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    Sunday, June 1, 2008

    Sync Eko

    Adewale Akinnouye-Agbaje plays a thug in service of sinister occult forces attempting to unlock Imhotep (The Mummy) to control the Scorpion King in "The Mummy Returns". Above we see the box - with winged triangle and eye/I motif - he needs to find the Oasis and Pyramid of the Scorpion King. This is of course the primary symbol of Egyptoid Illuminati influenced conspiracy related themes. I/Eye view this as the I/Eye of consciousness itself, the aware universe looking in/out at itself. There is always - I/Eye concede - intent, in this case of the film makers, with which the symbol is used which often doesn't reflect the interpretation of The Blob. I would however put it to you that the conscious universe speaks beyond any personal intent through the symbols we use. It is indeed impossible to separate who uses who, we the symbol, or the symbol we...
    In "Lost" Adewale plays Eko who dies by the anthropomorphic hand of the mysterious guardian smoke monster. The 'Lost' island resonates Atlantis/Giza, and ManhAtum (Manhattan being the symbolic creation Island mound of Atum) thus synchromystically resonating the 911 Mega Ritual.
    In "The Mummy Returns" he dies in the oasis of the Scorpion King. The Scorpion King (Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson) and his Anubis army, after being defeated, turn into black smoke which rises out of a pyramid with an anthropomorphic face (that of the screaming Scorpion King, below).
    In the previous post we discussed how Scorpio's tale points towards the area of the sky shared by Galactic Center the posited Stargate of the 2012 Maya Mega Ritual. It is then very valid to consider anything scorpion related as Stargate themed. (See Steve Willner's Trilogy "Southland Tales, Sri Yantra and the Butterfly Effect" for more on Scorpio)

    The Twin Towers can be interpreted as symbolizing the twin pillars of Solomons temple. The portal/Stargate of the Aeon of Horus, the dropping of the veil of Isis and Maya. The symbolism of Solomons Temple and the First Degree Tracing Board are likely evolved from Giza's pillars or pyramids (Read Ralph Ellis' "Eden in Egypt" for details). It is through this reasoning, and the obvious evolution of pyramid to skyscraper, that justifies one calling the Twin Towers 'Pillarmids' or symbolic pillar and pyramids.
    Fascinating then, taking all this into account to note the anthropomorphic smoke images virally spread through the concreted mind of God (World Wide Web), of the Twin Pillarmids. This process being realized through the consciousness focusing technology generated by World War 3 (WW3 or WWW).

    More coming soon, flux of Being willing.


    Jon Kidd said...

    Hey Jake, a good, to the point post covering the essential so as not to lose us. Looking forward to more videos as well. Hope South Africa was enlightening!

    Bigevil said...

    It is also interesting that at the beginning of the Mummy Returns the Rock screams I believe "Aku Mashente!" Aku or Akhu according to William Henry is the word for the light body the ancient egyptians believed in as Ak or Akh means light in Egyptian. It is then interesting that the Rock is in the Scorpion King an AKkadian. Oc & Ak are phonetically similar it is worth noting. In Startrek Voyager the character Kes is a member of the OCampa. In 2002 the Rock Scorpion King resonator battled Hollywood Hogan the leader of the New World Order at Wrestlemania X"8"
    just as the Scorpio IMO Judas flavored supernatural "Sting" character defeated Hollywood Hogan at Superbrawl "8" in 1998 for the WCW Championship and a few months earlier at Starcade 1997. It is imo worth noting that Hollywood Hulk Hogan said his match with the Rock was the greatest match of his life and he said he felt it "completed the circle" as he passed down the torch 2 the Rock. Hogan was referred 2 as the big lion and the Rock the young cub. I speculate that Kovu in the Lion King 2 simba's pride might represent Scorpio bc he is raised 2 kill the Sun King Simba by an evil female just as Mordred in King Arthur who is considered symbolic of scorpio. Kovu is in the shadow area/underworld of the pride lands
    and Michael Tsarion says scorpio rules the Underworld/Collective Unconscious/Shadow & also that Scorpio is the symbol of Rebellion in addition to Uranus.

