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    Wednesday, April 23, 2008

    "What a Big Fucking Lizard, Lord!" The 911 Dinosaur Mystery

    I get an email from James (thanks!) yesterday morning while sitting down for my morning coffee and cookie, including image above. Cookies are serious business in my personal life, my Facebook profile lists my interests as : synchronicity, cookies, movies. Cookies are indeed sugary treat 'numero uno' in my book.

    So I am literally biting into my peanut butter cookie when cognizing this image of the "Cookie Monster" taking nibbles out of the Twin Towers on a "Sesame Street Magazine" cover.

    Sugary treats and candy of all kind frequently feature in the Stargate sync web, I will let you know if I come up with a plausible sounding reason for this anomaly... (Something about sugar, as a drug, involved in the evolution of our species? Shucks, I don't know...)

    Other fine Stargate Sugar examples, just to make the point, include:
    -The KK of Kit-Kat bar resonating K2 or 2K. (K2 is the second highest peak on Earth suggested as a location decoded from Great Pyramid by Ralph Ellis. First attempted surmounting of K2 was undertaken by famed thingamagick Aleister Crowley. Funny all that...)

    -Willy Wonka's "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" 2001 type monolith chocolate bar and giant candy ice capped mountain. (Remember the Monolith opens humanities Stargate in "2001: Space Odyssey" and the Millenium Hilton hotel intentionally designed to represent the same movie prop was located flush with the Twin Towers. Funny all that...). See Al-Noah video for more on 2001 and Hilton Hotel.

    -Lastly, sweetness itself, 'Stargate Queen' Robin Tunney in frame with a lollipop (resonating the Great Pyramid), Zebra (resonating VALIS) and even what appears to be a green Plesiosaur!
    Another facet of the "Cookie Monster" image, with its WTC destruction, thus 911 Mega Ritual synchronizing themes, resonating with concepts percolating through my awareness, is his gigantic stature. I have been puzzling over some dinosaur sync winks and in a similar fashion to the strangely anomalous candy theme, trying to figure out how they fit into the Stargate or cosmic consciousness sync web.
    All giant monsters, like King Kong (K2/2K) and this Cookie Monster resonate dinosaurs, because they were these crazy big freaking lizards literally roaming the Earth!
    Counting the Godzilla poster above we have already encountered dinosaur resonators atop the Pillarmids (pillar and pyramid) thrice. I feel the WTC Towers are our modern era's Twin Pillars of Solomon's temple in its turn the more modern Giza/Dashur Pyramid pairs.

    Seemingly these giant monsters and the Stargate portal of cosmic consciousness being born inside mankind - as 911 was a pivotal evolutionary quantum leap for humanity - have an interesting affinity for each other.
    King Kupa (a double K resonator and dinosaur himself) helps solidify and confirm our Dino/WTC pattern as his liar in "Super Mario Bros" sees giant neon double K's splashed over the Pillarmids themselves (see image of WTC above). Inside of which we find the captive Princes Daisy, actress Samantha Mathis. The film shows, in sequence, the Princess walking away from a window of the alternate dimension (accessed through the Stargate) partly destroyed Twin Towers, personalized monogrammed King Kupa towels giving us a double K or K2 and finally resting on a chained pet baby dinosaur.
    Samantha Mathis also played a Dharma Initiative (octagonal logo) teacher Olivia, on the "Lost" island.
    In the post Opening the Stargate Via Adam Sandler I suggested a classroom theme as connected to Robin Tunney's appearance in the "House M.D" pilot episode (above) and George W. Bush's invocation - intentional or otherwise, synchromystically human intent amounts to little - of Pan/77/OZ through "The Pet Goat" reading coincident and inseparable from the 911 Mega Ritual.
    Yummy Tunney, diagnosed as a medical Zebra by Dr House (see Tunney Trillogy), is further recognized as interacting with two rows of green and yellow Stegosaurus.

    So what gives with these dino syncs?
    Unlike the candy theme, these sync winks seems instinctively far more discernible. Dinosaurs are dramatically extinct (excuse me Nessie) and thusly represent massive planetary life and evolutionary change. Having these reptiles and there Godzilla/Cookie Monster resonators interact with humanities most vivid evolutionary catalyst - the 911 Mega Ritual - makes in this context perfect sense.
    A telling Sci fi convention has dinosaurs often accessed through the Stargate. Time and space distorting technologies in entertainment media are symbolic of cosmic illumination or the Stargate. Sandwiching this paragraph are stills of Scrooge McDuck's time traveling helicopter the Millennium Shortcut (Ducktales episode Marking Time), much featured in The Comic Book Cycle videos like "The Itsy Bitsy Illuminati Propeller Heads" and "911 Time Lords Across the 4th Dimension". At the point those videos were made I seriously considered the potential that the helicopter sync winks connected to real life choppers flying over the Twin Towers on September 11th might mean actual time travel experimentation. Understanding time travel currently as just another symbol of humanities evolution into awareness of Being this scenario seems quite humorous, none the less telling about the 911 Mega Ritual. Scroll back up and take note of the helicopters on the King Kong and Godzilla poster.
    Even more helicopter Stargate resonance was explored in "Al-Noah and the Committee of 911 Moon Men" (mercifully, my silly titles have improved vastly..) where we learn that a major player in the Committee of 9 saga is Arthur Middleton Young an important figure in aviation history...
    Homer passes through the time tunnel/vortex thingemagick in The Simpsons Treehouse of Horror 5 short "Time and Punishment".
    On arriving in 'dinosaur times' he hopelessly fails not to alter the past, causing the chaos theory/butterfly effect to adversely impact the future.
    It would be rather negligent not to briefly investigate Spielberg's, in his typical blockbuster style - cinematic absurdly high quality silly as sin, still much fun - Jurassic Park.
    Dinosaurs are cloned utilizing DNA extracted from mosquitoes fossilized in amber and placed on an Island zoo (ZO/77/Pan) called Jurassic Park. These magick mystery type islands resonate Manhattan, "Lost" and the mound of Atum/primordial mound of the Egyptian creation story.
    Main players (dino bait) include:
    -Sam Neill (above) a Stargate vet, earning this rep in the film "Event Horizon". Event Hori(ZO)n was featured in a recent post highlighting Laurence Fishburne.
    -Chaos theorist (again 'the butterfly effect' sync winks at us, as seen in the Simpson's Treehouse of Horror 5) Jeff Goldblum a Stargate vet, earning this rep in the film "The Fly". "The Fly" was recently featured in connection with Goldblum's post teleportation sugar/candy fetish and Stargate jumping, Thoth resonating, baboons.
    Our heroes come under threat when park technician Dennis (Wayne Knight, Newman from "Seinfeld") shuts down the security network, including electrified fences to facilitate his escape with valuable dinosaur embryos. His computer workstation used for this caper features a Zebra striped young lass. Philip K. Dick called VALIS, Zebra originally, making Zebra a Stargate (contact with higher intelligence) theme. VALIS was also described as being a super intelligent computer from the future, the computer resonance echoed here in "Jurassic Park".
    Another scene connectible to our current sync web sees the T.Rex being bated, on our mystery island, with a goat. Goats resonate Pan, 77 and OZ adding this particular Stargate flavor to dinosaurs. See the 911 Stargate video and Rant in Z-Minor for more info on the syncnificance of OZ.
    Reid Mukai has authored a most ambitious, broad spectrum analysis of synchromysticism, its potential meaning and history, at Reality Sandwich. Thanks Reid.

    I have been authoring the last few post while on vacation in South Africa. More ambitious posts and perhaps even videos to be considered upon returning to Canadian home base.

    Be very well