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    Saturday, January 5, 2008

    Midnight On The Island Of Atum

    The architecture of many Manhattan (symbolically resonating the Island of Atum) landmarks are synchromystically investigated as they interact with elements of the 911 Mega Ritual and its foundation laying precursor the 2K Ritual (New Years 2000).

    Many Thanks:
    Gosporn (The Double H Ranch)
    Concrete Junkyard (Will Smith again...)
    The Secret Sun (Look At It This Way & The Grand Architect)
    Thanks to Koivisto for an email with "The Dark Knight Returns" lead.

    Will Smith - Will 2K

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    Atlantean Times said...

    Oh I am so tempted to watch this video now BUT im writing an article on exactly the same lines based on something I saw in the film The Day after Tomorrow..

    When Quaid gets to NY its FrO ZEN.
    He comes across a wall of ice with writing behind it and hits it with his ice pick a tool crowley would have required no doubt.

    The ice breaks away to uncover the letters A T E N.

    So as i have said Quaid seems to be linked to Christ like characters a lot and i have christ as an egyptian king in my BS system.

    So one egyptian king uncovers the name of another egyptian In the middle of new york while he is on his way to save his son the time traveler darko..

    If we see quaid as God then Darko represents the son jesus who stays alive via the use of superior sources of information i.e his father.

    All through the film they refer to each other as sam and dad...when reunited just as the Father promised suddenly it's Father and Son.

    Jake Kotze said...

    Fascinating.. I will read your post.

    Just Me said...

    If you've seen Goro Adachi's latest post on the King of Terror, you'll know why I'm asking this: Is it possible that K1 was Ghengis Khan and K2 is A.Q. Khan?

    aferrismoon said...

    The island of Manhatten / Masonic island seems strong stuff. it sort of goes with the damn things sinking beneath the waves , like Atlantis, but it also seems to rez with the idea of the Universe pushing through to inform us. Cheers
    Anyhow Hassan Ben Sabbah, supposed original Commander of the HasHasheen was an Ismaeli Moslem. Apparently [ like citation needed] his direct descendants are the Aga Khans, who often help out The Queen when the pound wavers.

    Just Me said...

    Ever heard Will Smith's "Candy"?