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    Saturday, June 7, 2008


    Nothing truly has a start or an ending. All things in time and space are connected to all other things and emanate out of unmanifested eternal no-thing. This happens in the present moment - the now - the past and future being a shadowy construct of the mind. Past and present only exist as a collection of thoughts (things) accessed in the present, where all is 'issing'. Maybe this sounds esoteric or woo-woo, but its actually patently obvious to the senses if you detach from ego or attachment to form (objects and thoughts).
    Knowing this to be so I can still invoke the past as this convention still serves a purpose in the present. Probably in the future - after more flux of the present - we will stop attaching to past and future, living fuller in the depth of the only true home we have, the timeless now.

    At the age of maybe 11, I was on vacation with my family at a South African beach town. While browsing a second hand book store my mom offered to buy me 2 old National Geographic magazines from a large pile.
    That day I was paging through one from September 1977 with an article about Leonardo da Vinci. It explained that he was commissioned by his Milan patron, Lodovico Sforza, to make the worlds largest statue, a 23 foot bronze horse with rider.
    This monumental project which required Leonardo pioneering new casting techniques was interrupted by war in 1499. As is typical of such business the bronze for the horse ended up being used to make a cannon and the clay version was used for archery practice by invading French soldiers.
    Seconds pass and I open the second Magazine (October 1991) purchased from a whole random pile to read the article "Creating a Leonardo Statue in Pennsylvania".
    It explains that retired airline pilot Charles C. Dent read the same September 77 article I just did and decided to finish Leonardo's horse sculpture, minus rider. This was the first time I can remember that such an amazing coincidence, transcending in my mind random chance (now I don't even believe in random chance), occurred in my life.
    That very same evening I watch the news and see the same story repeated one more time. "Some old dude is making Leonardo's horse!" I believe, in that moment, my conception of reality changed dramatically. It was obvious to me that the world view as my parents and most humans perceived was lacking something vital. How could coincidence be clustered so vividly together and particularly centered around my comings and goings on an entirely ordinary day? Something had just happened to me that should be on the news the next day, yet I knew that it would just be shrugged of by almost everybody I know as 'just one of those things'. It's amazing to consider that practically anybody with some self awareness has a similar story! Synchronicity is a natural force as vivid and reliable as gravity. It veils a non local consciousness inseparable from our own that if yielded to will lead you to your SELF.
    The horse was subsequently finished and placed in Milan, unveiled on 10 September 1999. A second casting was also made and stands in Grand Rapids Michigan. I imagine I will visit these things one fine day, considering they are partly responsible for all these synchromystic pages you are reading.
    (All about the history of Leonardo da Vinci's Horse, if you please.)

    The Thick Plottens....
    A white winged horse or Pegasus leaps over a triangle/pyramid during the Tri Star intro. The heavens are heavily invoked by this symbolism considering the Orion resonating Tri Star and Pegasus itself being a constellation. Another complimentary interpretation would be seeing the winged animal as a sphinx resonator and the triangle being a pyramid, all present at Giza. A sphinx is also a Cat, if we note that 2 and @ are shared on the same button of our keyboards K2 can also be K@ or Kat, making Cat a K2 resonator (thanks Aferrismoon!). If we highlight the Hancock and Bauval consideration of Orion's Tri Star belt as the 'above' and Giza's major 3 pyramids as the 'below', we have both interpretations of the logo working in unison.
    (Groovy observation about this logo's three T's at The Accidental Alchemist.)

    The logo fades, the film roles...
    We see a dove or La Colombe (French for dove) above. Along with the Phoenix and Eagle (symbols not dissimilar from the Falcon (Horus) and Hawk (Bruce Willis)) symbols interchangeable with Scorpio and thereby resonating of Galactic Center.

    The same historic tale about Leonardo's horse the universe seems particularly bent on telling me is shared with the audience.
    We are watching the 1991 box office dud...
    The Double H is something we have seen come up a few times before trough Gosporn (The Double H Ranch and Connecting The Twins ) which has also been highlighted at The Blob in Pairs.
    The double H entrains with numerous Twin Tower references as a connected H shape (see Pairs etc) and the HH reminds one of the KK sync winks. Most striking and relevant is the four horizontal elements also present in 11:11 which has been connected to the four pillars of Egypt, the beautiful ancient megalithic Giza and Dashur Twins. Hawk brings Horus the Hero into play, which Hancock says the Egyptians viewed the Sphinx as being a manifestation of.

