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    Monday, April 13, 2009

    "What's all this Aboot, eh?": Strange Things Afoot At The Circle-M

    The southern door of Galactic Center Temple.

    The image below was taken from Black Dog Star's
    new post "The Robin Has Hatched".
    It compares the image of Robin Tunney's leg on the Poster for "Cherish" with Italy and its recent major earthquake. It also makes my day.
    I tip my hat at you Richard...

    Mr. Arrowsmith synchromystically stumbled across the poster for "Cherish", highlighting Robin's leg with a chain and Koncentric Kircles, while KKonscious of the recent L'Aquila Earthquake.

    This film "Cherish", is ONE of three times Tunney has played a character called ZOE. ZOE is part of a cluster of amazingly related words that can be formed when on rotates and reshuffles the N and E elements including NOW, N.W.O, ONE, WON, EON etc.

    The Religion Of Nothing investigates this Z and WE3 spinner idea in The Republic Of Nothing

    As this poster resonates the depictions of Koncentric Kircles emanating from the earthquake zone in the big foot/boot/leg of Italy, Arrowsmith takes a closer look...

    I want to highlight and elaborate on some stills from Robin Tunney's most recent appearance in KKonsciousness "The Mentalist S1 E19 A Dozen Red Roses". I think this will further the ideas put forth by Arrowsmith and show the amazing entrainment of the universe on all fractal levels.
    This places Robin Tunney on T.V. on Tuesday the 7th of April 2009, the day after the major quake while severe aftershocks were still being felt.

    If you are new here and want to know a bit about why "The Blob" thinks Tunney the bees knees watch me and Jim's short film StarMummy.


    StarMummy as crime investigator Teresa Lisbon is called in to solve a murder in Hollywood. She steps with her sole/boot/foot onto a pentagram, the symbol of Isis ans Sirius, on the Hollywood Walk Of Fame.
    Same thing happens in "The Craft" a scene which has often been connected to 911 and the Pentagon/Pentagram which was highlighted on that day.
    Above the Pentagram emanates from Her crown inside her trailer home in "Niagara, Niagara".

    Funny thing is WE note another pentagram halo echo, in this very same 7th April "The Mentalist" episode, again on a trailer, as Lisbon steps up to interview a Hollywood director under investigation for the crime.

    Here is an excerpt from Scarlet Dragon 2: Alyson Hannigan Boogaloo relevant as it mentions Tunney directly related to the foot.

    When the pair (Tunney and Henry Thomas (who as a child actor made first contact with "E.T The Extraterrestrial" as Elliot)) meet Seth is shoplifting a foot shaped gas pedal for his chariot which Robin eagerly helps him install.
    The foot (of Ophiuchus), stinger (of Scorpio) and arrow (Sagittarius) are astrological pointers of the position in our sky of Galactic Center (GC).
    The Stargate Queen is attaching a symbol of GC to her Chariot of the Gods, the vehicle that needs to find a black Barbie Head in Canada.

    More disembodied feet as GC in Opening The Stargate Via Nicholas Cage
    Below Tunney is holding the foot shaped gas pedal while actual 'target practice targets' give Robin as Marcy a Bullseye (TaurusEye/I) Halo. This is also a black hole/dot, the Black Whole of the void, a sound symbol of the the new Dimension of KKonsciousness.
    The NO/OZ is also present as a "No Smoking" sign.

    The highlighted foot and concentric elements of the 'Cherish" poster have returned, the kaleidoscope of Being just slightly reorganized.

    WE NOW connect Italy's foot/boot and the L'Aquila earthquake as resonant of Ophiuchus and a pointer towards GC. GC is an external pointer to the ultimate Truth beyond any form, the ever present KKonsciousness You are.
    Tunney has just veered away from the Walk Of Fame's pentagonal stars and is approaching the victims shrouded body. As in the images of the Walk of Fame above a placard is visible behind the StarG8 Queen reading "The End Is Nigh!". As WE are always whole, eternal and complete the only possible End this could be referring to is the Illusion of the limited mind made self.
    The emergency number 911 appears in frame with Robin. WE are NOW reminded that 911 marked the overt beginning of the planetary wide process of becoming Konscious of Konsciousness.
    This is the same story is told in the film "August" where Tunney was caught between the Holy of Holies, the space between the Twin Towers/Pillars/Pyramids of 911.

    Holy of Holies resonates the HH as seen in tHotH and YHWH.
    New York's Twin Towers are often connected to the H as well as Being the shape of the Manitoba Legislative Building, soon to be explored in this post.

    See H
    The camera PANs without cutting.

    We see the plant KKonsciousness as lilies on top of an octagonal table with Robin and the WTC in the background.
    The "World Trade Galactic Anti-Center" space is NOW visibly framed by the big window behind the seated Josh Hartnett in emperor Tarot fashion.
    Hartnett is rumored, according to IMDB, as playing Loki in 2011's "Thor"
    Robin as Melanie hits her mark as her body passes the position of the Holy of Holies.
    This was a pivotal sync wink in my development as I had been following Tunney closely before this sync, noting her awesome resonance, then finding her interact with the WTC in this amazing context..

