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    Tuesday, March 9, 2010

    Overboard Manitoba!

    This picture really baked my noodle. What we mean when we say 'baked my noodle' and related terms is that for a second 'more' of the Timeless Dimension or Being was perceived owing to the mind being overwhelmed by the depth of the mystery WE/ME are part of.

    Any slice of life or photo has this quality and if WE took a random picture of anything else, rather then a poster called Manitoba Overboard, ME could move into that space by meditating on it long enough.
    Being able to share a taste of the experience of Divinity from our 'personal lives' is part of what we are teaching ourselves to do via charting these synchronicities with this new tool of synchromysticism.
    I'll try and briefly explain why this poster above made me stop in my tracks and giggle out loud having to compose myself as not to alarm other pedestrians.

    The image is an advertisement for a day of celebration at the Winnipeg Art Gallery or WAG in honor of the Manitoba Homecoming.
    The event is described by there website as: Manitoba Homecoming is going to be a year long experience in 2010 bringing former and current Manitobans, visitors, friends and families together for events, festivals and an all around great celebration.
    2010 resonates 2010: The Year We Make Contact and is syncnificant owing to the Arthur C. Clark sequel being highlighted by the entrainment of 911 in 2001 with 2001: A Space Odyssey.

    See Jim Sander's 911 Inside Job video for details of the 911/2001 film evolutionary entrainment.
    Manitoba is sometimes called The Keystone Province - having a relative similar shape and central position in the 'Arch' of Canada - housing Winnipeg and its Legislative Building (aka Peg Leg) at the center or heart of the North American Continent.
    Hermes aka Golden Boy Looking North Towards the Winnipeg Art Gallery.

    The Legislature is a Masonic construction modeled after Solomon's Temple marking Winnipeg as a resonator of the New Jerusalem or New Atlantis.
    Winnipeg is the HEART and plays a central role in the consciousness realization on EARTH.

    Manitoba celebrates 2010 all year round symbolized by a dancing man with a big heart who's knee hits the M of Manitoba.
    The highlighted M (the omni-versatile 'WE3-Spinner' as M becomes all these when rotated) is also seen above the door of The Temple in the photo with a Rainbow flag above.

    The big hearted 'dancing man' of the Manitoba Homecoming Logo has His LEG hitting the M just like the M hits the LEG.

    Rainbow Star and Jim's The Tinman's Rainbow Lodge and the Gnosis of 42 for rainbow syncnificance.
    High above the Grand Staircase inside of the building is an Arch and Keystone decorated with the head of Medusa.
    See Galactic Center Temple, Scarlet Dragon and What's all this Aboot, eh? for more details on Winnipeg's Legislative Temple. Don't fret if your not familiar with this material and feel overwhelmed by a lacking of context. Just resonate with what you can and flow, it will sync in by itself. This is about a sense, a feeling in your heart, not knowing all the details and syncs with your mind. We must loose our attachment to the mind or story of me. Loose your head like Medusa...
    Uma Thurman has recently played the Keystone resonating Medusa in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.
    Uma with her crown at the 12 position of the clock, a fractal of the heavenly Arch susycntly imposed on Even Cowgirls Get The Blues over the sky/heavens.
    Janus/Jupiter as the archway/doorway God is invoked by the subject matter we are addressing and shall arise again before we are through.
    While visiting my family over December in South Africa I caught Overboard StarRing Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn.

    Kurt Russel has a powerful synchromystic history as he is one of the first actors used to help realize the non-local Composite Character we find when considering a Stars work as a whole. In short he lands a glider atop the World Trade Center in Escape From New York and is the first human through the Stargate in Stargate.

    Kubrick called the end sequence in 2001: A Space Odyssey the Stargate, where we see David Bowman head towards the Jupiter Monolith which transforms human Consciousness.
    The 911 the events also transpired in 2001 with the Millenuim Hilton as Black Monolith (an intentional design choice) overseeing the collapse of the Twins.

    See StarMummy for Kurt Russel Escape and Stargate syncs and 911 Inside Job for those and Hilton as Monolith.
    The similarities between the two Overboard posters we have now referenced are stunning and overt. Both have the Overboard title and profile view of a ships Bow entering from the left. In the Manitoba Overboard image the ship is in actuality one of the sharp corners of the Winnipeg Art Gallery itself.

    The ship is captained by the Golden Hermes and decorated with Bugs Bunny. The Golden Boy, steering the 'ship', resonates Goldie Hawn on the Overboard poster.