    "The Mars Mystery" by Graham Hancock, Robert Bauval and John Grigsby on p. 57:

    "We therefore naturally find it curious...that the ancient Egyptians envisaged a profound connection between Mars and the Earth and, more specifically, between Mars and the Great Sphinx of Giza. The planet and the monument were both seen as manifestations of Horus, the divine son of star-gods Isis and Osiris. The planet and the monument were also both called 'Horakhti', meaning 'Horus in the Horizon'. Mars in addition was sometimes known as 'Horus the Red' and the Great Sphinx, for much of its history , was painted red."

    (See BNWO article The Sphinx Horus and the 9/11 Stargate for more)

    Remember that the Sphinx is a Cat or K@/K2, which by attribution to the Horus Hawk (Falcon, Eagle) makes our Egyptian Hero god a K2 resonator.

    Now take note that Will 2K Smith (see Island of Atum) interacts with the HH above and has been ubiquitously associated with the Stargate and Mega Ritual themes (again Island of Atum and K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual).
    The title sequence of the film displays the H's affinity for Manhattan (symbolic mound of Atum) Island Pillarmids like the iconic Empire State obelisk.
    Will 2K's love interest Eva Mendes passes him on screen for their first shared shot wearing a "Beatles" T-Shirt.Breasts, the location of this "Beatles" sync wink, resonate Giza as the two major pyramids were thought of as Isis' bosom, the source of the nourishing Nile (again see Ralph Ellis books like "Eden in Egypt" for more).

    K2 mountaineer Aleister Crowley is featured on the "Sargent Pepper's" cover, second from left in the top row.
    To his immediate left resides Sri Yukteswar Giri a guru, yogi and traditional astrologer. One of his famous contributions is highlighted at wikipedia:
    He also introduced the idea that the sun takes a ‘star for its dual’, and revolves around it in a period of 24,000 years, which accounts for the precession of the equinox.
    Sirius has been a suspect for this dual of our Star (this is mentioned in The Sphinx/Horus post). I am however reading John Major Jenkins "Galactic Alignment" and he interprets Sri Yukteswars grand center called Vishnunabhi or Brahma as Galactic Center itself.
    A pointer of Galactic Center - aligning with our solstice sun on 11:11 (K2) 21 December 2012 - in the form of Yukteswar placed smack next to K2 mountaineer Aleister Crowley. The synchromystic interpretation is clear. Both Stargate realizers Crowley and Giri entraining with the dawning of consciousness growing inside humanity, captured here through the artistic magick of Rock and Roll (an ecstatic Stargate technology, simply note the occult flavor of any good band), brought together through synchronicity, the footprints of Being.
    Sri Yukteswar is also noted for his efforts to rectify and illuminate the Vedic Yuga system. The idea behind the Yugas is that Brahma (the one mind of Being) goes through stages of ever deepening unconsciousness until suffering wakes God up into knowledge of self in the final darkest hour of the fourth and final stage, the Kali Yuga. The Kali Yuga is of course our currently ending insane world age, the process marked and put into motion by the 911 Mega Ritual culminating in the 2012 Stargate.
    Will 2K Plays plays Superhero (modern day god, all related to Horus) "Hancock" in an upcoming film. He wears a hat with Eagle type bird of prey, resonating somewhat the Horus Falcon/Hawk at his third eye point. The Eagle is associated with Scorpio whos stinger points at Galactic Center, therefore the eagle is also a Galactic Center/Stargate resonator. The Eagle Stargate at the third Eye Stargate of Will 2K! The black sunglasses make him resemble the ever popular Grey alien race, thus a resonator of the Being beyond the Stargate.

    Crowley and Akhenaton activated there third eyes and opened the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination.
    Crowley brought the experience back as the elongated cranium Lam type prater natural thingemagick and Akhenaton ordered himself and his family portrayed as his vision of the God beyond the Stargate in many wall reliefs. I choose not to take the existence of Greys as literal because their enlarged craniums suggest to me a vision of God as a humanoid with a large brain, displaying the neurosis of mind as god or thought and form as paramount.
    The reflection in Hancock's (Will 2K) Grey eyes show the deeper reality of the Alien or Other, the Sun or Aton rising. The Sun is our most vivid space/time object pointing towards the divine or 'radiating formless' beyond all things. The sun aligns with Galactic Center (21 December at 11:11/K2) heralding the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual, the potential final opening of humanities collective Stargate. Horus is also the rising sun/son of Osiris. The city scape evokes 911, the start of the Aeon of Horus, the end of the final phase of Kali Yuga. We have the Horus Hawk symbolized by Will 2K as Superhero, the third eye Eagle and the rising sun with a hint of alien. I recommend not getting bogged down in Egyptian this or Alien that, all these Stargate themes simply point towards Being beyond form or consciousness aware of itself. Your true nature is whole, transcend the inherently fruitless search for 'other'.