    The resonance of a Komposite Kharacter like StarMummy undergoes an ever evolving floWering as Your KKonsciousnesses interacts with that facet of YourSelf.
    The slang name for Hollywood, TINseltown, POPs into frame imposed over the coils of a film strip along with another pentagram.
    Black Dog Star talks about another Robin, ONE Mr. Williams, interacting with the ladder/DNA resonating film strip on the poster image for "One Hour Photo".
    The film strip or ladder (coiled in the case of DNA) is also an H shape.

    Jim Sanders made this DNA/film connect and also realized that Tin, as present in "TINseltown", resonates 42 and Jupiter.
    The alchemical symbol for Tin and Jupiter are the same (imaged above) and resemble a 2 combined with a 4 or 42.

    Jimbo also pointed out recently that L'Aquila the name of the town most central to the quake is Eagle/Hawk in English.

    We note in the 42/Jupiter/Tin image that Jupiter is intimately resonant of the Eagle and Zeus.

    How wicked then that TINseltown/Hollywood resonates Jupiter (the Jovian/Joy planet) and brings us amazing synchromystic revelations through DNA echoing film strip.
    Seconds pass and Tunney's profile entrains with passing background elements such as sculptured and real palm trees and a Caryatid.
    The palm tree resonates the palm of the hand, much featured in Arrowsmith's post, and can be found as decoration on the Veil of the Holy of Holies on the Rider/Waite "High Priestess" Tarot Card.
    Tunney's "SpiriT Palm" becomes vivified by the CBS network watermark in "The Mentalist S1 E18 Russet Potatoes".

    The gun pointed at her palm echoes the nail aimed at Jesus' hand when being crucified.
    WE will take another look at the Passion soon.
    WE have seen the eye/I or 'SpiriT palm' appear on Tunney's hand in The SpiriT Of The Blue Bird and SpiriT Palm In The Sky.
    The High Priestess sits between the space of the Pillars/Towers/Pyramids resonating Robin Tunney in "August". The palm tree resonating the palm of the hand and the Treasure behind the Veil, KKonsciousness, are attracted to each other.
    We see the yellow Crescent C shape below Her, almost as if she emerges from a cup.
    Between the Twin Pillarmids of 911 stood a sculpture intended by the architect of the plaza to resonate the cubic Kaaba at Mecca. It takes up a space reserved for the Palm Tree Veil on The High Priestess Tarot and was called Great Spherical Caryatid.
    Finding Tunney in TINseltown sync kissed by a Palm Tree and Caryatid starts to make sense, especially considering WE have already seen her between the Twin Towers in "August".
    911 can be modeled as the start of the rapid Ascension Axis. ME find that if WE take the Great Celestial Pole of Galactic Center (positioned in the night sky between Sagittarius/Scorpio/Ophiuchus) - Galactic Anti-Center (positioned in the night sky between Taurus (BullsEye) and Gemini) and consider it has having an Earthly equivalent, the WTC's Twins/Gemini take up the Anti-Center while another Solomon's Temple becomes Galactic Center...

    See Scarlet Dragon for Ascension Axis details.
    The murder Tunney is investiG8ting, and setting of the 7th April "The Mentalist", has taken place at Poseidon Studios.
    Poseidon/Neptune's Trident features as directly connected to the Robin in The Robin Has Hatched.
    How susynct that the Trident would arise, directly connected to Robin Tunney, on the television show and episode she is featured in, located closest temporally to the Italian earthquake that highlighted this sync cluster to begin with!

    The three prongs of the Trident are associated soundly by Richard to the W (23rd letter of the alphabet) and the third eye.

    The Trident is also the Twin Towers with the highlighted Holy Of Holies space in between, sometimes represented as a third middle pillar.

    This post has NOW been annexed by another I was working on which feels like it would fit right about here..

    XX Marks The Spot
    Been noticing Double XX's for a while, POPping in to KKonsciousness from time to time...
    Here they are again in "30 Rock" S3 E4 "Gavin Volure".
    The two red crosses on the emergency kit held by "Kenneth The Page" are tilted, highlighting such symbols as perfect X's.
    The very next cut sees the Double X echo, in the form of two directors chairs emanating from Tina Fey as Liz Lemon.
    Double XX's - X itself being made out of two strokes - and Double LL's hmmm, much sync twinning..
    WE note LL's head inside the central diamond formed by X's placed side by side (XX).
    Tina and Alec Baldwin are staring at Steve Martin (Pink Panther/PP) as eccentric Gavin Volure.
    My one roommate brought the DVD of "Shogun" into our apartment...
    It was when I noticed the double crosses or twin X's on this boat's sails - the very morning after the same element was seen in the "30 Rock" above - that I decided to finally make a post about the theme.

    Minutes later, after scanning the DVD images above, I am waiting outside for Jim Sanders to pick me up. WE were going to meet up with blogger StrangeEye, another Winnipeg (SynCCity) local.

    Jim talks about 20 and XX (Roman numeral 20) in his post Mercury Rising. I took the name for this post from his text.

    I notice a light reflection playing on a wall with the XX theme.
    The back of an Octagonal Stop Sign syncnificantly winks hello in close proximity to the XX.

    Shortly we will see the Double X and Octo elements combine in syncnificant fashion..
    As I walk closer, I see the Red C of a GMC truck, parked nearby.

    I view the Red C/Red Sea as a parted portal and StarG8 symbol.

    Currently the Red River is flooding and cresting here in Winnipeg, it has been referred to as the rising Red Sea.

    See Jim's Manitoba Watching for Return of Red C
    The 'Red C Rising' in Winnipeg...

    That the very fabric of existence here in Winnipeg is entraining with the Red C theme is understood as part of the ever deepening unity of KKonsciousness.

    "i just love how the word heard most on the local news and around town is CREST."
    From an email by Jim.
    The Crescent (C) of the Red C in SynCCity.

    I turn around while photographing the aforementioned X's and of course Jim has pulled up in his Saturn...

    StrangeEye has also written about the Manitoba Red Sea in Red River Flood - Bloodline North Of The Border - Priory of SION and Fargo Floods -The OX and The Bow and The 17th Pamenot

    The evening roles round and I play this great "Outlawz" featuring "Dead Prez" song on YouTube "1 Nation". It starts with the Double X..
    I spotted another set of XX's, while working on a new rainbow video, in "When Harry Met Sally". They (Billy Crystal and Meg Ryan) are crossing the Manhattan Bridge into New York only to be greeted, seconds later, by the World Trade Center Pillarmids (set of towers symbolic of Pillars and Pyramids).
    Does spotting the 911 StarG8 'device' in close proximity to the XX give us clues as to its meaning. I think it does...

    See Inside Job and World Trade Galactic Center for more on Pillarmids.
    A period of rapid KKonsciousness change was highlighted by the collapse of the symbolic Solomon's Temple - traditionally depicted as fronting twin pillars - in New York.
    911 (entraining with the emergency call number) can be considered the official overt start of the ascension of mankind into a literal new Dimension.
    WE/ME started moving through thought and form consciousness into space or Kosmic Konsciousness.
    Khaled Khan's Thoth deck has the XX trump as The Aeon/EON. XX can then be associated with the birth of the new KKonsciousness represented in this system as the birth of Horus.
    I would like to point out the red dot halo of Horus in close proximity to the galactic swirl boobies of NUT.

    NUT/StarMummy a.k.a. Robin TUNney...

    This red spot connects to the C-Ing Red theme and the giant red storm or eye/I of Jupiter, a planet associated to Horus.
    Jupiter the Jovial sphere unveils the nature of this new state of KKonsciousness, the New Aeon and Birth of Horus.
    KKonsciousness is already here when ever you experience Joy or Bliss. Not the transient states WE could call pleasure or happiness. The Joy/Bliss that is inseparable from Being beyond form or thought, Our ultimate ever present and infinite nature.
    When I say this is a new Dimension of KKonsciousness - as real as the concept of 3 perceptual Dimensions - I mean this literally.

    With the above context in mind we can now see how spotting a Double X and the 911 Pillarmids together makes profound sense. Both are symbols of KKonsciousness and the StarG8 of KKosmic Illumination.
    Above is Amy Smart with black electrical tape Double X's over her red dot nipples on the set for "Crank 2: High Voltage" (synchromystically rather "KranK 2: Hi Volt Age").

    KranK winked recently as High Voltage and its electricity/lightning bolt associations connect to Jupiter/Zeus and the SpiriT Palm.
    Rene Magritte "The Rape"

    Nipples are the eyes of a torso. The Red Eyes on the breasts of Our Great Mother (all woman and representations of woman) become intimately related to the Red C.

    The nipples of NUT were depicted as Galaxies on the XX Thoth Trump while the nipples of Amy Smart are highlighted by XX...

    The Galaxy and Great Mother Goddess' breasts are interchangeable symbols and both give life.

    Milk flows from the Red Eye/I of the nipple while our Sun and Stars float in the great celestial river, the Milky Way.

    Thus the syncnificant celestial alignments currently underway and the spiritual realization of the species all entrain with themes of new Being born.

    Since writing the above words Jim has covered similar ground and ultimately and susynctly associated the red spot/nipple to the Heart.

    See Jim's Red C Pedestrian

    "KranK 2's" story setup involves the protagonist needing to constantly send electricity/bolts (resonating Jupiter/Zeus/Eagle) through his artificial heart... Robin Tun(NUT)ney as Teresa Lisbon walks past a newspaper dispensing box for RedEye.

    (I believe this gives away that this is not actually being filmed in TINseltown as RedEye seems to be a ChiCago paper. Funny that the whole Red C started for me with the ChiCago movie poster..)
    ONE sees with the Red Eye.
    Paul Rudd (Rudd is Red, thanks for the tip Strange Eye) in "Friends S9 E9 The One With Rachel's Phone Number" holding the Red I of a beer brand (cant Identify the brand..)

    1 C's with the Red I.

    Just silly because this means the Red I and the Red C are interchangeable.

    This Red C sync (resonating the red dot nipple) wink continues Robin's pattern of being connected to symbols of the StarG8 and Great Mother Goddess.
    We are again on the lot for Poseidon Studios watching "The Mentalist S1 E19 A Dozen Red Roses" which aired on 7th of April.
    We can NOW appreciate how appropriate it is to find Tunney interacting with the Red C as the Red River/Sea is rising here in Winnipeg the location of the Galactic Center end of the Ascension Axis.
    Yesterdays (April 16) Winnipeg Free Press front page.

    This "The Mentalist" episode, the Rising of The Red C in SynCCity and the Italian Earthquake have all entrained with each other.
    The fact that every episode title of Season 1 of "The Mentalist" has directly referenced the color red starts to adhere.
    See Wiki's List Of The Mentalist episodes
    The Red C of CTV touches NUTney in "The Mentalist S1 E11 Friends Of Red John".
    This network overlay is translucent for the majority of the episode periodically 'coming alive' in full color as seen in the stills.
    The Red C in this example has entrained with Tunney being positioned 'just so' as to be 'sync kissed' by it.
    In SpiriT of The Blue Bird we connect the Blue Bird, the Tree and T/Tea with Blue, the color of SpiriT. We note NOW that the CTV logo touching Lisbon contains not only the Red C but also the Blue T, playing with her profile. Olympic rings are also present...

    A Few Shots To Shaman's Caught Red Handed brings astonishing clarity to the resonance of the colors red and blue.
    In "The Mentalist S1 E17 Russet Potatoes" Tunney interacts with the XX on a bridge through a window echoing the scene from "August" where instead was the Twin Towers. Just as in the "When Harry Met Sally Sync" we find the XX and the Twin Pillarmids closely associated.
    Another Tunney Double X echoing the earlier "30 Rock" directors chair incident in that abundant 7th April sync fest "A Dozen Red Roses".
    Zooey/ZOE - resonating Tunney in "Cherish" - Deschanel attracts the EON XX on a wooden door/G8 in "The Happening".
    Will We find the XX closely associated to Twin Pillars/Towers somehow resonating the birthing of KKonsciousness even here?
    Yes Man.
    The entire narrative of "The Happening" builds up to and is played out with ZOE, Miss NOW, realizing SHE is pregnant.

    Two/Twin stripes, just like the 911 Pillarmids, the G8way to the Holy Of Holies (KKonsciousness), mark Birth.
    Note how 2 stripes/11/Pillars or Pause, become a Triangle/Pyramid or Play every time WE/ME watch a movie or listen to a song on our new digital devices.
    This echoes the WTC as Pyramid concept.
    The Double X is a Doorway.

    The XX Marks the Red Spot, Our Heart...
    Mr. Arrowmith shares the image and insight above in RAW Eggs. It illustrates how W is also 1111.
    1111 is the equivalent of Double K (K being the 11th letter of the alphabet) the tell tale sign of Konscious Konsciousness.

    11:11 also happens to be the exact moment of the technical Solstice alignment of 21 December 2012.

    W as 23rd letter of the Alphabet can also become 11 as 11 pm is 23:00 on a digital clock (W=23=11).

    Bear in mind that W is part of the omni-versatile WE3 spinner set, meaning it rotates meaningfully in all four directions becoming (W, E, M, 3).

    The digital age signified by WWW, World Wide Web, is thus unveiled as the already undergoing WW3, World War Three. World War's are major, historically violent, 'tug and pull' phases of belief system, that shape Our consensus reality.
    WW3/WWW does not seem to have resulted in a planetary wide physical conflict.
    The above illustration shows how Richards 'W as 1111' observation applies to XX and how XX becomes the 8 rayed star.

    The Octogram and Octogan both resonate 1111!
    In the Heart (Red Spot) of the North American Continent, in Winnipeg Manitoba, resides a building intended by the architects who built it to reflect Solomon's Temple.
    I believe this is an Earthly resonator of the heavenly marker called Galactic Center (GC).

    See Scarlet Dragon for more info Ascension Axis/Dragon Axis/Axis Mundi/Poles/911-2012 Axis etc..
    Synchronicity has guided me to live by its foot, let synchronicity tell if I speak for the Heart.

    See Galactic Center Temple for more info on the building and the road that lead to it.
    This is the Heart of the Heart, the most central element of the Earthly marker of GC. The Black Whole and Double XX/1111 in the 'Pool of The Black Star' of Galactic Center Temple.

    WE/ME are beyond any thought or form. GC, Heavenly and Earthly, are merely pointers to what You already are here and NOW.

    Who kNOWs this?
    I took this still, still in "A Dozen Red Roses", thinking it looked like Tunney was emerging from the water of the fountain shaped like a big jar. I didn't imagine at the time I would ever post it as it was one of those seemingly whimsical syncs.
    I felt that way about turning 2K to K2 many fathoms ago..

    Remember how The High Priestess Tarot 'emerged' from the yellow Crescent C?
    High Priestess emerges from cup, Robin from Pot (same, same).

    We could ad here that the Spherical Caryatid Sculpture between the WTC was also a fountain resonating the Aquarian waterG8.
    The Robin has Hatched contained another surprising entrainment with "A Dozen Red Roses" and the Robin Tunney water jar.
    Another Robin, again ONE Mr. Williams, emerges from the Lamp echoing Tunney emerging from the water fountain and pot. Mr. Arrowsmith further connects the lamp with the palm, nice.
    The Blue Genie SpiriT emerges from the lamP/Palm echoing the SpiriT Palm theme.

