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    Sunday, September 7, 2008

    Harvest Moon Festival And Other Sync News

    I will be talking about Synchromysticism at this years Harvest Moon Festival in Clearwater Manitoba.
    There I am, between learning about making arrow heads and jams..

    This is my first time representing the work live, cool.

    In other news Rob Bryanton from Imagining The Tenth Dimension, book and blog, has posted a vlog about this work. Thanks Rob!
    Jake Kotze and Mystical Numbers

    Rob also talks about the fascinating, syncnificant and grossly overlooked film "The Nines" in John August and The Nines

    Here is a recent "Blob" post with some thoughts on Rob's work.

    Over at Red Ice Creations a recent interview with Neil Kramer from The Cleaver blog was particularly interesting and syncnificant. Especially the second subscribers half that went into synchromystic resonance and Philip K. Dick's VALIS/Zebra encounter plus book.

    Neil brought up the VALIS sync wink from the 4th Season episode "Eggtown", skilfully handled by master Starg8tor Aferrismoon in his post TrunKated.

    We see John Locke, actor Terry O'Quinn, take the book in question from Ben's personal collection. His fingers perfectly accentuate the Double K in Philip K. DicK.

    LOCKE: Help you pass the time.

    BEN: [flipping the book over] I've already read it. [puts down book]

    LOCKE: You might catch something you missed the second time around.

    You can read some further thoughts on Locke and Lost in posts like:
    Following Hugh Jackman Through The Atlantean Stargate
    Opening he Stargate Via Adam Sandler
    And videos like Comic Book Cycle 5 A and B
    PKD was seen, making waves in the sync pool, during the recent Galactic Center Temple

    Another most fascinating sync is found in episode Cabin Fever, when the teenage Locke is removed from a school locker after being bullied and placed inside the cuboid.
    The mean cheerleaders point and stare, enjoying his humiliation. They do us a favor however by revealing a powerful sync, connecting Double K again to Locke.

    For a good collection and explanation of K2 syncs see K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual
    The K is for Cowin Hight Knights. Above we see 'double plus good' KK or 2K resonating Locke and the green concentric circle type Stargate of his school's seal. The green mounted Knight with shield and lance, inside the circle dot, bears some comparison to the Seal of the Knights Templar (below).
    Big post, imminent...


    Atareye said...

    I was in Manitoba last week at my sisters wedding. I felt like Neo when he first plugged into the matrix after he was awakened. Driving down the main drag in the downtown core I witnessed some strangeness and overwhelming awe at the mixture of people and structure in this Mini Metropolis. Gotta say Jake it looks like a rough town for a intellectual like yourself.(kung fu trainng needed) I tried real hard to visit the galactic center temple but in a stream of so called coincidences I was unable to see this great structure. But a quick trip down the main street seeing Hudson bay and the bank of Montreal sufficed.

    Harvest moon reminded me of a Magic Mushroom trip I had in Steinbach where I had my first numerical experience with synchronicity. I noticed that in this religious town the number 3 was incorporated into allot of their architecture and general aesthetic.(holy trinity) I also noticed a strange string of deaths reading the tombstones in the central cemetery. Many of the deaths were very young, unlike nothing I've ever seen in such a small area. That harvest moon evening was another step up the latter in terms of confusing repetitious symbolism.

    Thanks Jake and hopefully the demo goes good for you. Bring a camcorder ;)

    Great respect to you teacher

    aferrismoon said...

    Wow, u have definitely arrived , speaking in close to vicinity to Flint-Knapping must be a blessing - and I'm not being cynical, to be close to flint-knapping people, lectures or even 'how-to' leaflets indicates something to me, though i know not what exactly.

    Cheers for going to these old posts, it gets things circulating.

    look 4ward to the other links you've put up.

    The Templar + Lance rexxing with George and Dragon. In the pic from LOST , the Lance looks like its going into his pineal gland, so gets me thinking[
    George = an element taken in, or put in
    Dragon = Pineal gland

    or maybe George = a human taking it upon himself to 'awaken'

    Happy Harvest Moon

    Jake Kotze said...

    'indicates something to me, though i know not what exactly.'


    Thanks dudes

    soundlessdawn said...

    I love that shot of the TechnoDrome with the towers in the background.. You need to compile all the background/border pics you've been posting.. So people can view the archives. Was the 9:11 a.m. post planned?

    Jake Kotze said...

    It's a stellar sync and image. I love it. After 2 years of actively looking for syncs 911 mind$%!#! keep popping up.
    Neo's passport! Come on folks. You gotta be kidding me.
    I can hardly keep track and do them justice.

    Be brilliant y'all.

    Posting at 911 was totally 'accidental', as if that truly exists.

    Atareye said...

    Uhhhhh Jake did you see the picture I posted on my title screen? An image archive would be a great idea.

    Atareye said...

    David Crane - Waterbird
    Blobilonia - Babylonia
    Pyramid,sphere,Candy, and latter oh my. I remember wanting to rent this game but it was always rented.

    Jake Kotze said...

    I would post what I have on an archive, if it looked promising. Any ideas?

    I played "A Boy and His Blob" (very poorly) on Game Boy as a kid. Only remembered it yesterday..

    Jamie Jones said...

    This pic from a Wolverine comic...

    Matches the 2001 and 10000 B.C.

    MarcChain said...

    Jake have you seen Goroadchi's site recently?

    What is the disturbing truth about you that he is talking about?

    Michael said...

    You probably already know, but Robin Tunney's new show The Mentalist debuts tonight.