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    Sunday, November 30, 2008

    Something Blue My Mind

    Alyson Hannigan as "Buffy's" Willow Rosenberg wearing blue while the Grey of Kosmic Konsciousness oversees the dorm room party on my laptops wallpaper.

    On NOvember 2 (ZO) I load up my laptop with fresh "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" and "How I Met Your Mother". It's been my habit of late to try and catch an episode of both most days. One particular thread has evolved into following Alyson Hannigan, a synchromystic Scarlet Woman and Star/Goddess of both said television programs. Perhaps it sounds like I am starstruck, maybe, but I am none the less sincere when I say these actresses resonate the Stars and facets of the Divine inside all of us.
    I put these shows straight onto my laptop's desktop when I try and sneak one in at work... As I drag the appropriate episode files over, I imagine something technical has gone wrong as both "Buffy" and "HIMYM" episodes read as "Something Blue"... Can this be correct?
    "HIMYM" Season 2 Episode 22 "Something Blue" (original airdate May 14 2007) and "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" Season 4 Episode 9 "Something Blue" (original airdate Nov 30 1999), verified.
    Weird, but obviously symptomatic of the ever increasing alignment of self and other. Indeed self and other, as fictions, are increasingly disolving as mind made phantoms.
    That same morning I felt sudden deepening of my connection to Divinity, affects of which I feel have been permanently integrated into my Self. On many levels I've been feeling wonderful ever since.. I ascribed this bizarre and extreme synchronicity, that of my T.V shows entraining and self reflecting in theme and exact name, to this increasing depth. Intrigued I did indeed find time to sit down that evening and watch both wedding themed "Something Blue" episodes, in perfect sequential order of my particular haphazard pattern of viewing.
    "Buffy" S4 E10 "Hush" ZO 3

    Another day, another "Buffy" episode, "HusH". Above we note Buffy in blue, while Scarlet Woman Willow sports a delightful Black Star halo.
    Not a minute later of screen time and our blue dressed Star/Goddess is positioned, just so, to allow a fountains spray to be emitted from her crown.
    I had been meditating on just such an image of the blue skinned Shiva, allowing immediate recognition of syncnificance. I currently interpret this as the 2010 - The Chinese Year of the Tiger - 'blue H2O-door' of "The Year We Make Contact"
    Xander (above) also heightens the theme in HusH by being fully 'N Sync.
    As the tally of votes came in for the US election on ZO 4 it dawned into awareness that Obama and the Democrats resonate the Blue, entraining with this theme suddenly flooding through the sync web.
    Caught a little Robin, emitting a golden star and wearing the color in "How I Met Your Mother" (How I Met Isis And Drank From The Life Bringing Milky Way Of Her Bosom) S3 E2 "We're Not From Here" on ZO 6.
    Note the Octagonal Black Star umbrella behind and Target StarG8 on Dr Manhattans third eye.

    When Jim Sanders returned from Peru and Mayantuyacu he told me about being thought by Shaman Juan Flores about the Shiva resonating Sumiruna.

    A forwarded comminque between Jim and Frank Albo

    much of my teachings this time where about Sumiruna
    the being that overlooks the earth i.e. Christ/Ayahuasca/ or the Greatest Spirit of the Water/Computer of the Earth

    sumiruna it seems is like the esoteric master of all realms, be it water/ forest and air
    he is supposedly 100 ft tall, a big cloak and has big attenaes

    i take it sumiruna is manifesting in humans globally now
    Cool! Your Sumiruna sounds awfully close to Sanat Kumara, the Ancient of Days (see the Book of Daniel and also William Blake), which Theosophists and other channellers, namely Alice Baily, proclaim to be the World Teacher, or the Great Initiator, he who is 'Lord of the World' and to whom all beings (inter-galactically and beyond) must first go to before conducting any business here on earth.
    Jim invited me and Frank out to Manito Ahbee (Tie Creek), as part of filming for the Nosis documentary, a sacred site to many indigenous Elders. This incident is mentioned in Black Star.
    As we stopped to pick up 'cast and crew' I kept snapping shots of anything potentially syncnificant.
    Above we see a blue house with the 777 - The number of the Scarlet Woman or The Gateway to the City of Pyramids - through Jim's car (a Saturn) window.
    Minutes later we stop for coffee before leaving Winnipeg.
    We see 2 large 7's or 77/Oz

    Jim runs into 7-Eleven while Frank grabs the java in a store, directly next door.
    Diagram from "Thoth: Architect of the Universe" p86 by Ralph Ellis

    7 and 11 is the exact ratio of the Great Pyramid of Giza! (11:7 (2Pi)).