    NOW WE come to it...
    L'Aquila or The Eagle, the name of the city on the giant boot/foot/leg most central to the quake on April 6 with major aftershocks on the 7th.
    Sugar is poured into Tunney's Black Pool, this event Being overseen by a Golden Eagle.
    WE can compare this to the lollipop on the "Cherish" poster.Sugar often works its way into the sync web, more reflections on this matter in the near future, flux wiling.
    The Eagle or L'Aquila and Tunney shown on television....
    I stopped that sentence to check up on a hunch. It occurred to me that CTV (Canadian Television Network) probably airs "The Mentalist" in Canada earlier then the CBS as I have sometimes been able to download the show sooner then the original air date.
    "A Dozen Red Roses" aired at 10 pm local time in Canada on the 5th of April, wait for it.. Palm Sunday and correcting for time zONE, indeed 6th April in Italy!
    Instead of revising the text above let's just appreciate the increased elegance of finding the Eagle and Tunney together on Palm Sunday. Participating in the process of watching the syncs floWer is a huge chunk of the joy for ME.
    We already synchromystically investigated the Palm tree as sync kissing Tunney in "A Dozen Roses" and appearing on the Veil of the Holy Of Holies, only to find it first aired on the most Palm resonating of all days I can possibly imagine.
    This day, held the Sunday before Easter, commemorates the entry of Jesus into Jerusalem, days before the Passion.
    The scene is portrayed with worshipers waving palm fronds and laying palm branches before the path of the Messiah.
    Today many Christian churches distribute palm leaves in celebration. I remember learning to fold crosses with these leaves in Sunday school.
    The Palm tree was connected with the highlighted SpiriT Palm in The SpiriT of the Blue Bird.
    It was noted that Buddhas and Hindu Gods often have eyes, Aums or such highlighting there open hands. The crop above shows the lamP/Palm with eye/I motif on Alex Grey's "Kosmic Khrist".
    Jesus' nailed palm and resulting 'red Heart spot' becomes the equivalent of these 'SpiriT Palms'. It is a mark of emerging Khrist Konsciousness/KKonsciousness.
    The foot of the Kosmic Khrist is also nailed (as seen in these stills from "The Passion of Christ") echoing Tunney's "Cherish" leg and the Italy boot/foot.

    An earthquake happens on a Giant Foot near (and on, depending on your time zONE..) Palm Sunday, a celebration of events related to the crucifixion, involving the Khrist being nailed through the leg.
    The Italian Eagle Earthquake can be seen as a massive collective reenactment of part of the Passion of KKhrist. Dare WE say the massive 'Italian Eagle Mega Ritual' did for the planET what being nailed through the foot did for Jesus?
    Jesus' the individual had to surrender to the pain and restriction of the cross, the Earth/Heart collective is learning to surrender Our thought and physical form attachments.
    Jim pointed out this amazing sync about the Giant Winnipeg H (DNA/film strip/ladder/tHotH/YHWH) in a recent email.

    "All this leg and Italy talk has got me seeing the Manitoba Legislature as also Manitoba's Leg,
    just like Italy as a leg."

    AHA!, so that's what this is all aboot.

    Indeed almost everybody I know shorts the Legislative Building down as simply "The Leg" (sounds like ledge, however).

    Thus Tunney, Italy, Ophiuchus and the Galactic Centre Temple (GCT) all resonate each other soundly.

    The BigFoot/Leg/Boot Temple in Winnipeg has recently started appearing all around Town in Comedy Festival posters featuring King Kong titled, "8th Wonder Of The World".

    The connection between BigFoot and Ophiuchus was first explored by Goro Adachi and also often features in work by Koncrete Junkyard.
    An awesome tie between The WTC or Galactic Anti-Center and The Manitoba Legislative Building or Galactic Centre.

    King Kong/BigFoot climbs the WTC in the 1976 version of the classic tHotHmate (non human primates as tHotH resonaters) tale.
    As the Great Pyramid at Giza is the most famous of the "Wonders of the World" this Comedy Festival poster also synchromystically unveils the resonance between Giza the WTC and GCT.

    See Galactic Center Temple for more about how Solomon's Temple resonates the Pyramids of Giza.


    The Manitoban Unicorn
    While doing my laundry a month or such ago I picked up a book provided by the business to entertain costumers waiting for there clothes to dry.
    It was a history of Unicorns...

    I read in the very beginning of this book a bizarre legend that resonated particularly well with me.

    The book stated that that Genghis Khan is said to have been crossing the mountains, into India (Himalayas?), with his army, in order to conquer the country when he was approached by a Unicorn. The Unicorn went down on to its knees and bowed three time in front of the Khagan. This was considered a serious omen not to invade the land of the Gurus and Bodhisattva. Indeed if this story be true India was saved from the advances of an indomitable Khan by a Unicorn!

    The very day I read this story I get an email from Jim informing me that the 2011 Spielberg (director)/Peter Jackson (Producer) Tintin movie is titled "The Adventures of Tintin: Secret of the Unicorn".

    Peter Jackson cigarettes happen to be branded with the Unicorn shield..


    As the Khans are a group who inexplicably frequent my area of the sync web, I enjoyed this satisfying story connected to the animal which had been highlighted through earlier notice by appearing on two recent film posters...
    I read a recent post where the blogger (who was it, I forget (let me know and I will update this)..) suggested the bull or Taurus, often depicted in profile, with a single horn showing, as a Unicorn resonator.

    See Shaman's The Sneaky Little Unicorn for more aboot this animal.
    L8or I walk the streets of SynCCity and stumble across the white 'Unicorn' below.
    Manitoba's Bison symbol can become a synchromystic Unicorn! The Unicorn and the BullsEye/TaurusEye horn growing from its third eye/I.
    A recent trip to GCT saw me meditating on the giant Bison flanking the Grand Staircase. A set of Manitoban Unicorns flanking the G8way to GC.

