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    Saturday, November 3, 2007

    Milk Hill Mega Contact

    One of my personal top 3 syncs ever. Jodi Foster (from "Contact") in "Taxi Driver" being filmed from inside a Checker Cab as a six armed spiral (like the Milk Hill Mega Julia or Galaxy crop circle) passes directly behind her. Beautiful...

    The logo on the truck reads Cake Masters. Anybody out there with more company info?


    Adam Star said...

    I wonder if it is a truck from a real company or something made for the movie. NYC bakeries could number in the thousands I suppose. Cake is interesting to think about. A secondary meaning of cake is a type of unleavened bread. A cake is also any formed mass, like a cake of soap, so that could have religious overtones as well if you think about who the Cake Masters may be. Neat stuff.

    aferrismoon said...

    Cake Masters was a company that ceased trading in 1992. A lady named Kitty Buck ran the company. It was based in Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn. Ther's an article entitled - Kitty Buck, 93, Who founded Cake Masters Bakery Chain - NYTimes
    She died on Jan 9 this year but the article is dated today, but the heading says archives.
    There is another Cake Masters from Greensboro that still trade but Kitty Bucks' company made the cake for JFK's inauguration ball, as well as for film sets
    Couldn't find a logo though, but the locality of Taxi Driver scene and the bakery + the political and film connexions , dying at 93 , married to Otto Buck all induce me to choose this one as the, yes THE Cake Masters.
    Still have a bit of a chariot thing with this whole scene. Taxi/Checker-Chariot and the black and white animal show at the foot of the Chariot card. The Holy Grail spinning at the centre. The Knight [ what else was Bickle] in his warped chivalry stage- a modern [badly-resurrected or 'scratched DNA] Templar Knight climbing the stairs of the tower to save the DamSell in Disdress - by the time DeNiro gets to Stardust he has become the saving Knight and the Damsel in one.
    The Wheel in Tarot corresponds with Jupiter which is exalted in Cancer, the planet corresponding to the Chariot .

    Jake Kotze said...

    Great info Mr Moon


    I might very well use the black and white (sphinx) on the chariot card in the new video...

    Have a great day

    Synchromystic Librarian said...

    i am still blown away at the octagon on the checkercab

    i've tried to get the oct meme out of my head to no avail especially when flipping thru cartoons on TV

    Michael Russo said...

    Dude you just went really deep into some weird shit and of course it's a real company and not for the movie lol. There was hundreds of people and cars in the distance and do you think every car and person are actors or for the movie too?