    Another great and vivid example of Being from beyond the Stargate, complete with Maya Mega Ritual flavor, can be seen in the newest In(Diana) Jones. The poster tells enough for now, a pyramid - the symbol of the sun/star or stargate/sundoor - with the Grey like alien skull radiating at its summit. If you take the concept of Ancient Astronaut and just tweak its interpretation a tad, it can be a helpful metaphor.
    Instead of 'space or inter dimensional travelers/'others' arriving from somewhere else' try out humans (in this case ancient indigenous South Americans) accessing the Stargate of cosmic illumination and contacting consciousness. In other words we, our shamans and illuminated, are the Ancient Astronauts of inner space. Opening the sundoor through the kundalini serpent pillar and ajna Stargate or some such ecstatic technology. Synchromysticism tries to be such a technology.
    The Hancock Tower Chicago is one setting of Michael Douglas' deep cover spy antics in 2003's "The In-Law's". He escapes the authorities by base jumping from the building (with the reluctant Albert Brooks), sharing and synchromystically resonating the new Will 2K superhero movie in name.
    Robin Tunney 'The Stargate Queen' graces the film with her singular Cosmic Consciousness resonance as Angela Harris. Below we see her end credit imposed over the Chicago skyline and the Hancock building.
    Note how even Graham Hancock, key modern day pyramid scribe thus Stargate realizer (and Thoth entrainer), resonates with the Hancock Tower and Will 2K. Thoth and YHVH (which Ralph Ellis posits as one and the same in "Tempest and Exodus") both display the HH.
    Tunney the double crossing Angela Harris. Below she is the bride, Virgin (Mary) or Isis behind the white veil.
    The 2012 Maya Mega Ritual is heavily based on astrological and astronomical intrigue leading the synchromystic investigation in posts like K2 and the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual to find metaphorical references and pointers of Galactic Center and related sidereal symbols.

    Below we see Douglas on a Jet Ski with the brand name Polaris. Polaris is the current northern pole star. The pole star changes as the Earth goes through its 26000 year Procession of the Equinox. This is also what causes the change of the Astrological age, generally speaking we are moving into Aquarius (the last house and end of a Great Year) from Pisces. Yet another giant cog that seems to be shifting in alignment with 2012.

    Note: Equine is horse (remember Leo(Lion/Sphinx/Cat/K2)nardo da Vinci's horse?, that which started my personal sync narrative..) bearing much similarity to equinox. More on this as things flux.

    We see Douglas in alignment with the current pole star, a marker of the changing equinox and part of the cosmic forces at work intimately related to 2012. The jet ski or boat can also be connected to the solar bark or sun chariot, Douglas being the deity surfing the cosmic waves as Polaris. Oh yes, and the reluctant Albert Brooks...
    Below on the left is a Copan Stela C of Mayan Solar King, Rabbit 18. His loincloth bears a crocodile, placing the solar king in the maw of the animal. This John Major Jenkins tells us symbolizes rebirth of the sun. Specifically the alligator mouth is associated with Galactic Center in exactly the same way Izapa Stela 11 (on the right) with its toad swallowing scene was in the previous post (see Galactic Center p41 for details). The example was used of Hugh Jackman, who is First Father and Xibalba in "The Fountain", having an oral encounter with 'The Toad' in "Flushed Away". Both reptilian themed swallowing representing Galactic Center.
    A crocodile eats the very Stone of "Romancing the Stone" below. This is the McGuffin sought by Kathleen Turner (Joan Wilder) and our Polaris resonating Michael Douglas (Jack Colton).
    Our polar Star Charioteer attempts to thwart the escape of the beast, but has to choose between wealth and saving the girl. He chooses the girl and the reptile swims away.
    The film makers go for a total cop out as minutes later all is well with Douglas parked outside Turners New York apartment with boots made from the animals hide and a swank boat purchased from the loot gathered through hawking the gem.
    [Jack shows off his new, crocodile skin, boots, made from the crocodile he has killed]

    Joan Wilder: I like the boots.
    Jack Colton: Yeah, that poor old yellow-tailed guy... developed a fatal case of indigestion. He died right in my arms.
    Joan Wilder: I can't blame him. If I were to die there's nowhere on earth I'd rather be.