    After taking the shot above I ready to leave the Temple when noticing a Unicorn on the Coat Of Arms for Manitoba directly opposite one of the Bison.

    The Unicorns of Galactic Center Temple

    The Unicorn and the Rainbow are commonly associated with each other.

    See my recent video JenBow for some ideas about how the Rainbow Arch connects to the Twin Pillars and is also a sync strange attractor of Star Jennifer Aniston.
    "30 Rock S2 E7 Cougars" gives as enough context to interpret the Unicorn, Rainbow and BigFoot. By bringing them all together in ONE image WE can appreciate there shared resonance.

    Frank is gifting a painting he made, upon Jamie, the coffee delivery boy. The painting is of a Rainbow, Sasquatch and Unicorn/Mermaid Chimera, denizens beyond the Veil.
    The carrier of the Black Pool (coffee) is gifted the mythic elements of Wonderland, OZ, Eden, Paradise or Atlantis etc.
    Consensus is the collectively conditioned state of human consciousness. When WE start moving further afield, wondering of the beaten track, deeper into the infinite and eternal mystery, WE start to find the less agreed upon facets of KKonsciousness. Such facets include Unicorns, Mermaids and BigFeet.
    Consensus is rapidly elasticizing resulting in the mythic realm - which has always been as real as anything else - bleeding into the everyday.

    The Mythic - the deeper recesses of KKonsciousness - is also the realm waded into by the Shaman, Magickian and Mystic.

    The mythic ebbs and floWs in mysterious cycles in and out of consensus. The process of technology making the impossible possible (bringing you this blog for example) is part of this ebb and floW.

    Further WE realize that the mythic are pointers towards the Unified State of Konscious Konsciousness.

    In the example above the rainbow is the arch/CREST of the G8way, BigFoot is a marker of GC and the Unicorn has the United States growing out of its Ajna.

    All the above is a dance of Self.

    WE can never fully make vivid in a blog what is beyond form. You kNOW It only because It is already emerging in US.

    A literal new Dimension of Self Awareness.

    It takes ONE to kNOW ONE

    Be deep well


    aferrismoon said...

    Wrote this soem time ago on post
    'Nut-tun going on but the rent'
    may tickle your fancyThe latest from the BLOB has got me thinking and there's Tons of Nuts. Heres NUT or NOOT covering her wittle pwanet wiv her arching body. The NUT as stone or kernal within a shell symbolizes something at the centre and I think the word NU-CLEUS through Latin NUX marries these images together. Certain etymologies give NUX as the precursor to NUT but Skeats disagrees, advising us to check Kandulas from KANDU - a [mono]Lithuanian word meaning to 'bite'. Remember ' Kanda' in Tamil = 'mountain' and the whole Tooth thing etc. I have to say I have found none to second WWSkeat's remarks though they tantalise.

    The Red dot in the 4head may symbolize the movement of our aspirational-sexual selves using sexual energy as a power-source [ think free-nrg] rather than the oft-advertised dissipative

    The letter 'shin' on the aeon card = tooth in hebrew


    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    Wicked. Way to part the Red C my friend.

    Barack Obama's new dog is called Bo.
    He is B.O. as well. Bo refelcted Bo. Together they give us BOOB. Or The Wolf's Nipple.

    wv: inglesi

    Unknown said...

    While reading the news today I saw this:

    And that red spot of Horus looks a lot like Eve eating the Apple.

    Indras Net said...

    Awsome stuff as always ONelove, btw april 15th was Jackie Robinson day so all professional MLB players on feild wore the Number 42 on thursday, as well as the nationwide "Tea Partys" tax protests were held, originally 342 chests of tea were tossed in the sea during the original tea party. Be very well man

    Arrowsmith said...

    Woven like a true Spider.

    My hat goes off to you squire for introducing me to the Robin Red Breast in the first place.

    Really great stuff.

    Atareye said...

    I love these refresher posts. Careful though Jake...Goro might catch you with your hand in the octagon jar again. I wonder if its got a patent on it yet? The big ol' foot theme ties into some of Goro's work these days.

    I emailed him about Italy's boot and he told me they were well on there way on the topic. I jst can't bring myself to pay to "get to the next level"

    This is more than enough Red pill for me to ingest.

    Koncentric Kircles. GREAT!

    Thank you again rabbi

    Nice wv in blue 'Liessn'

    Occult Mosaic said...

    good post, nice manitoba/bigfoot sync, quite profound.

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    2 symbols for a Hospital are an "H" as seen on road signs or a Red Cross. Just thought of this...

    E. T. Hansen said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    aferrismoon said...

    The info about the Bull-in-profile = The Unicorn came from post -
    Ballistics: Target Acquisition and Penetration [TAP].

    The actual info comes froma piece called :
    The Lion and Unicorn Testify of Christ,Part 1:The Cornerstone Constellations.
    by John Pratt.

    Its very informative in quite short order and has some interesting synch-ups for these present times -

    In the case of the Scorpion/Serpent pair, there is a third constellation which is very closely associated with them. It is the Eagle (Aquila), which is located near the tail of the Serpent. The Eagle has been considered to typify the enemy of the serpent and is often shown holding the Serpent in its claws, even as the Serpent Bearer is crushing the Scorpion.

