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    Saturday, November 3, 2007

    Mental Exorsise

    Try this mental exercise with me for a few seconds. Maybe you can respond in the comments section. This is inspired by the rapper 'Illuminati symbolism' (Jay Z/Tupac) and Tsarion/Icke type 'evil' corporate symbolism 'everywhere you look!' theme. Much respect to Icke and Tsarion who have helped me so much, but lets be honest about the details here for a second.

    Separate into two distinct and clearly identifiable groups the following names. In one camp I want the 'Evil Illuminati' and their dupes while in the other I want the 'Brave Soldiers' fighting the NWO and its machinations.

    David Icke, Aleister Crowley, Helena Blavatsky, Akhenaton, Nostradamus, Alex Jones, Alice Bailey, Jesus, Goerge Washington, Stanley Kubrick, Thoth, John Dee, Timothy Leary, Richard Hoagland, Akhenaton, J.F.K, Mark Leclair, Gurdgieff, Uri Geller, Jordan Maxwell, John Lennon, Enoch, Oliver Stone, Alan Moore etc. (feel free to ad your own ambiguous favourites, anyone you know)

    Having trouble? Well you should, because its f'n impossible! I'll even tell you why, because there one and the same.

    No jokes.


    aferrismoon said...

    iqYes excellent exercise. All of them are in E for exercise.
    Synchromystically I wrote an article on Prague's impending new library. They call it the Octopus, and also the Blob. Should it interest u type in :
    Narodni Knihovna, Blob, Chobotnice.
    Without wishing to pedestalize you I do recognise the effort u make not to heroify or demonise.
    The dreadful deathtoll [ which I didn't do] can make it easy to 'balame' someone ELSE.
    Nevertheless the NRG 'saved' from blay-ming obviously produces some thoughtful video and text., and opens connexions with other humanoids
    Bucky-Fullers book CRITICAL PATH begins with the sentence that goes a little something like this :
    The words good and bad have no scientific meaning or integrity.
    B-Lame = a lame Bee, what a buz.
    What does connect a few of the characters in the picture is their forceful personalities that I , personally, react to.
    Perhaps against many of their wishes they have been made into icons yet in the case of Leary and Crowley for example these men are not icons and their works shun this. Their icons have been developed by others who prefer to expound their work than do it themselves. When they are accepted iconically thier work tends to become quoted as the new 'fact'- 'way'. The work becomes iconic and hardly questioned , though the work evolved due to questioning. In the same way millions of *religious order of choice* iconify their book of truth and then turn it into a weapon to beat or beatify.
    I enjoy the BNWO experience as few boundaries exist yet the episodes do boost thoughts that I already have, realigning them in ways I can USE - thus the talespins.
    Anyhow if I write anymore I will write myself into some knotty meaningless doowop

    JB said...

    Even Gandhi and MLK are suspect to me lol

    Jake Kotze said...

    No doubt...

    JB said...

    Jake (and everyone else), you should check out my latest article (The Meta-Logic Café at, I've made a very interesting Pan-Saturn connection.

    Vapo said...

    Good thought and Exercise Jake!

    For some reason it brings thoughts of the movie Seven Faces of Dr. Lao .. not sure why but does.

    Bee Well and have a great day!