    That's good cinema!

    O.K, so we have a Polaris aligned Star who also penetrates the gut of a crocodile - symbolically entering Galactic Center - even wearing crocodile garb similar to Solar King Rabbit 18's alligator mouth regalia on Copan Stela C.

    Now things get a little weird...
    The boat our Galactic Center charioteer and movie Star 'sails' through the streets of New York is marked "Angelina Colombia". Robin Tunney who was seen alongside Douglas in "The In-Laws" is called Angela.
    Original article about the above image.

    Colombe is dove, yet another Scorpio symbol (along with phoenix and eagle) in its turn a pointer of Galactic Center. Robin Tunney (represented by the boat Angelina) is the Stargate Queen and Galactic Center (represented by the Dove) is the biggest Stargate currently perceivable.
    We can now interpret this scene with a crocodile skin wearing Micheal Douglas (also resonating Polaris) who is sailing a Stargate boat down New York City streets as the credits role (below). It is the journey of humanities ascension initiated by the New York City 911 Mega Ritual towards Galactic Center (Brahman) and ultimate knowledge of SELF foretold and externally represented by the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual.
    Robin is Douglas' (our resonator of Galactic Center) right hand in "The In-Laws", seen below locating a Russian submarine.
    In the Tunney Trilogy we note the recurrent strange attraction our cinematic K2 mountaineer has to the bullseye type Stargate motif. This has been connected with the target symbol on Crowley's "Book of the Law" 'Grid Page' most notably the 2005 "Zodiac" film poster (for details see previous post).
    The submarine caught in Tunney's cross hairs is yellow. "The Beatles" have a famed Yellow Submarine which is nothing short of a flying Stargate Chariot. As a flying Stargate machine it resonates UFOs, the Cosmic Chariot (solar bark) and Divine Dirigibles.
    The Stargate Machine can be seen parking itself on the apex of a pyramid - pyramids are by and large Earthly 'as below' sun or stars - in the animated film "Yellow Submarine".
    Staring at the dome of Congress - with the black Isis at its apex - amidst the Zodiac aligned streets of the American capitol city we find freshly appointed Drug Czar Micheal Douglas.

    John Major Jenkins has some relevant things to share about our Virgin Mary or Black Madonna (Isis)
    "The wisdom behind this continued interest in the Great Mother deity involves the identification of Isis with the Milky Way, specifically, with the center of the Milky Way as the mother of all stars, including our own sun" Galactic Center p115
    Isis as Galactic Center and womb of our sun abounding with fertility and sexuality also remind us of Eve Jenkins' "Beatles" pyramid breasts. Jenkins also associates Isis with certain aspects of Kali.
    This Isis or Galactic Center resonating scene is to be found in the 2000 or 2K Steven Soderbergh film...
    Michael Douglas our astrologically favored movie Star is much interested in stopping the shipment of cuboids like those seen below. Thanks to John Valentini and for this 911 sync wink.
    We see the symbol of Scorpio stamped over boxes used to smuggle cocaine across the Mexican border into USA in "Traffic". The Boxes bear the emergency number of the 911 Mega Ritual. 911 the consciousness focusing event which cracked the shell of emerging consciousness seen in proximity to Scorpio the celestial pointer of Galactic Center. The cuboids - thus resonating Noah's Ark, The Kings Chamber, the Kaaba, the Ark of the Covenant, the 2001 Monolith and the Magickians alter - are wanted by Douglas our synchromystically 'Polarised' Crocodile hunter...
    Just a little lighthearted synchromystic acrobatics before we conclude this phase of the "Hudson Hawk" investigation. We only got as far as the opening title sequence. Oh, dear..