    I don't know if this is relevent it is the Rock in a 2003 WWE segment interacting with the quintessence resonant Green Lanturn like Hurricane character. He says asks the Hurricane if he has any idea what "Aku Mashente" means. I wish I knew the meaning of Mashente.

    Another reason why I speculate Dark Phoenix in X3 symbolizes Scorpio besides the association of the Phoenix bird with the astrological sign is that she gives the solar Cyclops the Scorpionic "kiss of death" b4 she kills him just like in the Godfather movie. It then makes it interesting that on May 23, 1999 the WWF wrestler Owen Hart fell to his death on a Sting-like stunt at the over the edge PPV b4 wrestling "the Godfather". If I am correct then we can also connect the "Order of the Phoenix" in Harry Potter as the "Order of the Scorpio" as they rebel against global tyranny in the same way that the Sting character rebels against the new world order & the word "Scorpion" is used 2 free the 7 of 9 borg drone from the Hive Borg Mind....tho I am not sure yet I dont have enough syncs 2 know exactly what these syncs mean or how they connect...but I am absolutely convinced there is a connection of some kind.

    Bigevil said...
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    Bigevil said...
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    Bigevil said...

    Another interesting thing I found was in the episode "Collective" of Star Trek Voyager the borg child Misotte compares 7 of 9 aesthetically to the queen of hearts card b4 she liberates them from the Collective and takes them under her wing. In 1 of Steve Willner's videos he links the Queen of Hearts with the Phoenix. I was wondering if Jean Grey might mean "Gene" perhaps. Willner also compared the Phoenix with the Gjinn or "Genie". He said both the gjinn & Gjinn have free will as the Phoenix was the only creature not exiled from the garden of eden. This also makes me think of the red-haired "Jinn"y Weasley who was the host of the Basilisk in the 2002 octagonal chamber of secrets film and of course Liam Neeson's Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars. Yea idk if I'm going anywhere with this.

    Bigevil said...
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    Bigevil said...

    The last thing that is interesting is that the WCW's Scorpionic "Sting" who has become a born-again christian is now in NWA TNA. At a recent PPV promotional vignettes have Sting and a scorpion with I believe quotes from the book of revelation and the New Testament over them perhaps symbolically giving us a veiled paradoxical insight into the meaning of the text.
    It is also interesting that this new MGM studios wrestling organization has a Hexagonal ring as opposed to the traditional cubic one.

    Anonymous said...

    It's worth remembering that things like Eye sounding like I, only hold true in English.

    English is a recent language in human civilisations, and everything 'conspiracy related' that is discussed anywhere thesedays was known of back before there was an English.

    Any symbols at all could have been chosen for just about any languages alphabets, as can any syllable-combinations have been chosen for the sounds of each letter and how they are sounded when spelled out.

    Truths are not indicated by such things, unless you're after truths about the mindset of the 'inventors' of whatever language you use. Universal truths exist outwith any such things as being able to read or speak, or even having a body / form of some kind that is capable of those things.

    Bigevil said...

    I don't know if this is relevant but in the environmentalist themed children's movie Fern Gully the last rainforest the villain seems to be a smoke monster named Hexxus that was imprisoned in a tree but released but in the end he is imprisoned in a new tree.

    Anonymous said...

    Hi Jake,

    Long time no speak...

    I am intrigued by your idea of the 'mega-ritual' and following shenannigans, as a 'consciousness focusing' event.

    My thoughts are too lengthy for an ordinary comment.

    I have posted my thoughts, supported by some compelling syncs, at Da WWWiz.

    The post is called 'The God that Ate Manhattan'.

    Peace duder.

    Da WWWiz

    aferrismoon said...

    An Echo implies a second voice returning to the shoutee, thus some TWINNING - EkookE

    db said...

    Blob Sync Alert: