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    Monday, November 17, 2008

    Rec Ice Live - JC Movie Synchromysticism

    Red Ice Creations resonates Galactic and Spiritual Alignment with their black sun/halo logo.
    We dip into the dark waters of Star/Goddess Jennifer Connelly's sync pool with Red Ice Live

    I enjoyed doing this show allot. Being able to play the clips live and talk with Henrik about what is happening on the silver screen is a wonderful progression in method of sharing this knowledge.

    First Segment Info Page
    We didn't get through a fraction of the Jennifer Connelly syncs we intended and there is much more to share, in some future form, about this amazing starG8 resonator.

    The show was intended to be on Saturday 15 but ended up being delayed until Sunday, resulting in me and Frank Albo being featured on Red Ice, the same day.
    Frank has unveiled the Winnipeg Legislative Building as a symbolic Solomon's Temple leading to my interpretation of the building as Galactic Center Temple.
    I believe there are numerous syncs, including Franks amazing discovery, which suggests Winnipeg as a particular nexus in the dawning of humanities next evolutionary step. Synchronicities such as both Frank and myself ending up on Red Ice, the same day, feel like entrainment and verification of this pattern.


    Terry said...

    nice interview, the live version works 100x better with this work.

    soundlessdawn said...

    I love the progression as well ~ Eventually I'm sure we'll see much more HD and Holographic Thought based technology being used to relay ideas.. That will take your consciousness and portray all of your combined ideas like a form of poetry instead of using media.. Our brains pick up all of these subconscious cues about the stars on the silver screen.. But most people have difficulty verbalizing what they are experiencing on a spiritual.. somewhat subliminal level. Thanks for being aware that you're aware.. "We're not what we think or what we see.. We are what allows thinking and what allows seeing" ~ The Stargate within and throughout.

    Indras Net said...

    Amazing work jake, i was blown away by the truman show sirius prop light. Did you guys go into the name of the Doctor in the Carrey film, The Number 23, Dr.Sirius Leary, theres alot of Cosmic Trigger winks in it, in one scene theres a lecture about wilhelm reich in the background, the dog(star) ned. I hope part 2 is made available, keep up the incredible work

    Accidental Alchemist said...

    The revolution will be televised!

    Good Job JaKe Kotze!

    aferrismoon said...

    Works out a lot better like this , though perhaps Mr.Palmgren could morph into a space being of non-human origins, or change colours, for fun.

    Connolly , an Irish name , got me hinking of DUBLIN which Dubh [ Dove] Lin in Gaelic meaning Black Pool.

    Only saw the first part


    Particleion said...

    This worked out a whole lot better with the clips in the interview. Hope to see more stuff like this.

    When's that next video coming...?

    Nice job keep it coming

    Z said...

    Your ability to get your ideas across just continues to blossom. This redice video interview was arguably your finest explanation of your message thus far.

    Joni Mitchell:
    Then can I walk beside you
    I have come here to lose the smog
    And I feel to be a cog in something turning
    Well maybe it is just the time of year
    Or maybe its the time of man
    I dont know who l am
    But you know life is for learning
    We are stardust
    We are golden
    And weve got to get ourselves
    Back to the garden

    Newspaceman said...

    Connolly, me thinking Billy.


    ericswan said...

    Clan Destine said...
    The Next Big Thing

    The printing press was allowed as one of the first post dark-age evolutionary innovations to prepare us for the end game. The MEME machine was turned loose - paper networking to prepare us for the next stage.
    The next stage was "electro-magneto involvement". Maxwell and Faraday refined the tools to set the course. The wires were laid. The network roadways were now paper and wire, and the engines were ink and electricity. Then came the automobile and the rutted paths became asphalt thus making the matrix triune: ink and paper, pulses through wire and now material transport on paved infrastructure (and designated air corridors). The network thickens. Presence extension. Postures externalized.

