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    Tuesday, July 7, 2009

    Diet Soap Podcast

    Diet Soap Podcast #13-Synchromysticism Jam

    Jake Kotze of the blob coined the phrase Synchromysticism, and seeks out sublime connections lost in our kibble culture. We discuss Surrealism, Robin Tunney, 9/11 as Stargate, and the Titanic. Also featured are the voices of Chico Marx, George C Scott, Marlon Brando, Rip Torn, and Crosley Bendix. Plus I respond to listener email. Next week's podcast may be late.

    Did this podcast a few weeks ago and had allot of fun talking with Doug about a bunch of stuff.

    Gotta go paint another shed purple.

    Thanks Doug.

    L8er G8ors


    Dennis/87 said...

    Jake of my world, you are sunshine to me. You are indeed a syncro mystic. Winnipeg is the center of all existance. You have been a seer amongst similar seerers. Much credit is afforded to you for our syncromystic adventures. Now your ego is fullfilled, greatness is comming your way. Tell us something real,forever real. Dennis

    Indras Net said...

    Awsome podcast Jake, well spoken, always appreciated, Namaste

    Ishmael said...

    I've been away for awhile. I'm really enjoying the podcast(not quite through it yet). I find it fascinating when an artist speaks about their work--when they are *forced* to articulate about subjects that are the normal result of their practice. Definition is good. It is always so difficult to put into words that which one usually only has an innate awareness of. You do this so well. I'm happy that you get so much attention for this.

    I'm again resonating with you on the nature of story, and its relationship to "religion". We are going somewhere fun! Check out my findings if you have time.
    do well be

    Jake Kotze said...

    Thanks allot dudes.

    Peace In

    Michael said...

    Hi Jake, I was doing a bit of research into Phantom of the Paradise, that 1974 Faustian rock opera, and the wikipedia entry detailed how it became a hit in Winnipeg, and only Winnipeg. Perhaps a vein worth pursuing...

    "The film was a box-office bomb the year of its initial showings. Curiously, the film's major market during its theatrical release was in Winnipeg, Canada where it stayed in local cinemas over four months continuously and over one year non-continuously until 1976. Relatedly, the soundtrack sold 20,000 copies in Winnipeg alone, and it got Gold status in Canada. "

    Cheers, Michael

    Jake Kotze said...

    Never heard of that movie Micheal.
    Directed by Brian De Palm.. Interesting.

    Anonymous said...
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    Anonymous said...

    "why is anything less special than anything else"


    I used to be curious why great (i.m.o.) Architects are fascinated by birds. I assumed birds are special. I've spent much time secretly communicating with birds with whistling. Their different sounds project differnent geometries in my mind.

    Then one day at work while on break and starring at the birds, a fellow employee ask what I was doing. I told him that I thought the birds are special. He told me that everything is special.

    Just like that line from "The Last Samarai" as the Samarai leader is dying and looking at the cherry blossoms he says, "they are all perfect"

    much love and big hugs

    Christopher Myers said...

    The Red Dot (Check that out) its from the 7th.

    YogaNews said...

    I don't know if you've said this before, but the number 13 is a Me/We resonator. As 1 is resonant to the letter I, and I can be pronounced with an e sound in certain situations, it can be said that 13 is like me and we.