    Note how a ships Bow resonates Bowman, the emissary of mankind who encounters the black cuboid at Jupiter in 2001.

    For another sync cluster that associates Manitoba to the Boat/Ark see WE/ME all learn in a Yellow Submarine in which Jeremy Narby finds Manitoba highlighted via sync while getting to know Jim Sanders.
    The WAG is in perfect Northern alignment with Solomon's Temple. The Golden Boy or Hermes faces North Looking towards the WAG 'ship/ark'.
    Above we see the Leg in shot with the WAG and a banner for the new Warner Brothers animation exhibit featuring Bugs Bunny.
    Bugs coming out of the Black Whole/Stargate. The Magickal Trick Top Hat Trick.
    "Time to enter the Rabbit Whole" as the White Rabbit taps his watch with the Jupiter/Index finger.

    Fascinatingly the same day the White Rabbit as Bugs appeared for the first time at the WAG, March 5 2010, theaters opened with Alice In Wonderland featuring the White Rabbit.

    In fact I saw Brooklyn's Finest yesterday, also opening on March 5, noting with delight Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit is played during the film. Both major screen releases and the WAG all entraining with the White Rabbit theme on March 5!

    This is a sign that we are entering the Rabbit wHole another name for the Stargate.
    Last weekend, Sunday 28 Feb, I walked with my friend Dianne to the Leg to show her the Pediment, the triangular edifice above the front entrance supported by large columns. I told her the same sculptor who carved the figure of Lincoln at the Lincoln Memorial sculpted the icons in the Pediment.

    I asked Jim Sanders to confirm this with the man who researched and unveiled the buildings symbolism, Frank Albo.

    James Sunday March 9 at 9:32am
    hey frank. just a quick question. did i hear right that there is a relationship between whomever carved the Leg pediment and the those who carved the lincoln memorial in D.C.? or i am just crazy. thanks.

    Frank Albo March 9 at 1:19pm

    Most def. Tis true. The Piccirilli Brothers of New York were world-renowned Italian marble carvers. At the Leg, they carved the pediment, the internal caryatids on the third floor, and the four statues on LaVerendrye, Selkirk, Wolfe and Dufferin. The last three were Masons

    Piccirilli Brothers Wikipedia

    The syncnificance of Abraham Lincoln is that his memorial is modeled after the original Temple of Zeus making him a Jupiter resonator. Jupiter being the Stargate overseer in 2010 film and real life year also called 2010.

    See The Sync Whole post 2010 Matrix Code for Abe/Zeus syncs. Or ask William Morgan, he was on to Abe syncs long before the rest of us.
    Standing at the West side of the Building with my friend a huge crow is making a godawful noise. I joke it sounds like a toucan (how would I know what a toucan sounds like?), looking up to see the crow braking off a branch while perched above us in a tree. It flies off with its twig around towards the North face. We follow as this is where the pediment is also situated. Looking up my mind goes totally blank as I am flooded with the Great Mystery. It's building a nest directly behind the Trident of Neptune/Poseidon!
    A few weekends prior the Trident entered my consciousness via Anne Hathaway in Valentines Day, seen above with a tri-pillared W thingemagick entraining with her crown.
    Later finding Anne again attracted to the Trident on the poster for The Devil Wears Prada.
    I made the above image during the week before the release of The Crazies and Cop Out. We see that both have the Red C or Red Sea a Waterdoor that Moses opens with his Staff. The Red C is also the Seeing Red Third Eye of Shiva, the doorway of Cosmic Consciousness which once opened floods our awareness with flow/Joy. Shiva represents the flooding with a waterspout coming out of his head.

    See The Red Door for more about Seeing Red syncs.
    Before leaving to watch The Crazies on Friday 26 February I made this The Blob's banner, noting The Crazies pitchfork as a Trident resonator also recently seen in Percy Jackson and the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

    The next day there was one of the biggest Earthquakes in recorded history just of the coast - under the water of the Pacific Ocean - of Concepcion Chile resulting in world wide Tsunami alerts. Its clear that the resonance of the overtly water themed event was represented symbolically in the posters for the films opening the day before, Cop Out and The Crazies with the Red C and Trident/fork.
    It was with the impact of all that context, that the witnessing of The Crow highlighted Trident the day after the Chile earthquake, hit me.