    Will 2K plays Muhammad Ali in Micheal Mann's (MM/2000/2K) 2001 "Ali". Below we see the "Men In Black" poster with Agent K (Jones) and Agent Jay (Smith). If we hold Jones' MIB character name "Kay", but substitute Smith with his Ali persona we get K and Ali or Kali. The Vedic system of Yuga's would see our current age as the Kali Yuga, where the world has gone bat-shit crazy but is about to awaken from its dream or nightmare of history. We can connect this doctrine with the 911 Mega Ritual as the final destructive act that has lead to the awakening spirituality and consciousness in mankind hypothetically peaking during the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual. If Isis is also Kali, the concept of the collapse of the towers being the unveiling of Isis interacts nicely with the end of the Kali Yuga. Both an unveiling of Isis and dropping of the veil of Maya through the end of the Kali Yuga, dig? Will 2K (11:11/HH) with the Manhattan Island skyline and double pyramid shapes formed by the actors legs, hinting at the Pillarmid reality of the Twin Towers, forming Kali along with Agent K (Kay). Silly, but suc'sync't...

    The Key to the double letter syncs like KK and HH I currenlty believe lies in the very nature of the symbolism of the Twin Towers and the Twin Guardians of Galactic Center.
    Because the Towers are Twins they invoke Gemini and thus the ubiquities Stargate Mega Ritual double and paired resonance. The fact that Gemini is invoked through the 911 Mega Ritual makes perfect sense if we take the 2012 Ritual as the opposite pole of the forces generated on September 11 (note the pair of ones).

    A Zodiac wheel from "A monument to the End of Time" and "Galactic Alignment" showing the Galactic Alignment and Equinox Cross.

    Considering Galactic Center's celestial markers are Scorpios' Tail and Sagittarius' Arrow or to be precise located in 3 degrees Sagittarius, Gemini is the obvious antithesis. If we look at the Zodiac wheel (above) we can see that Gemini is Sagittarius' (the house of Galactic Center) direct opposite. Sagittarius and Gemini actually form a Galactic Center-Galactic Anti Center axis, but because Scorpios stinger is so nearby it is also sometimes represented as a Scorpio-Taurus axis.

    Sagittarius and Scorpio are on opposite sides of Galactic Center and as seen above the symbolism of the scorpion and archer are often intertwined. So we have Twin Guardians of Galactic Center (Scorpio and Sagittarius) on one end (2012) and Twin Towers (Gemini) on the other (911). (See p 166 of "Galactic Allignment" for image and more on Scorpio and Sagittarius as guardians of the Stargate of Cosmic Illumination)

    The Axis then being Galactic Center (Scorpios Stinger) and the Pleiades (Taurus' shoulder). Never the less it is entirely valid to view Gemini as the bottom of an axis or beginning of the phase (Twin Towers) that ends in Sagittarius (Galactic Center). In "Galactic Alignment" John Major Jenkins writes In the tellingly titled "The Sundoor at World's End and the Clashing Cliffs" under the suc'sync't heading "The Solstice Gateways":

    "The spacial gateways are located with the intersection points of the ecliptic (i.e., the zodiac) and the Milky Way, which target the Galactic Center-Galactic Anticenter axis and are located in Sagittarius and Gemini".

    This interacts perfectly with the concept put forward in these pages that 911 was a Stargate (the Gemini gate) and that 2012 is another such Mega Ritual intended to open the collective Sundoor of humanity (The Sagittarius(Scorpio) gate).


    Robin Tunney
    Bithday June 19 1972 : Gemini

    Why? Gemini (much inspiration)


    Western Sidereal Astrology The Reverend Count Zodiacal Fixed Zodiac Astrologer and Tarot Reading Love Money Health Romance Relationships Family Advice Lectures Tutoring Publication said...
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    Z said...

    Cool post, Jake. This 2012 business is really starting to heat up (pardon the pun). It just seems to be building with each passing day as more and more folks begin to focus their consciousness on this "event". The fact that the zero hour occurs at 11:11 am is truly bizarre. Hoagland believes that, "11:11 is a code for the physics that we’ve decoded from the monuments of Mars."

    Anybody have any idea what this dude is talking about here?

    Occult Mosaic said...
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    T.S. Son said...

    The son of Indy stood at the top of a large building during intergalactic civil war last summer with a lit flare above his head and a Cosmic Cube in his arm, not dissimilar from the Magician pose. Then he returned this summer only to open a Stargate with his dad, the Manhatton himself, Indiana Jones. When they're exploring the Orellana's grave, Shia is stung by a scorpion.
    "When it comes to scorpions, the bigger the better. If a small one gets you, don't keep it to yourself."
    Seems like foreshadowing, and yet, doesn't seem to play out... until now.

