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    Thursday, August 28, 2008

    H (Amended)

    "The Artistic Crime of the Century"

    Just a quick post to refresh our memories about the phenomena of the connected Twin Towers and all the examples we have encountered, compiled together, in one place.

    Man on Wire - Trailer

    New doc "Man On Wire" brings up the consistently repeating theme of the connected Twin Towers.
    The Twins/Gemini/11, reaching out to become One/1 as symbolized by the emerging Freedom Tower.
    The overhead profile if the Twin Towers and Building 7, the primary highlighted pillarmids of 911, bears some comparison to Giza and Orion's belt. Not a perfect match, I concede, but worth some reflection.
    The Freedom Tower is a Square Antiprism perched atop a cube.
    Seen from the top...

    it looks like this (below).
    Thats right, a freakin giant octagon placed at Ground Zero! We can think of an octagon as two squares, placed at right angles, on top of each other with there points connected.
    In a way the Freedom Tower is the double squares of WTC 1 and 2's floorplan, rolled into one. The Twin Towers become One/1 as the Freedom Tower with a due date of 2012 (by some accounts 2011, we will see). This reflects the emerging story of dawning cosmic consciousness told through synchromysticism and expressed as the 911-2012 axis. The dual nature of subject and object, me and you, becoming one unified awareness.
    We will explore this concept, identifying the parameters of this '911-2012 Ascension Dragon Axis', in the next big post, slowly gestating.

    See All I Want For Christmas for more on the Freedom Tower and overhead octagons.

    The whole thing 'started'* for me at Michaels from Gosporn's cool blog, noting some H syncs.

    See The Double H Ranch and Connecting The Twins at Gosporn

    The same day that I read some of his H syncs I also saw this WTC as H at the video store on the cover of Woody Allen's "Manhattan".
    After blogging about it in Pairs James Ratte, an architect, left a comment about work he did for Gaetano Pesce, portraying the Towers as being connected by a giant heart.

    See I Heart Pillarmids
    Another connected Twins from Pairs:

    It is interesting to note here that amazing artist Paul Laffoley (Stargate (cosmic/space consciousness) entrainer) says in a Radio Orbit interview that he was fired from working on 'The Towers' by Architect Yamasaki after suggesting connecting the pair with a bridge. The true artist, as usual, is entraining with the stargate earlier than the masses... The actual function of the artist in society, come to think of it i.e readying his fellow citizens for evolution. He also makes some interesting, but hard to pin down, comments about explosives being installed in buildings (like Building 7!) during construction.

    Mike Hagan's Radio Orbit - Paul Laffoley Talks About The World Trade Center (MP3 Download) (May 21, 2007) [time code: 22:00 to 53:00]

    Aferrismoon noted this boat, The USS New York (LPD 21), containing steel melted down from the WTC on his blog.

    See his post All Lost Aboard the OZ-ARK With Dotty's Checkerboard Champagne
    In synchromystic logic - which is really just a silly new name for what in 'future' will be called common sense - the WTC Towers are symbolic pyramids or pillars. As 'Pillarmids' they are also symbolic of the ark, Noah's Ark and the Ark of the Covenant being intimately related and probably evolved from, pyramids. Thus it is profoundly su'sync't to have the symbolic pillars of the Holiest of Holies become an ark.
    It's coat of arms again highlights the Pillarmid theme as we see the three stars (pyramids/Orion) and a triangular or pyramid shape interwoven with the Twin Pillars. The grey apex of the pyramid indeed connecting the Twins with a Phoenix/Benben/Eagle/Scorpio rising from the ashes of the towers. This symbolism all easily related to the Towers as Galactic Anticenter. The standing H in New York being the 911 half of the '911-2012 Ascension Dragon Axis'.
    A classic WTC Stargate sync can be found in "The Wiz". The yellow brick road ends right at the Kaaba representing sculpture "The Sphere" which stood between the towers until 911. The word OZ has been fashioned over the giant bronze sphere for the film. OZ resonates 77 and the Goat god Pan through Gematria, which is really just O.G. synchromysticism.

    The Twin Towers are seen connected by an arch, becoming the H, with rotating loudspeaker. The voice of Richard Pryor booms over the plaza as he continually changes his mind as to what color is to be dominant here.