    More on the Scarlet Woman and 7-Eleven type subjects in the un-tamable "Scarlet Dragon 2" post, flux willing, knock on wood..
    I go help Frank carry the black beverage and sugary cinnamon buns, while snapping this 'illicit' shot as we exit.
    In more recent days of hanging out inside this same coffee shop - drawn by that strangest of all attractors, a beautiful woman - I have noticed that the building directly across from the Great Pyramid resonating 7-Eleven says "Evolution Blue Moon". We can even see the ratio 7:11 reflected in its glass windows.
    After arriving at the entrance to the trail that leads to the sacred site I am handed some supplies, including this "Clif Bar" (above).
    Below Frank eats his bar.
    At one point during the hike I motion to Jim, showing him the "Clif Bar". I highlight the three Giza resonating Pyramounts and say "There's to much weight, its not gonna hold!".
    Robin Tunney says these words in "Vertical Limit" - the film where she climbs K2 becoming a Khaled Khan resonator - words also chosen by Jim to be included in StarMummy.
    Ralph Ellis decodes the Great Pyramid (11:7 (2Pi)) as a map pointing towards the mountain K2.
    Later Jim would ask me if I kept the "Clif Bar" wrapper from that trip. I send him scans of said mystery object..
    The "Clif Bar" expires on 6 March 2009

    He replies, after inspecting the images, that the bar expires on the same date the "Watchmen" film opens.
    Sumiruna, Dr Manhattan, Sanat Kumara and Shiva walk the Earth!


    Jim said...

    You just blue my mind! hehe

    i just noticed that Seth Green aka Oz from Buffy
    is now starring in Heroes. Also, did you know the doctor pundit on Oprah (friend of Eckhart) is called Dr. Oz.

    later g8tor

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    I wish now to claw out my eyes.... I have been obsessed with blue gods lately and have noticed that the healing blue light is what is said to emanate from galactic center (The Blue Lodge)... Plus I've been reading a lot of Alan Moore (Watchmen) and am amazed at how many blue gods are thrown in to his work. V for Vendetta of course is his as well. Love and Thanks.

    Hey Jim, Heroes is nuts!

    Jim said...

    Interesting you mention the blue light from galactic centre. last summer during one of my ayahuasca ceremonies there was a light blue light that was slowly blinking on one of the walls and at least five of us could all see it and we could not figure out where it was coming from, including the skeptics amongst us at the time. i clearly felt it was a visible presence and it was my first instance of something visually out of the ordinary during a ceremony in which all involved agreed they where experiencing it. i remember thinking it was the blue kachina revealing itself to us as the hopi prophecy states is to happen. i think your galactic centre blue lodge fits perfectly. nice.

    Jenn said...

    Lol, great post and of course i would be having blue thoughts lately as well---of honey and jars and mushrooms out of Egypt! Warmest regards Jake <3

    Jaspal said...

    I have no idea what is happening, I can only share my experiences/thoughts and hope in some way all this starts to make sense soon.

    The Blue of Shiva, and the Blue of all Hindu God's represents the poison of the world that they suck up on our behalf. Only yesterday was I looking at insidethecosmiccube's blog and he spoke of the colour Blue appearing in Heroes (I was reading the nitpickers guide to Heroes), this is what he wrote:

    'Blue, quite simply, is the color of the process of enlightenment.'

    He also mentioned the "Axis mundi" which made me do a quick Google search on that word and I ended up on the Wiki page which has a picture of:

    Lord Shiva mediating in Mount Kailash! The only great mountain in the world that no one has dared to climb (no one wants to wake up the great Lord Shiva!). I mentioned Mount Kailash to a friend of mind while having drinks that evening and he said the shape of the mountain is a perfect symmetrical shape, like a Pyramid!

    So Fire and Lord Shiva... brings me onto another one of my "quests" over the last few weeks. Shiva is Lucifer because of his third eye resonating with Lucifer’s third eye, Lucifer as the "light bringer" is linked to Prometheus as the "bringer of fire", and from Promethus we get to Thoth, the bringer of knowledge and "creator of the world".