    Shia Horus Hiram LaBeouf indeed. Or as I like to call him, Thank God for the Beef.

    Great Post.

    Anonymous said...

    According to this Will Smith was supposed to play Neo in The Matrix.

    "Will Smith
    (turned down the role while Keanu Reeves turned down a role in 'Men In Black')'


    aferrismoon said...

    Having a few Twin synchs at present, its my b'day tomorrow.
    The Hudson river flows past Ground zero
    Something came to gether in my latest involving this and WWW's latest.
    Will 2 Power , thinks he's into Nietsche?


    Just Me said...

    It just occurred to me that Mars and Earth are twins; hence, when you see repeated references to both twins and to Mars, as we have in the news the last couple of days, there is a message. Does it mean war?

    The Secret Sun said...

    Wonderful to see we're synching up again, Jake! It's like the halcyon days of December '07. Wasn't that a time?

    I'm fascinated by Will Smith's semiotic footprints, thanks to you. I encountered that poster for Hancock in California and it definitely lit up new threads of connection. I'm fascinated by his wife's Metal band- all sorts of boundaries being transgressed in that household.

    BTW- Hancock was created by my favorite X-Files writer, Vince Gilligan.

    Unknown said...

    I like how you begin this post with a fine personal sync. And I love your trademark "and this is where things get a little weird".

    The Angelina Columbia sailboat stargate sync is divine. Columbia is an actual sailboat brand, BTW. Michael's dad was Ned Land in 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea, a long familial history in nautically themed stargates.

    A favorite post of one my favorite blogs.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks for all the love.
    Right back at all of you.

    aferrismoon said...

    The GEMINI post u posted at 6:01, your last comment shares that time
    Great twinning

    Atareye said...

    Well Well. Being a Gemini and hearing the connection to the the 911 mega ritual is quite amazing Jake! When I saw the first commercial for Hancock I nearly spewed out my cheerios. I noticed the big "H" and was scanning for the follow up "H" but nothing. Watching the frames blaze by, the first thing I thought of was "the reluctant messiah". Jeez Will 2k is fucking with us. Funny how you make the Grey connection to his glasses when in the soon to follow In'diana' Jones poster, the illuminated Stargate alien is sporting similar spectacles(eyes)! The speed line reflection on Will 2k's shades is inverted as similar rays surround the In'diana' Grey. Weird stuff. I'm gonna have to read this a few more times for sure.

    Another great one JK thanks!

    Jake Kotze said...

    Yes the Will 2k and Grey Skull (He-Man?) Image is very similar.

    Remember that Communion - the most vivid Grey film out there - starts with the words imposed over the Pillarmids. The pillars or doorway of Being (symbolized by the Grey) moving into humanity.

    A. Magnus Publius said...

    Nice analysis! Although one omission that mystified me was the elongated skulls found in Bolivia and southern Peru in the 18th century. Allegedly they belonged to the 'Huaris,' or giants who originally built the megalithic ruins of Tiahuanaco. That site has a 'gate of the sun' as well as precision stoneworking found in sites like in Egypt.

    Atareye said...

    I read this at theduderinok's channel.

    Graham HANCOCK - Plant Teachers 7 Videos
    Best selling author Graham Hancock spoke about his latest book, Supernatural, which delves into the origins of humankind and the wisdom he gleaned from experiences with shamans in South America. Something altered human consciousness around 40,000 years ago, and Hancock suspects it could have been an interaction with supernatural or other-dimensional beings. The ancient depiction of such beings resembles the grey aliens of today, and he suggested they may be the same entities. During trips to the Amazon rainforest, under the tutelage of tribal shamans, Hancock said he drank a hallucinogenic brew called Ayahuasca on 11 different occasions. He reported being transported into a "very convincing reality" where he telepathically communicated with intelligent beings. He also experimented with the substance ibogaine, which seemingly allowed him to get into contact with the dead. Hancock also discussed how the Nobel Prize winning scientist Francis Crick admitted to being in an altered state when he discovered the double helix form (Crick used LSD back when it was legal in the 1950's). Interestingly, Crick suggested that DNA didn't evolve on our own planet because it was too complicated to have emerged by accident. Rather, it may have arrived here via a type of panspermia, sent out by a dying high-tech civilization in the form of frozen bacteria on spaceships, Hancock recounted. November 1st, 2005

    Have'nt watched any of the videos yet I just noticed the obvious words.