    Then Tesla fucked everything up by prematurely introducing phased plasma electrodynamics. Creative redirective calibration became necessary. Einsteinian relativity was introduced as a "Plan B" measure that worked beautifully to redirect development toward "Plan A" status. Having arrived at the nuclear network from a "back door", completely bogus, Einsteinian con-job interpretation of reality as twirled through the quantum. Though in the wrong order, this development was sufficiently, creatively distorted so as to make its displacement in the "stream of presence-progression" an irrelevant factor.

    Then came television (after nukes) to reassert (and refine) the wire-based electro-conceptional tele-presentational framework. As soon as the TV "innovation" was networked and refined, the developmental bread-crumb-path moved to desktop computers which were fast-tracked to networking (WWW) in the '80's. The mind stretched AND expanded.

    Now, the matrix is prepared and the next scale-evolutionary-innovative presence-elemental is about to be introduced.

    The extraterrestrials shall be arriving soon.

    There was civilization before the printing press... and the altered world after it.

    There was civilization before telepresence (telegraph, telephone, radio, film)... and the altered world after it.

    There was civilization before the car and the wing... and the altered world after it.

    There was civilization before the bomb... and the altered world after it.

    There was civilization before tele-imagery (TV)... and the altered world after it.

    There was civilization before desk-top computers... and the altered world after it.

    There was civilization before ... the networking of desktops (WWW) and the altered world after it.

    All major lane changes involve an evolution of the overall PRESENCE POTENTIAL - the ability to CONVEY ourselves and our thoughts.

    What do you suppose is next?
    We have been preparing for this next stage with each previous fundamental stair-step in the progression.

    They will be arriving soon.
    As in the Speilburg-Cruise prophesy, they will be coming with the ionization (storm) and the whole thing will be a cover for something else.

    Things from space that are really underground, posing as things from underground posing as things from space.

    So, a lot of posing going on. Posture is important. This the Illuminati know. Posing is Presence. Communication with aliens is through "posturing." Communication with the human-mass-mind is through posturing.
    Communication with the individual human subconscious is through posturing. Communication between humans on internet blog sites is through posturing.
    That's what makes a Templar-built 13th century Cathedral different than an Apache Teepee. Posture.

    The reason NASA is "masonic" has everything to do with the fact that this is the posture one must adopt when interfacing with non-human entities and their plasma ships (which seem to house intelligence and intent, but not material bodies).

    The next phase in human evolutionary/technological development will be the ability to dis-attach our consciousness from our bodies and house it in a plasma-based device (vehicle) that
    can be "driven" like a "ufo" by our disembodied mind.

    Our voices posture through paper, then though wires. Then our bodies are freed up with cars and wings. Then our posturing goes visual with television and WWW and we all look for the next big thing... the next deal breaker, the next wave of techo plateau climbing.

    It's going to be "mind ships," a technology that will openly be known to be brought to us by aliens.

    It is the final survival tool that will be offered before the hammer strikes and the Sun changes channels.

    There will be a big debate about whether escape with your mind-ship is truly escape.

    Of course there's probably no aliens and this mind-ship tech is just a way for the Illuminati to deploy Plasma-orb, ball-lightening based technology as a way of imprisoning your consciousness in an orb of energized electro-plasma, by your own volition... for their own designs.

    Kinda like TV, only different.

    The "next internet" is going to have extreme religious implications, as well as existential ones. A division will ensue - those that dare to become "changed humans" by using it... and those that think the whole process is evil. Again, kinda like TV but different.

    Just like every other presence-innovation before it, one will have to belong to a priest-class to use it (licensing, schooling). The religious implications with this mindship tech will be realized, and tumultuous.

    Everyone will come to the realization that UFO's and STS orbs of today, are in fact merely usages of the "new internet" prior to it's unveiling.

    Out-of-body experiences are about to go high-tech and commercial.

    This is my prediction.

    11/24/2008 05:35:00 PM

    Chris said...