    You want more? The Book of Revelations tells us that Lucifer is Gabriel, the fallen one. I can also link them to Vulcan, Zachary Quinto plays Gabriel/Syler in Heroes and will be Spock (the Vulcan) in the new Star Trek, what links Gabriel and Vulcan? Gabriel created the first women, Vulcan created the first women, Vulcan was cast down by Zeus, Lucifer is the fallen one. Even Joseph Campbell speaks of Vulcan as the "creator of the material world". Volcanoes, fire, creation, Pyramids and we are back to Lord Shiva again!!

    My friend has also told me that when Shiva's third eye opens, someone dies/moves, what does Doc Manhattan do when in the TV studio, and has enough of the accusations?

    Jim and A Few Shots to Shaman, I am also reading the Watchmen novel and Heroes. What does all this mean? Yesterday I was watching Dark City....

    Jim said...

    Jaspal - It means Shiva is rising amongst us and our mass media is reflecting it increasingly in more powerful ways. 2 years (perhaps less) and all will be clear. Hold onto your hats. :)

    Jaspal said...

    You reminded me of this Michael Tsarion lecture I watched. He mentioned 2012 and the alignment of Pluto/Shiva.

    At 47:40 he talks about Pluto and the Age of Revealing.

    "It's space Jim, but not as we know it"

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Tsarion is one of my sources for the Blue healing light of GC... My life has been full of Blue Gods, Lucifer, and Axis Mundi for about 2 months now, I feel great that everyone else is on this thread.

    Jaspal what do you think all this means?

    Jaspal said...

    It means whatever you want it to mean. The Hero's Journey is your own personal journey of enlightenment and evolution.

    Your soul has been through many lives on this earth, the very fact that you are here asking all these questions means that your soul has reached a certain point in time, a crossroads maybe. You could be out enjoying life, making the most of all the material trappings of the world. Yet you are here, asking the most important question of all, "who am I?"

    I mentioned to someone earlier this week that this "Bigger Picture" we are looking into is much like our Universe, it appears to expand more, and confuse me more the further I look into it. Everything that exists in your world only exists because you are aware of it, much like the "tree falling in the woods". That does not mean there is nothing outside of those bounds, much like "dark matter" (only dark because we do not know it, or understand it).

    Life is a test, but the alchemist will only test that metal which he believes can be turned into Gold. The rest are left to live their material lives. The Buddha sits under his tree, he is unmoved and untouched by all that comes to him to tempt him, because he knows the ultimate truth. Winston Smith went into Room 101 (stargate) to face his worst fear, in the end it just you against your Shadow.

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Unus Mundus.....

    Dark Matter=Chi

    Jim said...

    nice words jaspal.

    next summer juan flores is coming up to manitoba
    for a couple months and i will be organizing retreats and some gatherings. it would be great to entice a bunch of you folks to come visit here at that time.

    perhaps we could have a big ayahuasca ceremony together?

    just ideas...

    soundlessdawn said...

    I found another 777 in Hellboy 2 ~ The last piece of the Elvish Crown.. Is auction number 777... Also ~ if you haven't seen Max Payne yet ~ The super soldier blood lust Drug is blue colored as well. Peace ~ S

    Superjudge said...

    The number 222 has been appearing to me very often. License plates, when I look at the time, house numbers, receipts, pages of books I randomly open to, everywhere. The "Blue" episode of HIMYM was season 2 episode 22, or 222. 222 also appeared on the Clif bar wrapper. I have stopped trying to find the significance of it and feel confident knowing it is consciousness winking at me, and reminding me to stay awake...

    The word verification at this moment is "ark"yja...

    aferrismoon said...

    On the 7/11 store - Big Bite-Big Gulp - inferring the maw , the teeth and the swallow , rezzing with the mouth as GC.

    Al Arish - a place in the Sinai , mountains there and not too far from Giza. Arish means 'nuts' .


    word veri: = copsaw

    A. Magnus Publius said...

    Here's a 'blue' sync for you: ever notice how every time Bush wants to start a war in a public address he's wearing a sky blue tie, usually the color of the Blob's homepage? Sky blue is supposed to be the color of one of the chakras, one associated with 'Sanat Kumara,' is it not?

    curseblog said...

    I didn't read anywhere in the post if you noticed that on the screenshot that says "something blue" there is a grey alien lit in blue in the background of the picture, I'm sure you noticed however it seemed a weird sync to me.

