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    Friday, October 31, 2008

    Black Star

    Increasingly if I become KKonscious* of a thought in mind, the amount of time it takes before I encounter an object or symbol that resonates this same thought, is shrinking. Often it will be instantaneous.

    *Consciously Conscious
    The Alpinestars brand Logo as Black Star.

    Yesterday evening (20th Oct(?)) while at work, I was thinking about the concept, Black Star. During the proceedings I ran into the kick boxing instructor, wearing a red baseball cap, sporting the above logo.
    Not an hour later I am watching "American Pie" when I see Black Stars on Seann William Scott's (Stifler) T-Shirt. We also see tiny martini glasses.
    The hourglass or cone shape of the martini connects to the inner surface of the black/worm hole and torus/donut shape.
    A classic wormhole shape

    The olive has been connected to decorations on Solomon's Temple and the Olivia mysteries in such posts as Galactic Center Temple.

    Further we learn that it is a resonator for the Tree of Life:
    Just as the olive tree was the Tree Of Life in the Mediterranean - because of its ability to supply food and therefore ensure social stability - the oak provided the same benefits for the ancient Indo-Europeans wandering out of the central Asian grasslands into the vast forests of postglacial Europe.
    The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges p 242

    Wonderful, a wormhole/blackhole (interchangeable with Black Star) shape with the fruit/seed of the Tree and 'Dragon Axis' - all the variations in macro and microcosm for axis mundi - inside of it. All this sharing a T-Shirt of a movie Star right after seeing the Alpinestars logo.
    Lets not forget that 007's iconic drink is this very StarG8 Martini.
    This and "American Pie" explored further in future posts, Flux willing.
    While writing this post I made myself coffee every morning from this espresso maker. A ten way silver polygon with an octagonal Black 'Star' at its center.
    If you pay close enough attention and detach from rigid thought structures you will start noticing everything you're doing is resonating everything else.
    On Friday 17th of October I went to see a film, my version of going to church or visiting the house of God. Inside this church you will find the Stars, Staring on the great zeitgeist silver screen, or mirror of KKonsciousness.
    As I walk up to the entrance I notice pentagramic Black Stars embedded in the pavement. I was listening, at this very moment to "Mos Def and Talib Kweli as Black Star".

    BlackStar (Mos Def & Talib Kweli) - Definition

    The film I was investigating was "SexDrive". What had attracted me here was the donut of Being with a Black Hole center.
    Actor Seth Green plays an Amish fellow in this film. We see him soon in 'Buffy'..

    An anthropomorphic Donut of Being, perfect. Humanity is aligning with the celestial and spiritual StarG8, in essence becoming the Donut. Note that this is an October release, thus 8 resonating.
    The Black Star that has most dramatically appeared in KKonsciousness is this 8 rayed one in the pool of the Black Star inside of Manitoba's Legislative Building. A Masonic Solomon's Temple. I feel this particular Star is the symbolic architectural Heart of the Milky Way on planet Earth/Heart.

    See Galactic Centre Temple and Scarlet Dragon for details of how this Star and Building interact with the sync web.
    Jim's posts OZ BORN and Home is where the Heart IS for more on Manitoba and valuable context.
    We seem to think Manitoba and Winnipeg will play a central role in the spiritual and galactic alignment of Earth/Heart...
    Human Black Stars seem to be growing ever more popular. I feel the end of apartheid, rise in popularity of Hip Hop (HH) and possible presidency of Obama entrains with the Earth/Hearts alignment with the Black Star.
    The images of Obama just ooze with StarG8 themes. Above a Halo and Star emanate from his crown, below a Tree Of Life grows from the circle dot Mandala (resonating Nelson Mandela).
    The Tree is the up-down, North-South or profile view of the pillar inside the Divine Donut. The concentric circles are the top view of this same torus/Taurus shape. This is the Shape connected to the wormhole and martini glass earlier, the stem as pillar/tree the cone as circle. We get a spiral if a line traces the funnel or hole ever downwards.. (thanks Jim for insight)

    There is much talk in the websites I visit about Obama being a Tool of the New World Order (NWO). Perhaps, I don't know, but it seems clear from 'their' - in the end always being the True Self - symbolism and resonance that any Illuminati types, whether they know it or not, are in actuality serving Being.
    The NWO veils the NOW.

    My 'life story' - always a kind of fiction - includes conversations with 'nefarious' transcended Illuminati Grandmasters (or whatever), yet I still confidently repeat "any Illuminati types, whether they know it or not, are in actuality serving Being."
    Stella's (Stars) was last seen in Scarlet Dragon as the location where I met Master Mason (MM/K2) and Manitoba Legislature Researcher Frank Albo. Frank unveiled 'The Leg' as modeled led after Solomons Temple. It contains the Black Star at its Heart meaning this restaurant already resonates the themes addressed thus far.