    Thinking about Tunney in the word 'TUNER' , on a radio, tuning in.
    Word = T-UNE-R with RT surrounding the feminine UNE [ One].
    To balance WE OZ came along and can be shapeshifted to form NEMO


    Chris said...

    Ah, damnit! I was just commenting on Black Dog Star how Arrowsmith beat me to the 11:11- 23 sync, going on to explain how 11 pm is the 23rd hour in the day, and here you are! Looks like I've fallen a step behind...

    I like how the XX on the breasts would connect to make a diamond right at the heart center.

    I scream U scream, WE ALL scream for ICE CREAM!

    Cosmic Ti69er said...

    Indras Net - Jackie ROBINson wears number 42
    and was instrumental in breaking down the racial
    barrier in major league baseball. a true BLACKSTAR.

    nice one!

    happy 4/20 yall!

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Afferismoon sent me that Taurus Unicorn shit during one of my Unicorn post.... I sent it to Arrowsmith because it is beyond perfect.... Still tring to work it out.... It is also great to realize that the star that is the Bullseye shines red... Aren't all Bulleyes red?

    Robin WiLLiams plays a Tin Man in Bicentennial Man... Once again bring a double TT like in T2 and Tin Tin... Titties anyone.PS I gotta link for Tin Tin and the smiley face that I'm tring to get going.... Also involves OZ.

    WV caupla

    Joy said...

    Hi Jake,

    The Kiwi is the native bird of my country New Zealand. In fact we N.Z.ers are known colloquially as "Kiwis." What attracted you to it/us, I can't help but wonder?

    Thankyuo for your stunning work and your dedication, btw. You are truly gifted.

    With love from the other side of the planet!


    aferrismoon said...

    RED BULL take 1st and 2nd in the Chinese Grand Prix, Red Bull's first ever Formula 1 win


    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks for all the love.

    Much Joy and insight in reading these comments.

    Still couldn't find the unicorn profile bit in that post (great post by the way..)?
    I'm confused about this lot.

    I just snapped the Kiwi photo because of the bizarre (probably a Stella's patron and prankster) K2 reference.
    It is inside a restaurant I frequent (Stella's). I might write about it as there are a few bits of context that might bake our noodles.

    I don't know if you know but I have done lots of syncing with the mountain K2.
    Robin Tunney climbs it for one in the film "Vertical Limit" along with Chris O' Donnell who is most famous as Robin in Batman.

    Going to visit a Sweatlodge with Jim today.

    Peace of mind to you all

    aferrismoon said...

    Finally, Joseph is compared to a wild ox, with the multitudes of Ephraim and Manasseh compared to its two horns (Deut. 33:17). The King James version of the Bible translates the Hebrew word for wild ox as "unicorn," as noted in the footnote of the L.D.S. edition. The Hebrew word apparently refers to an extinct species of wild ox which has two long forward pointing horns, which is exactly how Taurus is depicted. The bright star in the Bull represents its eye, which is the symbol of a seer (one who "sees"). Joseph was known as a great seer, so the Bull was especially appropriate for his sign. The name Joseph means "Jehovah has added," probably referring to his multitude of descendants. Thus, each of the four principal tribes of Israel is explicitly correlated in the blessings of Jacob to one of the four cornerstone constellations.

    Must say haven't found 'unicorn' in my KJBible, but this guy is a Latter day Saint.

    The Lion and Unicorn Testify of Christ
    Part I: The Cornerstone Constellations

    by John P. Pratt

    Reprinted from Meridian Magazine (Nov. 8, 2001)
    ©2001 by John P. Pratt. All rights Reserved.

    The bright red star in the Bull is found in its eye, representing a seer, and the Savior was the greatest prophet and seer. Even as the bull is described as being "snowy white"[8] and having a red eye, so also the savior was described as having hair "white as snow and his eyes were as a flame of fire" (Rev. 1:14).


    Michael said...

    that was too much for me to read on a computer screen, so i need to print it out to really digest it. with that said, two comments (i apologize if they were covered in the essay's entirety):

    1. From this season on 30 Rock, John Lithgow had a cameo as admiration for Harry and the Hendersons (HH resonating big foot) was the episode's subplot. Lithgow is intersting not just for his sci fi work, but as the transgender ex-FOOTball star (resonating hermaphadite ie the age of aquarius) from world according to garp.

    2. as i saw for the un-teenth time teh NO/OZ resonation, it occurred to me that another resonator is O(subscript)2. O(subscript)2 has great significance ranging from the gaseous form of oxygen (what humans breathe) to the Millenium Building (known as 02) in the UK (located in Greenwich) The dome is the largest of its type in the world. Externally it appears as a large white marquee with twelve 100 m-high yellow support towers, one for each month of the year, or each hour of the clock face, representing the role played by Greenwich Mean Time

    A Few Shots to Shaman said...

    Alright what I can't get my head around is that if the Unicorn and the Bull are interchangeable.... Then you get this continuing theme of harnessing it.

    1. That Bible passage about Binding the Pleiades's... Which of course are in Taurus' Shoulder.

    2. Mithras stabbing the Bull in the shoulder.

    3. The sacrificial golden calf.

    4. The chasing of the Stag/Unicorn.

    5. The British isle coat of arms.

    6. Jesus/Unicorn as Aferris pointed out....

    If the Unicorn is Intuition/Imagination.... Is that what we are to bind... Or harness... Put the Gold collar on, so to speak? We must harness our imagination?

