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    Sunday, January 6, 2008

    Stay Tuned (Slightly Amended)

    Just sat down to watch "Stay Tuned" (I grew up on this movie) for kicks, it had no particular relevance to any synchromystic investigation, but... Ritter (passed away on 11 September 2003, thanks Peggy for the comment) and his wife 'the Knable family' are sucked into a satanic TV network through a Stargate. Stargates in my mind being practically any space/time distortions... We see the Double K (K2/2K/11:11) above as each Knable sports a golden winged K.
    The Double K about to penetrate the stargate as the unsuspecting Knables couple are about to step into the "space or cosmic consciousness" representing 'television static' stargate.
    Behind the scenes at hells television network Eugene Levy (centre) plays Crowley an obvious nod to 'The Beast 666' Aleister Crowley.
    Crowley gets sucked into the television stargate himself... Crowley climbed K2 and liked to think of himself as a Khan. (Read "AHA! MM is also K2!" for details)

    The KK stargate scene, inside a wrestling arena mentioned above, reminds me of this frightening show I have been hearing about. Sporting an octagonal fighting arena, witness Ultimate Fighting Championship. (For more about octagons as connected to Stargates see Goro Adachi)

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    Atlantean Times said...

    Hey Jake did you catch the latest stargate atlantia.

    Rodney McKay or Meredith McKay or MM makes a christ CUBE out of a BLOB of nanites.
    thats the equivilant of synchromystic mana imo...

    Question are the writers reading these pages.......

    Jake Kotze said...

    I dont watch Stargate, never got into it. By now its just such a huge undertaking..
    I am planning to see this one with Wayne Brady for a post Im thining about.
    Are the writers raeding these pages? I dont know, doubtfull, but possible. Weirder things are happening

    aferrismoon said...

    Hi Jake I just wrote a post about the Simpsons 'stealing' stuff from these pages , tongue-in-cheek, but in the last episode there's acorns, zeps, + other stuff.

    Atlantean Times said...

    The episode was of course planed and filmed even before the creation of this blog..what really struck me though is that yesterday i also happened to see the end of the flick scooby doo where they get attacked by the BLOB which my fater commented was stolen directly from startrek where tasha yar gets killed by the blob.

    i then see the se4ep11 of SG Atlantis last night via download and there is MM creating a Blob from a Cube which doesnt work so he creates a human replicant instead which then turns into the BLOB.

    To me it seems like the bible stories just told with different characters inserted for the biblical figures.

    The Secret Sun said...

    Thank you so very kindly for the mentions, Jake. I greatly appreciate them and I am thrilled to assist you and all the other SM bloggers out there in any way I can.

    But siriusly, if this mind-meld keeps up we're going to have to start picking out china patterns. The real time synchronizing continues, perhaps enlightening us to the true meaning of K2. Some corner of the consensus reality continuum seems to be tearing.

    Peggy Carter said...

    apparently, John Ritter died Sept. 11th 2003.

    Y'all knew that already, right?

    Jake Kotze said...

    Ritter RIP 911?
    Yes, Wow!

    soundlessdawn said...

    Ritter was also in "Dreamer of Oz"
    The film is the biography of Frank Baum, the children's book author and creator of the fantasy world Oz. 9/11 Oz connector once again.

    Atlantean Times said...


    His daughter Stella or STELLAR Ritter was only god damn born on sept 11 1998.

    I came accross a sync before that linked to ritter and the stargate clan of SG1 who are a tight knit intermarrying bunch but unfortunately i cant remember it now. i will keep trying to find.

    There is this too.

    His first animated movie was that of a man turning into a dragon, whose job was to defeat Ommendon in The Flight of Dragons (1982), on which he played Peter Dickinson.

    Eric Dubay said...

    John Ritter was also in Problem Child... You'll notice in huge letters on their lawn Healy (surname) 9 1 1. Wow. John Ritter is littered with 911 and occult references.


    Eric Dubay said...

    Just thought, so Stargate super-911 resonant John Ritter wears the K2 while wrestling in Stay Tuned... the UFC wrestling arena is a stargate octagon. Then you have WWF and WCW World Wrestling federations! WW... And I'm sure Prince Bernhard's WWF, World Wildlife Fund is as benevolent as Bilderberg

    Eric Dubay said...

    Oh man, I'm on a roll now... so going along with the theory that MM, WW, K2/2K = 1111 = 4 Pillartainamids, 3 at Giza and the 4th at K2 where Aleister Crowley looked for it... have you ever noticed how the Para-mount pictures logo looks exactly like K2? Well it is... there are 22 stars over the mountain K2 = 11:11, 11+11 = 22. Para-mount, no no no, Pyra-mount, I assure you.


    Atlantean Times said...

    I found a note i wrote which linked ARN Anderson the wrestler who came up with the FOUR HORSE MEN and john Ritter..ARN Anderson trained Tealc the JAFFA WARRIOR how to fight for the stargate series but on the page i found i havent written what linked ritter to Anderson the wrestler.

    Im pretty sure its important to this discussion..will keep digging i know i wrote it down somewhere.

    Eric Dubay said...

    The first to climb K2 was Crowley 666, who failed to reach the suMMit ... 6 years later, the Duke of Abruzzi reached a height of 6,666 Meters and there is now called Abruzzi Ridge.