    See Rant in Z-Minor for more.
    "G.I Joe and the Pyramid of Darkness" was a movie length mini series which saw the terrorist organization "Cobra" build a pyramid shaped force field around the Northern Hemisphere, which neutralizes electricity hence creating, "The Pyramid Of Darkness".
    More on this amazing sync, in the 'future', flux willing..

    Also see Steve's Willners Exodus, The Temple of Set, and The Pyramid of Darkness for more G.I Joe
    Cobra resides inside the connected Twins, here called the Enterprise Towers.. The Crimson Twins control the transformation of the Enterprise Towers (clearly inspired by New York's H) into a rocket ship. We now have Gemini and serpent symbolism intimately tied to the Pillarmids. The Galactic Center is in Sagittarius/Scorpio (Winnipeg) and Anticenter is in Gemini/Twins (New York), the serpent is the Dragon Axis or pole formed by alignment.

    See World Trade Galactic Center for more info.
    Below we see the connected Twins, having shed there outer skin to become a space ship. A perfect example of WTC and its recurrent cosmic consciousness symbolism. The Towers having become a vehicle or chariot that blasts consciousness into orbit.
    New big post, liftoff in, ETA 1 week...

    If you have a connected Twin Tower sync wink I have forgotten, leave a comment and maybe we can ad it here.

    Started*: This is a convenience of speech intended to reflect the general experience of life. A little reflection on the matter reveals that all phenomena are influenced by all other phenomena. Nothing has a truly isolated start or an ending. This experience, of isolated phenomena, localized in time and space, will in 'future' be outmoded and archaic, flux willing...

    I haven't seen a that many episodes of South Park, but of those I have seen, I enjoyed "Towelie" the most and have certainly seen this particular one more times then any other.
    "Thats the melody to Funky Town!"

    South Park - Towlie Quotes - Funky town & more - Video

    Jenn from Hidden Dakini highlights that this episode aired 8 August 2001, making it the last one before the 911 Mega Ritual. Things get wacky when we note a central plot McGuffin, the coveted 2001 Okama Gamesphere, bears some comparison to Osama. Further the design of the device looks like the Emereld City from "The Wizard Of Oz" with a connected Twins inside the green Sphere.
    When the kids play with there 2001 Okama 'Emerald City H' we see what appears to be ZOOP candy bars and donuts (image below). Stargate candy is a common theme, these with added ZO/OZ flavor...

    See posts like JFK Stargate Mega Ritual for more on Stargate candy - the capstone of the food pyramid! - and donuts.
    The Symbolic Galactic Center Temple or 2012 end of the '911-2012 Ascension Dragon Axis' is right here in Winnipeg as the Masonic Legislature Building. In my mind it shows how when you entrain with synchronicity by thinking about the phenomena all day, you synchronize with the alignment of the cosmic axis. Ending up, just naturally, migrating towards the Galactic Center Temple. Well, I can imagine the other angle too, where it proves the depths of my attempts at self mythologizing and shows up the classic mechanic of the mind, 'what the thinker thinks the prover proves'. I would certainly recommend you remain skeptical (not cynical) of all I say.
    Either way, my overall feeling here is that New York's WTC was the upright H, the first connected Twin of the 911-2012 axis. Winnipeg's connected Twins is the second, horizontal, laying or level H of the Ascension Dragon Axis. This reflects the 11:11 (as visually similar to HH) specific moment of Galactic Alignment with the solstice sun on 21 December 2012 and the 2 H's in YHWH and THOTH.

    Namaste (I acknowledge Deity inside of you)

    Tool - H


    Jenn said...

    You can add the Okama Gamesphere if you think it fits. Also, thanks mentioning Aferrismoon's OZ-ARK post - I am going to read that now. Everything I see while living in the Ozarks-- and I didn't see OZ-ARK until now! Wow. Syncing with Tool, Alex Grey is coming here to the Ozarks- to Eureka Springs- for the Coalescence Festival. Quite a pilgrimage for you, but I'll post lots of video in October from the event!

    Unknown said...

    Yes, good idea! I forgot about that.

    I will do it later today.

    Anonymous said...

    'If you have a connected Twin Tower sync ... leave a comment'
    What are you trying to get as many comments as Jeff Wells? LULZ, not that you're forgetful, just that's a tall order. Is see you almost broke 40 comments a couple of posts ago, Mr. Popular.

