own demons (ego). The more ego, the more snakelike creatures.

    Let go of death and leave path to God.

    Enter peace and love, letting the healing begin

    Unknown said...

    There is another Red C on Danny DeVito on the handle of his umbrella. I am sure I recall in the Batman Returns film that he used his umbrella to get birds to fly into the Batwing and bring down the Dark Knight. I also recall a similar scene with Sean Connery as Indy's dad in the 3rd Indiana Jones film, which brought down a Nazi fighter plane.

    The Secret Sun said...

    Big Fish was written by John August, who also wrote and directed the must-see sync-a-thon The Nines.

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Dude I absolutely love the image of Juan and the reflection of the 3 lines right before he dons the feathers.... My lord, your life gives such a vibrant setting to all of this Jake. With eyes so poetic.

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Oh and Mr. Knowles I collected some ferris wheels under your direction. I put them on the Sync Whole.

    Wonder if you realized "I" was the 9th letter?

    Ishmael said...

    I want to be the 13th comment.

    Great trip Jake. As always you are a delight to read. Inspiring, humble, authentic.

    I found a red c for you at the astronomy picture of the day. It syncs quite often. I like it on my blog. Here is your red i-

    I've been working (slowly) on an essay about the synchromystic blogosphere for the general public. I'd be interested in hearing what you (all of you) think it's purpose is. Predictive? Guide posts? A snap-shot of your (and everyone's) now? Something else?

    I'm always fascinated to hear Jake have to describe it on a podcast. I'm interested in your thoughts if you have any. (The names on these comments reflect a good bunch of what I consider to be the interesting proponents of this art. esp you Jaspal, why don't you have a blog?)


    E. T. Hansen said...

    It's partly visualisation making energy streams into images but there is also a "real" factor. What are personal demons, what are the forces of contaminated dead, souls? As everything is one we naturally blend with them. The final cleaning, the sacrificial ceremony of the apocalypse is the eye..

    took this from an old post of mine about HEL (from sacred texts):
    While the black magician at the time of signing his pact with the elemental demon maybe fully convinced that he is strong enough to control indefinitely the powers placed at his disposal, he is speedily undeceived. Before many years elapse he must turn all his energies to the problem of self-preservation. A world of horrors to which he has attuned himself by his own covetousness looms nearer every day, until he exists upon the edge of a seething maelstrom, expecting momentarily to be sucked down into its turbid depths. Afraid to die--because he will become the servant of his own demon--the magician commits crime after crime to prolong his wretched earthly existence. Realizing that life is maintained by the aid of a mysterious universal life force which is the common property of all creatures, the black magician often becomes an occult vampire, stealing this energy from others. According to mediæval superstition, the black magicians turned themselves into werewolves and roamed the earth at night, attacking defenseless victims for the life force contained in their blood.

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    wicked jake. tie creek was awesome.
    nothing like doing ceremony at the point of creation.

    peace all


    soundlessdawn said...

    A wonderful and heart warming transformation story Jake! I'd love to hear more soon ~ The jaw is on the mend, So perhaps we could chat about your experience on Skype sometime. Any plans to attend another ceremony while Juan is still in your neck of the woods?

    Arrowsmith said...

    You can talk the talk Jake, but you're also not afraid to walk the walk. Kudos to you for facing those inner daemons.

    I too hope to attend one of these ceremonies sometime soon. We shall see...

    excepter said...

    At the same time, the Comic Con took place in San Diego. Comic Con ... Cosmic Consciousness?
    Keep Cool,

    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

    Jake, I'm brought to joy by your joy, yet there is a sadness here as well; comic genius Spalding Gray, whenafter having seen Tim Burton's "Big Fish" ( the full length film viewable here ), ended his own life, jumping from the Staten Island Ferry. But life marches on & our dharma is to help the huddled masses to become self aware. S'funny you've mentioned the Turtle Tribe earlier, and my ex-wife, Epona, still a good friend of mine, is a member of them. Thank you, always, for the Great Work that you're helping to manifest in the world. Hahah! MY wv is bilikaff … billy goat calf … and I'm from a long line of goat-herders & mountain farmers ~ (•:-)}

    soundlessdawn said...

    On a personal note I experienced the same exact meltdown/rebirth while under an extremely heavy dose of Acid in Walt Disney World in the mid 90's.. the Climax of which occurred during the "Alien Adventure" ride.. where they emulate the aliens from the same franchise jumping on top of your carts and using a form of holophonic sound.. to make it seem as if they were breathing or drooling in your ear. I was completely locked in the "cart" there was no escaping this fate.. After that I ran as fast as I could to the parking lot.. and rocked myself for hours in the fetal position. LoL ~ I know it's difficult.. but is there anything else you could possibly articulate about these aliens that were sniffing you out?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yo Steve.

    No plans for more ceremony right now.

    I too had a mad scary acid trip in the 90's.

    It took me forever to feel comfortable in my skin after that one. I was secretly a solipsist for a few years until I started grokking ZEN.

    This time even though I totally crashed I was much more ready to be destroyed and rebuilt.

    I needed it and feel like the 6 Million Dollar Man.

    "Steve Austin, astronaut. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world's first bionic man. Steve Austin will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster."

    As for the Aliens I'm finishing up a new post which will talk about that some more.

    Maybe 2 days?

    Peace In = Love Out

    Adsız said...

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    Anonymous said...

    Great to see these comments.
    from a view i've taken.
    Three D glasses, red and blue lenses, are like the red eye cells and the blue sky. As if writing ou own 3d movie and staring in it. red has a few levels, for me. my view takes thought as the sufficient factor for being alive. in thought words can be independent visual or phonetic. red, is as read and then "to read". this phrase leads to how we read reality, or even how reality writes - writes two eyes, ears hands. taking poles in an extreme, there is all knowledge and a void. In both cases they are end points. We live in a continuous change and rely upon one thing being divisible to have existence. red and blue denote the extremes or directions on which things are moving. red is on a level as if everything is read, all finished. blue as if all is about to change. these colours are like the distance across a space (2d). the depth of 3d includes all the colours within. The 1d may be from the phrase, "one from one or another". the single d becoming or being pre-sent into the 2d and 3d. starting off as two end points, black or white, void or all knowing. this is how i seem to be chasing the meaning of colours. so red is on the direction of knowing everything, on the way to a white glare (noncolour). Point being, like the stock markets all is on a pre-sent speculation, an expectation on a gain for tomorrow, that being what money and time are, moving things, reliant on change. so red is to want to be able to read all. however, life relies on divisibility and do cannot be all red, it needs blue to survive - hence the colours co-exist.

    am a boy in a candy shop reading your mails jake, thanks for the blog. sorry for the over excitement, i'll clean up the mess later.

    Anonymous said...

    Argh Shhuks.

    my last post too long and too confusing to read. sorry.

    nice to be inspired though. try not to use your platform as my stage, try... thanks for the jump in motivation from your blog.

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