    So I'm walking down to Stella's (stars) just around the corner from my home, thinking something in this vane "I need an excuse to mention the 'pdb-spinner/Popeye idea', otherwise I'm just going to have to ad it in this new post regardless of having context.. Remember Jake your not your mind... I should find a girl... I think I'll have a burger... Your not your mind, nor these thoughts.. Hey is that a martini glass? "
    The "Fine-Art Bartending School" plus martini glass - associated to the Black Hole/Star - logo is a business adjacent to Stella's. Interesting as I had just taken a brake from writing about that very subject.
    Sync Wink! I look up at my choice of soup (Tomato or Peanut (Nut being the Egyptian Sky Goddess and an oft spotted StarG8 resonator) seeing the quiche of the day is 'Popeye's'.

    I like the ever expanding versatility of the alphabet through such concepts as the 'WE3-Spinner' (rotational E,W,3,M) and the 'Z-Spinner' (Z being interchangeably with N allowing for NO to be OZ etc..). Just noticed that p is d or b. Which allows for such zany action as..
    Ipod becoming popi or Popeye, which is more susynct then one might think at first glance. Both Ipod and Popeye have the distinctive circle dot, the basic StarG8 or Mandala aspects.
    Popeye has his single glaring eye, while the Ipod has its signature click wheel.
    The Circle dot is the alchemical symbol for gold and astrological symbol for sun (our Star). All these are interrelated and resonant of the StarG8 Mandala of Being beyond form.

    Being throws us a cookie by having his girlfriend be Olive Oil (OO) resonating the Martini Glass and Tree of Life. Robert Altman's live action version sees Robin Williams as Popeye, Robin's being my 'media familiar' or 'spirit guide'.

    See E.T. Ipsissimus of the A.:A.: for Robins as familiar
    See Galactic Centre Temple for more on how Robin Williams interacts with my part of the infinite sync web.
    This very same day I watch "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" S4 E3 "Harsh Light of Day". The episode opens with an exterior shot of the Bronze, the local hangout of Buffy and friends. In BRONZE we can highlight brONnze or brOnZe accentuating OZ. OZ is the Wonderland of totality beyond the StarG8 of the fully integrated and aligned NOw.

    Interlude for more OZ context:
    Funny enough Jim and Nosis took me, Frank Albo and Lina Hart out to visit the sacred site Manito Ahbee.
    "I would put forth that the Manitoba Legislature is merely a marker of Galactic Centre and a pointer to an ancient indigenous sacred site about an 1 1/2 hour drive east of Winnipeg called Manito Ahbee - which means "Where the Creator Sits" in Anishenabe. This site is the most complete set of petraforms on the continent leading many researchers to believe that it is the site of origin for many of the teachings that spread across Turtle Island (Perhaps more than just North America but maybe even as Pangea). Many indigenous Elders consider this site the most sacred throughout the Americas."

    "This coming weekend I will be taking Jake there with an Elder and Frank Albo. I am sure this site will begin to be reflected in the sync web."

    Jim in the comments section to Scarlet Dragon.

    We all ended up getting lost and not seeing the actual site. Very funny and still developing story that one..
    After wondering the whole day - having a blast I must ad - we had to make our way back to the cars. Just as we are about to exit another group arrived.

    We see Frank, in the middle of the photo looking back towards us. At the same time a man wearing a Led Zeppelin Four baseball cap sync winks hello. This hat bared the ZOSO logo of Jimmy Page, resonating Crowley and OZ.
    Frank Albo, the dude who unveiled the Winnipeg Legislature as Solomon's Temple, important and pivotal part of the infinite causal chain that lead to the interpretation of the building, along with its Black Star, as pointers of Galactic and Spiritual Centre.
    Frank, Crowley, Rock and Roll and Galactic Centre Temple return shortly...
    Not 10 seconds after entering the 'Bronze scene' in Buffy do we spot a 7 petaled flower.
    This sequins flower is also a Dark/Black Star. Behind it we see a hanging stage light forming a extra halo around the Star. Flowers and Stars display the same radiating shape as they exist in close and intimate resonance with the Source.
    Quick wiki research reveals the ever susynct universe eager to unveil its interrelated and interconnected nature. Sequins, like the gold ones above, are commonly 'circle dot' shapes.

