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    Saturday, March 20, 2010

    StarMummy 2: FloWman

    StarMummy 2: FloWman from Jake Kotze on Vimeo.

    Here's the first one.

    Was just checking Wiki for a recap of this past weeks Lost episode Recon airing 16 March 2010.
    Entrainment with time of screen-crab for wiki page this morn at 7:24 the combo resonating the joy 24/7

    Noticed that the action in the last season of Lost takes place during 2004 and 2007. These have become the most syncnificant numbers for me 24/42 being associated to Jupiter and 27/72 being Moon. These are the two external stepping stones to heaven just like in 2001 the one Monolith on the Moon leads to the next on Jupiter. 27-Moon, 42-Jupiter and then the infinite.

    I asked Jim Sanders to consider making this Seth Green video with me as the syncs arising while investigating were making it look like a fitting sequel to our first collaboration in 2008 StarMummy (embedded above). He said yes and we spent a mad week of sync video making.

    In the middle of this week the following Lost episode hits acting like a storyboard for StarMummy 2.
    Sawyer pours himself a steaming Blue cup of something as we start this episode of Lost..
    This is a big theme jumping out of the sync web, the meta-mind of WE/ME. Depp (The Dead Man) pours us all a cup of T in this Last Supper image for Alice In Wonderland. The master of ceremonies, here as Mad Hatter, is a good friend of the White Rabbit.
    Note the Robin and Squirrel on poster for Hot Tub and compare with Robot Chicken scenes in StarMummy 2.

    Jude Law holds a steaming Blue cup labeled The Union with Blood splatter (thus a Wholy Grail) on the poster for Repo Men. This is compared with the Blue Hot Tubs vapor and associated with Ayahuasca and Wholy communion in Sync Whole post T Party.
    Sawyers make out session is broken up when he sees the time containing the number of Life The Universe and Everything aka 42.
    Sawyer goes on a blind date with Charlotte, a character who made her first appearance e in S4 E2 Confirmed Dead. Just like Seth in Buffy (first appearance S2 E4) her first appearance resonates Jupiter and she entrains even further with StarMummy 2 by talking with Sawyer about Indiana Jones.
    After the two make like rabbits she finds a copy of Watership Down featuring a prominent rabbit cover.

    We jump from the 2004 time-line back to the future of 2007..
    Sawyer finds a plane on Hydra Island. The Hydra, a many headed water beast, brings up the mytho-water themes all over these times of floW, like the Trident seen in Overboard Manitoba!
    Manitoba Hydro provides the energy/juice/Zeus for Winnipeg, its logo being the Trident.
    Jupiter connects swimmingly with water. The Blue Shiva, with his trident, is a rez of Jupiter. Above we see a scale model of the solar system being made by Ethan Hawk's character Vincent as a kid. He uses a variety of objects for the various planets, Jupiter being a Watermelon.
    The Ajira Plane on Hydra bears the Logo of the Tiger. The Tiger is the animal of 2010, one of 12 in the Chinese Zodiac believed by many to be based on the 12 year orbit of Jupiter.
    The Tiger shares its stripes with Jupiter who's number is 42. The Ajira logo sees the red spotted lowercase i. The Red I or Red Eye is part of the Seeing Red cluster and makes it a Red Door and Jupiter Red Spot rezonator.
    Right after Sawyer passes the Tiger he finds Dead Men. The Tiger/Jupiter is here to kill us and make us Dead Men and Woman, so that we can become US. See Jim's The King of Love is a Dead Man.

    Back in 2004..

    Sawyer watches an extended clip of Little House on The Prairie, seriously, it's like 40 seconds of screen time. This was the kicker.
    Robot Chicken Episode Slaughterhouse on the Prairie, lampooning Little House on The Prairie just seen in this weeks Lost, was the pivotal sync of StarMummy 2. Seth Green and Tunney appearing together in that episode is what inspired the whole endeavor, relatively speaking*.

    *Ultimately everything is the result of everything else but there's nothing left to say if we labor that point and I'm enjoying saying stuff...

    Seth Green voices Chris Griffin on Family Guy. I only briefly scanned a few episodes, this one sticks out.
    S2 E21 Fore Father opens with a spoof of Little House on the Prairie.
    Chris, far right, camping, in shot with fishing gear resonating Seth's Fisher floW themes.
    The reason I looked into this particular episode was because Googeling Family Guy & Jupiter resulted in learning that The Lost In Space family ROBINson are parodied here.
    How susynct that the same episode featuring the Robinson's space ship, the Jupiter 2, also strange attracts Little House on The Prairie, just like StarMummy 2 and this weeks Lost (airing during the creation of the video in question).
    2001, a heavy Jupiter rezonator, with Boobs aka Melons.
    This also highlights the Robin strange attraction to Jupiter as we see Robin Bain travel to Jupiter in Robot Chicken spoof 2001: A Space Odyssey With Boobs.
    Breasts carry the milk of life which fits well with Jupiter as the birthing Star Child and Second Sun aka humanities Cosmic Consciousness. Robin, the herald of spring, is bringing the milk the baby needs when birthed.
    Robin Tunney with Jupiter Calidos standing directly behind her in The Mentalist.
    Robin Tunney and a poster of Jupiter and its Moons in The Craft.
    In Idle Hands Green becomes a Dead Man and ZOmbie at one point saying these susynct words: "Easy tiger, undead actually." Again the Tiger/Jupiter strange attraction to death we saw in Lost.
    The Buddha calls the True Self the unborn, that is what all the Dead Men syncs point towards. Not just physical death* but a movement of ultimate identification beyond any concept of what WE/ME are.
    Our true Self is that which was never created and can never die. Christians say this when the refer to God as the Alpha and Omega. The eternal (yet timeless) and infinite (yet having no dimension) essence WE/ME are beyond the flux of coming and going thoughts and forms.

    To truly realize you are not your concepts of yourself those identifications must die. How powerfully and subtly our identities are intertwined with our concepts of who we are is amazing. The experience of having your identifications torn away, say during an Ayahuasca journey, can to the conceptualized self be indistinguishable from literal physical death. Thus Death is a powerful symbol of the evolution of consciousness becoming aware in form that it is beyond all flux of death and birth.

    Fear of Death, the ending of our lives or the dissolving of the forms we identify with, is in essence where all fear comes from. Becoming a Dead Man means moving beyond this fear and into the Knowing that you are the primary unborn and unmanifested I Amness.

    This is why Masters like Shaman Juan Flores and Eckhart Tolle sometimes talk about not knowing whether they are alive or dead. There is no difference to the Master.

    *Eckhart Tolle often points out that Death is the reverse of Birth, not the reverse of Life. Life is all the changing states of existence including both Birth and Death.
    We see Halloween decorations in Idle Hands made to mimic the iconic America Gothic painting.
    American Gothic Tag appearing around Winnipeg aka Sync City, as we speak..

    The pitchfork is a trident but also an instrument of Death.
    The devils pitchfork and Grim reapers scythe are similar resonators, suggesting there relationship to life/birth by also being farming implements.

    Seth (i think it was him..) runs into this Halloween display, braking it and unveiling..
    The American Gothic Trident and death resonance as bodies have replaced the dolls.
    Dead Man/ZOmbie Seth, in shot with the American Gothic bodies..