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    Thursday, November 27, 2008

    Opening the StarG8 ViA Jennifer Connelly: Shattered Glass

    Star/Goddess Jennifer Connelly (JC) resonates many aspects of the Divine. The initial impression worth pointing out is, well her initials. JC is common short hand for the Christ. As conscious facet of the Divine, the Christ was/is a resonator of Cosmic Consciousness (KK) or the StarG8 (road to awe).

    As Sarah she picks up a chair, smashes a pane of glass, in 1986's "The Labyrinth".
    The cracking of the transparent medium is the disillusion of the illusion of thought and form. The shattering of the separation of self from other. The realization of true identity as being timeless and beyond substance.
    All beautiful but transient form arises from the true eternal Self that can never be known, yet We are that same eternal Self. It's very funny and simple.
    We can't 'know' or 'think' what we are because we already are what We are, dig?
    We are like fish/Pisces embraced and inseparable from the water in which we swim. We can't see our home and life giving medium as it is all we know. Once we come up for air/Aquarius we can appreciate this seeming paradox.
    In 1998's "Dark City" Emma/AnnA's 'schizophrenic husband' John Murdock shatters the glass separating there love/union.
    In 2001's "A Beautiful Mind" JC discovers schizophrenic husband John Nash is hiding symptoms of his illness. As AliciA peers into the world of his neurosis, the door containing John's secret displays shattered glass. JC obtained the coveted Golden Boy/Oscar for her role as John's loyal wife.
    2003's "House of Sand and Fog" repeats this style of StarG8 image intercating with Connelly (as Kathy), along with the head of Ben Kingsley. Mr King is famed for his portrayal of Ghandi, the Mahatma (Sanskrit for "Great Soul") and winning the Golden Boy/Oscar for this same performance.
    This Portuguese (?) poster for 2007's "Reservation Road" echoes the theme vividly, one more time. She plays Grace (a.k.a Being/Divine) wife of the Joaquin Phoenix. The Phoenix - itself resonating the Egyptian Bennu and Benben plus 'eye' and 'fire' tailed peacock - rising from the ashes resonates the Christ waking from the tomb.
    This whole whack of self reflecting symbolism is echoed in the heavens by our star/sun's cycles all pointing at realization of KKonsciousness.

    More clusters of Jennifer Connelly syncs to be investigated as We flux.


    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    Nice post. I just watched a Beautiful Mind on TV last night. Tears at the heart that film.

    I just noticed that the Canadians caught in the Mumbai attacks are from an organization called the Synchronicity Foundation. Weird eh?

    Immortel said...

    Good one, what about the scene in donnie darko, when he hacks his knife against the mirror, scary scene that is...

    Unknown said...

    I can bring together both Jen and Phoenix with what something has driven me towards this evening.

    I had just finished watching the end of David Ickes lecture at Oxford (very Harry Potter) and at the end he talked about Bill Hicks and his "Its just a ride speech". This reminded me of this singer called Jem who did this song called "Just a ride" based on what Bill Hicks said. So I listened to it again and wow, it reached out to me in the same way I feel when I read your posts sometimes.

    And what is Jem's full name? Jemma (Jen) Griffiths/Griffin (Phoenix), I was looking for the song the same time I read your post!

    I've felt quite sombre all day with all that business in India, quite angry for a while that the CIA and MI6 could do such a thing, and why can't THEY just leave India alone. Then I hear the song from Jem called They, "who made up all the rules, we follow them like fools" and "who are THEY, where are THEY, how can THEY possibly know all this?". THEY are WE, what is happening in India is our Ego running amok. So how can we stop ourselves?

    Atareye said...

    Brilliant, to the point post. This must come to you real easy now. Finding all those broken glass pics must have been thrilling.

    Good one teacher...

    aferrismoon said...

    Jenni -FER CONN-olly with FER CONN turning into FIR CONE and the Christmas Tree or the Christ-Mass 3.
    The Connallys were in JFKs limo on the shooting day - JFK = Christ.
    Interesting bit from Wiki page on JFK: Kennedy had near-legendary status in Ireland, as the first person of Irish heritage to have a position of world power.

    Quite like BarackO


    Jake Kotze said...

    I feel the state of KKonsciousness that allows these syncs to be discovered, i.e seeing all phenomena as arising from the present moment (inseparable from your true Self) and directly related to each other, is growing.
    As such the spotting and existence of these syncs - which only exists as a result of the relationship between the film maker and the viewer - becomes easier for all of us.

    Peace out and thanks for these comments.

    I will put up some more JC sync winks shortly.

    Z said...

    "John Murdock shatters the glass separating there love/union"

    Interesting name- John (the Baptist- water) Murdock (Marduk). In Babylonian myth Marduk was associated with the planet Nibiru which shattered the planet Tiamat (possibly creating thee asteroid belt). wiki: "Marduk's original character is obscure but he was later on connected with water, vegetation, judgment, and magic"

    Z said...

    Jennifer is a variant of Guinevere, the Queen, Gwen means Queen. Connelly (my mother's maiden name) was one of the four tribes of Tara. The Hill of Tara is also known as the Hill of Kings as it was the capital of the Celtic Kings of Ireland and possibly pre-Celtic Ireland. According to MTsar, "In Hebrew and Egyptian the word Tara means gateway or portal"

    Occult Mosaic said...

    good stuff, there was a movie with Hayden Christiansen called shattered glass along with this years mirrors poster.

    Anonymous said...

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