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    Sunday, December 7, 2008

    Opening The StarG8 ViA Jennifer Connelly: Earth Angel

    Jennifer Connelly passes the red Stop Sign Octagon in "The Hot Spot". In the same fashion as NO is ZO/OZ and 911 is the emergency number, this StarG8 is seemingly warning us. Yet this is a ZEN tale.
    We are always saying NO, Stop or Emergency! to enlightenment because of our seeming attachment and fear. As it is already ours at every moment we are only acting when we say NO, what WE really mean is ZO and GO!
    Ever ran a Stop with a smile?
    JC and Stars in the same shot. See the screen as a totality or slice of Being. Do not separate the actor and there surroundings, they are part of the same continuum. The actor and the rest of the image are in intimate and direct resonance. This applies equally to real life. View the environment as part of others and yourself.

    JC talks to dad, Thunderbolt Ross, in "The Hulk".
    The Hulk inside the StarG8 as Target with a nice W WE3 Spinner.

    He is making sure she is safely at the base as the Hulk - Green Man resonating Osiris and Jesus, both resurrection resonating - is heading her way.
    As she arrives at the base we see from her perspective a stop sign and the word POLICE. POLICE or pole ice resonating the Earths pole or axis mundi, one of the Dragon Axes of Galactic Alignment.
    She passes another red and white StarG8 in "House Of Sand and Fog". This scene cuts to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.
    The Golden Gate is clearly another name for StarG8. Below we see the Hulk visits this same landmark on his way to JC.
    This lovely poster for the David Fincher "ZOdiac" film helps make the piont. The Golden Gate stretches off into the distance while we see the ZO/OZ and the Target O over the 'heavenly' mist.
    Mark Ruffalo was last seen on the shattered glass StarG8 of the Reservation Road poster with Jennifer Connelly. Now we catch him on the poster for StarRing, Animal Circle or Zodiac.

    Another Octagon can be seen in shot with JC in "HOSAF".
    An injured foot is seen through the steering wheel StarG8 of her chariot, centred by an Octagon.
    How was this foot hurt?

    Lets highlight the ladder (with its divine ladies) and three pillarmids of the Firsts Degree Masonic Tracing Board. The Ladder can be seen as the StarG8way to Heaven i.e the acknowledge and fully accepted here and NOW.
    Both E and W WE3 spinners are found atop and below the tracing board

    JC the Kosmic Khrist descends the StarG8way.
    She comes down from Heaven to Earth. We could say less cryptically, the ONE consciousness willingly but temporarily assumes the ego and separate identity of humanity.
    On Earth she is pierced by three nail type pillarmids in a wooden board. Much like Jesus on the Cross.
    The three crosses of the crucifixion, three trees, three pillars, three pyramids and three towers telling the same story of split and then re-unified KKonsciousness. JC part of the 3 that is 1, The Holy Trinity. Out of 1 KKonsciousness beyond form arises 2 mind and 3 Ego, which then realizes its own union and returns i.e the Birth, Death and Resurrection of Christ.

    Note even the word ONE has 3 Letters. As Jim points out ONE is WON/NOW (New World Order or Newly Ordered World).
    She suffers the pain of the Ego (mind made separate self) which eventually leads to the dis-identification with the mind and form.
    Our synchro-christess radiates the Zebra stripes below in Dario Argento's "Phenomena".
    She holds the 'christ cube', the cross sometimes being depicted as the six segments of an 'unfolded cube'.
    The cube is also the masonic ashlar, a rough stone made square as portrayed yet again of the First Degree Tracing Board. This cubic and square stone is associated to Jesus as the biblical "The stone the builders rejected has become the capstone".
    Synchromystically the cube is also the Ark, the Heavenly and Earthly cube of space.
    This particular glass cube is doubly interesting as in the context of the film it is the container of the "Great Sarcophagus", a fly that can smell dead bodies thereby leading JC to the killer. A cube connected to a Sarcophagus again evokes Osiris and resurrection imagery.

    Mark Ruffalo in "Reservation Road", last seen ON the ZOdiac StarG8 poster, stairs at the funeral procession of a young boy 'hit and run' victim he is responsible for killing. Plant KKonsciousness is reflected in the glass of his chariot, over his face, he says to himself: "Ah Jesus Christ".
    As the scene cuts directly to this..
    Jennifer Connelly as Grace Learner enters and exits the purple robe of a priest with husband Joaquin Phoenix in hand.
    Phoenix resonates rebirth and resurrection, the same tale as that of JC.
    The cloak bears the image of the Chi Rho.
    Although not technically a cross, the Chi Rho invokes the crucifixion of Jesus as well as symbolizing his status as the Christ.
    Wikipedia - Chi Ro
    Another scene has our Kosmic Khrist running across the Zebra stripes to collect her daughter actress Ella Fanning (younger sister of Dakota Fanning).
    The Trinity, as represented by 3 smoke stack pillarmids, are seen again, interacting and dancing, all around JC in "Dark Water".
    SHE carries the 'veiled octagon' in the form of the folded umbrella...