    Sequins are also 13th century Venetian coins. The ones on wiki and above see the Halo (circle around the head) and Aureola (latin for gold and oval/vesica shape around the body).
    So we have a 7 petaled flower and Black Star with its own Halo made out of doubly StarG8 resonating decorations.

    See E.T. Ipsissimus of the A.:A.: for more Aureola context.
    This is the band "Dingos Ate My Babies" who's guitarist is Seth Green or Oz. The camera pans from the sequin Star to reveal Oz wearing a T-Shirt with the word Dragon. A blue and pink light has moved into position behind his crown entraining and displaying the subtle body of the Star. Dragons resonate the cosmic serpent, axis mundi, pole, tree and pillar motifs found throughout all levels of magnification in the macro and microcosm. 2012 is also the year of the Dragon in Chinese Astrology making the Dragon a particularly strong resonator of that period of Galactic Alignment. Further heightening this resonance we note that December 2011 release of "The Hobbit" and December 2012 release of "The Hobbit 2"
    Synopsis of "The Hobbit":
    Bilbo Baggins, a Hobbit, journeys to the Lonely Mountain accompanied by a group of dwarves to reclaim a treasure taken from them by the dragon Smaug.

    See Scarlet Dragon for more about Dragons as StarG8 resonators
    A Black Star, OZ and the Dragon in one shot, nice.

    The image of Oz wearing the Dragon Shirt is used in the opening sequence of the 4 Season and Oz's wiki pofile, meaning it is very strongly attributed to this characters sync web.
    The episodes McGuffin - a term coined by Alfred Hitchcock for an incidental object around which the story revolves - is the Gem of Amara. As I watch, I am at the same time musing on gems and diamonds, as I had just been reading about the M'Kraan Crystal in the X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga. My mind quantum leaps to Terrence McKenna's object at the end of space time, which he often likened to a mirror ball, comparing these shiny mythic pop culture objects, all together.
    Dazzlers first appearance in the X-Men Dark Phoenix Saga.

    The Mirror Ball was particularly bright in my mind as I had recently written about it in another post (the forthcoming Scarlet Dragon 2) and also seen it earlier that day around the neck of the character Dazzler in "The Dark Phoenix Saga". As this satisfying line of reasoning is passing through, it occurs to me that Xander, on screen, is climbing a ladder and hanging a Mirror Ball. There was absolutely no difference between me and my environment, we had entrained, synced and aligned. The 'Mirror Ball' was arising out of Being and manifesting at exactly the same time, in my mind and on the screen.
    Often in these situations the mistake is made of believing it was the mind that manifested the Mirror Ball. The mind is in service of the ego and wants you to believe it is God.
    No use declaring my allegiance to the NWO/NOW if I'm not also going to throw my weight into the resonance of the Third Reich of the Black Sun.
    NOW please don't Imagine I can't clearly see the madness present in both the consensus interpretation NWO and Fascists Dictatorship. What I am pointing towards is the undeniable hand of Kosmic Konsciousness - our True Eternal Self - moving through even these corrupted systems. This is also a sacred healing process as acknowledging your true Self as the ultimate source of all, including past violence and ignorance, is paramount. If all emanates from Being then every conceivable evil is in some way a part of our Self. This knowledge is exactly what can heal these evils. Evil, as Eckhart Tolle points out, is identification with form, whether a thought or an object.

    The Swastika and its related Black Sun are obvious Black Star resonators. A possible coded meaning for SS, but certainly synchromystically valid, is Schwarze Sonne (Black Sun). Its leader also resonates the StarG8, one Heinrich Himmler (HH). HH resonates the double H in THOTH and YHWY, while also resembling 11:11. Twinned letters in general like SS, HH and PP pop up quite often. I feel they are connected to the twins guarding both sides of the 'Galactic Center/Galactic Anti-Center Axis' or '911/2012 Axis'.

    See World Trade Galactic Centre and Galactic Center Temple for more about the axis
    I had a particularly pronounced encounter with the Black Star on Friday 24 Oct. Indeed one gets the impression that the facets of Being the synchromystic attempts to entrain with react through the environment and the nervous system of the StarG8tor, they are ultimately one and the same. It feels as if the Black Heart of the Milky Way is a particularly playful Entity, enjoying being recognized by facets of itself. It's like it throws me particularly tasty synchro-cookies as reward for trying to find it in my surroundings.

    Above is a book I just randomly noticed in a local "Chapters" bookstore that 'Black Friday'. "Dark of The Sun" by Chelsea Quinn Yarbo a historical-horror charting the adventures of the Vampire Saint-Germain through an Asia undergoing the devastating effects of a sun greatly diminished by the sixth-century A.D.eruption of Krakatoa. The Vampire Saint-Germain is based on the peculiar Count of St. Germain.