    We read at the Wikipedia article about the Peg Leg:
    "with Neptune's trident symbolizing the Pacific Ocean" and "Finally in the bottom right corner are two entwined female figures representing the Red and Assiniboine Rivers[4]."

    Stunning.., the Winnipeg Solomon's Temple Trident represents the very ocean, the Pacific, which had the earthquake while the Red River highlights the Red C.
    Note the prominent route 42 crossing the forks..

    The two female figures, one of which holds the Trident, represent the two rivers (one called the Red) which join in Winnipeg at an ancient sacred meeting site (used by aboriginals for at least 6000 years) called The Forks.
    The trident and the fork together in the Peg Leg Pediment.
    In Overboard Kurt Russel is a carpenter who builds a 'Wonders of the World' putt-putt golf course including this ornate Pediment for a mock Parthenon. As a carpenter he resonates Jesus and the Masons, the very dudes who built Solomon's Temple.
    The same man who's film roles in Stargate and Escape From New York somewhat jump started synchromysticism is seen building the Sphinx and Pyramids of Giza.
    A new sync video about Russel would be very appropriate.

    (Have you seen the scene where Tom Cruise has to Jump of the skyscraper in Vanilla Sky while Kurt Russell...? No time too get into that.)

    The triangular pediment passes the similarly shaped Pyramid, suggesting a connection and evolution from one structure to the other.
    One more very sysynct wonder Russell has sculpted is Mount Rushmore. Abraham Lincoln's head spits a golf ball above.
    Remember that we noted the Pediment at the Winnipeg Legislature aka Third Solomon's Temple was sculpted by the same dudes who carved the colossal seated Abe at the Lincoln Memorial?
    We have then a poster for the Legislature aligned Winnipeg Art Gallery which is a dead ringer for the film Overboard being captained by the crowning God of the building, while the film reflects the Pediment and Abe carving themes.
    The posters nautical flavor resonates the Trident and Tsunami associations we have made in this sync web.

    Watery syncs I connect with the current alignment of our hearts with the universal floW.
    This is the Crest of Concepcion, the city nearest to the 8.8 Chilean Quake of 27 February. It sees a Dark Phoenix. This Dark Bird is also the Black Crow I saw behind Neptune's trident the day after the quake. External world events mirror the spiritual changes in Consciousness We/Me are undergoing. The quake is then symbolic of our Conceptions being violently shaken and challenged. The way we perceive is changing rapidly.
    To conceive is also to become pregnant. This along with the Phoenix symbolism asociates the Quake with a rising of Spirit. Life/Being after Death.
    The Dark Phoenix is a famous story line involving character Jean Grey in the X-Men comics also somewhat dealt with in the films.
    Jean is transformed by an alien entity into the nearly all powerful Dark Phoenix.
    I read it a while ago and loved finding how well it reflects the reality of our situation and the 2010: Year We Make Contact theme. She passes Jupiter/Janus, the God of doorways...
    In the very next panel opening a Star-gate.

    Aliens are Cosmic Consciousness one and the same as the self realized Being WE/ME are becoming. This is the process understood as Contact or the opening of the Stargate.

    Becoming a Buddha = Opening the Stargate = Making Contact with Aliens= Finding Eternal and Everlasting Peace

    The Phoenix further resonates powerfully with the current sync web as I recently made a video entitled Phoenix Dawn showing the rising of spirit via Star Rae Dawn Chong.
    Just like Mount Rushmore Janus is said to come in four headed varieties making our monument a symbolic Stargate. Above Goldie Hawn helps remove her child's stuck arm from Lincoln's mouth.
    Oh yeah.. Lincoln's Birthday was the same date seeing the release of the Trident and Medusa featuring Percy Jackson!

    The final punch, which made it a total K.O, was when I noticed the Yellow Sun Flowers by van Gogh bobbing along in the floW.
    I refuse to go near that here and NOW!


    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Jake... Don't you think your going a little Overboard. I mean, I could be crazy, but...

    Jake Kotze said...


    Ishmael said...

    A number of things have come upon me reading this post:

    So, let's take your watery themes and your Heart City, and you even call it the new Atlantis, and your temple has Hermes atop it. Hmmm.

    Hermes is a psychopomp a traveler between the three kingdoms (underworld, heaven, earth). Hermes is also the magician, the man with the wand--he is literally the firey wand of our creative imagination. He is The Rainbow Bridge.

