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    Saturday, April 24, 2010

    Stargazers Presents HEY ZEUS!

    Jim Sanders and I got the amazing opportunity to help create a synchromystic video about John C. Reilly that he himself would likely see.

    JCR holding a Magic 8-Ball in Never Been Kissed begging it "Please, Please" for help, entraining perfectly with his appearance on Radio8Ball.

    Andras Jones has a show called Radio8Ball in Seattle, every other Sunday night, where audience members watching in a theater and celebrities Skype in and ask questions.

    Andras with Pool/Loop type 8 Ball as Eye/I. Nice how the 'loopy' 8 shape resonates the word pool where we also find the 8 ball as key ball.

    The questions are answered by spinning a wheel thus picking a random number associated to a song and then interpreting that song as the answer to said question.

    The song itself is played by a musician present on stage at the time. I musical oracle using the meta-mind of synchronicity to answer questions, just like a Tarot card divination.

    We see the planetary association of Jupiter on the right of the word Fortune at the bottom of Crowley's Thoth Deck Card. "MagicK with a K?"

    The Tarot Card for the Wheel of Fortune is associated to the planet Jupiter. Thus when ever we 'spin the wheel' we are involved in a Jovian process. Jupiter rules luck a.k.a sync.

    The Magician is Crowned by the 8 or infinity helping us realize that men who foretell naturally resonate with this shape.

    The video starts with JC in Talladega Nights as Cal Naughton Jr. Calling Will Ferrel as Ricky Bobby. He says "Turn on Channel 42".

    Not until after the video was done did I notice the Jukebox in the background with Red Capstone at the top of the glowing arch.

    This one has a perfect Red C shape, the most outside band of color in the rainbow.

    I remarked to Jim that it even looks like a rainbow. Some quick research at Wiki reveals:

    Many consider the 1940s to be the "golden age" of jukebox styling with the gothic-like curvaceous "electric rainbow cathedral" look. Wiki Jukebox

    The Red Keystone of the Royal Arch or Rainbow is the Portal into Heaven and associated to Cancer. Cancer's symbol resembles 69 or GG. The coffin is directly beneath the Keystone in the above Masonic Tracing Board.

    The Monday (yesterday) after Radio8Ball featured John C. Reilly and Hey Zeus! a news story about a Blue Stork dropped.

    A mysterious Blue Stork, a color of plumage not seen on storks, making a spectacle in a German village.

    This synced back with Hey Zeus! as it highlighted the Judy Garland song Over The Rainbow from The Wizard of Oz featuring the line "Somewhere over the Rainbow, blue birds fly".

    The song comes out of this old time gramophone record player with Horn styled into a black octagon. The Old Time music feel here resonates the Jukebox and the octagon shape the overt 8 associations already made.
    9 on the left voiced by Elijah Woods, 5 (with one eye) by John C. Reilly and 6 as Crispin Glover on the right. Behind them is the Gramophone that plays over the Rainbow. Interestingly Glover is also in What's Eating Gilbert Grape with Reilly as a Mortician, this is also highlighted in Hey Zeus!

    Garland sings "happy little blue birds fly" (if you listen carefully) at 8:33 in Hey Zeus! as the voice over mentions the Thunder Bolts dancing around the Jovian Red Eye chasing John C. Reilly.

    This is a very good sign that the Blue Bird of Joy has arrived and that Hey Zeus! is entraining with the new state of consciousness waking up inside of WE/ME.

    Two weeks ago at Will Ferrel's website Funny Or Die me and Jim were watching a clip from Talladega Nights, cut from the movie..

    It sees JCR and Ferrel sing a song about being proud Americans with Chris Isaac. Cal Naughton Jr (JC) arrives backed by stars and pionting with his Jupiter Finger at two Blue Stage lights.

    Behind him up in Neon lights we read BlueBird Cafe.

    Updated 28 April:

    In Never Been Kissed Drew Barrymore or DB/42 goes to her prom, themed "Meant for Each Other" (famous couples) and overseen by the Swan.

    Zeus is a Swan in Greek Mythology, 'making it' with Leda.Last week I sat starring stupefied at the spectacle of Nick Nolte carrying a painting of Leda and the Swan past Robin Tunney in Investigating Sex.
    Tunney plays ZOE and the painting of Zeus continues on towards a black octagonal sculpture.
    The sculpture has legs protruding and looks like a couple having sex submerged inside the black void. Clearly they are moving in or out of an octagonal StarG8.
    Back in Never Been Kissed this Ice pair of Swans have a blueish-pinkish glow and are backed by "Meant for Each Other" Hunter S. Thompson and Dr. Gonzo from Fear and Loathing In Las Vegas. Thompson means two Suns and that is exactly what the pair of Swans are telling us. Just like in 2010:The Year We Make Contact we are becoming aware of our second son.

    The Second Sun aka the Blue Sun/Swan is your own Consciousness, awareness of the Cosmic Community and God.

    The office where Drew Barrymore DB/42 works with John C. Reilly as Gus (Augustus) is The Chicago Sun Times. The Font for Sun is Blue Giving us the Blue Sun or Second Sun/Thompson.