    The Count of St. Germain (fl. 1710–1784) has been variously described as a courtier, adventurer, charlatan, inventor, alchemist, pianist, violinist and amateur composer, but is best known as a recurring figure in the stories of several strands of occultism – particularly those connected to Theosophy, where he is also referred to as the Master Rakoczi or the Master R and credited with near god-like powers and longevity. Some sources write that his name is not familial, but was invented by him as a French version of the Latin Sanctus Germanus, meaning "Holy Herman", or " Holy Brother Herman." St. Germanus was a lay brother of the Benedictine order.
    Wikipedia Saint Germain

    According to wiki several groups believe Saint Germain - as "Holy Herman" he is the potent synchromystic HH - is an Ascended Master, having personally contacted such personalities as Annie Bessant, C.W Leadbeater and Edgar Cayce. Theosophy regards Plato, Merlin, Christopher Columbus and Francis Bacon as incarnations of Saint Germain.

    What ever the case may be, we have a heavy esoteric hitter giving us a Dark/Black Star sync wink. A facet of who or what ever Saint Germain was/is, in conjunction with the Hunab-Ku - popularly believed to be a Mayan version of Galactic Center - was sync winking hello. Well, from a certain and individual, but still perfectly rational perspective... The amazing harmonious coexistence and flexibility of individual belief systems is a glimps of the dawning KKonsciousness. I am constantly having delightful and stimualting conversations with people who would no doubt think this post is absolute madness and dross of the highest rank, yet we can aspire to co-exist peacefully.

    The Dark can also be D-ARK. In Afrikaans D-Ark could be expressed as 'Die Ark' or 'The Ark'. The Ark, amongst many other things can be viewed as the Cube of Space formed by the Dragon Axis, the parameters of Galactic Alignment.

    See Scarlet Dragon or Galactic Centre Temple for more on Ark as Cube of Space.
    The Cube of Space is explored in "The Mysteries of the Great Cross of Hendaye" by Jay Weidner and Vincent Bridges.
    Not content with visiting one book store that day (Oct 24), I decide to walk into another, a short while later. Frank Albo's book about Galactic Centre Temple "The Hermetic Code" winks at me right after I spot some penguins (the penguins will be explained in due time...). I randomly page through it until the presence of To Mega Therion, that wacky occultist who blurs the lines between Pop Star and Magickian, pokes his nose into the sync web. My eyes just scan the page trying to figure how all these pieces fit (vampires, penguins, Black Star etc) when my KKonsciousness undergoes that strange sensation when awesomeness feels like its about to short circuits the mind.
    I/Eye note that the page makes reference to Sergeant Pepper's, no doubt in relation to "The Beatles" cover featuring The Beast 666. On this cover he syncnificantly appears next to Sri Yukteswar Giri.

    To his immediate left resides Sri Yukteswar Giri a guru, yogi and traditional astrologer. One of his famous contributions is highlighted at wikipedia:
    He also introduced the idea that the sun takes a ‘star for its dual’, and revolves around it in a period of 24,000 years, which accounts for the precession of the equinox.

    Sirius has been a suspect for this dual of our Star (this is mentioned in The Sphinx/Horus post). I am however reading John Major Jenkins "Galactic Alignment" and he interprets Sri Yukteswars grand center called Vishnunabhi or Brahma as Galactic Center itself.
    A pointer of Galactic Center - aligning with our solstice sun on 11:11 (K2) 21 December 2012 - in the form of Yukteswar placed smack next to K2 mountaineer Aleister Crowley. The synchromystic interpretation is clear. Both Stargate realizers Crowley and Giri entraining with the dawning of consciousness growing inside humanity, captured here through the artistic magick of Rock and Roll (an ecstatic Stargate technology, simply note the occult flavor of any good band), brought together through synchronicity, the footprints of Being.

    From Gemini

    What really baked my noodle was that "Hey Jude" by "The Beatles" was playing over the store PA system!
    I exit the store in a daze, considering it too baffling and taxing to capture. I hadn't taken the still images yet, as I thought I couldn't begin to share it with You. Seconds later I pass a stand selling a variety of nicknack's and memorabilia. I experience another jolt as I see the Sgt. Peppers cover along with flashing Mirror Ball of the Eschaton, practically yelling what I interpreted as "This is your job Jake, the context exists and the time is NOW, you must document the syncs and share..." I was compelled to turn around and go take the photos of Crowley and "The Hermetic Code" we saw above...