    Eric Dubay said...

    Sidenotes: There is a difficult climbing face on K2 called "The Black Pyramid" and in the 1992 movie K2, the two friends are M+M's, Matt Craven & Michael Biehn.

    Eric Dubay said...

    In Vertical Limit the character Montgomery Wick is a WM.

    Sony/Columbia pictures was caught in 2001 using a ficticious movie critic named David Manning. As most of you know, Columbia comes from Columbe meaning Dove, and "David" also. David Manning promoted Vertical Limit, The Patriot (which begins with a 9/11 refernce) and other Columbia Pictures. He was exposed as a fake persona

    Join me on a tangent. DAVID, AV look like pyramids, and A has been shown as a pyramid in Alexander, Disney's Atlantis, Stargate and other 'programs.' DAD or DVD can be made into A in a circle or V in a circle. A in an circle for Anarchy and V in a circle for Vendetta or Victory... those symbols are Alpha and Kali from the 13 Month Lunar Mayan Calendar. (Note the 13th kin symbol is called "Skywalker" and looks just like the top of Luke's pilot helmet from Star Wars).

    DAVID, DA VInci, A/V, VID-EO, Michael Jackson is Captain EO, AVID listener, AV-ON calling (On from Egypt)... haha, I'll write more when my left-brain catches up with my right

    Eric Dubay said...

    Audio, Video, Radio, Stereo, CEO, Neo (the One from the Matrix), Geo (geography, geology, geometry), Neo-Geo AudIO-VidEO game, Who the hell is Captain EO? The 3-D A/V Disney experience with MJ? Michael Jack-Son, who often gives the devil horns and likes kids. Not the MJ Michael Jordan who wears #23 Not the MJ-12 keeping the aliens under wraps either, not the MJ Mary Jane, or singer Mary J. Blige, not even Magic Johnson #32. (Note: Look at the logo for Majestic Athletic Co.! It's an M made into a Majestic Mountain!

    As for Micha-El(ohim) Jack-Sun, Jack is the Sun. Jack and Jill is about the Sun and Moon. A Jack o' Lantern is refers to the dropping sun in october. And on it goes, Jacks the game, Jack in cards, Jackhammer, UnionJack, Jack Off, Jack Shit, Jack of all Trades, Jack Frost, Jack Rabbit, Jack Black, BlackJack, Jack the Ripper, HiJack, CarJack, Jackass, Jack and the Beanstalk, Hugh Jackman, Jacket, Jackal, Jekyll, Jacob's Ladder, Jacobinism... Tom Cruise plays Jack in Legend. "You Don't Know Jack" says an old computer game


    Eric Dubay said...

    AV-ON Calling, phONe Calling, ON Star, ExxON...

    In the Bill and Ted poster, Keanu is sitting on a phONE booth and the word "ONE" is clearly framed by his legs. In Matrix he is the "ONE" named "NEO" who enters the Matrix through phone booths. SuperMan, also changes into his red/blue S Suit in a phONE booth. He is usually known as ClarK Kent, notice the 2K's together, this makes Calvin Klien CK Jeans resonant as well. His enemy is Lex Luther, what are the other double L's guys, I'm stuck? Lucy Liu? In the Vertical Limit poster the T's are written like two upside-down L's. In the new movie "HitMan" they've done a similar thing with the "T" making it like two guns. You make an L-gun with your fingers and an L double-L loser sign on your forehead.

    Eric Dubay said...

    PH-ONE, F-One, F-1 racing, numerologically PH1 = 16-8-1, F-1, is 6-1. The Phi ratio is 1.618, the Phi ratio is encoded into the pyramids because the "King" and "Queen's" chamber are perfect Golden Rectangles aligned to the 1.618 Phi ratio.

    I'm hooked on Phonecian Phonetics and they're Philled with Philosophy and nEO-gEOmetry. Pi Phi Pho Phum, Jack-Sun's in the beanstock. Pi-thagorus, Pi-ramids, theorums of tri-angles.

    Hoodanity said...

    Wow eric, that phi/pi/golden ratio/phone/f1 scared me.. sometimes i really think somebody is messing with my mind.

    OH and by the way, that 11:11 on the previous video post, hit me in the heart.. i finally understand the significance of this all. Twins are such an important theme in this synchromysticism, with twin towers being the central position. It's starting to make sense now.

    Twin letters, twin pillars, doppelganger universes (twin universes)... im going to study this twins business. All double letters are very important ones, all poiting to 11:11, thus K2, the one only has more importance than the others.

    One thing bothers me... im a believer of the time wheels, we're spinning and while we do that, we let another, much huger wheel spin.. then all starts all over again. So when i hear 11:11 is the date when it all ends, the bigger wheel will then spin a new cycle. Thats why this 9/11 bothers me. Maybe it's the ninth time we are running through this whole wheel, and there will be a 10/11 time and then finally the last time. I dont know why i believe this, but it gives me the thrills. Its getting boring now :) Lets hope it will be the last time!

    (Another connection to SS and 2K/MM: the letter S was original the letter W (look up in wikipedia, in greek also the letter sigma, M on it's side), so SS = WW and thus is MM, so 2K)