    So you and Jim live in Atlantis. . . (The Underworld, The Belly Of The Whale, The OZ!)

    Diamond City? Where is Winnipeg's Atlantean crystal? Is the Legislative Building the Heart of Atlantis? Is it the Diamond?

    Tom Cruise jumped.
    T. Hanks tried to jump, but was stopped and went crazy! [mazes and monsters]

    The year of the tiger. To get into the temple you have to pass the two menacing guardians (think about never ending story)--but it is more than that too. It is going past the dualities (uniting Mom and Pop and creating the star child).
    Is Medusa your Mother? *The Clash of the Titans* is transcending your split self and becoming whole. It is winning Andromada and getting into the Alchemical marriage bed and creating a new star. . .

    The Jupiter Chakra, #5 is the door way to the temple. It is the jumping off point to the adventure of wholeness. (Jump Tom!) The temple is flanked by two tigers (but those two tigers are also the twin towers and are my mother, Sarah Palin, and my Father, George Bush).
    - I have a photoshop image I've been playing with. I'll try and get it done soon.

    Jupiter Chakra:
    "The patron of this center is Shiva in his hermaproditic form know as Ardhanareshvara, "Half-Woman Lord," five-faced, clothed in a tiger's skin, and with ten radiant arms. . . 'This region,' we are told in a Tantric text, 'is the gateway of the Great Liberation.' It is the place variously respresented in the myths and legends of the world as a threshold where the frightening Gate Guardians stand, the Sirens sing, the Clashing Rocks come together, and a ferry sets forth to the Land of No Return, the Land Below Waves, the Land of Eternal Yourth. However, as told in the Katha Upanishad: 'It is the sharpened edge of a razor, hard to traverse.'" ~The Mythic Image Joseph Campbell

    so then, this is the "Jupiter Mission" [impossible] if you choose to accept it Tom,
    transcend mom and pop and enter the Tiger Temple.
    You know we are all coming to the peg, right?
    That's the adventure!

    -Also, recall the Kobe quake from 1995. The meaning of the Japanese city "Kobe" is God Door. The cosmic egg keeps cracking.

    wv: gardes
    are you and jim the tiger temple guardians?
    JIM & I-the two faced janus. . .

    StrangEye said...

    Abso-frikkin-lutely AWESOME Jake!

    One of my favorites!

    And there's also the coming Easter Bunny ... 4/4/2010

    Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn are one of the nicest, most down-to-earth famous couples I've ever met. I've been snomobiling with them at Lake of the Woods. They have a soft-spot for Winnipeg.

    And your mention of the forks and ASSINIBOINE, clicked, and reminded me of the BOOTY BABES magazine (the spot to "B" on the ASS and "Going There") held by Ben Linus on LOST last night.
    ..."The things people choose to take on a journey"... says Ben


    StrangEye said...

    "Where is Winnipeg's Atlantean crystal? "

    that little diamond in the rough is probably in the vault hidden below the "Pool of the Black Star".

    I hypothesize 'the ARK' itself may rest buried next to the shores of Lake Winnipeg... found that based on Templar writings, the roads to geo coords at the Geographical center of Canada and then a due North (facing direction of the Golden Boy) to the correct latitude.

    Funny that after my theory was mentioned before the MB gov't wants a road built right to and through that location...
    (Near BLOODVEIN Reserve)

    MB's Hudson Bay coastline is also dead ringer for Ethiopia.


    StrangEye said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    StrangEye said...

    I should mention a sync that occured right after that Booty Babes and Ben quote post above...

    just moments after clickin PUBLISH YOUR COMMENT and this plays on the radio...

    Wermes said...

    All are welcome, even those that do not want to come and we all leave together...

    stellar work as usual jake

    much love


    Wermes said...

    Tie Creek. There the threads of our existence all tie together.

    StrangEye said...

    Dancing with the Stars has Kate Gosselin (of Jon and Kate Plus 8 fame)
    is on the cover of the March 12 People magazine with Tony Dovolani showing her Winnie the Pooh tattoo

    Hand on tattoo to add emphasis ...


    Wermes said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Michael said...

    Nice one! Goldie Hawn is a synch whole of massive proportions also. I love how at the end of the movie, after Goldie (the Ring) has been won over by Russell (star gate penetrator) we find out that all the wealth is actually hers. Very galactic.

    Nexus said...

    gr8, thank you! going overboard to sync to the ground... coming home. this is so much fun ;-)

    niq said...