    The evening has arrived and I am continuing The Great Work a.k.a watching "Buffy The Vampire Slayer".S4 E4 "Fear Itself"

    It 'just so happens' that it's Halloween on the show, that Friday (Oct 24) being one week shy of the actual event.
    By some fascinating non local slight of hand I happen to be sitting here, one week later, writing this on Halloween.

    Maybe, just maybe, I can post this sucker today...
    Frat boys unwittingly paint a black star (with some white and red resonating the swastika..) that will soon open a StarG8 for demonic forces to enter. Really cool to note it's Oz's blood that activates this inter dimensional Black Star portal.
    As we see in the above Wiccan/Pagan Wheel of the Year Halloween falls on one of the 8 major points of the solar year. The year as a circle, marked out with its major phases, gives us the octogram star shape. Charting our local Star's cycles gives us this mandala StarG8 shape, something worth meditating on.

    Happy Halloween (HH) and greetings on one of the 8 points of the Black StarG8!
    S2 E18 "Moving Day"

    Still the same "Black Friday" and KKonsciousness has moved on to "How I Met Your Mother" (a.k.a How I Found Goddess and What I Did to Her When I Found Her). We see actress Cobie Smulders as Robin Scherbatsky (Robin and the Bat(man) in there) sporting little stylized Black Stars with faces.
    Robin is an ex-Canadian pop sensation "Robin Sparkles".

    Robin Sparkles "Let's Go to the Mall" (full version)

    Her New York friends find her embarrassing, 80's flavored 'secret' music video in S2 E9 "Slap Bet" a.k.a "Robin Sparkles".
    Robin flies through space, traversing the heavens or opening the StarG8, with a robot that reads 2000 or 2K.

    See Tunney Trilogy
    Remember that Robin Tunney climbs K2 in 2000's "Vertical Limit" and is to be impregnated with Schwarzenegger's Moonchild on the eve of the 2000 Millennium in "End Of Days".
    The CBS eye winks from a hexagonal Zebra Drum.
    SHE is seen 'emanating' hexagonal Zebra stripes (above) while her name is writ large across the vastness of the infinite (below).
    This Robin deserves allot more time and analysis but for NOW we rest here, to return in future posts, flux willing.
    I was curious as to what brand of clothing the little Black Stars on Robin belonged to.
    The Hunab-Ku had one more surprise for me that eve...
    My friend bought me a ticket to see DJ Jazzy Jeff, a Black Star, once member of DJ Jazzy Jeff & The Fresh Prince (Will 2K).
    While there I see those same Black Stars on a girls bag.
    Turns out they are little skull designs, a frequent feature of the Tokidoki line for LeSportsac.
    The most prevalent and telling Black Star is the clock face*. It is a perfect 'circle dot' while the hour and minute markers give it the radiating star burst quality. Further if we remove the sequential experience of time the spinning clock hands would indeed trace a perfect black dot or hole. Time is indeed being dissolved by the Black Star.

    *An argument can be made for the written word "Star" itself being the most prevalent Black Star. As it is usually typed in black the actual word itself is probably the most common appearing Black Star. Phew!
    I was looking at this Coca-Cola (KK) clock face when this line of reasoning appeared.

    This ends here as I/Eye NOW see Black Stars everyday every where. Below are some more selected Black/Dark Holes/Stars encountered during the writing of this piece..

    Mondragon Restaurant (Oct 29)

    Dialogue from "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" S4 E7 The Initiative

    Willow needs some cheering up. I'm going to take her.

    Xander : How's will dealing--

    Buffy : (Cutting off Xander.) With the black hole of despair she's been living in since Oz left? She's dealing. I'm helping. It's hard.


    Atareye said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Atareye said...

    From one JK to Another I must say that this post resonated with my frequency like no other Ive read here before. Bravo on the reality blog theme. Its addicting like TV. The hairs on my neck stood up as I read specific details and words from my current post in this post. I started working on

    "'D'ark Man VS Candyman"

    I was hopefully posting it tonight but this Blob site has scrambled my brain once again.

    Here's some quick resonating quotes from my current weaving...

    "....Dark man becomes Noir Man, Or 'D' Ark man, or fuck I don't know. I found it cool that this Arkman Shares similar characteristics as Clive Barker's Candyman..."

    "....Clive Barkers Candyman was covered in hungry bees, had his right hand cut off, and then he was burned to death, so they thought. They both wear trench coats and Candyman is a black(dark)star....."