    Enjoy your work greatly


    ericswan said...

    You can always tell when tptb are in your face, looking for clues at the scene of the crime. The word verification is "ledgible and cryptosyncratic. Put that in your pipe and smoke it.

    kevin lewis said...

    while we're all speaking of the hindu trinity, which i was looking at pictures of right before reading this, your latest post, i've had something on my mind the past couple of days. when you were doing all of your "candy" work, i can't remember you ever mentioning that another name for kali is kandi. were you aware of this? it's the sno on the cap. so much (all?) synch work seems to lead one back to the hindu belief system, and the trinity in particular.

    be a well.

    Jenn said...

    It's making me cry right now that Cannabis is a crime and i think i'm denied entry into canada because i'm a criminal, so i'll bee keeping you all in my heart this summer in Mo at Zoe <3 When things get me down, at least i've got the blues!

    Chris said...


    The Secret Sun said...

    Is it just me or is Allyson Hannigan a million times sexier than Sarah Michelle Gellar?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Its very strange - after taking hundreds of screenshots from Buffy - how some people, like Gellar, 90 percent of the time, look awkward when frozen in time.
    I often try to be considerate when taking a still, taking one that seems more appropriate. Sometimes the sync only gives you a small window and your left with weird looking pose.
    Either way this is all cosmetic, but interesting.
    Hannigan always looks calm and great.
    Just speculating, but perhaps tension is easier to spot in a photo then a film.

    A. Magnus Publius said...

    Allison Hannigan is a tad more feminine than Ms. Gellar, though I wouldn't kick her out of bed for eating crackers, either! Then again, there is a reputed sex tape floating around the internets of Ms. Hannigan, so perhaps that's artificially 'juicing' the syncs a bit?

    Jaspal said...

    I always liked Allison Hannigan more as well, but I don't think this is purely based on looks.

    It was more to do with the fact that her character went on this amazing journey of starting off as this geekly anonymous kid, and then turning into this amazingly powerful Witch!

    Buffy was always this "out of the box" vampire slayer, very fiery and ultra feminist, Willow always seemed more "real". She was the water to Buffy's fire (strange to say that with her being a red head) but it is the best way to describe her, cool, calm, collected and constantly evolving and battling her own inner demons.

    Her beauty was within her, not outside her.

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Everybody say Blackstar!

    Accidental Alchemist said...

    I guess I'll point out the obvious. 7 X 11 =

    77 is a repeater in the Watchmen along with many other twin digits so far in my reading. Happy Harry's, Hollis Mason, the NITE OWL!!! Everyone here should start reading this series.

    "Sumiruna it seems is like the esoteric master of all realms, be it water/ forest and air
    he is supposedly 100 ft tall, a big cloak and has big attenaes

    i take it sumiruna is manifesting in humans globally now"

    Reminded me of the "Forest God" from from Princess Mononoke
    (Isis Mozozoke). Forest God is made out of stars and water, hes 100 tall or more, and hes only comes out under the 'cloak' of night!!

    Ironmoon 'Big Bite-Big Gulp' STUNNING catch.

    my word verification for this comment is....'forste'

    WoW MoM indeed....

    Accidental Alchemist said...

    For some reason I just thought of the scene in Jurassic park where they watch the water vibrate in concentric circles as the T-rex approaches. Just to add on to the whole galactic monster theme mixed with Aquarius of course. The 'EX' in rex being another marker in my mind to underline this.

    Jake Kotze said...

    I told Jim about Mononoke right after he mentioned Sumi.
    That forest god totally resonates this stuff, its also very 'blob'like in my mind.

    Great Jurassic Park interpretation!
    The Dragon of alignment brakes free, heralded by the rippling waters..

    Peace Out

    aferrismoon said...

    Remember the `forest god in hellboy II dieing and greening the some of the city. he too was about fairly tall, though entirely green [ a word related to yellow , and blue + yellow = green, water and air = eartHHeart]


    Dat jus' green my mind

    Bamshad said...

    Thanks for sharing so freely in your writing, Jake.

    For what it's worth, I hadn't checked this blog in some time, but decided to look for a new post yesterday or the day before. The subject of this then-newest came as a little shock to me -- for the last few days, but that night especially, I couldn't seem to get "Govinda Hare" out of my mind for very long! Krishna Das singing about blue-skinned Krishna, finder and protector of cows.

    Everywhere I look, there I am.