    Michael said...

    Alright, i just finished reading the printed version. dam, i dig ur work.

    i always feel compelled to comment after reading, but usually in a cherry picked manner. regardless...

    i commented on your red c essay that red c also resonates the red cross.

    red c is mentioned again here, in context of XX. both the red cross and the double X are signatures of the knights templar. what are the knights templar intimately connected with? solomon's temple.

    now i am really intrigued. so i google "red cross" + winnepeg. check out their address:

    1111 Portage Avenue
    Winnipeg, MB R3G 0S8, Canada
    (204) 982-7330


    note-port is associated with water, age is associated with age

    note 2: wv: doze (sleeping) dio (italian for God)

    aferrismoon said...

    Wise Woman came out with the following anagram:

    - RED LEG

    twixxer said...

    I can't wait for the candy sugar post. It never let go of me since you introduced it a long time ago.

    Something very funny i noticed at the double x: xx = 10 10. As x =10 in roman numerals. But 1010 in binary is 10 again. How peculiar. Also x is the 24th number in the alphabeta, so it is connected with jupiter also (42 = 24). It can also be connected to gold since pure gold is 24 carats.

    To get back to the candy

    I noticed twix = two x = twin x = xx = 2x =x2. But also twix could be interchanged with the twin pillar phenomena.

    Also, i love M&M's (MM), 2K. Because they come in colours of the rainbow. Also note smarties and skittles here.

    Chupa chups!!!

    Plenty more, can't wait for the candy/sugar to return! :)

    Chris said...

    I've been c-ing an inordinate number of XX 'death eyes' lately...

    Anonymous said...

    Halo 3 with the reminiscent HAL all seeing eye floating robot and the crested dot star O

    XBOX 360

    Barrack Obama Double Cross, afferismoon once said

    Here's Alexander SkarsgÄrd who will play Thor (2011) interacting with the BO and the O is an OZ

    aferrismoon said...

    Word verification = inizin

    Stefan J said...

    Hey, Jake.

    The XX's are the trademark of the one and only KAWS.


    blue wv: crusn

    Chris said...

    Your stigmata connection rings all the more soundly when we consider that this is the SECOND recorded earthquake during 'Carnival' (the week long easter celebration) in L'Aquila. ...So at least twice in history there were major earthquakes on the 'heel' of Italy during Easter celebrations, commemorating the crucifixion of Christ! Then there is the cross shape fault line intersection.... Indeed!

    skrambo said...

    Awesome post. I had not noticed before that there's an M-finity (trident spinner vortex) symbol over the Manitoba Legislature Building, like on Super Mario's cap, though I do remember you bringing up the symbol on the cap...

    wv: NOnista

    Over and Oot

    E. T. Hansen said...

    Digging the new layout. looking forward to reading more originating from the Pot.

    HE-ll, Hell, suppose for a NOW that thats somesort of pictogram? Why should twins otherwise be in there with the male signifier? Im borderline nutcase these days reading all signs and words as pictograms. Forgetting all about picking up sanskrit.


    Indras Net said...

    Awsome stuff, The Cherish ad with Tunney and the Ankle in front of Italy resonated strongly with me in that Aquarius rules over the Ankles in Esoteric Physiology and that Big-Feet and Evolution have been a big theme, to see the Aquarian Ankle with shockwaves and Italy the home of Piscean Energy the Vatican and the Primate sorta felt Nsync too me. Hope your feelin better, be very well!

    The Caretaker said...

    it all resonates with identity for me. After looking at it, it is all a choice from actions from choice. A solar winged orb of reward and punishments from the cornucopia of life we view as linear time. Identity adaptable..perhaps?

    through all events God, or GC or whatever you choose to name this perceived voice in all of us. Which leads to the question..what is it?

    the answer is self evident. It is life, and in life nature bestows fears, fears cause dellusions and hysterias..hence fights, war, need for oppressiveness in a world that never meritted it by natures ways, it merely was human invention that led to this itself. through years of denials and lies. and laziness.

    Maybe syncromysticism has given birth to something great in the soul of humans on this terra firma?

    Anonymous said...

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    Joy said...

    Hi Jake,

    Would a Unicorn neigh/whinny like it's cousin the horse?
    Reason I ask is the aforementioned
    WINNI PEG LEG islature.

    Love from NZ,


    Anonymous said...

    nice flow to the mightly complex.

    XX can also fit into an M over A - commonhouse symbol in central/south-Catholic houses and on freemasonic statues.
    The side lines of the M leaving the V and the A in the middle, which may be why the middle is most aptly seen in wooden chairs, etc.
    Links to Biblical often , and for me numbers, mathematics, ma the ma trix.

    Another means of the arches is to offer a division between what a movie/book character does, says. As if it is possible to play games and guess the next lines to appear in the relevant slots. For me the ability to do this comes from a division in the meaning of you, us to me, we. where different functions carry resulting reactions.

    having fun with tired eyes.

    oh yer, and he red eye, as if red cells in the eye and seeing red. perhaps to view the blue sky as the blue screen where the red eye is the red lens, like a 3D glasses or camera, for who wants to be a writer, a reader. laters winnipeggers.

    IO1011 said...

    This is not sane.