    I'm sure you will find a bunch of good stuff on Seth Green for radio 8ball, he is such a vibrant, creative guy. The first movie I think of is Airborne. Just watched the end scene of the roller blade race, and Seth is in a fitting attire. Director has a shocking name and credits you will surely sync with.

    dantana said...

    Ive been reading all of your blogs (the whole group's) the last few months and it's been a real trip! This might be my favorite entry yet, so comprehensive and I actually feel like you are starting to draw some conclusions? For instance, can it be said that you are leaning towards the idea that Earth is headed towards a worm hole at the center of our galaxy (did I say that right?). The reason I ask is, you know, I am not concerned about what lay ahead in the future, I am trying to decide how to best use my time between now and then =) See, I recently sold my little house in Philly and I have some savings. Im working my desk job, which I actually like and enjoy, but there is much of the world I have yet to see and experience before its turned on its head!

    Jake Kotze said...

    The best thing to do is accept everything.
    Forgive yourself and everyone else for anything you find wrong. Even accept and forgive yourself for your inability to accept and forgive when you just cant.
    Peace of mind and a glowing heart will by itself guide you into what to do next.

    at67gr said...

    Jake how does snyching relate to starving people in Africa?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Syncing raises awareness. More awareness is more Consciousness. Consciousness is the healing force.
    Peace In.

    aferrismoon said...

    Just thinking of LOCKS. Its a piece of hair [ maybe u mentioned it] but with LOCKE in LOST and the Egyptian theme thought of Harpcrates , who is bbald with one lock of hair. he often sits in Lily which links to evangeline Lilly and John Lilly.

    Also samson had 7 locks of hair cut off.
    Reading old post DIA-GLOW where u commented ' nice samson synchs' which clicked the lock meme and thus came here

    French for 'soul' = ame , so any word with 'ame' has a soul in it

    What's in NAME


    StrangEye said...

    Interesting NEWS...

    VANCOUVER–A massive search-and-rescue operation continued throughout the night in southwestern British Columbia after an avalanche reportedly killed as many as three people and injured a dozen others as hundreds of people gathered on a treacherous mountain to watch a snowmobiling event.

    RCMP in Revelstoke said they don't know how many people may still be buried in the slide that came down around 6:30 p.m.

    About 200 people were attending the annual Big Iron Shoot Out on Boulder Mountain near Revelstoke when the slide occurred.

    ... from Toronto Star


    Atlantean Times said...

    Jake it's been too long..

    while looking through

    i came across this scroll down to the youtube clip below the trailer..

    and well my subconscious nagged me to tell you for some ungodly here i am..

    you know alot about mr russell..but did you know this

    kurt russell as elvis walking through the stargate 2 jack o neills side by side and the elvis version i.e kurt asks the new version where the ORIGINAL stargate is...and this all took place in 2001

    note the worlds fair comment at the end..spherical caryatid anyone..

    so elvis has been through the stargate...but you knew that already

    Atlantean Times said...

    fork it, while im here..

    this is janus..he is an ancient who lived in atlantis..he saves humanity by sending people back in time to change the past..he is cronos..i.e saturn

    and as you know 2001 a space oddity was meant to use saturn not jupiter and only used jupiter in the film as saturn was too hard to cgi at the time...

    janus is saturn the planet...saturn is the stargate not jupiter...saturn is the portal to god saturn is el

    In the Orphic cosmogony the unageing Chronos produced Aither and Chaos, and made a silvery egg in the divine Aither. It produced the bisexual god Phanes, who gave birth to the first generation of gods and is the ultimate creator of the cosmos.

    Pherecydes of Syros in his lost Heptamychos (the seven recesses), around 6th century BC, claimed that there were three eternal principles: Chronos, Zas (Zeus) and Chthonie (the chthonic). The semen of Chronos was placed in the recesses and produced the first generation of gods.[1]

    cronos was saturn, zeus was jupiter...

    take care..have a happy paddy's day from ireland with hugs..G

    Atlantean Times said...

    i wonder..on 911 we had 3 towers attacked and one pentagon...

    3 towers = tracing board..what if the towers on the tracing board represent planets...

    bigest = jupiter
    2nd bigest = saturn..just a bit smaller than jupiter..

    the pentagon = venus..

    so the half sized tower would then = what planet...? answers on a the black monolith looked on...

    Anonymous said...

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