    The H shaped buildings were called Dumbbell Tenements and Railroad Flats. Also known as Old Law Tenements, resonates w/ NYC since this is where it was designed for. see wiki post for more

    A namaste to you too kind sir.

    Unknown said...

    Seeing that picture of WTC 7 being a trapezoid. Opens my eyes to The Order of the Trapezoid, Anton LaVey and more satanic stuff. Google it.

    Unknown said...

    "The Trapezoid: is the central mystery of the Order. Runa, the essence of mysteries, is represented by its ultimate example. The trapezoid functions to link objective and subjective realities, just as it beckons its initiates to explore worlds where the arrow of time no longer points in a single direction. The trapezoid is a two-dimentional representation of a three dimentional shadow. It is a prism and a gate. Most importantly, it is a mystery."


    Unknown said...

    Hey Jake! check out this Jeru the damager album cover..

    and here is the intro - aint the devil happy...

    and so the saga of syncnificance continues... ha

    take it easy man - and nice one on the Nosis and recent Wilner projects..

    Daniel Tatman

    frooty said...

    This one requires some stretching.

    The 1st instance of "Twin Towers" (2 exceptionally tall players playing together)in the NBA happened on the Houston Rockets. Ralph (Germanic = "wolf council" Sirius?) Sampson (variant of Samson = Hebrew "of the sun" Heracles resonant) from Harrisonburg, Va and coached at UVA by Terry Holland was joined in 1984 by Hakeem (Arabic = "wise") Olajuwon (Arabic = "Honorable") for 3 seasons ending in 1987.

    Twin Towers (H)ouston ROCKETs in itself is interesting but becomes more resonant with the 9/11 event due to 1984 being the 1st year that a terrorist plot to bomb the WTC is mentioned. The FBI claims that 2 supporters of Khomeini are responsible. This triggers the establishment of an Office of Special Planning (OSP) that runs for 3 years eventually disbanding in 1987.

    The same time period of the NBA Twin Towers. Sampson was WTC 1 as he was drafted 1st and was taller (+ antenna) with Olajuwon being WTC 2, drafted 2nd. Sampson was traded after a knee injury (1st to be hit) "collapsing" these Twins after 3 years, the length of the OSP study.

    A basketball court itself is arranged in a mirrored "Twin" format and the raising of the orange spherical stargate (sewn from 8 distinct flaps) into a cosmic netting seems highly solar resonant.

    Jamie Jones said...

    "The overhead profile if the Twin Towers and Building 7, the primary highlighted pillarmids of 911, bears some comparison to Giza and Orion's belt. Not a perfect match, I concede, but worth some reflection."

    I agree, check out the the three aligning structures between the WFC 2 and WFC 1 too, creating a mirror with the WTC alignment.

    Here are pics of what I mean....

    Jamie Jones said...

    Oh, yeah I forgot to add, that I think the H is a I resonating the cat eye nebula in Draco(dragon).

    Particleion said...

    To continue with the syncs the objective in reaching the wizard in oz was to return dorthy home.

    So if 911 was / is a ritual to open a stargate the "H" is the bridge

    Whenever you connect to planes of existence or two points in space and time you create an "H" like so

    This is a Einstein-Rosen Bridge

    now if you check out the wikipedia entry

    There's two kinds of "H"(bridges)

    1) One that is connected at the center and at the top.
    -This connects to points within the same universe
    -This also why its the connection happens at the top and center showing the curvature in space and time.

    2) A bridge only in the center giving you your traditional "H" this is showing a connection of 2 planes of existence or multiverses being joined

    Much here to explore

    From this point on I not too sure if this means anything but im going to just write it

    Most movies that attempt to open the gates to "H"-ell do so my joining our universe with some form of parallel universe. Most of the time is discussed that these demons can not enter our realm unless the gateway is open.

    The following are type 2 "H" doors

    Event Horizon
    (most likely) Max payne
    The mist

    Not all realms or universes consist of "demons"

    Type 1"H" Doors


    This is just of the top of my head but i bet you can think of more

    Again notice that based what type of gate is open 1 or 2 determines if the outcome well be desired or not.

    Indras Net said...