    I like these 'finger pointing' images, they hark back to the 'old time' paintings of Divinity.
    Leonardo's "Last Supper" with the finger pointing in proximity to the three windows and O.G JC.
    The Stop (then Go!) octagon winks again...
    The 'Black Star' umbrella type octagon opens at her crown in the presence of Pete Postlethwaite. Pete has interacted with Sean Connery as the Dragon Draco in 1996's "Dragonheart"! Draco is a constellation intimately associated with the parameters of Galactic Alignment. Oh Lordy..
    Another great octagon opening around our Star.
    She hangs a blanket and radiates some colored stripes...
    More receding in perspective - penetrating/emanating from our Star - Octagons swim into view inside the hallway of her haunted apartment.
    Twin Pillars crown JC's head in "A Beautiful Mind" while a fountain directly behind the Goddess tells of the current celestial drama. The Piscean age moving into the Aquarian entraining with Galactic and Spiritual Alignment.
    She stands between two globed topped pillars in "Labyrinth", a third is kissed by plant KKonsciousness while echoing the axis mundi motif. Our female WholE TrinitE.
    WE see the tip of both hand and fountain merge as one, pointing...
    At the Heavens!
    JC under guidance from Russell Crowe draws an umbrella, with its implied Octagonal associations in the night sky. The cosmos laughs loudly with us as his goal is to disprove the syncnificance of seeing patterns and meaning in the environment.
    Indeed the fountain of Kosmic Konsciousness spurts out of his crown as with Shiva and Buffy. A finger of a passer by points the way. As your true Self and enlightenment is always beyond form and thought any representation or image of the divine is a pointer.
    The camera pans down from the Stars above to the Stars below. We see another Octagonal fountain move into frame surrounded by the plants that have helped us 'reach' the NOW.
    She asks him to draw one more insta-constellation, an Octopus!
    We have seen the interesting and ever deepening association between the JC composite character Jim Carrey and The Fool. Now we see the same phenomena with JC Jennifer Connelly.

    A Few Shots To Shaman's Hounds of Hermes
    The Blob's Jump, Fool!

    Perhaps Jesus being crucified is the equivalent to The Fools leap into the Abyss.
    Facing death of the fictitious form self (Ego) - leaping into the abyss or being crucified - in this life, allows resurrection and rebirth into Foolish Khrist Konsciousness. Anybody, like the synchromystic, must realize what a Fool he/she is to even try and achieve or realize what he/she already always was/is.
    JC walks the dog - companion of The Fool on the verge of crossing the Abyss- entering the film for the first time and walking past Don Johnson in "The Hot Spot".
    Merlin, passing the Obelisk pillarmid, is HER hound companion in "Labyrinth".
    The red Zebra striped 'baby of awakening into present moment awareness' is always just out of reach as she runs through the Escher inspired phantoms and contradictions of the mind/Ego made self.
    Eventually she takes the Foolish leap of faith i.e realizes the present life situation is what WE have been looking for.

    The phantoms dissolve and the realized Christ or accepted NOW lands safely on HER feet.
    Jennifer Connelly the synchromystic 'Foolish Christess' is about to arrive home in "Little Children".
    Her son/sun who sports the Jesters Cap (JC), hat of a Fool, plays with his father, actor Patrick Wilson.
    When MoM arrives home the child - our ever growing KKonsciousness - removes the hat of the Fool and triumphantly tosses it into the air. WE note the aquarium in shot.
    The hat falls to the ground while Mother and Child embrace in Union.

    "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Season 5 Episode 7 "Fool For Love"
    Antagonist Spike the vampire finally snaps. Torn between his recent realization of attraction to his mortal enemy Buffy and his role as arch-villain of the Slayer, he dons his double barrel shotgun to end the internal conflict once and for all, he will this evening kill Buffy Summers!

    Arriving at her home he is presented with the perfect opportunity to do just that. Having just heard bad medical news about her mother Buffy cries, grief stricken, unaware and vulnerable on the backyard porch.

    He lifts and arms his gun, she looks up. His heart melts in her gaze as he sits down, giving her a gentle pat on the back. Fade to black...
    He is our Fool for Love.

    Having just watched and been deeply moved by this whole affair, I find myself walking home with my Ipod on shuffle.

    The song "Earth Angel" played, which I hardly noted until waking, crying, from a dream later that evening.

    In my dream I was talking to one of my old High School teachers. We were forgiving each other for all the anger between myself and the faculty during the tumultuous education process of my teenage years.
    It occurs to then and there, adding to the extreme almost cartoonish catharsis of the experience, that "Earth Angel" contains the lines: "I'm just a fool. A fool in love with you."