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    Sunday, August 24, 2008

    Pandoras Box, Sobek, and the Gateway to Shangri-La

    Third video collaboration with Steve Willner from Labyrinth of the Psychonaut.

    Here is one and two.

    Thanks Steve!


    Nightghost said...

    Really good video. Enjoyed it as always, like your other films.

    Ed said...

    And here I thought Sobek was just the name of a comic book character from DC's 52. Great stuff.

    n-a-p said...

    hey there..

    remember theory prodigy?
    now i come up with new blog..

    ~nahariah ahmad pauzi~

    Sherab Ra Pel said...

    I left a love note on my blog about y'all:
    you guys are the coolest!

    gypsum23 said...


    Did you happen to watch the closing ceremony of the olympics where the UK put on a little show for the handover?

    We had a "lollipop" lady, zebra crossing and our Crowley fan Jimmy Page all included. It made me chuckle that's for sure.

    all the best

    plyphon said...

    "aligning with the Stargate or Galactic Center"

    could you possibly explain this a little further?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks Folks

    I have not seen any Olympic footage.

    I try and view everything I encounter as "The Daily News". This includes world events, movie syncs, T-Shirts people wear that I walk past, what I have for lunch, anything. The goal is to see all events as the 'miracle joy of Being' and such.

    Interest is mercurial who knows what will be followed for syncs next...

    "aligning with the Stargate or Galactic Center"

    could you possibly explain this a little further?

    The last 2 bigger posts have much on the subject of how media is aligning with the Stargate, the Galactic Core or Cosmic Consciousness

    Just click on July and read Galactic Center Temple or World Trade Galactic Center

    Be well

    Jenn said...

    Wonderful video to watch! Thank you for pouring this creativity into our stream. You two are good messengers, good storytellers, and perhaps this is a way to make our new myths.

    Jamie Jones said...

    Hey, are you planing to do a black star sync soon?

    I was gonna do one to, but this one I'm doing now just keeps getting

    Anyways here's a pic i was gonna use from IRobot, that you could use if you want.....

    Anonymous said...

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