    Here DB and JC pass Jupiter the planet of contact in 2010: The Year We Make Contact while inside the Blue Sun.

    As noted in Hey Zeus! Drew Barrymore makes First Contact in E.T making our syncs become very tight.

    Reilly reads a Blue Chicago Sun newspaper in Never Been Kissed.

    Drew is a powerful Moon resonator as noted in Scarlet Dragon 3 while JCR as Hey Zeus! is Jupiter. Moon and Jupiter are the two Major Steps to the Infinite in 2001: A Space Odyssey and reality. We then note that we have Drew Barrymore/Moon and John C. Reilly/Jupiter together in the offices of the Blue Sun. The merging of Jupiter and Moon to awaken the Blue Sun of eartH's collective Heart.

    The PlanET eartH/Heart (anagrams thus resonators) is indeed also the Second Sun. WOW/MOM!

    On the 27th of April or 4/27 me and Jim Sanders made our second consecutive trip to the Winnipeg Legislature in 2 days.

    Winnipeg Manitoba's Legislative Building located in the heart of the North American Continent.

    The Building is a intentional recreation of Solomon's Temple and one of the most advanced occult Talisman's on the planET.

    See Frank Albo's website

    We were celebrating the release of Hey Zeus! and paying respect at his Temple in the Pool of The Black Star.

    On 26 April Jim, an Ayahuasquero, was standing in the Octagonal Black Star at the Center of the 27 feet wide marble pool singing Icaros or sacred songs used in ritual and taking pictures on his BlackBerry like the one above.

    We see Blue Light entraining with the star moving from the Door into the Octagon.

    At some point during the little impromptu ceremony woke us up to acknowledging the reflections in the pool.

    The Dome crowned by Golden Boy on the exterior and hovering above the Pool on the interior.

    I saw what looked like a Red C shape surrounding my head in the reflection in the rock coming from the giant mandalic dome above.

    Religious paintings of enlightened men and woman, saints and Gods as well as those by Alex Grey depict the extended subtle body of the being.
    Posts like Unveiling The Aureola Via Robin Tunney, E.T. Ipsissimus of the A.:A.: and videos like All Saints play with and develop the idea that the subtle body is always visible when we take the immediate surroundings of a human as associated to the figure and not separate.

    This is what happens to everyone that walks into the Black Star of Winnipeg.
    Ones 'invisible' Aureola or Greater Self is made visible if you allow your perspective to include your reflection as part of your Self.

    I have never seen this happen as visibly and vividly as in the heart of the Third Temple of Solomon in Winnipeg.

    The Next day we went back with a better camera and got the shots of the phenomena above. Jim used his still camera to capture video of the visual wonder.

    Blue Swan Event from Syncwinnipeg on Vimeo.

    We can actually hear the moment yesterday during our second visit when Jim realizes in awe that this is in fact the Blue Sun!

    We called this The Blue Swan event.

    I love how the arch of the discovery of the Blue Swan is the same as the story told in Hey Zeus! On 26 April WE/ME saw the Red C or Door, opened and walked through. On 27th WE saw the rise of the Blue Sun. A great fractal of the grand awakening WE/ME are all undergoing.

    Peace In=Peace Out

    Update 29 April:
    Hey Zeus sees JCR appear with the Duck in film Hard Eight (pretty sure, this was Jim's doing..). He says 4, 38 then Jesus, connecting the 42 of Jupiter/Zeus with Jesus.

    The Ugly Duckling becomes the beautiful Swan, which it in fact was all along, a perfect Zen tale if Realization.

    Jesus is the Duck that becomes the Swan after the ordeal of the Cross (coming to terms with loss of ego/form/death) and eventual resurrection (realization of I Am).

    To Duck, as an action, teaches us to kneel and prostrate with humility at the depth of mystery in Gnosis of Self.
    Hard Eight's poster shows us the 42 code (The Answer to Life the Universe and Everything in existence and Hitchhikers Guide) in 8 as we see 2 dice showing 4 one of which has 2 of the holes bullitted.
    Reilly wears a shirts that reads 84 Spring Break while digging a whole for Ferrel to be buried in. As a Christ, Reilly is hear to kill addiction to form, most potently for humanity, the concept that we are the limited individual self.
    Death and Resurrection become then the drama of moving beyond the conceptual self and discovering the Self beyond form in the new dimension of consciousness. The new dimension is your very awareness, right here and now, vivified by the non-local weirdness of synchronicity.
    We see a Tiger jumps from behind the 4 & over the 8 of Reilly's shirt, not clearly visible in the film. 4 times 2 is 8, thus 42 is 8...

    Me acknowledge the 8 syncs We have seen throughout. The Tarot Card of Magician, 8 Ball, octagonal horn of gramophone and 8 pointed star in Winnipeg's Legislative Building.
    The Tiger is the Chinese Zodiac animal of 2010: The Year We Make Contact and we see it again in Step Brothers as a poster with JCR in Shot. This is because the Cosmic Communion of Self Realization is well underway and heading for the Nova of the Second Sun/Swan as we speak. Your consciousness of this is This.

    Later G8tors

    More words and stills to follow, flux willing.

    Peace In