    Jake, great work man, you are fishing around perched at the sharp edge of galactic center and pulling bigger and bigger fish back every time.

    I have a newly discovered Oz, 9-113 masonic pillarmids synch that ive found I think youd thoroughly enjoy.

    On september 11th 1957 the rainbow road to Oz was released by disney and what can be seen is super blatant 3 pillar Masonic initiation symbolism, checkerboards, lions paw grandmasters, Mkultra/monarch synchs and more.

    Rainbow Road to Oz, 9-11 and Masonic Initiation.


    Ben said...


    Jenn said...

    I just realized at the end of the episode Stan says "Alright guys, focus. Looks like this is gonna be an underwater level."

    Should we be expecting anything less from a Pisces/Aquarius transition? As I have seen-- "Sync or swim!" Cheers!

    Ed said...

    "Our early attempts attempts at a tractor beam went through several preperations. Preperations a through g were a complete failure. But now ladies and gentlemen, we have a working tractor beam, which we shall call, PREPERATION H!"- Dr. Evil.

    Jamie Jones said...

    Here's a big 911 sync, where Rachel Grey(Aliens)thinks about the attack on the world trade center that happened in the 21st century. She's from the future and in this comic she fights with the hellfire organization, has red hair green eyes(think David Icke) and has the power of the Phoenix which she got from her mom Jean(Gene)Grey(Aliens). Her dad's cyclops Steve Summers(Sumer). This all happened in a 1984(Orwell) comic which was Uncanny X-Men #189.

    Here are the pics that I scanned.....

    Page 2

    Page 3

    Today I saw this vid on youtube point it out...

    Jamie Jones said...

    Just noticed the pics aren't working try these....



    David Shearer said...

    In the towelie clip you showed the other towel suggests that the western world has ruined the earth and it is now the towels time. If the okama game sphere represents the twin towers and oz effects then is it possible that the pot smoking towel represents the opium pro middle easterners. I know it sounds racist but southern people have called middle eastern people and indian people towel heads for their turbins. Some towels like the west, and some think it is finally their time. This all occuring right before 911 btw.

    Ed said...

    Jamie, that pick gave me chills. I remembered reading that when I was a kid(I might still have it around). Interesting that the time traveller is the daughter of Cyclops (One Eye) and Dark Pheonix.

    Ed said...

    Isis between the twin H's from a comic published in the forties.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Great pictures, great comments, Great Spirit.

    Be well

    aferrismoon said...

    The H has brought to mind a connexion between Hellboy and Northern Ireland. The infamous prison there is called the MAZE and there was a certain block called H-Block, where hunger strikes and dirty protests went on. From '68 to 1970 I lived in County Antrim where the Golden Army hang out, and we visited the Giant's Causeway a few times.
    The use of the USS NY = brilliant, really adds further dimesnsion.
    The Logo, when glanced at , has an Eagle-like face - The sword handles/hilts are the eyes - one is Sun and the other Moon, while the 'shield' looks a bit like the beak of an eagle.
    Anyhow I concentrated a little on the 'eyes' and the face sort of appeared.
    Your chum uses the words Stargaters, coming off Sebek perhaps we evolved from Alligaters.

    aferrismoon said...

    Also ZOOP = Pooz backwards, as in more than 1 Poo [ British Childrens word for 'shit']. Its probably a choc-bar that the makers have decided looks pooish.
    Also ZOOP , using dialing, the OP goes back one letter giving NO which rotates to OZ.[Science indeed]


    Unknown said...

    The Okama thing is really weird. A quick Google search brings up the word as meaning "gay" in colloquial Japanese (quite in tune with the humour of the creators of South Park). One of the other Blogs linked to in this Blog mentioned the Joker and links to homosexuality. But you also get this Oklahoma was when we first heard the name Osama. Osaka is another similar sounding word that comes to my head.

    Apart from the obvious link to Obama, I did a random search in Google for Omama and found this Note the following in the tagline 'He was sent to the US to fulfill the dream of his people back home. He was the Messiah.'

    Unknown said...

    The Ben Ben could be the Capstone of the Pyramid? Check out this link, note the name of the character and the movie, and read what he says

    skrambo said...

    H looks like a small section of DNA to me, based on the double helix model. The octagon representing a transcendental vortex now planned to replace the two pillars creates the spiral of the helix.

    That much should be obvious, i think.

    Unknown said...

    Another interesting sync on the Joker homosexuality front. I was listening to this audio history book in my car this morning and it mentioned the Double Axe. It was used as a symbol for the labyrinth (Pan/Oz/77) and is a symbol used by a lesbian society. What is so important about that? Well look at the Double Axe, and compare it to the Batman logo. Batman/Joker.

    Atareye said...

    I found a massive heavy metal torrent. Dripping with occult symbolism of course this magazine publishes obscure and popular comic book artists. I looked up and issue from the year and month of my birth. June 1982 issue. I posted an image at my blog not available through Google images. Its the twin pillarmids with and alien head in the center. Upon further quick research I find that this "Futuropolis" was a comic series as well.

    Chloe said...

    Does anyone know what happened to the Synchromystic Forum? (Sorry to hijack your site Jake, but I'm that curious and thought someone here might know.) It's disappeared.

    P.S You might want to delete from your links Jake.

    Jake Kotze said...

    The Synchromysticism Forum is down.. Don't know why. If anybody has info, please let us know or send me some email.

    Chloe said...

    Jake - it's back! Oh me of little faith. (In my defense it's been down since Monday.)

    Chris said...

    wonderful vids on geometry and dimensions

    Jamie Jones said...

    Hey Jake,

    Here's two more 911 syncs I found today.

    A witness to 911 was reported in the news today which is 9/5 9+5=14 mirrored it's 41 which would = 11:11.

    In a Simpsons rerun I saw today 9/5(11:11) Side Show(SS) Bob tried to kill Krusty the Klown by flying a airplane into his radio broadcasting shack, then got taken away in a police car that had 911 on the back. I didn't see the name of the episode though.

    Jamie Jones said...

    Gah, I forgot to add that the witness killed himself.

    Chris said...

    Cupcake said...

    Coming home after seeing Man on Wire, I devoured as much Petit info as I could. One interview on the Charlie Rose show in 1999 has seriously freaked me out. He spent a good part of the show pitching his next great endeavor; walking across the Grand Canyon "...on the 11th of September".


    Anonymous said...

    Tell the truth now - did you get your synchs linking Crowley and Bush from the film 'Chemical Wedding'?

    (I'm referring to an ages-ago post / blog article, but since you mentioned him again here it's still relevant)

    Jake Kotze said...

    I have not yet seen 'Chemical Wedding'.

    Anonymous said...

    ~=Chemical Wedding SPOILERS ALERT=~

    Really? I hadn't heard of it until the other day, go to the vid store and blam! - a film about Crowley, quantum physics experiments, with liberal doses of Parsons and Hubbard and very blatant mentions of the FLA recount and parallel universes.

    We appear to be in some blend of the two universes in the film, Bush is Pres. but seemed to lose his oratory skills and ability to speak Spanish and the like, from pre to post election.
    I fear the reason for that is located in the film, Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. They do some kind of brain surgery on you when you become Pres, so you forget all your literary intelligence and that kind of thing, and end up stumbling through speeches.

    Damned Masonic tongue tiers. Yeah, you know who you are - look at me when I have a cloth on my head, damn you.

    Particleion said...

    Why go to video store anything and everything you seek is one google search away...

    Link to full movie

    I will be checking this out too for i have not seen it thanx all

    Seek Truth

    Anonymous said...

    Well, partly because you need 20megabit internet to be thinking of downloading movies of DVD quality. And even then, it'd take you longer on 20meg to download ~4GB than it takes me to drive to Blockbuster and back again.

    Also you've not really thought through what I wrote - how could I look something up if I hadn't heard of it?

    You people and your 'just download everything' - when will you learn? You're like a stuck record.
    That software that is used to rip DVDs - they expect you to pay for that! And they put hidden files onto your computer, so they can track who copies stuff, and all those MAFFIA/whatever types are monitoring all the download sites.

    So you actually need to set up something like a virtual machine within your Windows OS, so you can dump the registry and reuse the DVD rippers for free, past their trials etc. That should work, if it doesn't - then you need to buy another computer or hdd / OS install, just to copy films.

