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    Saturday, November 3, 2007


    Atonation says he thinks he met me at a party on Halloween in Baltimore dressed as Scrooge McDuck.

    Synchromysticly I can ad that I did take particular notice of a person dressed as Edward Scissorhands on Halloween, passing me on the streets of Winnipeg.

    I have also been making a new video and strangely, yes indeed, Scrooge (Thoth) McDuck returns to illuminate some subjects...
    It will be out shortly (maybe 3 days?).

    Thanks for the great story Atonation!

    Milk Hill Mega Contact

    One of my personal top 3 syncs ever. Jodi Foster (from "Contact") in "Taxi Driver" being filmed from inside a Checker Cab as a six armed spiral (like the Milk Hill Mega Julia or Galaxy crop circle) passes directly behind her. Beautiful...

    The logo on the truck reads Cake Masters. Anybody out there with more company info?

    More "Marvel: The End"

    Mental Exorsise

    Try this mental exercise with me for a few seconds. Maybe you can respond in the comments section. This is inspired by the rapper 'Illuminati symbolism' (Jay Z/Tupac) and Tsarion/Icke type 'evil' corporate symbolism 'everywhere you look!' theme. Much respect to Icke and Tsarion who have helped me so much, but lets be honest about the details here for a second.

    Separate into two distinct and clearly identifiable groups the following names. In one camp I want the 'Evil Illuminati' and their dupes while in the other I want the 'Brave Soldiers' fighting the NWO and its machinations.

    David Icke, Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky, Akhenaton, Nostradamus, Alex Jones, Alice Bailey, Jesus, Goerge Washington, Stanley Kubrick, Thoth, John Dee, Timothy Leary, Richard Hoagland, Akhenaton, J.F.K, Mark Leclair, Gurdgieff, Uri Geller, Jordan Maxwell, John Lennon, Enoch, Oliver Stone, Alan Moore etc. (feel free to ad your own ambiguous favourites, anyone you know)

    Having trouble? Well you should, because its f'n impossible! I'll even tell you why, because there one and the same.

    No jokes.