    Anonymous said...

    During that era noted as the fall of Man … in this era record must also include the almost a countless number of Pyramid shaped Power Facilities also falling from their High Celestial places….

    it was also during this time that many of these Ancient Pyramid objects showed themselves in their Gleaming Colorful and Light Weight Exotic materials as each seemed to just float in mid air in their downward decline and dis-placement.

    Each giant Pyramid Structure contained a Mystic Glowing Eye which was a Field of Highly accelerated Plasma Energy roaring of a great power as the Pyramid's Eye generating it's steady glow of Light. These Mystic Eye-lets being just one of the Pyramid's power Facilities, had become contaminated causing a fall in their accelerated marc of Quantum Frequency.

    It was such a contamination of Eye-let Plasma Cores and their associated mass core that caused Colonies of Worlds to fall from High Celestial places.

    Several falling Pyramid Facilities lowered themselves and their attached Land-scape from upper positions to settle richly flourishing soil atop the crust of Earth's newly evolving surface.

    Other Facilities with contaminated Power Facilities settled their Mystical Cities, or mobile and flying crafts in hidden areas throughout the planet and other distant places.

    For a period of time all such driven Ancient Pyramid Structures which had settled atop this planet remained visible to outside residence of this early evolving rock. Some were seen only temporarily as their gleaming structures and cities passed through visual view of Earth's reality. This is the era when there were Giants in the land, for their Structures were inded enormous.

    As time past, each fallen Pyramid's contained Eye-let Fields of Accelerated Plasma Energy (which such Energy was referred to as the Spirit of MAN), and each their plasmatomic reactor core (which were referred to as the Flesh of MAN) ... Each these power Facilities had to under go a purging process ….. Such purging procedures caused a ‘Smelting Electric Furnace’ back-up of hot flowing minerals which filled every open area of the Pyramid's inner Structural Hollow Design.

    A back-burst of extreem heat caused a Crystallizing of the Eye-let’s Field of accelerated energy …. such a mystic crystallizing gave shape to a center placed mold of the Pyramid’s inner Casing of it’s control modules. this crystallized mold was referred to as a Crystal Skull …

    After purging and solidifying of minerals, the actual Structure of each Exotic Pyramid continuing in it's frequency de-acceleration, did vanish from view to set in what is referred to as the first level of the Eighth Universal Plane, which is below a Dividing Firmament of space and time. Some refer to this zone as the first level of Hell or purgatory.

    As Exotic Structures of each Pyramid vanished from the surface of this planet, each left behind a ‘Molded Stone Image’ of the Pyramid Facility's inward Hollow Design … and also it left behind the ‘Global Eyelet‘s Crystallized Mold’ with it’s center placed Crystallized Skull’ … But these solidfied ‘Mystic Formations of the Skull’ and field of accelerated energy, would have been as the elements of a priceless jewel … For one such Crystallized Global Mold which had formed there inside the Pyramid's Eye-let, were in it's later discovery, referred to as the Mother Load of diamonds … One such molded image has been referred to as King Solomon’s Mine.

    Before the falling from High Celestial Place, and before contamination of Accelerated Plasma Cores, and before the Crystallizing of Accelerated Plasma Energy … each Eyelet of Energy would periodically weep crystallized precious stones as such stones would seem to appear in mid air of the Field and drop as tears, to later flow as a river of precious stones … and later to be discovered inner mixed with solidified rock minerals.

    I’m just an Old Soul passing through, given something important to say as the new UFO era now approaches …Nothing to sell … Nothing to Buy … just answers to the many of ’WHYs?’. …

    Anonymous said...


    Awesome, as always. I just pulled the Gemini/Twin Tower connection to a concept called Double Magick I've been thinking about. Awesome, and it blew my mind. K2 - H - double magick - Of Course!!!! I'll to think about this for a while.

    But since I'm from Grand Rapids, Michigan. I have to leave a horse comment.

    We're seeing another horse gallop all over the media these days - Barack Obama.

    Barack = Buraq. The Buraq is the horse that Mohammad rode into heaven. You should look it up, I think you'll find it pretty dope.

    In this way Barack Obama is a stargate animal.

    Before Mohammad could ride the Buraq, he had to clean himself with the water of the water of the Zam Zam well, which is currently located at one of your favorite symbols, the Kaaba.



    Anonymous said...

    aferrismoon said...

    National Geographic - the silent entrainer, generally obsessed with Egypt

    Phenom said...
    I just noticed that at the Starcade 1997 WCW ppv with the Scorpionic Sting defeating Hollywood Hulk Hogan that I keep pedantically reminding u about, there is in fact fascinatingly a giant Octagonal metallic structure suspended on the ceiling above the squared circle wrestling ring as you can see at the end of this video when all the WCW wrestlers come to congragulate Steve Bordon on his victory. I think the same structure was suspended above their rematch at Superbrawl 8 in 1998 but I cant tell from the footage.

    Anonymous said...

    Did you notice that there is a 'Montauk Project' book (the first one in the Skybooks series) that has a rearing black horse on the front cover? Not only does it look like the Ferrari logo, it is based upon a story re. the Project whereby people would be sent through a stargate (a wormhole warp that was opened and maintained by technological means as one of the various experiments said to have taken place) to various places, as scouts basically, with the idea that there were to return and report on what they saw.
    Many were meant to have been sent to a time in the future when there were a lot of ruins, but also the same horse statue that's depicted on the book cover.
    And then there were meant to have been inscriptions on the monument / statue, and those sent there were meant to try to interpret them cause nobody knew what they meant.

    In a sort-of related way, that is now as I write this, reminding me of a Makavelli (Tupac) track, because there is a line something like "it's all about riders and punks"; there was a very large crop circle / glyph back in the 2002 season in England, that was of a grey alien holding a circular disc. The actual CD for the Makavelli album has the same printing on it as the disc the alien was holding (it is like a representation of a data-disc, with some sqaures filled in and other sqaures left blank).

    Anonymous said...

    I wouldn't be too dismissive that greys could well be literal; there's some commonly occuring moths here, just regular sized small moths, and if you take a look at them from their underside, they look exactly like gold-dusted greys. (and by extension, exactly like some depictions of fairies and related creatures from the days before they were called aliens or extraterrestials)

    'Close Encounters' ETs style of bodies, big black almond-shaped eyes, and metallic in colour.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Rant on the Grey. (Zupakomputar posted it on 11:11 or K2)

    The experience seems often inseparable from ecstatic or altered state suggesting it as related intimately to our level of consciousness.
    I am not saying it doesn't exist, I am saying like all that is the Grey is indivisible from our true nature beyond thought and form. The true Being or essence has no form. All forms of Gods/Aliens are knots in consciousness or attachments to beliefs (as is all forms in time and space, ask a Grey. I wager it will agree!). Useful in there own way but not the true life or SELF. This is not a mental game or challenge to others belief systems it is simply how things are. I honestly try to not have an opinion, The Blob is the result of trying to resolve esoteric ideas without opinion. Healing the bias at work in the occult.
    Sometimes I feel I am a skeptic and conservative. The truth however is that I just don't believe in separate 'other', whether God/Alien or you...

    Ed said...

    This is very weird. I love reading time travel stories about Montauk. I take them with a grain of salt, but one claim was that people were sent to the year 6037, and in a ruined city they saw a golden statue of a horse.

    Atareye said...

    Went to my hometown of Calgary today. I had an unexplainable urge to visit an old neighborhood where I had a prominent "portal" experience. When I was 8 I had a dream I barely remember about Super Mario brothers 2. In this dream I had the lucidity to go off the trail, so to speak, and view the whole entirety of the walls in the temple structures. I remember seeing hieroglyphs which I can't remember now. But the jackal comes to mind for some unknown reason. When I awoke I had a feeling that I was half dreaming and half awake. I was at a friends house later that day and when they went inside for supper I stayed in the yard. Something compelled me to drop to my knees and look up to the sky. I held my hand up and attempted to "unlock" the portal from my imagination with a key. Like the door and key in SupMar2. Nothing happened of course.

    So when I went to visit the spot where I had my experience, and I walked back to my car,I noticed the sign logo of the Condominiums was indeed a horse. Shrugging it off I approached my car. With my line of sight slightly pointing down I looked at my car keys and to the left saw the mercury text on the back of a car. Again shrugging it off I walked a couple more steps and to my right was a novelty license plate with what on it? A fucking horse in its two legged startled position with a lightning storm in the background. So my mind took a breath and said thanks for listening to me.