    Those are just a couple to list. My mind is racing and I want to spew more jabber but I'll spare you all... for now :)

    Just one more thing of possible relevance. Popeye is a radar word of sorts. You can take Pop or eye and they spell backwards and forwards. The radar monitor, we see on TV, is a circle dot to. A circle dot scanning machine for peering by pinging at long distances to find a target. Radar uses a similar process as Sonar. Popeye resonates Horus the one eyed 'Son'(ar).Nikola Tesla, in August 1917, first established principles regarding frequency and power level for the first primitive radar units. Eye see where I'm going with this. Do you? Put that in your proverbial Popeye pipe and smoke it!

    Keep Moving, spinning, povoting and real'eye'zing the potential of where this is taking us.

    Great respect JK

    Dedroidify said...

    Much appreciate the positivity & holistic view Jake.

    Radiohead has a song called Black Star:

    "Blame it on the black star
    Blame it on the falling sky
    Blame it on the satellite that beams me home"


    aferrismoon said...

    Black Star Liners was Marcus Garvey's line, I think.

    Of course Tsarion can be Black Star NOIR - Black and the rest = Star'Rats while Ts = The hebrew Sound for the Star card.


    Unknown said...

    I was half way through reading your post when I went to have my lunch. What happened to be on the TV? The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle! The Universe (or project bluebeam/ray) spoke!

    First thing I see is our heroes R and B being driven in a car by Kenan and Kel (KK, TWO black stars!). They are called Martin and Lewis (Luther maybe?), with a Lewis being something a Mason uses (Leona Lewis at Beijing Olympics, Lewis Hamilton might win the F1 title this weekend). They have "WJ" on their lapel, but with "Lewis" you keep seeing a "V" (Frequent theme in movie).

    With Rocky, I think of Barack Obama (very easy to get to, Rocky = The Rock, who in Southland tales plays a Barack like messiah. Barack also did a promo on WWE, where he said "can you smell, what Ba-rack is cooking?"). While the moose is Sarah Palin, who even ends up in the White House later! Bullwinkle = Torus as well (Age of Torus, golden calf, golden age, 2012 SP for president?)

    The hero helping them along is Piper Perabo (PP), she plays Kar-en Sympathy. She envoked Hilary Swank in my mind (from my other post on The Core) because of the gap in her teeth (something I have in common with these two women, perhaps this is my Robin?).

    As the story progressed, they end up in court with Whoopi Goldberg as the judge (another black star) who lets them off by saying "celebrities are above the LAW", syncing your "as stars above".

    Once let out, they need to get to New York, as you hear them speak the name, you see two twin power plant towers in the background and they find an airfield. They then get in a plane and fly to New York. The plane is too heavy and B has to fly the plane alone, while R flies PP. R and PP end up in NY and you see Lady Isis, the WTC's and they end up at the Rockefeller building in front of Prometheus. Then at night they fly in the centre of a giant full moon to meet the enemy.

    The other interesting bit, with 9/11 resonation, is that B ends up in Washington! Thinking it is NY! The plane lands, head first, into the lawn of the White House in front of the Fountain! He talks to the Prez (who is brainwashed) and is aided by Randy Quaid (Independence Day saviour).

    There is a heck of a lot more in this film, with De-Nero as a Hitler figure and the brainwashing of the American people via TV to vote for one candidate (Obama?), which R and B free them from. And they then rename RBTV to Rocky and Bullwinkle Television "because there is no difference", hint hint!

    As another JK, I agree with the other JK that your post resonated on my frequency as well!

    Jenn said...

    Ha! Is that your green swiss made Sigg water bottle in the pic close to the bottom? Because that's my water bottle! I got it new this summer before one of the trips to Camp Zoe at a store called "Dynamic Earth" :D

    aferrismoon said...

    Robin Sp-ARK-les

    NotABlogger said...

    That was epic...

    Also, BRON means SOURCE in dutch.

    Unknown said...

    Wow, I'm having a sync with Keanu Reeves lately. I watched Bram Stoker's Dracula on TV the other night where Keanu plays John Harker and I was thinking about his syncs and closeness to "darkness" in movies such as Dracula, Constantine, and the Devil's Advocate. I was just searching online for more info on Stoker's Dracula when my wife turns on the TV, and it's a bio of Keanu!! I can hear it in the background as I am on the computer laughing at the sync and I hear the program mention that Keanu gave up many big screen deals to take a part in a stage production of Hamlet in....Winnipeg, the center of North America, which connects the sync back to Jake and this blog that I have been devouring lately. Very Cool...

    By the way, I could have sworn that the credits of Dracula said that Kubrick had directed it, but everything on the internet points to Coppola. Is this true? Maybe I was seeing things?

    Unknown said...

    I've been looking into Keanu as well Superjudge, contrast those "dark" roles to his "light" roles as Little Buddha or The One in The Matrix. Then you have his journey through Space, Time, Heaven and Hell in Bill and Ted. "The problem is choice", even at the end of Devil's Advocate, he exercises a choice of free will, like at the end of Matrix Revolutions, that brings the system down. Here is a good article that looks into his path in The Matrix:

    My other train of thought has been on (S)Celine Dion(Isis), linking her to the moon goddess Selene, and someone else who keeps popping up in my train of thought, Dionysus. Now Dionysus is one of the Archetypes of Jesus (water in wine, eating his blood and flesh, death and resurrection, spent time in India), along with others like Horus, Buddha, Krishna. Anyone have some syncs on Celine Dion and Dionysus?

    (Quite a strange sync while I submit my comment, the random word I have to enter is "equest").

    ericswan said...

    My random word is "mooke" and reminds me that the site posits that "letters" are degrees of separation in the 'V' is 60 degrees from galactic center and isn't Winnipeg "W"est of "N"orthern "O"ntario?

    Chris said...

    Yet another inspiring masterpiece.

    Thank you.

    Unknown said...

    The syncs came thick and fast for me this weekend. Another moment of turning the TV on, and there being something of interest.

    Like Mike or "I Like Icke". Tying in nicely with what I have been reading about all weekend, The Heroes Journey (, and also my favourite show at the moment, the third season of Heroes, which just so happens to be at a point when Hiro starts his journey.

    Back to Like Mike, we have our black star Bow Wow (he is referred to in the film as a Chiwawa, Piper Perabo in my previous post, was in the film Beverly Hills Chiwawa, a random Google search lead me to Chihuahua, Chihuahua, in Mexico! A centre like Winnipeg and Kansas!).

    So Bow Wow, our Thoth/Odin goes on his journey of enlightenment, finding the sneakers that give him his Boon of God like powers on the basketball court. He ends up playing for a team called the "Knights", making friends with one Black Knight called Tracey Reynolds, played by Morris ChestNUT (who also happens to be in a film called The Cave [Core], with Piper Perabo!!). And who is in charge of the knights? An actor who has become of great interest to me, Robert Foster! Why is this important? Because in Heroes he plays (King) "Arthur" Petrelli!! And here he is in charge of the Knights! He has also been in the first ever disney feature film, The Black Hole,

    In the end our Bow Wow discovered that it wasn't the shoes, it was the journey, and gives up his stardom to go back to the source and gets adopted by Tracey.

    Put all that in your Popeye Piper Perabo and smoke it!

    PS I got another eerie random word to post my comment with: eprecog)

    Chris said...

    Chris said...

    Aaron said...

    Be careful on the 4th and for the following 2 weeks people. I included a link to my blog which I put up as a means of issuing a very serious warning. The synchs and symbols are a guide, it's how one applies them that's of great importance.

    see Events for 1995 and 2003


    Holidays and Observances-
    Bahá'í Faith - Feast of Qudrat (Power), first day of the 13th month of the Bahá'í calendar

    Note the symbol of the Bahá'í Faith, as well as the faiths doctrine. Erie.

    There is alot to this day in particular and the 12 days afterward.

    Aaron said...

    Be careful on the 4th and for the following 2 weeks people. I included a link to my blog which I put up as a means of issuing a very serious warning. The synchs and symbols are a guide, it's how one applies them that's of great importance.

    see Events for 1995 and 2003


    Holidays and Observances-
    Bahá'í Faith - Feast of Qudrat (Power), first day of the 13th month of the Bahá'í calendar

    Note the symbol of the Bahá'í Faith, as well as the faiths doctrine. Erie.

    There is alot to this day in particular and the 12 days afterward.

    Z said...

    I wonder if Holy Herman is a reference to Hermes. I love the WE3M spinner concept. Aries is the RAM ruled by the planet MARs, the god of WAR.

    Jake Kotze said...

    "Aries is the RAM ruled by the planet MARs, the god of WAR."

    Lovely, thanks.

    Yes, it is my H2O vessel. It would take a team of synchromystics working around the clock for 2 weeks to decode all its mysteries.

    Thanks for all the insight folks.


    Z said...

    More on RAM/MARs/WAR and linking to your Sgt. Pepper's sync- look into McCartney's solo efforts- they include "Ram", "Venus & Mars" and "Tug of War". Ha!

    earthstar said...

    Yes like Stone Temple Pilot Black hole Sun.....just for fun link...keep an eye on those neo's....

    Anadæ Quenyan Effro said...

    "Dark star crashes, pouring its light into ashes." So begins the song "Dark Star" from the Grateful Dead, later continuing, "Shall we go, you & I while we can? Through the transitive nightfall of diamonds." Also, I'm also reminded of the Thule Society, the Nazi Reich's attempt to breed the creme d' le creme of their mythical Aryan stock with the denizens of Ultima Thule, their name for the Hollow Earth, refering to the Inner Sun of that Terra Incognito, the Hollow Earth, as the Black Sun, a lovely song, "Black Sun", by the defunct Washington-based Goth band, Strange Boutique, whose likeness has now transmogriphied into the current band, Faith & the Muse, also highly recommended for their highly visual soundscapes, a timeless addition to the canon of Darkwave/Shoegaze/Death Rock, whatever Goth's current monicker is nowadayze! LOL! Don't forget the all musical episode of Buffy, "Once More, With Feeling!", which is an all-time favourite of this musical lad's. Also, forget not that the little-known name FOR the wingéd monkeys in L. Frank Baum's Oz series WERE the Zoso's, Led Zeppelin notwithstanding. So thank you, Jake, for continuing the Great Work. Namaste & Happy (belated) Hallowmas, Hallowe'en, Samhain (pronounced, as you must Gno, SOW-when), or the Elven Full Moon Before the Dark, Isilnarquelie, pronounced EE-sil-narrr-kwel-ee-ay, a sharpening of the Second Sight for those of us descended from the Starry Race ~ Anadæ

    Leon1234 said...

    Hey great post! Where do you work?h

    Brendan said...

    I also reckon The NWO is serving being but following "The left hand path" to enlightenment hence the perceived negative World state.

    ericswan said...

    I watched a TV special on that site you went to look for east of Winnipeg. It's a rock formation that looks like an eagle of white against a green background. There was a meeting of the spiritual leaders of native North and South America or the condor and the eagle.

    Anonymous said...

    Hiya Jake,

    Re: kk 11:11.

    Are you familiar with the work of Stan Tenen? Check him out at Stan's tracing of the Hebrew letter Alef looks just like an Anglish 'K'.

    'A is A' validates the objective universe, proves only itself and yields the philosophy: 'What IS, IS'.


    'A is K', as revealed by your startling research, proves everything but itself and unravels the philosophy (preferred by Da WWWiz): 'What IS is also elsewise' or the simplified 'whatever, dude'.

    Yer a one-man cyclone, ma nizzle!.

    Pax to the Max

    Unknown said...

    Quite the synchromystic day I've been having today with a few symbols popping up for me. Riding the bus today I saw a large plastic alligator, mouth agape, in the window of a house sync winking me. I don't know how many of you are aware of the clothing brand "FCUK" but a fellow student in one of my classes was wearing one of the shirts and beside the K in the large logo was another smaller k above and beside it. 11:11 anyone?

    soundlessdawn said...

    I wonder if "Still Together.. Still Lost.." Would have worked as well for Obama as "Yes We Can."

    Sergio Alexis Florez Ortiz Jr said...

    i miss your videos. why have you stopped?

    Jake Kotze said...

    I need a Mac to do them right. Until I have the means to purchase said device I develop the writing instead, which does allow one to penetrate the rabbit hole deeply indeed. This intensive continued written flushing out of synchromysticism will aid the future videos no end.
    The videos are something special which I plan to do again, no doubt.
    Donations to The Blob could greatly aid the speed of the return to movies.
    Being even more ambitions I feel I could use a decent camera so I can incorporated real time personal syncs into the movies in high quality.
    Yip this stuff could go to the Moon.

    Unknown said...

    Here's another hip-hop group you might find interesting:

    dougr said...

    left-hand path indeed.
    Those non-God transdimensionals with their unrelenting need to Create. Satanic much?
    Spin together enough
    symbolic mist stories and they can alllllmost create.
    Greater density in the smokey Ill used ions of synkronosities is still no cigar.
    Stargates as portals = the grail of the crusades.
    Being the fool is not knowing and feigning not's knowing only enough to be dangerous.
    What's a stargate rEAlly for?

    pentagon as star
    Twin towers as gate

    Japan = Land of Rising Sun (star)
    twin mushrooming pillars of nuclear Nagasaki/Hiroshima as gate.

    It ain't no new age game kiddies.

    Atareye said...

    Intense commentary!

    Rockin' Robin sung by the one hit wonder and Black Star Bobby Day. Every time you reference this Robin Familiar of yours that song plays in ma' head.

    Peace Duder