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    Thursday, February 12, 2009

    Robin: "11:11, Time For Ascension!"

    The February 11th "Winnipeg Free Press" unveils the current rapid Ascension of mankind, thusly..
    The date, 2nd month 11th day, resonates 11:11/K2. Powerful signifiers of cosmic and spiritual alignment.
    This in close proximity to the Toroid Martini Glass shape, fractal of totality (symbol of Pan as Whole (Black wHole)) of Existence.

    More Martini or Torus shape syncs at:
    Blue Willow Pattern
    E.T Ipsissimus of the A.:A.:
    Black Star

    Jim Sanders, who I am visiting in Thompson for a few days, arriving on Valentines Day to work on a video project, brought up Louis Riel in a recent post.
    I connect the A2/AA to the resonance of Khaled Khan's order A.:A.: Thus a potent signal of forces dealing with cosmic consciousness.

    Also on the cover we read "More bobbin along Robins increasingly seen in December as climate changes /A2"

    Robins are my central animal guide.
    I think of them as spiritual 'early birds'. It is the animal of early individual awakening, so as to signal and help usher in the grand collective Ascension.

    The 'physical climate' is an inseparable reflection the 'spiritual climate'. All existence arises from Being beyond form and thought. Being is starting to cycle its way into conscious human consciousness as we become aware of our own unified awareness.
    Climate change is no doubt indivisibly interrelated with the evolution of LIFE and consciousness on EARTH/HEART.

    Some quotes from the article:

    "Were seeing species that wouldn't normally be here in the wintertime, or wouldn't be here in the kind of numbers they are"

    "Those include American goldfinches, purple Finches and one bird that traditionally heralds the arrival of spring: The American robin"

    "The concern is that this is just showing that something significant is going on in the natural world"

    All is the 'natural world' as all emanates from Being/No-Thing/Self, right NOW.

    The symbolic herald of spring, the Robin, signaling the time of increased light and clarity, Ascension.

    Winnipeg at your service.
    New York’s Twin or Gemini Towers can be connected to the Anticenter part of the Cosmic Axis while Winnipeg takes on the role as Earthly representation of Galactic Center. We can revision this as a Ascension Axis which places 911 at the base and the Winnipeg TwentyTwen event at the head.

    crISIS 911, signaling the 911 part of the Ascension Axis along with a 11:11 and CBS all seeing Eye/I/Self.

    This lovely billboard sits on Osborne (Born of OZ) Street in direct alignment with Galactic Center Temple.

    I believe Winnipeg, SynCCity, is a key central node in the current AAscension process.

    Galactic Center Temple (Winnipeg's Legislative Building) 11:11 Sync

    A 355ml Coca Cola (dirty K2) contains 42 (the answer to "Life, The Universe and Everything"/Jumpiter/Joy)" grams of sugar, the top of the food pyramid..

    I am excited to leave for Thompson by bus chariot later 2day.
    Greyhound has appeared in the sync web at Galactic Center Temple post...
    A person was beheaded, a symbol associated to Kali, the last phase of the awakening of Brahman, while journeying to Winnipeg.

    A 9 hour bus ride up North of Winnipeg.
    The fare was a fitting, $142.

    Arriving on Valentine's or Heart Day, love it.

    I connect the heart shape to the Galactic and Spiritual HEART/EARTH, our collective and shared Center.