    I used to do pirate films myself, of films that weren't available (not ripping off ones that were available) back in the pre-DVD days. What I did aside, buying or procuring copies has odd side effects. Example: I bought a copy of a film, and it changed the film, and now it's a shit film. NOT the quality - the actual movie changed. I can't see the proper film anymore; well, the videostore should have got it in so I could rent it. I'm not going to BUY a movie I'm only going to watch once, not without an amazon store or something to sell them on later. After I make copies to keep, just for me.

    Anonymous said...

    And don't say 'torrents' - you don't know what can happen to your machine from downloading from those; and even if you never allow your bandwidth to be used - you can't do that for long, or at all in some cases. You are expected to be a seeder also.

    Yeah I can think of an easy enough way to aggregate millions of computers into one giant network so's I can use them to send spam with trojans - oh, wait, it's been done.

    btw, I know you were meaning Jake and not me about the vid store, but I meant that I went there - and boom! there is this Crowley film in. I didn't mean he should just go to a video store; how the hell would I know what stores there are where he lives & if they have that film.

    Particleion said...
    This comment has been removed by the author.
    Particleion said...


    Your over complicating it man.. Downloading was the past...

    Its all about streaming now.. YOu can find just about anything in full Dvd quality and streamed! for instance I found the movie "The Nines" on google video of all places. No driving needed no wasting of energy and you achieve the same result. Again this is not something you must do I was just trying to be helpful jeez

    Anonymous said...

    You streamed a ~4 gig file? I don't know if Google would be aware that their video uploads servers were hosting files of that size requiring realtime links of the length of a film.

    Do you realise how complicated it is to have anything near that available, even if Google definitely knew about it? Even just the amount of routers passing the packets between the Google server and your ISP servers, to your home / whatever link you are using.

    I'm not sure exactly what it's like where you are, but say here in the UK even the fibre-optic broadband that's available - it works like an old "party line" system from the telephone days, in that the bandwidths are reduced depending on how many people are online and what they are downloading - or streaming, or uploading, etc.
    There's satellites & the transatlantic cable to consider between, say, Europe and the USA.
    F*ck knows how Hawaiians manage to get decent speeds even if they pay through the nose.

    Particleion said...

    At this point I dont know what to tell you. I posted the link. You can see for your self if you wish.

    This is not even relevant to the post anymore so If you wish to know more you can email me or "google" it

    angel of elvis said...

    And then there would be the H and M of Hanna Montana.

    angel of elvis said...

    Here's another important H.

    Anonymous said...

    Oh that's classic; I did not know the Towelie Funky Town / secret govt base episode was the one prior to 9-11.

    "Always take a towel", and =don't call me towelhead= - cause then you'd have to start pulling implants out through your nose and stuff like that.

    Mars? Never heard of it.

    Are there any Dark Knight posts here? I saw Man On Wire the other day, then rented the Batman again - and at that gravity upside down bit that's the phrase that came to mind, Man On Wire. There was something about that Joker smile and the Batman symbol in the building art looking like the 9-11 towers that someone on a synch blog had mentioned (don't remember what one, probably this one or Secret Sun).

    Movie stargates: saw Babylon AD the other day too, and right near the start when those guys come into the apartment it made me think "quick! Kill him before he eats the Death Rabbit and opens a portal to a different film!"

    And You - shutup still! Goddamned people that think the future and being in tune with what matters is all about moving to some urban hellhole to get the latest technology free or cheap! People need to drop that whole attitude where anyone is expected to keep up with the whims of pseudo-satantic artificial reality!
    I'm doing a computing degree and I'm telling you that is COMPLETELY the wrong focus - it's all about nature, the being out of touch with actual reality is why when great truths become known they are mixed up with these ridiculous notions that the world you're in isn't real. People that are open to truth are becoming lost because of impracticality; headed for yet another Atlantis style wipeout. Oh and then they realise how real this all is.
    All I mean is - say we all already had 1000 gigabit internet, at 1:1 contention ratio - it changes nothing except online stuff! This, it's an add-on on top of the world - a bunch of message tubes!
    Which is why the slow-release of technology is so incredibly stupid. If they'd just allow stargates and whatnot all along, as it's meant to work like, then nobody ever gets confused and links progress and what we are meant to be doing here to technology.

    Imagine it's all completed already;

    "and then....?

    and then?

    and then?"

    Think ahead, think beyond.

    Anonymous said...

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